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Acceptable Wi-Fi Signal Strengths

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Acceptable Wi-Fi Signal Strengths – MetaGeek Support

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 Ac cep ceptab table le Wi Wi-Fi -Fi Si Sign gnal al St Stren ren gths gt hs Recently viewed articles What is an acceptable Wi-Fi signal strength for X application? What signal strength should I try to achieve in my wireless deployment?

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Planning The key to any good wireless deployment is proper planning, which requires a set of goals and

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requirements to achieve. Determining minimum signal strength requirements in the coverage area is almost alway part of the network requirements list. Wi-Fi Phy Types

Requirements and Variables

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Desired signal strength for optimum performance varies based on many factors, such as background noise in the environment, the amount of clients on the network, what the desired data rates are, and what

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applications will be used. For example, a VoIP or VoWiFi system may require much better coverage than

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a barcode scanner system in a warehouse.

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"RF is Weird" Wi-Fi is generally measured with dBm, with is not an absolutely value, being logarithmic instead.  A 3 dB gain means twice the signal strength, while a 3 dB loss halves the signal strength. Keep this in mind when setting signal strength requirements.

Note: The numbers in this chart are suggestions only. The desired signal strengths will vary, based on the requirements for the network.


Required for 


-30 dBm

Max achievable signal strength. The client can only be a few feet from the AP to achieve this. Not typical or 


desirable in the real world.

-67 dBm

-70 dB dBm

-80 dBm

-90 dBm

Minimum signal strength for applications that require


very reliable, timely packet delivery.

streaming video

Minimum si signal st strengt h for re reliable pa packe t delivery.

Email, we web

Minimum signal strength for basic connectivity. Packet delivery may be unreliable.

 Approaching  Approac hing or drowning drowning in the noise floor. Any functionality is highly unlikely.

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Acceptable Wi-Fi Signal Strengths – MetaGeek Support

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