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iPad & Accessibility 2011

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iPad & Deaf-blind Accessibility
by Kim Paulk
All Apple images copyright Apple Corp. 2011

Deaf-blind Consumer & Technology Advocate

Equal Access would be...
• Full-featured screenreader • Up to 200 times magnification

• White text on black option
• Ready for refreshable braille displays

• FREE & already installed

Can it happen?

What? It's here? Now?
Millions of people have one already?


Learning about iPad • Impact for deaf-blind youth & DB...
• Features/tools

• Accessibility
• What apps can do • Built-in apps • Accessibility apps

Built-in Universal Access is what makes Apple products have meaning for people who have hearing and vision losses

Computing with Apple is enjoyable for DB Youth
• Can start using it when friends do! • Easy to learn • Accessibility features are instant on/off • Braille output easy to use (and cool!) • They will always be able to use it as vision/hearing decline

VoiceOver Screenreader
• Speaks all items & text • Adjustable verbosity • Adjustable speaking rate • Simple gesture controls • Works with apps INCLUDED • Works with about 50% of App Store apps • Many languages



Magnify until single icon fills screen Custom instant zoom Control by gestures (touch)

White on Black

Reduces Glare & eye strain

What Can Apps Do?
Hardware Cameras (2) Light sensor Microphone Speaker Motion gyro Touch screen Headphone Jack Possible Uses (apps) Bar codes/Magnifier/Skype Detect light Voice control/speech recognition Amplifier/speech - tone output Orientation Spatial awareness Hearing aid T-Coil /external speaker

• ALL apps INCLUDED are VO compatible
Calendar Safari web browser Notes More

Assisstive “App”titude
Dragon Dictate Dictate text, then copy into other apps

Digit-Eyes (iPad 2) EyeNote (iPad 2) Magnifiers (iPad 2) CaptionFish

Hearing aid - FM type amplifier
Read barcodes & create labels Identifies US currency Magnify objects using camera

Lists Closed Captioned Movies & Theaters playing nearby

Communication “App”titude
• Relay apps

W/Braille Device = DBC (DBcommunicator)

• Purple VRS • Z4 Mobile • Sorenson • iW Relay • AT&T VL5 • Convo Mobile

Text apps

• NOTES (built in) • BUZZWORDS:
Create & organize communication 'cards'

Standard Apps can also be useful and/or VO accessible
Sign4Me Flashlight Banking Dictionaries Cookbooks

• Collaborate with others - everyone can use iPad together!

Endless possibilities for deaf-blind youth
Collaborate with others - everyone can use iPad together with voice, braille & text interactively Levels the playing field
• Their peers' iPads are also accessible!

iPads have been requested as AT devices for HKNC Students

When has a deafblind teenager had as much fun and cool tech as their peers?

3 Deaf-culture young adults at HKNC purchased their own iPhones! An estimated 100,000 blind people now own iPhones!

Assistive Accessories
• Portable tactile keyboards • Refreshable Braille Devices • Tele coil neck loops for hearing aids • Portable BoseTM speakers • Digital AV adapter cable - mirrors iPad • Cases - with clips, stands, keyboards,

Portable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard
$70 - Available @ Apple, Walmart, Web

Refreshabraille 18

Wireless Bluetooth

Many other
brands/models also

$1700 +

T-Coil $40 + Loops
Neck loop & ear hook styles
with & without microphone (telephone use) Powered models for more amplification

Portable Bose Speakers

• Drastic improvement in speech & screenreader comprehension • Less Strain & frustration


• Greater participation

Establish an Apple Tech Support System
• Who will help setup accessibility & devices? • Who will train consumer? • Who will troubleshoot for consumer?

• Wi-Fi - built-in

• 3G - optional
• No USB port - transfer files via iTunes and/or 'cloud' services • Requires iTunes(free) & credit card to install Apps

Today we learned about iPad's:
• Impact for deaf-blind youth • Features & tools • Accessibility: VoiceOver, Zoom, White on Black • What apps do • Built-in apps • Assistive technology apps & more

Apple Resources
• iPad User Guide/accessibility chapter: located in Safari web browser under bookmarks • Apple and/or YouTube • apple.com/accessibility • www.apple.com/accessibility/voiceover/reasons .html • Macvisioinaries and other VoiceOver Listservs

Other Resources
• Handy Tech Training Guide and/or Course: www.handytech.us
• Disability related app search database & Webinar coming soon to Georgia Tools for Life: www.gatfl.org • www.tecear.com/: one source for TeleCoil neck loops • www.afb.org/aw: Accessible cell phone reviews • National Braille Press: www.nbp.org: "Getting Started with the iPhone: An Introduction for Blind Users" & "26 Useful Apps for Blind iPhone Users"

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