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Ethico Moral Aspects in Nursing

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I. Ethico Ethico Moral Aspects Aspects in Nursin Nursing g A. Types of Ethics (Those of particular concern to the nurses) 1. Bioethics 2. Clinical 3. Nursing Ethics B. Basic Ethical Principles 1. Stewardship 2. Totality 3. Doubt 4. Cooperation 5. Solidarity C. Moral Principles: 1. Golden Rule 2. The principle of Totality 3. Epikia 4. One who acts through as agent is herself responsibl 5. No one is obliged to betray herself  6. The end does not justify the means 7. Defects of nature maybe corrected 8. If one is willing to cooperate in the act, no justice is done to him 9. A little more or a little less does not change the substance of an act. 10.Theories No one is held to impossible D. Moral Types Of Moral Theories 1. Consequence-Based (Theological Theories) - Utilitarianism - Principle of Utility 2. Principle-Based (Deontological Theories) 3. Relationship Based or Caring Theories  

Other Moral Theories:

- Fletcher’s Guidelines for Making Ethical decisions - W.D RossRoss- Prima Facie Duties - Virtue Ethics Approach - Divine Command Ethics E. Values Essential for Professional Nurses 1. Altruism 2. Autonomy 3. Human dignity 4. Integrity 5. Social justice F. Major Bioethical Principles 1. Respect for person Consent 1. Implied 2. Expressed - Components of informed consent - Exceptions in giving consent 2. Justice 3. of life 4. Inviolability Non-maleficence


5. Beneficence G. Universal Bioethical Principles: 1. Autonomy 2. Nonmaleficence 3. Beneficence 4. Justice 5. Veracity 6. Fidelity H. Code of Ethics 1. Principles Underlying Code of Ethics a. Res esp pon onsi sib bilit ility y  b. Accountability c. Confi onfide dent ntia iali lity ty d. Judgement e. Advocacy I. Ethical Dilemas J. Legal Rights, Roles & Responsibility Of The Nurse K. Standard of Care L. Standard of Professional Performance 1. Qu Qual alit ity y of care care 2. Perfor Performan mance ce Apprais Appraisal al 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Educ Educat atio ion n Co Coll lleg egia ialit lity y Eth thic icss Co Coll llab abor orat atio ion n Rese Resear arch ch Resour Resource ce util utilizat ization ion

II. Jurispruden Jurisprudence ce - Legal Aspects Aspects of Nursing Nursing Practice Practice A. Law B, Functions of Law in Nursing: C. Types of Laws Pertinent To Nurses 1. Criminal Law A. Crime • Felony • Misdemeanour  2. Ci Civi vill Law Law A. Tort - Classified as: • Unintentional i. Negl Neglig igen ence ce - Doctrines Related to Negligence: a. Resp Respon onde deat at Sup Super erio ior  r   b. Res Ipsa Loquitor  c. Forc rcee ma majuere ii. Malpractice Malpractice - Types of Malpractice - Elements of How to Prove Malpractice a. Duty  b. Breach of duty


c. Forse Forseeab eabil ilit ity y d. Caus Causat atio ion n e. In Inju jury ry// harm harm f. Damages - Common Malpractice Act a. Medi Medica cati tion on erro error  r   b. Burning of client c. FALLS FALLS from from the bed/ bed/ crib crib d. Ignori Ignoring ng a client client complain complaintt e. Mista Mistake ken n ident identit ity y • Intentional i. Assault ii. Battery iii. iii. False False im impr priso isonm nmen entt • Quasi-intension tort i. Slan Slande derr (Verb (Verbal) al) ii. ii. Libe Libell (wri (writt tten en)) iii. iii. In Inva vasi sion on of of Priva Privacy cy B. Contract - Types of Contract: Expressed • •


D, Written orders of court 1. Subpoena A. Subpoena Testificandum B. Subpoena Duces Tecum2. Summon 3. Warrant E.. Legal Precautions For Nurses F. Prohibitions in the Practice of Nursing G. Legal Protection 1. Good Samaritan act 2. Carrying out physician’s order  3. Provide competent care 4. Record Keeping 5. Incidental report H. Nurses’ Bill of Rights I. Patient’s Bill of Rights J. Living Wills or Advance Directive - Nurses Obligations in The Execution of a Will

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