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6. Application Server Issues for the Project: CSEP 545 Transaction Processing for E-Commerce

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6. Application Server Issues for the Project CSEP 545 Transaction Processing for E-Commerce Philip A. Bernstein Copyright ©2012 Philip A. Bernstein 1/25/12


Requests • A request is a message that describes a unit of work for the system to execute. • An application server coordinates the flow of requests  between message message sources (displays, applications, applications, etc.) and application programs that run requests as transactions. • Basic control flow:  – Translate  –  Translate the display input (form/menu (for m/menu selection, etc.) into a standard-format request  – Send  –  Send the request to the appropriate server based on the transaction type in the request header  – Start  –  Start the transaction  – Invoke the transaction type’s application program program    – Commit and send the transaction’s output to the display  display  1/25/12


Application Server Architecture Architecture • App server should make the previous control flow scale up • Bold lines carry request messages 6 1

Web Server 2


Request Controller 3

Transaction Server Resource Manager 1/25/12



other TP systems

Transaction Server Resource Manager 3

Application Server Components • Web Browser  –   A smart device, with forms, menus, input validation

• Web server  –  Performs front-end front-end work, e.g., security, data caching, ….  ….   – “Calls” the web page associated with the URL, URL, which in turn calls a request controller

• Request controller (= Workflow Controller in the project)  –  Calls Start, Commit, and Abort  –  App logic that transforms the request (automatic loan payment, money transfer) into calls on basic objects (loan, account). • Sometim Sometimes es called business rules.

• Transaction server  –  Business objects (customer, account, loan, teller)

• Resource Manager –  Manager –  usually  usually a database (DB) system 1/25/12


Project’s Process Architecture 1  1  Web Browser Client Web Server

Request Controller Workflow Controller

Transaction Server

Resource Manager

Resource Manager 1/25/12


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