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Implementing Scrum and Agile Techniques in Higher Ed: EDUCAUSE Midwest - Chicago March 19, 2013

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Implementing and Agile Techniques Scrum in Higher Ed

EDUC ED UCAU AUSE SE Midw Midwes estt - Ch Chic icag ago o March 19, 2013


 Who are we? • Kristen Morin, CSM Manager of Applications Development

• Sherry Morrill, CSM, PMP, ITIL Foundations Director of Project Management

• Michelle Sorensen, CSM, PMP, ITIL Foundations Lead Project Manager 

• Tracy Weber, CSM, PMP Manager of Applications Development





Post Po st-i -its ts to pl plot ot ad adop opti tion on as pe peop ople le co come me in

“Whe “W here re is yo your ur sc scho hool ol in it it’’s ado adopt ptio ion n of of Ag Agilile? e?

Wann annabe abe,, Pione Pioneer er (T (Trai rainin ning, g, educ educati ation, on, fir first st proj project ect/te /team) am),, Gaini Gaining ng Momentum (Few projects/Teams), Taking Hold (Many projects/teams), All-in All-in (Widespread adoption)

(2 words)

(after (aft er key key con conce cept pts s intr introd oduc uced ed)) What What do do you you perc percei eive ve as as your your biggest challenge or barrier to Agile adoption? •

Ask, write on flip-chart


Implementing Scrum and Agile Techniques in Higher Ed Higher education institutions have the unique challenges of multiple missions, academic traditions, and shared decision making structures. As As an IT organization, how do you conceive of introducing agile concepts in an environment that has traditionally involved slow, slow, shared, and sometimes very messy decision making? With creativity and perseverance! The University of Notre Dame will share examples of how they have leveraged agile techniques beyond software development, for many types of projects as well as operational work. Join us for an interactive discussion and come away armed with ideas on how to move your organization down the path to agility. Disclaimer: What we will present today is not Scrum or Agile in its purest form.  Rather we will show our  journey  journey in adopting agile methodologies and the  challenges we faced as a higher education institution.


 About Notre Dame Founded in 1842 by a priest of the Congregation of Holy Cross, Notre Dame is i s an independent, national Catholic research university located adjacent to the city of South Bend, Indiana, and approximately 90 miles east of Chicago. The University is organized into four undergraduate colleges, 14 major research institutes, two dozen centers and special programs, and the University Library system. Enrollment is approximately 8,400 undergraduates, and 12,000 total students. University Goals: Offer fer an an unsur unsurpas passed sed und underg ergrad raduat uate e educa educatio tion n 1. Of 2. Be Beco come me a pree preemin minen entt resea researc rch h unive univers rsit ity y 3. Ensure Ensure that that the the Universi University’s ty’s Catho Catholic lic charac character ter infor informs ms all its endea endeavors vors 4. Creat Create e a sustain sustainable able cultu culture re of conti continuou nuous s improveme improvement nt and servic service e excelle excellence nce to support the University’s mission 5. Com Commun munica icate te strate strategic gicall ally y to interna internall and extern external al consti constitue tuents nts


 Agile is…  A group of methodologies methodologies united by concepts concepts such as: • It Iter erat ativ ive e and and ad adap apti tive ve de deve velo lopm pmen entt • Co Colllla abo bora rati tio on, co-l -lo ocat atio ion n • Fr Freq eque uent nt de delilive very ry of bu busi sine ness ss va valu lue e • Tig igh ht, se self lf-o -org rga aniz izin ing g tea teams

 AGILE IS… Source: agilealliance.org


Flavors of Agile





(Extreme  Programming)

Many more…


Scrum Key Concepts

SCRUM• KEY   SprintsCONCEPTS  of  2‐4 weeks   Daily Scrum ••   Burndow Burndown n chart •   Sprint demo •   Retrospective

Source: scrumalliance.org


Kanb an Ke Key y Conc Concep epts ts Kanban New  work  is  pulled   pulled  in when there is capacity  to handle it  Queue






•   Kan Kanban ban – Japanes Japanese e for “ visual board”

KA KANB NBAN AN KE KEY Y CO CONC NCEP EPTS TS •   Visualize and manage workflow •   Limit work in progress (“WIP limits”) Source: agilealliance.org


ND’s Scrum/Agile Implementation Experience

Pioneers – 1 year 

Gaining momentum – 2 years

Taking Hold – 2 years

Are we “All in” yet?


Pioneers • Mi Mile lest ston ones es to le lear arn n and and in incr crea ease se aw awar aren enes ess s  – Visit to SunGard SunGard – July 2008  – Participation in ScrumU – Aug 2008  – Presentation to all IT Project Managers – Sept 2008  – Funding requested for ScrumMaster training  – ScrumND group formed – Oct 2009

• And a turning po point…  – The1st projec projectt run using using Scrum Scrum at ND ND – start starting ing Feb 2009


ScrumU •   4 founding members   Notre Dame   Georgia Tech   Wake Forest   Cornell •   Bi‐weekly conference calls  •   Current Members •   Notre Dame •   Georgia Institute of  Technology •   Wake Forest University •   University of  Alaska •   Owens Community College •   Emory University •   Kent State University

• • • •


Our First Scrum Project Project


Faculty Profile  –Custom  –Custom developed application used to manage the hiring  and appointment process for faculty


•   Product backlog prioritized by Product Owner •   Sprint planning, demos and retrospectives •   Three‐week sprints


•   Fully dedicated scrum team •   Team co‐located in dedicated space •   Supportive product owner, but with conflicting demands on time •   IT resources from 1 team, customers from 1 department


Credit: Janet Shulaw


Project Team

Product Backlog

Sprint stories and Burn‐ down chart


1st Retrospective

Check out  this feedback


Challenges that emerged … • Cross-depa Cross-departmental rtmental and/or non-dedica non-dedicated ted teams • New team for each each proj project ect • Cam Campu pus s Se Setti tting ng • Mult Multiple iple prod product uct owne owners rs • Comp Competing eting camp campus us prioriti priorities es • Sprints can’t can’t go on forever forever,, next customer customer waiting • Integrating approach with existing existing project project framework framework


ND’s Scrum/Agile Implementation Experience

Pioneers– 1 year 

Gainin Gai ning g moment momentum um – 2 years years

Taking Hold – 2 years

Are we “All in” yet?


Gaining Momentum • ScrumMaster Training • Kanban Emerges • Adventures in Scrum • Cell Team Pilot


ScrumMaster ScrumM aster Traini raining ng (FINALL (FINALLY!) Y!) •

Joe Jo e Lit Littl tle e and and Kr Kris isti tine ne Sh Shan anno non n (tra (train iner ers) s)

20 participants

Deputy CIO Deputy CIO,, IT Dir Direct ector or,, PMO PMO staf staff, f, App Applic licati ation on Devel Develope opers, rs, Systems Engineer and customers

Kan Kanban ban eme emerge rges s as an alte alterna rnative tive… … •

PMO sp sponsored Agile & Ka Kanban training

Group ch changes to to “A “AgileND”

Proj Pr ojec ectt Pro Proce cess ss Im Impr prov ovem emen entt Ini Initi tiat ativ ive e •

Six Si x Si Sigm gma, a, Yel elllow Be Bellt tra train iniing


 Adventures in Scrum… •

Alumni Online Engagement

• •

Perfor Perf ormi ming ng Ar Arts ts Cen Cente terr Tic Ticke keti ting ng Sys Syste tem m Chart of of Accounts Re Revision

Travel and Expense System

Course In Instructor Feedback

SQL Server Up Upgrade


 Alumni Online Engagement Scrum Project Team Color Coding

Vendor Timeline Sprint Boards


Center Ticketing Ticketing Project Performing Arts Center Team Color Coding

Vendor Timeline Sprint Boards

The big finish


Scrum room


Credit: Chris Corrente

Revision Project Chart Revision Project - The Traveli raveling ng Scrum Board Board!!


Course Instructor Feedback – The “wall of my office” Scrum Board! CIF SCRUM BOARD

Credit: Chris Corrente


TRAVELND SCRUM BOARDS Tra rave velN lND D Sc Scru rum m Proj Projec ectt - A re real al tea team m room at the customer location!

Credit: Chris Corrente



Getting the infrastructure folks involved! Credit: Julie Pawlak


“Cell Team” Pilot •

Dedi De dica cate ted d tea team m wor worki king ng out outsi side de of tr trad adit itio iona nall role roles s

• •

Multiple projects Team room

Daily morning scrums

Burndown charts

Challenges: •

Brea Br eadt dth h of of ski skillll se sets ts ne need eded ed to me meet et ca camp mpus us ne need eds s

• •

Ultima Ulti mate tely ly tho thoug ught ht not not sca scala labl ble e for for shar shared ed IT IT res resou ourc rces es Sepa Se para rati tion on of re resp spon onsi sibi bilility ty co conc ncern erns s – no nott rea ready dy to ma make ke th that at leap


ND’s Scrum/Agile Implementation Experience

Pioneer phase – 1 year 

Gaining momentum – 2 years

Taki aking ng Hold Hold – 2 years years

Are we “All in” yet?


Taking Hold • Post-its Take over! • Project Process Wins • Scru rum m/K /Kan anb ban/ n/S Scru rum mba ban n In Inn nova vati tio ons • A Kanban conversion to Scrum • Se Seei eing ng th the e lin link k bet betwe ween en Qu Qual alit ity y and and Ag Agili ility ty • Tack ckliling ng spa pac ce ch challlle enge ges s


Post-its take over!


Project Process Wins •

Incr In cre eas ased ed pr proj ojec ectt thr throu ough ghpu putt by by 30% 30% •

Goal wa was to to in increase by by 25 25%

Incr In crea ease sed d cust custom omer er sat satis isfa fact ctio ion n surv survey ey sco score res s by ov over er 30% 30% •

Goal wa was to to in increase by by 20 20%



Credit: Tracy Weber



box.com project Kanban

Credit: Michelle Sorensen



Credit: Michelle Sorensen



The “One Sprint” Project Scrum Board

Credit: David Schulte



Credit: Kristen Morin



Credit: Kristen Morin



The “Personal” Scrum Board

Credit: Bill Herman



Due Dates tracked on Ka Kan nba ban n bo boar ard d

Credit: Julia Bruckert


Innovations… SharePoint used to manage sprint

Credit: Carleen Quinlan



Using a cloud cloud Scrum Scrum Tool Tool


Innovations…Release Planning

Credit: Michelle Sorensen


Kanban to SC SCRUM Deployment

New Cloud Service Delivery


Taking to thecore nextteam level, with theitsame



Introducing Agile Queue






 Agile enabled  flexibility  strong team identity


Ka Kanb nban an co conv nver ersi sion on to SC SCRU RUM M New Cloud Service Delivery

Pilot • • • • • •


Agile new to most team members Infrastructure tte eam me members Lot o off d diiscovery a an nd un unknowns Ver ery y llar arg ge ttea eam ms str tru uct ctur ure e wit ith h independent work Kanban stages configured to use cases Visual progress tracking

sign ificant  Agile allowed for significant flexibility and strong team identity.



Taking it to the next level, with the same core team: • Timeboxing with re release planning • Defined in interim ob objecti ctives • Focus on greater transparency and manageable “chunks” • Regular review of work at Sprint demos and planning


Making the link between quality and agility… Step 1 – Hired a QA person and assigned assigned to a Scrum Scrum team “REVOLUTIONARY” Step 2 – Designated “QA Champions” representing different teams Step 3 – Test Driven Development Initiatives •

For cu custom co code - “test fifirst” ap approach

Aut uto oma mate ted d Tes esti ting ng Too ools ls – • DbFit – Test Dr Driven Da Database De Development •

Sele Se leni nium um – Au Auto toma mati ting ng we web b app apps s for for te test stin ing g pur purpo pose ses s


Space constraints drive the move to agile…


Space constraints drive the move to agile…


Summarize all this!

Embrace the “buts”! Or Provide freedom and flexibility to use a combination of Agile methods and reap benefits related to Transparency, Accountability and TEAMWORK!


Looking back at what we’ve learned… You can apply Agile and Scrum techniques … •

In all di difffe fere ren nt bus busin ines ess s con conte text xts s

To all all ty type pes s of of pro proje ject cts s – ev even en in infr fras astr truc uctu ture re!!

With Wi th cro cross ss-f -fun unct ctio iona nall nonnon-de dedi dica cate ted d team teams s

• •

With re remote pe people on on th the te team Without an an of official te team ro room

With Wi th a li litt ttle le bi bitt of le lead ader ersh ship ip su supp ppor ortt

With mu multiple pr product ow owners

• •

Withou With outt real really ly hav havin ing g any any type type of gr gran and d vis visio ion n Wit ith h A LO LOT T of su supe perr-s sti tick ckiies es!!


And the million dollar question…

 After 5 years, are we “All In”?

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