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Francisco Varela

English Homework

The article that I chose to read for this assignment discussed how the U.S Government has decided to cut the budget for political science research however it also discussed that tuition money for active military personal will continue to flow and will not be affected by budget cuts. However there are some exceptions to the budget cut of political science it states that if National Security is at risk the government can indeed fund the research.

As to the where people stand on this topic there are three separate places that one could be some people are against the budget cuts and prefer for them to be deleted. As where there are also people that say that this budget cut will not affect any one and is the ideal place to get spending on. Lastly some people seem not to care because it doesn’t affect them in any sort of way. Some side conversations that were going on that I noticed while I was reading this article was that it also talked about military personal that are active and seeking tuition help.

Therefore in order for me to understand better what this article talks about I will need to research all three points of view of people. In order for me to draw a conclusion on what similar points

the three views share and also what are some of the major arguments that each view argues. I would also need to investigate how it would affect active military personal that are studying if funds get cut for their tuition help.

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