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Insurance in Nigeria

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Defnition o Insurance :

Insurance can be defned as a contract between parties. This contract is represented by a policy. The contracting parties are the insured, who pays a consideration (premium) and the insurer, who receives it. For receiving the premium, the insurer(s) agrees to satisy and ma ma e good to the insured any loss, damage or accident that may happen within the contract period according to the terms and condition o the contract or policy.


Classes o Insurance

 There are are many classes o insurance. F For or prop property erty insurance, we have! Fire and "pecial #erils, $urglary %Thet Insurance, &ouseholders%&ouse owners Insurance, 'll iss Insurance, #lant 'll iss Insurance, achinery $readown Insurance, *lectrical %*lectronic Insurance, +oods In Transit Insurance, 'utomobile Insurances, arine -pen over ove r Insurance, or #ecuniary Insurance, we have//oney Insurance, $usiness Interruption Insurance, Fidelity Fidelity +uarantee Insurance, #ublic 0iability and #roduct #roduct 0iability Insurance /. , and or personnel Insurances we have, 1ormen2s ompensation Insurance, +roup #ersonal #ersonal 'ccident, +roup 0ie 'ssurance and ontributory #ension "cheme. The list is not e3haustive but or the purpose o this meeting, we will limit our presentation to a ew.


UNICEM Insured Assets

45I* assets are presently insure insured d under our policies namely! Industrial 'll iss policy, 'll iss Insurance #olicy, *lectric *lectrical%*lectronic al%*lectronic Insurance policy, &ouseholders%&ouse owners Insurance policy and arine -pen over Insurance. The scope o these policies is as ollows!

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