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How to Submit on Social Bookmarking Websites

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How to submit on Social Bookmarking Websites Eto ung Websites na nasa list mo (ginawa ko na ung number 21 as sample..no need to submit na to submit sa website ung number 21.) http://bookmarkyourstory.com http://www.online-soci http://www .online-socialbookmarking.com albookmarking.com http://coolpot.com http://www.uniquearticle-wizard.com http://www.emolinks.com

Log-in inormation para sa la!at Email" mm.dmteam#gmail.com mm.dmteam#gmail.com $sername" mercurianteam %assword" dmteam&&12' W!at to submit 1. Link 2. esc escri ript ptio ion n '. *pe *pe tags tags + o orr www.partiesonline.com use www.partiesonline.com  use t!is tags na lang in ,LL submissions submission s (part* supplies part* tips part* ideas) Eample www.bookmark*ourstor*.com 1. ,t ter er loggi logging ng in click click S$B/0 S$B/0 

2. Sa submit page paste paste ung link$LLanding link$LLanding page page sa $ $304$E 304$E 3EWS $L bo bo + click continue


'. /ar /arer eredi edire rect ct ka ka sa page page na to to


,utomatic *ung S56 0LE Sa categor* pick entertainment pag walang entertainment sa options 3EWS ung piliin mo 7or ,8S ung ,8S na nilaga* ko sa taas 7or escription cop* ung asa 953E3 dun sa :le na sinend ko sa*o (/;'1<-=>S-1 to S-21)  *pe  *pe t!e 9aptc!a 9ode  apos  apos click Sa?e Sa?e 9!anges and Submit

/insan makulit ung S,@E 9H,38ES ,3 S$B/0  ak*at ng ak*at ung page paliitin mo lang ung screen siAe to <=->; para /akita mo ung w!ole page ng !indi nagsscroll down C. /ar /arere eredir direct ect ka sa latest latest submit submitted ted links links


=. 9lic 9lick k mo *ung title title nung sinubmi sinubmitt mo mapupunta mapupunta ka sa sa page ni*a ni*a

9op* mo ung link sa taas eto un !ttp"www.bookmark*ourstor*.comstor*.p!pDtitlerocking-a-!awaiianinspired-part*-or-t!is-summer-E2F;G'-*our-part*-specialist-2 paste mo si*a sa S$B/0E section repeat lang sa ibang items

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