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Customer Relationship Management

Published on May 2016 | Categories: Types, Research | Downloads: 58 | Comments: 0

I'M LISTENING: JAMMU & KASHMIR BANK. In the centre of marketing activities today is the customer satisfaction. For the banks to be successful in the intensively competitive environment, they are bound to attach importance to customer satisfaction. Banks are the finance institutions that meet the economic needs of the individuals and businesses and that perform such economic activities as collecting bank deposits, giving credits, providing capital and etc.. In recent years there have appeared important developments in the understanding of modern banking. With the transition to automation, customer satisfaction and management of customer relationships have taken place among the subjects spoken of in the banking sector. The study is based on the review and assessment of various services/products which are offered by the Jammu and Kashmir Bank. The study aims to unravel the various practices and efforts by the bank in maximizing the satisfaction level of its customers by providing them with Products/Services of varied nature. This study aims to understand the nature of the services and of the various products to observe and understand their impact on the customer base of the bank and on their efforts to render quality and competitive services to their customers. Also, the objective of this research is to assess and review the effect and impact of such products and services of the bank on its customers in order to analyze their satisfaction.



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