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Admission Forms Q. How can I get Admission Form? A. Admission Forms are available from Habib Metropolitan and National Bank, NED University Branch on payment of Rs. 1800/- only. The admission forms can also be available from following TCS Centres on payment through bank draft of Rs. 2150/- (Inclsive of TCS charges) in the name of Director Finance, NED University.
S. No. 1 2 3 4 5 Hyderabad Larkana Sukkur Moro Benazirabad (Nawabshah) City

Q. Where Admission Form can be submitted? A. Admission Form is received at Admission Centre only. Admit Card for Entry Test will be issued on the same day. Drop Box Facility can also be used for submission of Admission Form. In that case, Admit Card will be issued (only to the candidate) on the following day. Only those admission forms which are issued from TCS Centres, will be submitted in the same TCS Centres. The admit cards for these forms will be sent through courier service (TCS) to the applicants. Q. How can I apply for any additional category? A. You can apply for additional categories by submitting additional form for each additional category. Eligibility for admission under each category is as described in Chapter-5 of the University Prospectus. Q. How much does Additional Form costs? A. It costs Rs. 300/- only Entry Test Q. What are the passing marks in Entry Tests? A. 50% marks are required to qualify and become eligible for admission. Q. If I have passed SAT-I and SAT- II exam, would I be exempted from Entry Test? A. Yes, provided that you have scored at least 800 in SA T-I and 1500 in SAT-II with subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics/Biology. Q. When would the Entry test be held? A. Entry Test will be held on Sunday, 7th October 2012 at 10.00 hours in the main campus. Open day for qualified candidates will be on Monday 8th October 2012 whereas test for Huffaz will be held on Tuesday 9th October 2012.

Q. When would Entry Test result be announced? A. You will have carbon copy of your answer sheet. On the same day at 1215 hrs Answer Key will be displayed on University website. Official result will be announced at around 2030 hrs on the website. Admission Schedule Q. When will the merit list be displayed? A. Firstly Data Record will be displayed on 12th October for any correction. Provisional merit list will be displayed on 19th October. Q. What is the admission schedule? A. Complete admission schedule will be provided to you after submission of your Admission Form. Fee Q. How much is the admission fee? A. It is 17500/- (cash or pay order) which is to be paid at the time of admission. In addition Rs. 1300/- are required to be paid at the time of Medical Fitness Test. Q. How much is Self Finance Fee? A. It is Rs: 500,000/- for locals, and Rs: 850,000/- for overseas and those applying against NEDAN (NED Alumni Network) seats. Q. When do I have to pay Self Finance Fee? A. Pay order/Demand Draft of Self Finance fee has to be enclosed with the Admission Form. Q. What if I will get admission in Regular Scheme, would the self finance amount be refunded? A. Yes, when you opt for Regular Seat, total self finance fee will be refunded but if you get admission under Self Finance seat then the amount will not be refunded. Q. Does Self Finance fee include tuition fee? A. No, it does not. Self finance fee is to be paid once only at the time of admission along with the regular admission fee. Admission Requirements Q. What documents are required during Medical Fitness Test? A. You are required to bring Chest PA view X-ray along with two photographs, Rs. 1300/- , Entry Test Admit Card and originals of all your documents as described in the Prospectus. Q. Do I have to bring another document on the Admission Day? A. No. All you require is to bring your Admit Card of the Entry Test and Admission Fee. Q. Can anyone having HSC Pre-Medical apply for only Bio Engineering programme. A. Anyone having HSC Pre-Medical (from Karachi Board) or A-Level can apply for Bio, Medical and Food

Engineering programmes. Q. Anyone having passed HSC Pre-Engineering with Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science is eligible for admission? A. No. Only Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics combination is acceptable. Choice of Discipline Q. How can I indicate my choice of discipline? A. You don’t need to do it now. When you come for admission, you will have to select discipline of your choice. Availability will be on merit. Q. After getting admission can I change my discipline? A. Once admitted you will remain in that discipline till the end of First Year when Change of Discipline (COD) will be offered (subject to availability of seats). COD will be based upon merit to be determined from your Spring Semester marks. Q. Anyone admitted in BCIT is eligible for COD? A. Yes. Q. From which department one cannot have COD? A. COD is available in all departments except Food, Bio, Medial and Optical Engineering, and Architecture. Miscellaneous Q. Where Architecture classes are held? A. Classes for Architecture are held in City Campus which is at the back of DJ College whereas for Bio Engineering, Medical Engineering and Food Engineering classes are held in LEJ Campus just opposite Liaquat National Hospital. Q. Is there any Shuttle Bus Service available for City Campus and LEJ Campus? A. No. Some of the shuttle buses pass in front of these campuses. In addition, one shuttle bus departs from main campus at around 0800hrs everyday for City Campus via LEJ Campus. Q. What is the duration of the degree programmes being offered by the University? A. All programmes are of four years duration except of Architecture, Bio, Medical and Food Engineering which are of five years duration. Who is an international student? What tests are required for international applicants? If English is not my first language, do I need to take TOEFL or IELTS? Can I come and visit before I decide? Or Do you have an open day for admitted students? Due to circumstances beyond my control, I am unable to arrange my admission fee at the the time of admission. What should I do? Does NED UET offer financial aid for students? When should I expect to hear if I will be offered admission from the waitlist?

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