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CMS Preparation

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CMS Installation Prerequisite PC Requirement Channel numbers

32CH or below

64CH or below


Intel core i3 or higher

Intel core i5 or higher


8GB or above

16GB or above


Intel HD4000 or above

AMD HD7700 or above

Network Interface

Gigabyte Ethernet

Operation System

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64 bit


Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or above

Notes: 1.  Please be sure to apply all service packs and OS patches. 2.  Multi streaming live display display will consume PC's CPU and Memory performance. If your live view performance is not satisfactory, please reduce the number of channels which you viewed at the same time. 3.  For multiple monitor display, please choose adequate graphic cards and disable on board graphic card in case any conflicts occur.


Prerequisite Adjustment  Adjustment  1.  Windows login with administrator user level Some CMS functions will not be working if the program runs under other user level. 2.  Disable Windows Firewall Some CMS program or process will be blocked by Windows firewall, so normally we will recommend you to disable firewall. 3.  Check Windows Update(no more updates) Make sure .net framework and other windows program have been updated to the latest.  latest.  4.  Change the power setting like the below picture Some settings will cause CMS function or display shut down irregularly.

5.  Change the user account control settings to never notify. Some CMS program or process will be blocked by limited user account control.


  6.  Change the internet settings of temporary internet files like the below picture. CMS main control panel will be effected by the following web page setting

7.  Delete browsing history on exit CMS main control panel will be effected by the following web page setting


8.  Check if port 80 is occupied by other programs. If port 80 is occupied by other programs, then IIS will not be working, and CMS will not be working either. In which case, the programs have to be removed. The following steps shows how to check if port 80 is in use. Step1. Go to “Run Run”( ”( Windows+R), Windows+R), and open cmd

Step2. Enter “netstat “netstat –ao”  –ao”  


Step3. If there is any connection using port 80, please go to task manager to check (with the PID number) which program is using port 80

Step4. Go to “Uninstall or change a program” program” to remove the program

After checking PC requirements, and all the items above have been done, then it is ready to install CMS. Note: CMS installation must run under Windows Administrator user level.

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