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February 2011

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Volume 2, Issue 1

The Rundown

February 2011

A message from the President…..
From President Joe Marrotta
Well another season is in the making! We had our second registration on February 10th & have scheduled a third for February 24th! Our goal is to continue to grow up until the drafts are completed for returning players & even after for new registrants! Over the past 3 months we have gone on an all out media blitz. We have advertised in the Sun Times, Daily Southtown, signs all over Hickory Hills, Palos Hills, Justice, Bridgeview & Worth. We also hand delivered fliers to all of District 109 & Worth schools 3 times as well as had fliers attached to pizzas purchased from our sponsors! Hopefully we got the word out that HHYBS is THE BEST LEAGUE to play for!
I would just like to add a few house keeping notes so that everybody is aware of some rule changes as well as some old rule’s that will now be enforced for the betterment of HHYBS. Effective as of January 2011, with the exception of Shetland to Pinto, NO PLAYER (baseball or softball) will be “moved up” to a higher division before his/her birthday allows. This may only be done on a game by game basis if the higher division team risks forfeit. (If this is the case, the moved up player MUST bat last on the roster, have less or at least equal playing time in the game then every other player originally on this team’s roster, and can play any position except pitcher or catcher as outlined in the Parent’s Manual.. Also remember, there is a 2 player per game move up limit). We will stick by the age requirements set forth by Pony baseball & each player will be rostered & play with their respective age group. The Executive Board has decided that the practice of moving players up early is not only dangerous but also takes away talent from our lower levels making those teams less competitive. So I apologize ahead of time but that practice has been removed from the future of HHYBS. continued on page 2

2011 Baseball Mania Fundraiser
Some fundraising ideas may sound easy (like cookie dough or gift wrap sales), but actually require a lot of work (think of sales sheets, inventory, distribution). If you’re looking for easy fundraising ideas that don’t require so much of your time and energy, Charity Mania has a fundraiser for you. Charity Mania sweepstakes are based on the excitement of your favorite sports. Winning tickets are based on the performance of sports teams, players, or drivers that are randomly assigned to each sweepstakes ticket. Here’s how our simple fundraising ideas work: 1. Sign up for the Charity Mania Fundraiser! 2. Sell tickets! 3. Ticket holders root for their teams! 4. Charity Mania pays the winners! 5. Your organization makes money! Doing this FUNDRAISER gave us the ability to NOT raise fees like other surrounding leagues were forced to do for the 2011 season. This way, you are able to resell these tickets and get your money back. Keeping the league registration fees where they have been for the last 5 years!

Message from the President (continued on page 2) Charity Mania Info. Risk Management & Directors & Webmaster Important Dates, Fundraisers, Homerun Hitters & Misc. Sponsors

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding Charity Mania, please



(Message from the President continued from page 1)

I also want to remind everybody about our zero tolerance policy for background checks on volunteers. Every volunteer from the President of the league all the way down to the kids that we pay to cut our grass MUST have a background check form completed and turned in to Risk Manager Ricky Moore before Opening Day. The penalty for not completing this task will be the loss of coupons for the Manager of that team. This is one rule that we as a Board will NOT bend on. It involves the safety of our children & every other child that plays at HHYBS. This background check must be completed on a bi-annual basis (odd number years) for everybody in the league and whenever a new volunteer enters the league. The only exclusions that we have for this rule is for parents working the concession stand. The way the procedure works is outlined in the HHYBS By-Laws, Article: IX (Rules), Section: C which states: Section C: All volunteers, participants (paid or unpaid) will undergo a Background check prior to being allowed to work in ANY capacity with the players. These Background checks will be completed when entering the League as a new member as well as every odd year thereafter. This task is the responsibility of the Risk Management Director. In the event of a disqualifying report, the Risk Management Director will notify the accused via Certified Mail. The accused now will have the opportunity to appeal to the Executive Board in writing for a hearing. This must be done within 10 days of notification via a letter to the Risk Management Director. The Risk Management Director will now report to the Board within 3 days that a request for an appeal on his/her decision disqualifying an individual was made. Within 7 days of receiving notification the Executive Board and the Risk Management Director will meet in a closed door Executive Session and the accused will be given an opportunity to explain his case. All findings, explanations and or results will be kept in strict confidence between the Executive Board and the Risk Management Director. After stating their case the accused will be dismissed and the Executive Board with the Risk Management Director will make the ruling. The President will only cast a vote in the event of a tie or as stated in Article V, Section A. The Risk Management Director will Mail via Certified Mail as well as verbally report the ruling to the accused individual within 3 days. There will be no appeal process after this point. Again, this rule is to keep our youth safe! In closing, I want to end on a positive note. We have joined forces with two other leagues giving us the opportunity not only to play some different & possibly more competitive teams but to also add some games to our schedule. After several meetings & negotiation sessions we are proud to announce the newly formed relationship with Midlothian Baseball / Softball and Orland Hills Baseball / Softball. This will not only give us the above opportunities but will also allow us to play some games under the lights! This is one thing that I know the kids love to do! So as it stands right now we will be playing the following teams for the 2011 season: Baseball: Bedford Park Worth Bridgeview Oak Lawn (West Side) Orland Hills Midlothian Softball:_________________ Bedford Park Worth Palos Hills Crestwood Midlothian Chicago Ridge

I hope all of you are as excited as we are for the upcoming 2011 spring season! We have great things in store & a great group of people working on a variety of different activities. I personally can’t wait to see what our new Special Events Director cooks up for Opening Day, which by the way is set for Saturday, April 16, 2011 with a rain out make up on Sunday, April 17, 2011. Thanks all & once again, I hope to see all of you at our next scheduled HHYBS Board Meeting which is held the second Tuesday of every month at Hickory Hills City Hall! Joe Marrotta President HHYBS [email protected]
Newsletter 2

From Risk Management Director, Ricky Moore…..
ANYBODY volunteering for HHYBS MUST have a background check completed by Opening Day. This is MANDATORY to be on our fields as a volunteer. Background forms are available on line at WWW.HHYB.Org or by contacting me at [email protected] The penalty for somebody being in violation of this rule is immediate removal from the position & the loss of coupons for the individual & the team manager.

don’t hesitate to contact Vice President Mike Leach at [email protected]

Data from the Webmaster…..
Hello HHYBS families, my name’s Ryan Conrad, I am the new Webmaster for HHYBS. I am a professional web & software developer for a large package delivery company. I have over 7 years of professional experience, & have been developing applications and websites for a total of about 17 years. As you may have noticed, hhyb.org has had a major face-lift. Since taking on the role of webmaster, I have spent around 50 hours in creating this new website. I hope to continue to improve the website & look forward to making your online HHYBS experience a good one. Current Features….. Maps & driving directions to our fields & inter-league fields Address, phone #’s, contact info, link, & directions to all sponsors

Thank you, Ricky Moore Director of Risk Management, HHYBS


From the Directors ~ 3,2,1 ACTION!

Shetland Director Pat Lorenz: Teams should be picked by mid March! Managers, please contact me ASAP at [email protected]

A random HHYBS sponsor is displayed on the every page for promotion

Pinto Director Mike Orozco: Teams should be picked by mid March! I can be reached at [email protected] Share our page with your favorite social network, like Facebook or Mustang Director Lou Grzelinski: Need all Managers to contact me ASAP. We need to get a draft date set for early March! I can be reached at [email protected] Bronco Director Jim Kaleckas: Need all Managers to contact me ASAP. We need to get a draft date set for early March! I can be reached at [email protected] Pony Director Don Engstrom: Need all Managers to contact me ASAP. We need to get a draft date set for early March! I can be reached at [email protected] Softball Director Christine Fox: Please help spread the word to sign up for HHYBS Softball! I can be reached at [email protected] Field Maintenance Director Nick Kackert: VOLUNTEERS needed! Anybody looking to do time for their coupons or simply to help out please contact me anytime! I can be reached at [email protected]

Twitter Documents are in digital format & available for viewing & printing right from the website Image galleries for viewing pictures taken at HHYBS games & events. NOTE: If you have digital photos that you would like to share (past or present), please email them to [email protected] Digital format of "The Rundown" available for online viewing or download Upcoming HHYBS events listed on every page. Ability to check the status of a Baseball Mania ticket

Concessions Director Karen Orozco: I will be on hand at Picture Day with the calendar for sign ups. I can be reached at [email protected] Possible Future Features to be added ….. Outside Activities Director Ron Patrick: Girls softball Winter Camp Every Saturday from 1:30-3 until further notice. Location Conrady- 96th & Roberts rd. $3.00 per sestion. Until the end of March Simply show up! Boys Winter Camp - Now till the end of March. Location- For the Love of the Game Baseball Academy -.99 th St. & 76th ave. 10 sessions for $100.00 Contact Ron Patrick 708-309-8121 for both camps info or I can be reached at [email protected] Newsletter Director Karyn Marrotta: Anybody who would like to place an article in the Newsletter (Directors, Managers, Coaches, Families, etc.) Please get me your submission by the 15th of EVERY month. The Newsletter will go out shortly thereafter. If I don’t get it on time it will have to wait until the following month. Effective immediately, you will only receive US mailed Newsletters in January. With the exception of sponsors who will still receive their monthly Newsletter in the US Mail, all other months will be emailed! If you know of anybody not receiving the Newsletter, I can be reached at [email protected]

Online Registration (2012 Season) with pay through PayPal Team Rosters, schedules & standings Order HHYB merchandise Order Baseball Mania Tickets Sign up to be a sponsor online Mobile website for smart phones like the iPhone, Windows Phone 7 & Android (Droid) Do you have comments, ideas, or questions about WWW.HHYB.Org? Send them to [email protected]



At no time are dogs allowed on HHYBS property either carried on leash or otherwise. Alcohol is strictly prohibited on ALL HHYBS property. Smoking is prohibited within the fences of any HHYBS fields. Smoking is allowed outside of the fences but please be courteous to those around you. If ever a complaint needs to be made or a rule is being broken feel free to either report this violation to any HHYBS Board Member on site or confidentially by contacting Risk Manager Ricky Moore at [email protected]

HHYBS ZANTE’S NIGHT FUNDRAISER!!!!! Saturday, March 26, 2011 from 9pm - 1am For the small price of $30 you get 4 hours of OPEN BAR & PARTYING with your friends all while the league is making $$! HHYBS keeps $10 from every $30 entry paid! Prize raffles, split the pots & cash drawings throughout the night!!!!! No tickets necessary simply show up! Please tell your friends, your family, your neighbors, your friends and family’s neighbors, etc. For more info or to volunteer to help, contact Joy Leach at [email protected]



Stay tuned for the updated homerun hitter list throughout the season!

REMINDER: 2010 Sponsorships end March 31st, 2011. If you would like to continue your sponsorship or if you know of a business wishing to become a NEW sponsor, please visit the website and download the necessary form. Our children thank you! Also remember that if a family brings in a new sponsor of at least $250.00 that family will receive two signed coupons (per sponsor) to be used against next years registration. Coupons are worth $25.00 a piece! For sponsorship information please contact Joe Marrotta at [email protected]


Please check out our new and improved website. It really has turned nice. It can be viewed at WWW.HHYB.Org. Thanks to Webmaster Ryan Conrad for all of his tireless hours of commitment to it.

Important dates…..
Early March 2011 – Team Drafts

____________________________________ ____

March 26, 2011 – HHYBS Zante Night Fundraiser April 9, 2011 – Team Picture Day April 16, 2011 – Opening Day Parade & Festivities
Newsletter 4

We would like to thank all of our 2010 HHYBS Sponsors. If possible, please patronize these sponsors for their commitment!
Airport Electric Alderman Tom McAvoy Audio Visual Productions City of Hickory Hills Don's World of Sports Durbin's Pizza Essential Chiropractic & Health Fairplay Finer Foods Fasano's Pizza Friends of Michael Howley Galway Tuckpointing Hickory Hills Sertoma James F. Soltes DDS. John Gino's Pizza Laurel BMW of Westmont Les Brothers Restaurant Minuteman Press North Palos Fireman's Assoc. Park Printing Prime Time Restaurant & Bar Roberts Park Fireman's Assoc. Rotary Club of Moraine Valley Service Sheet Metal Sign's By Design Standard Bank & Trust Co. St Patricia School
State Farm Insurance/Laurie Evans

State Farm Insurance/Phil Cali Tastee Freez TruGreen Zacarelli’s Pizza Zante Eatery

9301 S 84th Ct. Hickory Hills 9130 W 89th St. Hickory Hills 15617 S 71st Ct Orland Park 8652 W 95th St. Hickory Hills 10741 S Roberts Rd Palos Hills 10154 S Roberts Rd. Palos Hills 7229 W 103rd St Palos Hills 8631 W 95th St Hickory Hills 8351 S Roberts Rd. Justice 9100 Forest Drive Hickory Hills 10350 S 83rd Ave Palos Hills 8601 S 84th Ct. Hickory Hills 8260 W 95th St Hickory Hills 8436 S 88th Ave. Justice 430 E Ogden Ave. Westmont 7730 W 95th. St Hickory Hills 8063 W 95th St. Hickory Hills 10626 S Roberts Rd. Palos Hills 9903 S. Roberts Rd Palos Hills 7750 W 95th St Hickory Hills 8611 S Roberts Rd. Justice 9317 S 77th Ct. Hickory Hills 5948 S Pulaski Chicago 10330 S Harlem Ave Palos Hills 7800 W 95th St Hickory Hills 9000 S 86th Ave Hickory Hills 8623 W 95th St. Hickory Hills 4620 W 103rd St. Oak Lawn 9348 S Roberts Rd. Hickory Hills 7650 W 99th St. Hickory Hills 7540 W. 103rd St. Bridgeview 10307 S. Roberts Rd Palos Hills

(708) 237-0564 (708) 599-2815 (708) 845-5507 (708) 598-4800 (708) 974-4174 (708) 598-8881 (708) 233-0022 (708) 598-0449 (708) 598-6971 (708) 974-2629 (708) 599-7100 (708) 839-0150 (630) 654-5400 (708) 233-0333 (708) 598-5037 (708) 974-4474 (708) 430-4878 (708) 599-2333 (708) 598-6752 (708) 280-1287 (773) 582-2858 (708) 599-9970 (708) 499-2062 (708) 598-8200 (708) 598-1215 (708) 423-0900 (708) 599-8453 (708) 430-5550 (708) 233-1500 (708) 233-6400

www.avproductions.com www.hickoryhillsil.org www.durbinspub.com www.essential-chiropractic.com www.fairplayfoods.com www.fasanospizza.com

www.soltes.com www.johnginosmenu.com www.laurelbmw.com


www.standardbanks.com www.stpatriciaparish.com www.laurieevans.com
[email protected]

www.trugreen.com www.zacarellispizza.com www.zantelounge.com

Newsletter 5

HHYBS P.O. Box 2193 Bridgeview, IL 60455



Mailing Address Street Number and Name City, State 98765-4321

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