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1. Obtai Obtain n an expr expressio ession n for E1, E2, and G12 in terms of material properties with respect to principal material directions using mechanics of material approach. 2. What are the advantages of composite material? nd explain its area of application? !. "how the reduction of anisotropic anisotropic material stress#strain stress#strain e$uations to those of monoclinic material stress#strain e$uations. %. &or a graphite'epo graphite'epox( x( unidirectional unidirectional lamina, )nd the following. following. *a+ ompliance matrix. *b+ -inor poisons ratio. *c+ educed sti/ness matrix. *d+ "trains in the 1#2 co#ordinate s(stem if the applied stresses are 012-a, E1131Ga, E214.! Ga, 5124.23, G126.16 Ga. 7. Explai Explain n the 8oo9e 8oo9e:s :s law for di/erent di/erent materials? materials?



1. &or g glass lass epox( epox( llaminat aminate e Ef  37 Gpa, Em  !.% Ga, Ga, 5m  4.! and 5f  4.27, find the minor oisson:s ratio 521 and G12 for a )ber volume fraction of 64;. 2. What weight of glass )bers must must be add added ed to 19g of epox( to produce a composite with a densit( of 1644 9g'm!, <f  27449g'm! and <m 1244 9g'm!. !. =escribe s stress tress strain relations relations for a lamina of arbit arbitrar( rar( orientation. %. Explain the elasticit( approach to to )nd four elastic elastic moduli moduli.. 7. Explain 8oo9 8oo9e:s e:s law for a two#dimensional unidir unidirectional ectional lamina? UNIT – III PART – B

1. Explain > >sai#8ill sai#8ill failure theor( used used for anisotropic materials. 2. What are the t(pes of laminates laminates given below? -ention which elements of 21@,[email protected] and [email protected] are Bero for each of them. *1+ C %7 ' C %[email protected] *2+ !4 ' #%7 ' #!4 ' %[email protected] *!+ 4 ' D4 ' 4 ' [email protected] !. =erive the governing d di/erential i/erential e$uation for a laminated unidirectional anisotropic plate. %. &ind the sti/ness sti/ness matrices @, [email protected] for a three three pl( 4'!4'# 4'!4'# %[email protected] graphite epox( laminate. ssume each lamina has a


thic9ness of 7mm. >he properties of graphite'epox( graphite'epox( El 131 Ga, Et 14.! Ga, 5lt  4.23 and Glt 6.16 Ga. 7.  s(mmet s(mmetric ric angle pl( laminate have the foll following owing data % Fa(ers of each 4.7mm thic9 %7H'#%7H'#%7H'%7H. El 214 Ga, Et 21 Ga, Iit  4.! and Git 6 Ga. ompute the in#plane sti/ness matrix of the laminate. UNIT – IV PART – B

1. 2. !. %. 7.

What are the mat material erials s used for sandwich sandwich construc construction. tion. Explai Explain n basic design conce concept pt of sandwich constructio construction. n. Explai Explain n the two methods of hone( com comb b core manuf manufacturi acturing. ng. Explai Explain n the cell con)gur con)guration ation in hone(comb hone(comb cores? cores? Explai Explain n the hone( hone(comb comb pr process ocesses. es. UNIT – V PART – B

1. 2. !. %. 7.

What are the functions and desirable properties of resins? Explain with neat s9etches s9etches the production production of carbon )bers? )bers? What ar are e the comm commerc ercial ial forms forms of )bers? Explai Explain n open and close closed d mould pr process ocesses es Explai Explain n an( two methods of glass )be )berr manufactu manufacturing ring with

neat s9etch. J. Write shor shortt notes on netting netting anal(sis. anal(sis.

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