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Study found that strength training can enhance the body's ability to degrade food, stable blood
WASHINGTON (reporter Wu un instru!ent" #any elderly people and $o!en $ill choose to do
e%ercise $hen $al&ing, 'ogging, e%ercise, tai chi and other aerobic e%ercise, $hich is
characteri(ed by the intensity is not too high, longer duration, and a)oid lifting du!bbells,
barbells and play so!e po$er*type fitness e+uip!ent, they thin& that it is only playing !acho
,intense e%ercise-, Ho$e)er, studies ha)e found that strength training is conduci)e to nutrient
!etabolis!, e%ercise e%perts belie)e that this type of e%ercise can protect the body 'oints, pre)ent
osteoporosis, the elderly and $o!en is significant, but the !o)e!ent should be ta&en to a)oid
e%cessi)e force and ulti!ate load-
Strength training can pre)ent falls a!ong the elderly
.nited States, ,ournal of Sports Science and #edicine, published a study found that both aerobic
e%ercise and strength training people than 'ust the person aerobic e%ercise daily inta&e of less
calories- Strength training can enhance the body's ability to degrade food, stabili(e blood sugar,
and also see!s to enhance the feeling of satiety * these factors $ill reduce people's desire for high*
sugar foods-
Strength training is a !uscle brea&do$n, rest and rene$al process- Australian /atholic .ni)ersity,
0anessa e%ercise physiologist 1r- 2ice said, $hen you're in $eightlifting $hen !uscle protein
degradation, $ithin the ne%t 34 hours to accelerate the body's !etabolis!, the consu!ption of
protein reco)ery, !uscular physi+ue increases, it beco!es stronger-
Strength training not only allo$s you to gain a good figure, but also to enhance !otor function,
protect 'oints fro! $ear and tear- 2ice belie)es $ill lead all day against the table and sat hunched
posture, increased spinal load, resulting in osteoarthritis and s!all 'oints $ear, strain, strength
training can &eep fit upright posture, reduce the da!age, the greater significance for the elderly *
The study found that strength training can pre)ent elderly falls- 5or $o!en, strength training on
the pre)ention of osteoporosis is also i!portant-
6 $ee&ly e%ercise large !uscle groups
Guang(hou's fitness coach Sun 7in belie)es that strength training to start as soon as possible, and
fro! the beginning of any age are )ery good- He reco!!ends strength training three ti!es a
$ee&, respecti)ely, for different !a'or !uscle groups, such as chest, bac& !uscles and leg
!uscles- To ta&e the ti!e to $ar! up before e%ercise and rela%ation- To a)oid in'uries, stretch
before e%ercise acti)ities should be carried out, should be static stretching e%ercises, each for 8
#onday practicing chest: supine du!bbell elected ne%t ; to <8- Tips: sit on a stool, his hands
holding du!bbells ran&s on both sides of the chest, hea)ing, then slo$ly decline Tai ar! angle
less than => degrees, and then pushing the hair fro!-
Wednesday practice bac&: deadlift du!bbell bent &nees <> to <8 under- Tips: hands holding
du!bbells, stand $ith your legs shoulder $idth apart, big leg angle at <3> degrees, chest and
abdo!en, upper body slo$ly dropped to parallel $ith the ground hard pull the du!bbell until the
body is co!pletely straight- 2e+uired to !aintain !uscle tension throughout the body, du!bbell
should be &ept close to the body-
5riday practice legs: s+uat ne%t ? to <8- Tips: hands holding du!bbells, stand $ith your legs
shoulder $idth apart, chest and abdo!en, s+uat until thighs parallel to the ground, forced to stand
the truth about six pack abs The Truth About Six Pack Abs has
been highly appreciated as well as acclaimed in all quarters as an
epoch making product. It has truly offered torrential benefits to
people who had opted for the edge of this program. The virtual
sphere is rife with a gamut of information on the effectiveness of
this product. lose weight fast diet plan
The ark Side of !at "oss Program is a fitness program that will
help you love your body by making you understand the way it works
when it comes to fat burning.
The #ump $anual is one of many courses currently on the market
to increase your vertical %ump. &owever' the %ump manual is the one
that claims the most. #acob &iller has proven that high verticals are
not related only to certain individuals or ethnic groups as some
have wrongfully sustained throughout the years.
Save $y $arriage Today ebook is absolutely one of the best
guides available so you should not miss a chance of having this
e(ook to assist you save your marriage fast.
The diet solution program is a simple easy to use diet system
that is highly effective.
!at "oss !actor is the details of how he and his wife managed to
shed over )** pounds of their combined weight.
+isual Impact $uscle (uilding is a practice for muscle developing
program' professionally designed by fitness icon ,usty $oore. This
program is created to individuals who are much interested to have
great body shape.
!at (urning !urnace !at (urning !urnace is a diet and exercise
program that is based upon the premise of losing weight by
increasing your metabolism. The idea is to enable the body to lose
excess fat by increasing how fast it is able to burn it off.
-heat .our /ay Thin is a diet plan that allows you to have one
cheat day each week' where you eat anything you want. The diet
focuses on rotating carbs and high 0I vs low 0I foods' so that you
burn more fat than you would otherwise. (ecause you cycle
nutrients' your body burns more fat in the long run.
Tinnitus $iracle is a system created by Thomas -oleman to help in
the natural healing process of tinnitus. (esides the treatment plan'
Tinnitus $iracle contains advisory information on many other health
related issues that can contribute towards the eradication of
tinnitus' including yoga' meditation' diet' and many others.
&ow to (ecome an Alpha $ale The Alpha $ale System is different
than most guides for one primary reason1 #ohn Alexander2s &ow to
(ecome an Alpha $ale focuses on you' the guy' and not the woman.
$ost guides teach you how to seek the approval of women. They
give you pickup lines and routines you use to be in a situation to
take control over a woman2s control.
Personal Path to Pregnancy Personal Path To Pregnancy is a 34
page guide to getting pregnant naturally without the need for drugs
or surgery. It is written by (eth 5iley who shares her heart
breaking personal story of loss suffering 6 miscarriages by the age
of 76' this lead to her doing research of her own to find what her
do8ens of gynaecologists and geneticists had failed to tell her.
9 ay (elly (last iet helps you to understand your body and the
possible issues as to why your body is not getting any slimmer. This
includes increased fat storing hormones' metabolism issues' and bad
food choices. The good thing about this diet is that it also takes
into consideration issues such as rebounding' which leads to
frustrations and difficulty in attaining weight loss.
Personal Path To Pregnancy is a complete guide to getting
pregnant naturally and without the unnecessary invasive therapies.
avid :evogt2s The Simple 0olf Swing also distinguishes itself
from other golf lesson books with its special emphasis on how to
develop and maintain ;powerful timing2 in golf' and not %ust how
to hit the ball with more power.
The $agic of $aking <p This guide comes to us from author T/
#ackson. #ackson has developed quite an extensive program to turn
your love around with some heart=to=heart strategies that are
genuinely effective. Topics range from cheating to increasing the
passion to avoid relationship boredom. #ackson>s program
emphasi8es how to get your relationship back on track and how to
get those sparks flying again.
Pregnancy $iracle focuses on teaching you how to achieve this
without using drugs' any risky surgeries or expensive fertility
Text The ,omance (ack Text The ,omance (ack is aimed at
anyone who wants ?or [email protected] to use text trb=cover=
mediummessages to rekindle a relationship or simply wants to turn
up the heat and increase passion. $any of us text our partners
everyday but if you2re in this position and are sending similar
messages everyday it2s highly likely the messages are going to
start losing appeal and even boring the recipient.
The 7) ay !at "oss -ure program is inclusive of dieting tips to
plan out your meals and also increase your knowledge about the
food items that can help you burn your fat and also take a hold of
your calorie intake. eating program lose weight
The Secrets of eliberate -reation program will help you to
chart your own course to success and how to follow it through.
0oogle Sniper 0oogle Sniper is without question one of the best
affiliate and internet marketing information components of
occasions. That is the product that made 0eorge (rown into the
super affiliate he2s today. It2s also one of those handful of
information things that really instruct you some valuable things that
many entrepreneurs was once in a position to make money.
The (ody of !ire exercises require no special equipmentA you only
need a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells and a pull=upBdip bar.
The Truth about Cuickness Insider2s System 4.* can let you
become the best athlete in your chosen sport whether its
basketball' football' baseball and etc.
If you are interested in healthy way to lose excess fat and at the
same time gain muscle' take a look at a new ebook DThe &oly
0rail (ody TransformationE' here you will find the best way to
be fit' healthy' and happy.
The 9 $inute iet is based on #on2s research for his $. Sc. in
:utritional Science. 9 $inute $uscle is a fat burning and muscle
development program created by #on (enson.
Fat /eight Gff Fat /eight Gff created by Isaac (oules is a new
book that gives people healthy weight loss methods' tips to get rid
of excessive water retention in their body' -hinese royal fat loss
secrets' and an emergency diet plan. After Isaac (oules launched
the DFat /eight GffE book' a lot of customers have used it for
learning how to identify foods that can increase or decrease their
libido. -onsequently' the website +kool.com completed a full
overview about the effectiveness of this book.
Stock Assault 4.* Stock Assault 4.* makes it very easy to invest
and then sell at the right time after making the right amount of
profit. The software runs in your background and initially needs a
few hours to run its tests and provide you with the first quote.
After that' it reminds you when you need to sell and then provides
you with the next stock to buy.
-ombat the !at -ombat the !at program promises multiple and
effective results. Fxperts claim that it helps women get rid of
cottage cheese thighs. It also gives solutions to men in getting the
six=pack they have always wanted to have. /ith this program'
users can have a chance to achieve an unstoppable and all=day
lasting energy.
&ome $ade Fnergy /ith &omemade Fnergy' you get to choose
whether you want to use the wind=based or solar based energy
solution. epending on the si8e and location of your house' you will
find detailed and step=by=step instructions and diagrams on how to
build your own power systems. Secrets !at "oss System
!it .ummy $ummy a detailed' step=by=step fat loss system which
teaches women how to set and achieve their goals in )3 weeks
offers the top seven mindset boosters' the benefits of fat'
addresses most common diet myths that actually make women gain
weight instead of losing it' tips that will help them read%ust their
eating habits and reduce appetite.
Plan $y (aby The plan my baby program is a H* page gender
selection book written by a renowned midwife known as Alicia
Pennington. $any women internationally have followed the ideas
found in this book at their own benefitA it helps you determine the
gender of your child even before childbirth.
The Fvery Gther ay iet plan is great if you need to shed some
pounds quickly. It is also great if you have been putting off dieting
because you are too busy to starve yourself.
& $iracle is a guide that reveals a natural solution for hemorrhoids
.&olly &ayden suffered from this condition herself. Then' she found
out about a natural remedy that attacks the root cause of
hemorrhoids. She applied it and her hemorrhoids were gone within
days.&olly &ayden wrote her natural recipe for hemorrhoids
treatment in her guide the & $iracle.
ouble Fdged !at "oss This program uses :euro Strength and !at
loss coaching that is based upon the principle of training neurological
recruitment of more muscle. Fach and every repetition you do is
worth extra when you practice this way. /hich means that you2ll
be able to work out for less time and achieve more every workout
on the identical time.
Anything 0oes iet is not geared towards people who might have
preexisting conditions in which they may have restrictions to certain
types of foods to avoid complications. This program is quite easy
to understand though since it focuses on the rules of moderation or
eating what the body needs and aligning your body to what the
body actually needs. .ou have to learn how to listen to the body
and this in turn will guide you as to how much is actually enough.
"ean &ybrid $uscle ,eloaded "ean &ybrid $uscle ,eloaded can be
used by both men and women and does not require a person to
spend more time training than currently spending but it will require a
person to use the time differently. The program warns people
against falling into the trap of thinking that more cardio is better
and uses the comparison of a long distance athlete>s body versus a
sprinter>s body.
!it Gver H* !it Gver H* is a best selling ebook that contains
plenty of information' advice and motivation that can help anyone
over H* get fit and healthy and slow down the aging process. !it
Gver H* was co=written by #on (enson and Tom +enuto. #on was
obese when he was in his thirties' but he made ma%or lifestyle
changes and is now fit and healthy at HI years old. &is
transformation is what inspired him to write the book.
$uscle 0aining Secrets $uscle 0aining Secrets 4.* are now
proliferating in the online world' as author #ason !errugia %ust
launched its updated version. The reviews of the said ebook are
designed to enlighten the minds of interested readers as to how it
will work for them and how it will be able to bring out the bst in
their body.
Teds /oodworking Teds /oodworking provides unparalleled detail.
:o matter how skilled at woodworking a person considers himself to
be' there will always be a time where some additional assistance is
appreciatedA perhaps they might be thinking of undertaking a new
task and %ust need a little help.
The Sold Gut After -risis 0uide will provide you with the list of
79 crucial items' so you and your family will be prepared when a
disaster hits.
Total /ellness -leanse Total /ellness -leanse program was
created by author .uri Flkaim. .uri Flkaim is a certified nutritionist
that seems pretty determined to help people feel better and live
healthy. .ou can tell %ust by the content .uri puts out that he is
dedicated to a quality product' he also has a !acebook page that
he keeps in contact with his customers religiously.
0row Taller H Idiots offers you several practical solutions to fix
your short stature. .ou will learn how to increase your natural
growth hormones and extend your normal growth spurts. .our new
inches will also be enhanced by special exercises specially designed
to make you taller.
!irm and !latten .our Abs e(ook does not require any ab rollers'
infomercial abdominal machines' repetitions of floor crunches'
starvation diets or fat burning pills. The techniques used are
claimed to be proven and tested in sports training and the
rehabilitation world for years.
!inal Phase !at "oss is a unique training system for those of you
who have to overcome a plateau in fat loss' or for those of you
who are trying to lose 6=)* pounds of stubborn fat. "osing the
first pounds always seems much easier to lose few. (ut the latter
appears to be the body simply does not want to give up the last
pounds as if they were their greatest asset.
The 4HB9 !at "oss The plan encompasses advanced workouts with
nutrient=rich diet plans to speed up the fat loss process in a
person2s body' enabling him to burn his fat much more rapidly than
any other plan' all day long. As the name suggests' the user can
lose weight 4HB9 after properly implementing the plan.
!ibroids $iracle !ibroid miracle is an e=book by Amanda "eto' is a
natural treatment for those who are suffering from uterine fibroids.
The ebook is comprised of 46* pages and offers a clinically proven
natural treatment. $any people hesitate when it comes to rely upon
an electronic product. This review of !ibroid $iracle will work for
them. "ose /eight !ast Tips
-apture &is &eart simplifies the dating scene and facilitates lasting
relationships by identifying the do2s and don>ts that every woman
should know to find and get the love of her life. It is grounded on
the fact that a look into a man2s mind and his workings can help
women attract men and make the right one fall in love with her.
The Tao of (adass The Tao of (adass is a program that can give
you the confidence you require' the insight into women you desire'
and the understanding of relationships you need to turn your dating
life around. /hether you want to play the field or settle down for
the long=term' this downloadable guide can help you do it. &ow to
(urn (elly !at
The $uscle $aximi8er The Somanabolic $uscle $aximi8er program
is a new program by 5yle "eon that claims it will revolutioni8e
muscle building forever. The main principle behind the program is
software that creates a customi8ed nutrition plan for you' along
with an excellent workout program. Additionally the program focuses
on lean gains instead of the traditional bulking methods that
bodybuilders do.
Fat Stop Fat The Fat Stop Fat diet plan is one of the most
unique available today. /ith the negativity surrounding fasting and
starvation' this plan actually embraces the power of selective
fasting in order to make weight loss more effective and easier.
(rad Pilon is the creator of the Fat Stop Fat program.
.east Infection :o $ore .east Infection :o $ore is an alternative
treatment method for yeast infection that utili8es only natural
products. The system is written by "inda Allen and is delivered in
e(ook format. This e(ook provides information about yeast
infection using natural means and it has steadily gained popularity
#ust like other ripped body workout programs' Tacfit -ommando
also provides you with great dietary guidelines' this system does
not focus heavily on nutrition.
Acid Alkaline iet The Acid Alkaline iet is based on the idea that
imbalances in your body2s acid vs. alkaline levels can cause health
problems. If your diet is too acidic' then your body2s fluids become
too acidic' and this can lead to illness. The Acid Alkaline iet seeks
to correct health problems by making your diet more alkaline.
Gvarian -yst $iracle /ith Gvarian -yst $iracle' you will be able
to make yourself knowledgeable about basic pain relief techniques
to more advanced cures. .ou will see that over the period of time'
you can cure your ovarian cysts or help a friend or acquaintance
out of the problem.
(urn The !at !eed The $uscle is one of the most popular diet
and exercise programs available. /e decided to buy it and try it
out for a month and see if it was any good. Gur short review is
this (urn the !at is a solid program for weight loss. It is –
uncomplicated' effective and well written. Tom +enuto will keep you
motivated and you will see results. The goal of this program is :ot
to be a crash diet but a long=term solution to losing weight.
Panic Away Panic Away teaches that anxiety and panic are the
results of stressJ Internal and external stress. Anxiety develops
when your mind' body' and emotions are exhausted' leaving you
vulnerable to all kinds of pain and misery. Anxiety develops when
you are at your most vulnerable and something triggers the body>s
defense mechanism known as the K!ight of !light SystemK. !ast
/eight "oss iet Tips
,everse Phone etective system was established in 4**3. This
system is based on a different style than that of the reverse
lookup system. <sing proprietary information the database is custom
made by them. The database comprises of the names and addresses
of various cellular service holder.
The )*** -alorie -hallenge The program teaches you how to
perform progressively more intensive workouts until you2re able to
do workouts that burn )'*** calories each. In addition' the
workouts are designed in such a way as to give you an afterburn
effect in which your metabolism remains higher than normal for
hours after your workout has been completed' burning off more
calories faster.
Tacfit -ommando is a workout program that>s based on workout
routines by Israeli top army units' counter terrorism squads'
bodyguards' and law enforcement agencies. It was created by
Scott Sonnon who actually worked with many of these units and
created special workout routines to help them improve their physical
ability and prepare them for their missions.
$oles' /arts and Skin Tags ,emoval focuses on the only way to
treat moles' warts and different skin tags is to address the
underlying cause of the problem. That is why the most common
treatments' such as over=the=counter products and prescription
drugs' don2t work they only provide temporary relief from the –
symptoms. (est !ree Gnline Programs
Pregnancy /ithout Pounds -reated and written by $ichelle $oss'
a nutritionist' health coach and a famous pregnancy fitness expert'
Pregnancy /ithout Pounds is a step=by=step fitness program
designed to teach pregnant women how to maintain a healthy body
weight throughout the pregnancy period and to make sure that they
don>t wind up significantly overweight after the pregnancy.
Turbulence Training Programme proposes an exercise regimen that
is completely different from the traditional workouts that rely
heavily on long and tiring cardio sessions.
Penny Stock Prophet is a stock program dedicated to finding
profitable penny stock symbol opportunities in the market and
informing you so that you can trade accordingly without having to
devote any time to analytics yourself.
!at loss H Idiots !at "oss H Idiots2 )) ay iet food is made up
of lean proteins' fruit and vegetables' and the sources of fat come
from whole foods ?such as cottage cheese or [email protected] There are
some starchy carbohydrates ?such as oats and [email protected] The day is
divided into H meals that should be eaten at a minimum of 4 )B4
hours apart. There is no calorie or carb counting' no limit on portion
si8e !at "oss H Idiots says you D%ust eat short of being fullE. –
The Ltreme !at "oss iet 4.* is a M=component highly strategic
diet and training program specifically designed to yield the most
rapid fat loss results.
The Pick The 0ender Gf .our (aby Pdf is %argon free and easy
to understand. Ashley has a chatty writing style and the book
literally reads itself.
0et &im (ack !orever is %ust one in a line of many relationship
books that promises to help you to get your ex back. &ave it be
know that it IS the top selling book written specifically for women
that offers a plan to help you get your ex back and top five
overall relationship books on the market at the moment.
0uy 0ets 0irl is a famous guide for men on how to seduce women.
<nlike most guides' it was written by a woman. The author' Tiffany
Taylor took it upon herself to tell it like it is from a woman>s stand
point. This creates a special effect' since you>re getting inside
information. !ree iet Plans and /eight "oss
The /oman $en Adore and :ever /ant to "eave is quite a
unique relationship book written by relationship expert (ob 0rant.
$r. 0rant is an actual therapist and has hours upon hours of real
world experience in helping women with their relationship problems.
Fx4 System is divided into 7 main parts that will guide you step=
by=step on your way to getting your ex girlfriend back. Fither
way' $att &uston>s Fx4 System is the top relationship guide
written %ust for men that will show you how to get your ex back.
#onday practice /hest: du!bbell birds under ; to <3- Tips: Sit on the ground or a stool, his hands
holding du!bbells li)ing on both sides of the chest, fist in$ard relati)ely slo$ly e%pand to the
upper ar! parallel to the ground, and then forced to the !iddle clip, the sa!e action as e!bracing
7o$er bac& practicing Wednesday: <3 to <8 goats to stand do$n- Tips: Stand $ith your legs
shoulder $idth apart, hands folded after the release of the head, upper body straight and fell to
parallel $ith the ground, straighten hard to stand up straight-
5riday practice leg hip: straight leg dead lift <> to <8 under- Tips: hands holding du!bbells or a
barbell, stand $ith your legs shoulder $idth apart, legs should be straight, chest and abdo!en,
upper body parallel to the ground and slo$ly dropped to or lo$er, hard pull du!bbell or barbell
until the body is co!pletely straight-
In)erted this approach in our fitness ancient, Shandong Wuyingshan a group of early Western Han
1ynasty unearthed @aiAi figurines, that such i!age- When the body upside do$n, gra)ity
unchanged, but the 'oints of the hu!an body, each organ the pressure changed, !uscle tension
also changed- 9specially $ea&en the 'oints bet$een pressure, and certain parts of !uscle
rela%ation, for pre)ention of bac& pain, sciatica and arthritis ha)e a certain effect- #oreo)er, by
refle% action bet$een the !usculos&eletal syste!, ner)ous syste!, and can i!pro)e the regulatory
function of the endocrine syste!-
9%perts said that although the role of in)erted fitness, but for beginners, it is best to start fro! a
si!ple in)erted, not reluctantly, head upside do$n is )ery dangerous, if not the teacher's guide for
beginners and protection, do not self*practice - 9)en in)erted learned, there are so!e
considerations can not be ignored- 5or e%a!ple, do handstand best !eals !ust be prepared
acti)ities, such as turning a fe$ ti!es around, nec&, lo$er bac& and so do the $ar!*fle%ion-
@eginning $hen each is appropriate for 8 to <> seconds, after $hich !o)es freely, you can
gradually e%tend the ti!eB $hen in)erted, you need t$o eyes Weibi, ideas, focus, breathing e)enly,
slo$, +uiet-
So!e people are not suitable for practicing handstands, such as heart disease, high blood pressure,
eye disorders (such as retinal detach!ent", ear proble!s and other patients- Cregnant $o!en, the
!enstrual period and nec&, spine and other parts of the body pain or other disco!fort readers
should not e%ercise-
Therefore, $hen in)erted through fitness, handstand !ust &no$ $hat note it is !ore beneficial to

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