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Augusta's glory

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Augusta’s glory
A hole-by-hole look at Augusta National Golf Club, Georgia
Hole 1: Tea Olive
505 yards, Par 4
Carrying the fairway bunker will require a drive of 300 yards, and shorter hitters will face an uphill shot to the undulating green.

April 7-10, 2011

Hole 2: Pink Dogwood
575 yards, Par 5
A slight draw off the tee sets up a chance to reach the par-5 green in two.

Hole 3: Flowering Peach
350 yards, Par 4
The small green, which slopes from right to left, is not entirely visible from the fairway.

Hole 4: Flowering Crab Apple
240 yards, Par 3
This tough par-3 requires a long-iron shot to the green, which is guarded by a pair of bunkers.

Hole 7: Pampas
450 yards, Par 4

Hole 8: Yellow Jasmine
570 yards, Par 5
A large fairway bunker makes this par-5 difficult to reach in two shots.

Hole 9: Carolina Cherry
460 yards, Par 4
The severely sloped green makes par a challenge; accuracy off the tee is required.

Hole 5: Magnolia
455 yards, Par 4
Large humps in the green make it a challenging putting surface.

Hole 6: Juniper
180 yards, Par 3
This downhill par-3 usually requires no more than a medium iron to reach the large, undulating green.

This hole features a narrow fairway to an elevated, wellbunkered green.

A blind uphill shot awaits those who are tempted to go for it in two.

Approach shots that are short of the target often roll off the green.

Hole 10: Camellia
495 yards, Par 4
Historically the toughest hole at Augusta National, the tee shot requires a hard hook to gain extra distance.

Hole 11: White Dogwood
505 yards, Par 4
A slight fade off the tee is necessary to reach the fairway The greenside pond is more of a factor, because players have longer shots into the green.

Hole 12: Golden Bell
155 yards, Par 3
The shortest hole is a bear to play because of swirling winds. It's usually a mediumor short-iron shot to a narrow green

Hole 13: Azalea
510 yards, Par 5
The classic risk-reward hole became more challenging with a new tee added in 2002. A slight draw is required to get into position for the second shot to the par-5

Hole 15: Firethorn Hole 14: Chinese Fir
440 yards, Par 4
It's the only hole on the course without a bunker, but a severe green provides plenty of problems.

Hole 16: Redbud
170 yards, Par 3
This par-3 requires anything from a short- to mediumiron shot.

530 yards, Par 5

Hole 17: Nandina
440 yards, Par 4
Players must negotiate Ike's Tree off the tee. For most it's a short-iron second shot into a rockhard green.

Hole 18: Holly
465 yards, Par 4

Changes made in the last decade make reaching this par-5 hole in two shots a challenge. A pond guards the green in front, but those who lay up face a hard shot from a downhill lie.

The closing hole has become a 465-yard challenge with the extension of the tee in 2002. An accurate drive is a must, and an expanded bunker complex requires a clout of 335 yards to carry.

Source: Graphic News; Augusta.com

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