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EE Design & Analysis Software for Electrical Engineering Students and Professionals 4/15/92 You have now unarchived EE11.EXE into a collection of several smaller programs. The sub-programs in EE are driven by a single menu tree which you start by running the batch file, EE.BAT by simply typing EE followed by <RETURN>. This version of EE is designed to run on PC's that have 640K of RAM and a hard-disk. INSTALLATION Create a subdirectory on your hard disk. Go into that subdirectory and copy all of the programs from EE11.EXE into it. Then type EENSTAL followed by <Return>. This installation program will ask you questions about your computer and will ask you to select the colors you like, etc. Remember that this version of EE can only be used on a PC equipped with both a hard disk and a coprocessor. After EENSTAL is finished, type EE and <RETURN> to start the program. The title screen will then appear. (If, at some later time, you decide to change screen colors or the kind of monitor you have, simply rerun EENSTAL.) STARTING EE After observing the title screen, hit <Return> one more time and the main menu will appear. Each selection on that main menu will bring up a sub-menu from which the individual programs can be run. DOCUMENTATION Full documentation will be sent to each registered user of EE. This documentation contains a complete description of each of the programs within EE, directions on how to use them, and many examples. The documentation also contains all schematic diagrams necessary for proper interpretation of the results of the circuit design programs in EE. REGISTRATION As a registered user of EE you will receive a complete copy of the printed documentation. You will also be issued a registration number which the EENSTAL program asks for. Entering this number when EENSTAL asks for it prevents EE from requiring you at various times to enter a substitute registration number (which it will supply). To register, send your name, address and a check for $25 payable to: EE Program. Mail to: EE Program D. E. Scott

52 Reservoir Rd. Sunderland, MA 01375 Your copy of the most recent documentation and your registration number will be sent to you by return mail. CONTENTS OF EE11.ZIP After you unarchive EE11.ZIP. you should check to make sure that you have recovered the following ten files (and check the number of bytes in each). EE.BAT EEMAIN.EXE HEADER.EXE MENU1.EXE MENU2.EXE README.DOC EENSTAL.EXE FILTER.EXE MENU3.EXE MENU5.EXE 97 75,000 5,680 92,507 111,140 4,190 34,048 74.464 103,633 80,370

For those sharp-eyed folks who notice that there is no MENU4.EXE, rest assured it will appear when you run EE. (It is hidden inside EEMAIN.) COPYING POLICY EE is copyrighted by Donald E. Scott and Steven E. Gordon. Copying and free circulation of this program is permitted (in fact it is encouraged) provided this README.DOC is included with any such copies. Good luck with EE. We hope you find it useful. DES & SEG ****End of README.DOC****

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