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Floating City Project

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Floating City Project – Architectural Design Contest The Floating City Project – Architectural Design Contest is organized by The Seasteading Institute (USA) in artnershi !ith DeltaSync ("etherlands)# DeltaSync ("etherlands)#

Page Contents Assignment Prizes Registration Submissions Schedule Jury Panel Evaluation Criteria Contest Terms Images from Floating City Proect re!ort


"uestions and Ans#ers FA"s Jury $ios Contest $ac%ground In Closing  

Assign$ent Architects& students& engineers& and designers are invited to !artici!ate in the contest and develo! ideas for a floating city stationed in !rotected ocean #aters& such as in a bay'   The com!etition is o!en to individuals and teams'   All contestants $ust re%ie! The Seasteading Institute&DeltaSync Floating City Project Design and I$le$entation Concet reort' reort' to understand the oundation and constraints o the roject#

  (e invite !artici!ants to create designs for a small city #ith at least )* !latforms #hich contain housing& hotel+resort& and office+commercial s!aces #ith the follo#ing criteria, •

-esigns can be created for .* meter sided s/uare& !entagon& and+or he0agon !latforms 1see -eltaSync conce!t for foundational information2 the re!ort does not contain he0agons& but #e are allo#ing them for this contest3' $uildings should be no more than 4 stories tall' Structures can ta%e u! to 5*6 of the !latform& leaving at least the other 7*6 for #al%#ays& gardens& and outdoor s!ace -esigns should account for re!ositioning& such that the east8#est+north8south !ositioning is not static'


-esigns should account for re!ositioning& such that it #ouldn9t matter #hat modules are directly attached as a neighbor' This #ill allo# for fluidity in rearranging a sea8city' -esigns should ta%e into account sustainable energy !ractices& such as solar& #ind& #ave& and tidal !o#er& and natural heating& cooling& and ventilation' The !latforms are not intended to be connected connec ted to land for electricity& #ater etc' -esigns should consider #ave action& and #ithstanding severe ocean storms' The entries must include at least one 4- !ers!ective of the #hole the city 1render or s%etch3& at least one sam!le floor !lan& and at least one overall section 1a vertical cross section that includes the !latform3' (e (e encourage multi!le 4- !ers!ectives ! ers!ectives and any relevant floor !lans and sections to articulate your conce!t' con ce!t'

$ac% to the to!

Prizes st Place – *+,, -nd Place – *,,, .rd Place – *+,, Peole/s Choice – *+,,

  (inners and s!ecial mentions #ill be !ublished ! ublished on The Seasteading Institute9s #ebsite& and #ill li%ely be featured in the forthcoming Seasteading $oo% to be !ublished by Simon : Schuster in 7*);'   <ne contestant #ill be offered an internshi! at -eltaSync in the =etherlands'   (inners can e0!ect their designs to be re!rinted+!osted in all %inds of media' (inners of The Seasteading Institute9s 7**> design contest have contest have been featured in hundreds of media outlets including, The Economist& -iscovery ?agazine& ?agazine & The Colbert Re!ort& The -aily Sho#& Factor& =e0t City City&& ?onocle& [email protected]&$usiness $loo mberg $loomberg T T&& $loomberg Pursuits& Pursuits & The Buardian& Suddeutsche eitung& Inde!endent& Insider& $$C'com& Sensa =ostra& hD& =e# Scientist& Times <nline&The


?arine Insight& Forbes& i*>& The Economic Times& The ?aritime E0ectuvie& ?other Jones& The uffington Post& SF (ee%ly& (ee%ly& Inc' ?agazine& Tech (ee% (ee% Euro!e& Fo0 $usiness& SF Bate& Reason& ahooG =e#s& C==& (ired ?agazine& The (onderful (orld of Stu& The Stossel Sho#& =$C HA  =e#s& A$C A$C =e#s San Francisco& C$S Sunday ?orning& Russia To Today& day& The er erge& ge& -IS ?agazine& Tree ugger& =ational Public Radio9s #ebsite& ?ashable& Cry!tocoin =e#s& and Inhabitat' $ac% to the to!

0egistration All articiants should register to enter the co$etition by co$leting this or$ no or$ no later than 1ay -2' -,+' (e #ill #ill send you a registration number after #e receive your registration2 this #ill be used for blind udging by the urors'

  An entry fee of .* is re/uired for each entry' Contestants are #elcome to submit more than one entry' If you can9t afford afford the entry fee& !lease send an email to contestseasteading'org and re/uest a fee #aiver'   Sub$ission re3uire$ents •

Submissions are due no later than June )& 7*). at )),.> P? Pacific -aylight Time'

Entries should be submitted sub mitted digitally& iin n a zi! folder'

A .* entry fee is re/uired #ith each entry2 fees are !ayable by credit card& $itcoin& PayPal& and chec%' If you can9t afford the entry fee& !lease send an email to contestseasteading'org and re/uest a fee #aiver' ?ulti!le entries from a !erson or team are acce!ted' Each entry re/uires a uni/ue registration number and entry fee' If you !lan to enter multi!le times& !lease register multi!le times' -esigners should !re!are a series of slides #hich #ill be revie#ed by the udges on com!uter screen'

Each slide should be a )75*[email protected]* !eg image 1com!ression set to high3'

All su!!orting te0t should be on the first slide'


Additional slides should be a series of images or diagrams e0!laining the design' <ne slide should be an image that dis!lays the city in entirety& #ith the e0!ectation that this could be the image that is re!roduced in !rint media2 this image can ccontain& ontain& but is not re/uired to contain& subimages of the buildings or elements of buildings' Te Te0t 0t should be no smaller than 7L !0 in height& e0ce!t for your registration number& #hich should be )7!0 font in the bottom right corner' <ne te0t document 1ma0imum )*** #ords3 #ith an e0!lanation of the design' A statement identifying the design as the intellectual creation of the designer& licensed as commons #hich )3 allo#s for ada!tations of your #or% to be shared& and 7 creative commons #hich 733 allo#s for commercial use of your designs' ou #ill not be udged on the design of your !resentation com!ositions' ou ou ou #ill only be  udged on the images themselves'

$ac% to the to!

Sub$issions Sub$it entires at this age no age no later than 4une ' -,+ at 5+6 P1 PT

$ac% to the to!

Schedule 1arch ' -,+

Haunch of the Contest

1ay -2' -,+ 4une ' -,+ 4uly -' -,+ August 7' -,+

-eadline for registration 1)),.> P? Pacific -aylight -a ylight Tim Time3 e3 -eadline for submissions 1)),.> P? Pacific -aylight -a ylight Tim Time3 e3 Juried #inners announced Peo!le9s choice a#ard announced

$ac% to the to!

4ury Panel  Full bios bios further  further below.

)' 8arina Czaie!s9a& -irector Proect -evelo!ment& -eltaSync 1=etherlands3


7' :art 0oeen& Architect and Creative -irector& -eltaSync 1=etherlands3 4' To$ Di Santo& Princi!al Architect at ?,<?E& Assoc' Professor Cal Poly SH< 1MSA3 L' "ader Tehrani& Princi!al Architect at =A-AAA& Professor ?IT 1MSA3 .' 8ay ;an Dy9e& Architect& irginia 1MSA3 ;' 0yan 0oth& Roth8?anagement 1MN3 Shizuo <arada# Architect& Architectural Institute of Ja!an

)' 0andolh <enc9en& E0ecutive -irector& The Seasteading Institute 1MSA3 7' 4oe =uir9 & Author : Seavangelist& The Seasteading Institute 1MSA3 4' Suorters o The Seasteading Institute  1for Peo!le9s Choice A#ard3 $ac% to the to!

>%aluation Criteria The entries #ill be udged against the follo#ing criteria' •

;isionary o!er& in the conte0t of #hich the ury #ill focus on the originality and innovative character of the s%etch design' Architectural 3uality& in the conte0t of #hich the ury #ill revie# the s!atial com!osition& the incor!oration of the ocean environment& the e0!ression and materialization& and the consistency of the s%etch design' Sustainability & in the conte0t of use u se of materials& energy use& #ater use& ecological /uality& social /uality& /uality& and influence on o n the surrounding area' Sur%i%ability & in the conte0t that the design considers the nature of the ocean environment including high #inds& #ave action& ac tion& and salt#ater corrosion ' Feasibility ? Practicality& in the conte0t of #hich the ury #ill assess the functionality& feasibility&& and realism of the s%etch design' feasibility Financial rag$atis$& in the conte0t that the ury #ill !refer designs that a!!ear financially sound to realize over those that are fanciful but #ould re/uire astronomical investment to build'


  >%aluation Procedure

The ury #ill evaluate the submitted entries and analyze ana lyze based on the evaluation ev aluation criteria' In a yet8 to8be8determined number of evaluation rounds& the ury #ill subse/uently establish& on the basis of an integral revie#& #hich entries are to be nominated for a#arding a !rize and #ill indicate the order of the a#ardees'   The ury9s decisions are binding' Entrants unconditionally acce!t the decisions of the ury' The  ury is authorized to lift the anonymity of all the entries after after it has announced the #inners' The  ury #ill announce the #inning entries& the names of the #inners and that of the other entrants on The Seasteading Institute #ebsite' $ac% to the to!

Contest Ter$s @anguage

The official language of the com!etition is English'   Publicity' Publications and >hibition

Entrants& ury members and anyone other than the !roect manager are not allo#ed to see%  !ublicity #ith regard to matters relating to the substance substance of the entries or the com!etition in general !rior to the ury9s announcement of its decision'   The designs and names of the #inners and other contestants #ill be !ublished on The Seasteading Institute #ebsite'   Creati%e Co$$ons

All entries must be licensed by the designer1s3 as creative commons #hich commons #hich )3 allo#s for ada!tations of the #or% to be shared& and 73 allo#s for commercial use of the designs' This Creative Commons Attribution Attribution L'* International license& means that others are free to,


Share O co!y and redistribute the material in any medium or format Adat O remi0& transform& and build u!on the material for any !ur!ose& even commercially

The licensor cannot revo%e these freedoms as long as users of the materials follo# the license terms& under the follo#ing terms, •

Attribution  O <thers must give a!!ro!riate credit& credit& !rovide a lin% to the license& and indicate if changes #ere made' made' They may do so in any reasonable manner& but not in any #ay that suggests the licensor endorses the usage of the material' "o additional 0estrictions O Msers of the materials may not a!!ly legal terms or measures that legally restrict others from doing anything the license technological measures   !ermits'

$ac% to the to!

I$ages ro$ Floating City Project 0eort


$ac% to the to!


=uestions and Ans!ers All /uestions submitted should be sent to contestseasteading'org' contestseasteading'org' All /uestions and ans#ers #ill be !osted on this contest #eb!age' #eb !age' See FA"s section belo#' $ac% to the to!

FA=s Bho can articiate in the co$etition Everyone is invited to !artici!ate& including students and !rofessionals from any country #orld#ide' Can !e sub$it $ore than one entry es& e s& but each !roect must be registered individually' Can !e sub$it rinted boards  =o& this is a digital com!etition and all submissions submissions must be in digital format as outlined in the com!etition brief' Please clariy thero$ ollo!ing line ite$ regarding assign$ent5 entries at least ha%e one i$age .D ersecti%e (render orthe s9etch) and oneThe section !ith should loor lans' and one o%erall section#E

(e have adusted the line item to, The entries must include at least one 44 - !ers!ective of the #hole the ccity ity 1render or s%etch3& at least one sam!le floor !lan& and at least one overall section 1a vertical cross section that includes the !latform3' (e encourage multi!le 4- !ers!ectives and any relevant floor !lans and sections to articulate your conce!t'Q The assign$ent calls or at least , lator$s# Are all the lator$s eected to be unior$ in design

 =o' (hile it is acce!table that multi!le multi!le !latforms #ill be uniform  for e0am!le there may be several !latforms designed as housing that are identical  it is u! to each designer to decide #hat to !lace on to! of the )*D !latforms& so long as each !latform conforms #ith the other criteria in the assignment' $ac% to the to!

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