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KERALA STATE ELECTRICITY BOARD Abstract Establishment – Kerala Service Rules – Granting of Leave L eave Without Allowances under Appendices Appendice s XII A and XII C before completion of probation – Adoption of Government Order – Sanctioned – Orders issued. ESTABLISHMENT SECTION ESTABLISHMEN T SECTIO SE CTION N B.O. (CM) No.877/2013 (Estt.V/2102/2013).

Read: -

Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,

G.O (P) No.471/2012/Fin dated 23.08.2012.


ORDER Sanction is hereby accorded to adopt G.O (P) No.471/2012/Fin dated 23.08.2012 in the Board for implementation (Copy Appended).

By Order of the Board, Sd/Sd/ N. MADHUSOODANAN MADHUSOO DANAN ASARI, ASARI, MADHUS MADHUSO OODANAN ODANAN SECRETARY.  To All Chief Engineers. All Deputy Chief Engineers. Copy to:  The Financial Adviser. Adviser.  The Chief Internal Auditor. Auditor.  The Legal Adviser and Disciplinary Enquiry Enquiry Officer.  The Chief Vigilance Vigilance Officer.  The Director (IT)/Director (IT)/Director (Public Relations).  The Regional Personnel Personnel Officer. All Regional Audit Officers.  The TA to Chairman/ Chairman/ Member (Distribution)/Member (Distribution)/Member ( Trans. & Gen. Gen. Operation)/ Member (Gen. Projects).  The PA to Member (Finance)/Secretary. (Finance)/Secretary.  The Legal Liaison Officer, Office Office of the Standing Standing Counsel for KSE Board, Board, Power House, Kochi – 18. Library/Stock File. Forwarded / By Order

Senior Superintendent Superintendent




GOVERNMENT OF KERALA Kerala Service Rules – Grant of Leave L eave Without Allowance under App Appendix endix XII A and XII C before completion completion of probation probation – G.O (P) No.161/2008/Fin. No.161/2008/Fin. dated 09.04.2008 09.04.2008 Cancelled – Orders issued. FINANCE (RULES B) DEPARTMENT 471/2012/Fin. G.O (P) No. 471/2012/Fin. Read: -


Dated, Thiruvananthapuram, Thiruvananthapur hiruvananthapuram, am, 23/08/2012. 23/08/2012. Dated, T

(1) G.O (P) No.161/2008/Fin. dated 09.04.2008. (2) G.O (P) No.448/2008/Fin. dated 06.10.2008. ORDER


In the Government Orders read above, order have been issued to grant Leave

Without Allowance under Appendix XII A and Appendix XII C, Part I, Kerala Service Rules only after the declaration of satisfactory completion of probation in the entry cadre.


Government have reviewed the position and order that the Government Orders

read above stand cancelled subject to the following guidelines:(i) Non-permanent employees in regular regular service, who have not complete completed d probation in the entry cadre, shall be granted Leave Without Allowance under Appe Appendix ndix XII A and Appendix XII C Part I, Kerala Service Rules subject to the condition that they will have to start their probation afresh and complete the probation on return from Leave Without Without Allowance. In other words, the officers officers will forfeit the service benefits that have accrued to them prior to their proceeding on Leave Without Allowance and they will be deemed as new entrants to Government Service on return return from Leave Without Without Allowanc Allowance. e. What is protected protected is only the right to re-join service in the same cadre as if they are new entrants. (ii) If on further verification by the Kerala Public Service Commission/Police verification, it is found that the officer is ineligible for appointment, the appointment will be treated as null and void and Leave Without Allowance will be treated as cancelled from the date of sanction of leave. (iii)The vacancy arising due to such grant of Leave Without Allowance shall be filled up, and the officers who enter on Leave Without Allowance shall not be permitted to re-join duty before the expiry of sanctioned term of Leave Without Allowance.


Necessary modification to Kerala Service Rules will be issued separately. BY ORDER OF THE GOVERNOR, Dr. V.P. JOY PRINCIPAL PRINCI PAL SECRETARY (FINANCE). (FINANCE).. (FINANCE)

 To ** ** ** **  The Secretary, Kerala State State Electricity Board, Thiruvananthapu Thiruvananthapuram ram (with C.L). ** **

** **

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