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Biological Effects of Mobile Phones

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One of the most common sights we see these days is that of people with their mobile phones next to their ears. A boon for better communication, cell phone usage nonetheless has many health hazards. Various studies indicate that the emissions from a cell phone can be extremely harmful, causing genetic damage, tumors, memory loss, and increased blood pressure and weakening of the immune system. This is alarming information, and one has to take into account all these factors... Immediate concerns The electromagnetic radiation from cell phones does have a potential link to cancer. The fact that this radiation is invisible, intangible, and enters and leaves our bodies without our knowledge makes it even more intimidating. Possible hazards:  Two minutes of exposure to emissions from mobile phones can disable a safety barrier in blood causing proteins and toxins to leak into the brain, could increase chances of developing Alzheimer's multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's. (Scientists at Sweden's Lund University)  Scientists say exposure to the phones' low-level radiation causes red blood cells to leak hemoglobin and can lead to heart disease and kidney stones.  A cell phone unit, or communications tower, has so many of the radiation emanating gadgets. This can be a problem for its immediate environment.

In The long run

Brain Tumors Cell phone users can easily be affected by brain tumors due to the radiations emitted by cell phones. Interestingly, the risk is highest for ipsilateral exposure, meaning tumor on the same side of the brain where phone mostly held. Alter DNA A laboratory study has shown that radio waves from mobile phones do harm body cells and damage DNA.(According to BBC) Lack of Sleep Scientists at a Swedish University, University of Gothenburg discovered that spending a lot of time on a cell phone disturbed the sleep.

. Blood Pressure It was observed that people using cell phones were prone to high blood pressure Headaches, Heating Effects, Fatigue A study brought out that longer the people used mobile phones, the more likely they were to report symptoms such as hot ears, burning skin, headaches and fatigue. Memory There have been various studies into the connection between mobile phones and memory loss. A study looked into the effect of radiofrequency


(RF) on the section of rats' brains that is linked with the memory. The results showed that RF could modify signals in the cells in a part of the brain that is responsible for learning and short term memory. Mobile Phones and Children Because of their smaller heads, thinner skulls and higher tissue conductivity, children may absorb more energy from a given phone than adults.  Cell phones should be used for emergencies, and not for long conversations.  A small chip-like cell phone microwave radiation protection device is available, which has the ability to absorb electromagnetic energy waves from your mobile phone. It helps in reducing the potential harmful effects of these emissions to the human body.  Using a mobile headset is a good idea, you don't have to hold phones next to your ears all the time  Base stations, which have low powered antennae on their terrace to communicate with cell phones, should not be located near children's schools and playgrounds.

Globalisation is the new mantra. In this age, it is very difficult not to have technology. But with technology, come certain hazards. The only way to beat these is again, better technology. Electromagnetic radiation is everywhere. More and more wireless communication services (cellular phones, paging, wireless Internet) are expected so is the artificial electromagnetic radiation. It seems that there is no way to reverse this trend. Scientists and engineers are developing better and safer wireless systems and devices. Smaller cell size, better base station antennas and other more advanced technologies will allow future cell phones to radiate much lower power. So one can only hope that cell phone hazards will be reduced.

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