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Castor Properites Sold

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C ast astor or Sh op s t o B e Sold Sol d Manufactured First Horse Cars Southwark for Frankford Announcement is made in another column that the old Castor properties6 at the northeast corner of Frankford avenue and Overington street, will be sold

to settle the estate of the late Thomas Castor, at a master's sale, in partition, on Saturday afternoon, May 27th, by Samuel T. Freeman Co., auct auctione ioneers ers.. The property is occupied by the carriage <4-Thomas <4-T homas Castot' astot's s Sons, the Castor blacksmith shop, the saloon property of James McCaffrey and the livery stables in the rear, at Franklin and Overington streets. The propèrty has a frontage of seventy-five feet

on Fr Frank ankf ford avenue and F Frankl rankli in

street and two hundred and forty-seven on Overington street, and is considered one of the most valuable pieces of real estate est ate on F Frankf rankford ord av avenue. enue.


The wheelwright and wagon bulldhrt business of the Cantors was first established about 1835, on the site of the buildings, 4620 and 4622 Frankford avenue, on the north side of the Old Jolly Post Hotel. Thomas Castor managed the wheelwright and Peter Castor the blacksmith end of the business. He also manufactured a patent kitchen range, known as the Castor range. Thomas resided in the present present rough-cast stone building at 4630 Frankford avenue, all of the stone for which was quarried out of the cellar. Peter Castor resided opposite, on the present site of the Dispatch ofilce. The site at Frankford avenue and Overington street; (formerly Allen street) wis purchased about 18is4.., At that time it formed part of the old Red Barn lot, which extended back to Leper street, bdfure either llrankfln ur Penn streets had been opened through. The first iron railings and marble posts ised in the Cedar Hill Cemeteries were iiaix iia ixufactured ufactured by the Casto astorr Broth rothers. ers.


The business grew from that time to large dimensions, the the firm receiv receiving a contract to equip the Fifth and Sixth and Race and Vine streets passenger railways with horse cars. They were double deck affairs with a spiral ladder for the agile passengers to ascend and descend from the upper deck. Illumination at night was by smoky oil lamps, set on shelves at either end of the car i S winter was nst nstpti ptiy y ursi

by a thick bedding of hay or straw on

the floor of the cars, into which the shivering passengers dug their feet for warmth. Those cars, however, the i r s t

improvement over the old omnibus line,

made just as much of a sensation as

when the troll trolley ey car succeeded succeeded the


Thomas Castor was of an inventive;

turk, and shortly patented the first

method of lighting cars from a ventilated bracket in the centre of the car. 1e held four other car patents, and all of them them were sold sold to Stevenson Co., of New York. Mr. Castor also secui'd patents on the first contractor's sliding dump wagon ever made in the country. lic -patentu were  aeed in the United

States Stat es and Great Brit ritain. The same

principle is still in use in the construction cars used in railroad operations. The shop was noted for its fine wagon and car work, and for many years had a most extensive business in the erection of circus wagons, including baggage trucks and animal cages. The firm made hundreds of wagons for the circuses of i Adam Forepaugh, John O'Brien, Barnum Baile ailey y and Bachelo achelorr Dori oris. s. Peter Castor died in 1883, aged 79   years, and Thomas survived him about a year, dying in August, 1884, at the age of 74 years. In recent years the business has been conducted by T. Elwood Castor and William 0. Castor, sons of Thomas Castor. Anot nother son, Lewis F F.. Ca Casr sr has

ctrt'ftage t'ftage manman am ctr an extenstre ufacturing business at Margaret and Cedar streets. -

M a y o r R e y b u r n V is is iitt s F r a n k f o r d

Mayor Reyburn and a number of city officials arrived in Frankford this morning to go over route of the Auto Transit Company, and to view the Cornelius place on Bristol pike, also a lot at the corner of Harrison street and Frankford avenue, proposed for a new police or fire station. The pasty in Auto Transit hue went over the Bustleton _pike and had

luncheon at Somert n. The party was

escorted by Select Councilman J. Emory Byram, and President Frank Deere, of the Auto Transit Co

Fish for Pennypack Creek

The Torresdale Fish Hatcheries on Saturday last stocked the Pennypack Creek, above Lodge's dam, with twenty cans of yellow perch. This will be fsI lowed by a like number of catfish a.fl

sunfi sun fish. sh. The fish fish were placed in the

stream through the efforts of (us Wonnenberg, of Bustleton, who is an enthusiastic fisherman. It is expected expected that there will be excellent fishing in the stream within two years.

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