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Clouded Dragon

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The Clouded Dragon- A relatively new outfit to Saugerties this is the towns litt
le secret, a place for those over smoking age can come to chat, smoke, vape, or
whatever their choice is. Opened by a group of four freinds three years ago, the
y've had steady business from many different types. They have a large establishm
ent complete with a smoking lounge, glass shop, incense and new age section (thi
s is the only place those under 16/18 are allowed) and a little snack bar where
you can buy basic food and drink. It's open 24/7 on a rotation of clerks and ser
vice workers.
The back room of the Shop, set up with changeling runes that would guide all tho
se who wanted to enter for the private means. The Wonderland, room as it's calle
d is coated in velvet that turns from blue to red by the work of some add treasu
re, there are two large hookah always ready as well as many different vapor plac
es set up with a small snack bar access for everyone here. This side does allow
all ages due to the nature of Changeling spirits. The entrance to the dreaming
here is a silver pipe set on an altar, when smoke is clouded out the person is d
rawn through the mists and into the Dreaming.
Workers includeCristian- A 25 year old guy, short blonde hair, perpetual smile and a flirty att
itude. He tends to stick with the *glassware* and *herbal* sections of the shop.
Dreaming wise he's a Saytr wilder that doesn't mind partaking of alchemic smoka
Syndi- A 22 year old girl with a number of piercings and long black hair that al
ways seems to cover one eye. She speaks very softly and tends to be more towards
the new age magic items, and the more dark and morbid style pieces in the shop.
In the dreaming she is a sluagh wearing a spiderweb cloak whom works as the mot
leys ritualist.
Samuel- The little seen benefactor of the group and supplier to the store this g
uy is rumored to be some sort of inheritor whose constantly away on some *advent
ure* or another. When he does show up he is slightly snobby, tends to take over
whatever's going on, and always tries to push the more classic pieces such as Ho
okah, wooden pipes, and classic bronze pieces. In the dreaming he is Baron Samue
l Firetongue ap Eiliund, Leader of the Clouded Dragon Motley. While adventuring
with the group he found a treasure that would long set the team up and often tri
es to buy and sell treasures.
Josh "Bark" Rollins- A larger guy Josh doesn't speak much, he's the one on shift
most of the four though he tends to work the floor as a bouncer type. When he *
has* to work behind the counter he prefers to work the snack counter and avoids
the glass at all costs. Dreaming wise he is a large blue skinned troll with skin
like tree bark. A man of few words he often lets his vine hammer and fist do th
e talking for him.
The Dreaming- The Clouded Dragon changes only slightly in the dreaming, built fr
om the dreams of smoke and flavor twisted by nocker and crafter hands the shop i
s much the same but in a much more fanciful way. Different colored smoke rolls f
rom different pipes, some twisting of different shapes and sizes, some not even
connected but still somehow pronouncing a thick roll of smoke. The different smo
kables and such are alchemical in origin, crafted for the faery minded there are
flavors from the benign to just the insane from popcorn to dragon scale and eve
n those esoteric such as starlight and rain drops. To the back is the little hid
den gem of the store, the dragons Den, a place where treasures can be bought, so
ld, and traded, all accumulated from various travels from all over the dreaming
and mortal worlds. The Wonderland room is much the same in the dreaming as well.

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