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A powerful force is aiding shar in her efforts to defile the weave, as well as the kingdom of shades. During this time he awakens the black castle, to keep the round table occupied as the undead horde continues to grow, the sun growing dark. Awakening the 4 dark ones, the unknown force sends them against Avalon, Rax, Equion, and Rokugan to destroy the destiny stones and open a gate to the realm of Agamotto, Agamotto, fragment of the weave. Agamotto himself is displeased to be discovered so early, and tells the party that whoever is behind the string of weird occurrences must have something in mind, for magic is growing weaker, as if  its being siphoned off into something else and not allowed to return to the weave. During this time, the calamity star ritual occurs, awakening all the elder evils at once, as well as cronus.

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