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Glory in the Highest

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GLORY IN THE HIGHEST (Jon, Alonzo, Chantall, Scott…Melody and Anna, Kala, Maria .. harmony) Verse 1 ….MEN ONLY You are the first, You go before You are the last, Lord You're the encore Your name's in lights for all to see The starry hosts declare Your glory Chorus 1…WOMEN JOIN IN AND ALL MELODY Glory in the highest, glory in the highest. Glory in the highest. Verse 2….EVERYONE WITH HARMONY Apart from You there is no God, Light of the world, the bright and morning star, Your name will shine for all to see You are the One, You are my glory Bridge 1 …. EVERYONE WITH HARMONY And no one else could ever compare, to You, Lord. All the earth together declare SCOTT: DECLARING ALL TO YOU LORD 2X (NOT IN PP) Chorus 2…EVERYONE WITH HARMONY Glory in the highest, glory in the highest Glory in the highest, to You Lord, to You Lord[3X) BUT THE LAST PART OF CHORUS 2..WE ALL END UP SINGING “HALLELUJAH” IN HARMONY ***POWERPOINT WHOULD ONLY BE CHORUS 2*** Bridge 2 ONLY SCOTT All the earth will sing Your praise The moon and stars, the sun and rain Every nation will proclaim That You are God and You will reign Glory, glory hallelujah….Glory, glory to You, Lord Glory, glory hallelujah …….HALLELUJAH ´âčEVERY1 W/HARMONY

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