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BCO-01 - CASTOR OIL Cold Press Virgin Pharma Grade Acid Value 1.00 Max

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SHRI BHA HAG GWATI OIL MILL Office/Factory:  144/55-56, GIDC Chandisar, Ta: Palanpur, Dist: Banaskantha, Gujarat, India. Pin: 385001 Tel: +91 2742 283453, Fax: +91 2742 283357, Email: [email protected]  [email protected] 

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Product Name: CASTOR OIL OIL COLD PRESS PRESS (VIRGIN) (VIRGIN) Con Confo formi rmi ng to  EP, USP, BP, IP Grade Product Code: BCO- 01 01 

Product Information Product : Castor Seed Oil Quality: Cold Press (Virgin) INCI Name Name : Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil European IN INCI CI name : Ricinus communis Country of Origin for seeds: India Country of extraction of oil: Pressed In India Method Me thod o f Extraction: Cold Extraction:  Cold Press Method Production Process : Mechanically extracted from Castor seed by Cold Pressing at low temperature without any application of heat/chemical/solvent. It is then filtered to purity. Use : Cosmetics / Pharmaceutical

Organoleptic Description    Ap pear anc e : A clear, almost colourless or slightly yellow, viscous hygroscopic liquid.  Ar om a :: characteristic  characteristic Flavour Fla vour :  characteristic

Specifications  Appearance F.F.A. (as oleic)  Acid value Iodine value Saponification value Hydroxyl value Peroxide Value Unsaponifiable matter

Almost colourless or slightly yellow, viscous hygroscopic liquid. 0.50 % Max. 1.00 Max. 82 – 90 177 – 185 158 – 163 Max. 3 0.80 % Max

Colour 5 ¼” LOVIBOND :

10.0 Y + 1.0 R (MAX)

Light absorption

Max 0.80


0.25 % Max.

She Shelf lf Life L ife 24 months under unopened conditions from date of purchase. Once opened, up to 12 months dependent upon the conditions of storage.

Packaging 200kg, 225 kg MS/HDPE barrels, Flexitank 22/23 MT, ISO Tank, or as per customer’s requirement.

Recommended Storage Protect from exposure to, light, moisture and pests. Do not expose to extreme temperatures and keep tightly sealed. This data is provided for your information only. It is based on technical information currently available and is not all-inclusive. This information is furnished without warranty, expressed or implied.


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