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Lockheed Martin Launches Hellfire Missiles in Kuwait

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PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 14, 1997 FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Mary Foster 407-834-0772 [email protected]

Pandur-launched Hellfire Missile Tallies Six for Six in Kuwaiti Desert Orlando, Fla., (September 14, 1997) – A combined team from Lockheed Martin Electronics & Missiles (E&M),

AV Tech and General Dynamics demonstrated the Hellfire missile/Pandur wheeled armored vehicle combination in Kuwait on September 13, a spokesperson for Lockheed Martin announced. Two test engineering firings preceded the high-risk customer demonstration; all six of the customer firings scored direct hits. Lockheed Martin E&M in Orlando, Florida, designed the launcher and missile;  AV Tech in Chesterfield, Michigan,

designed the Pandur wheeled armored vehicle; and General Dynamics in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, designed the turret. Two sets of firings took place at 11 a.m. at distances of 7.5 kilometers and 5 kilometers. Two more firings took place at 6 p.m. at distances of 5 kilometers and 500 meters. “The Kuwaiti National Guard viewed the firings firing s that took place at a distance of 7.5 kilometers from a video microwave relay,” relay,” says Joseph Antoniotti, director of International Business Development Initiatives at E&M. “Separate firings from the same vehicle took slightly more than two seconds from launch to impact and resulted in hits only inches apart.” apart.” “Success came as a result of team work and hard work,” said Don Schapker, technical operations engineer and Hellfire program lead for E&M. The team worked nights and weekends starting in February and continued until we knew we’d gotten the job done.” This is the first time Lockheed Martin has taken an engineering vehicle overseas prior to customer demonstration. The average temperature in the desert was 110º F. The Kuwaiti National Guard patrols the 25-kilometer demilitarized zone between Iraq and Kuwait. The Hellfire missile would be used as part of this mission. Contract negotiations are still underway.


Lockheed Martin Electronics & Missiles is a located in Orlando, Florida.

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