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CHELSEA MANNING Quick Facts  Name Chelsea Manning Birth Date December 17, 1987 17, 1987 (age 26) Place of Birth Crescent, Oklahoma Crescent,  Oklahoma AKA Bradley Manning Breanna Elizabeth Manning Breanna Manning  bradass87 Chelsea Elizabeth Manning Full Name Bradley Edward Manning Zodiac Sign Sagittarius

U.S. Army intelligence analyst Bradley Manning was responsible for delivering hundreds of thousands of classified documents to WikiLeaks. Manning, who is transgender, was granted the right to be legally recognized as Chelsea Elizabeth Manning in April 2014. quotes “I want people to see the truth regardless of who they are, because without information, you cannot make informed decisions as a public. I feel, for some bizarre reason, it might actually change something. Or maybe I'm just young, naive and stupid.”  — Chelsea Chelsea Manning


Bradley Manning was born on Gregorian calendar month seventeen, 1987 in Crescent, Oklahoma. once connection the military and enduring harsh bullying, Manning was sent to Republic of Iraq in 2009. There he had access to classified info that he represented as deeply worrying. Manning gave a lot of of this info to WikiLeaks and was later inactive once his actions were according to the U.S. government by a hacker friend. On July 30, 2013, Manning was found guilty of undercover work and thievery, however acquitted of aiding the enemy. In August 2013, he was sentenced to thirty five years in jail. On the day once his sentencing, Manning proclaimed he's transgendered. once filing a court petition, Manning was granted the  proper in late Apr of 2014 to be de jure recognized as Chelsea Elizabeth Manning. EARLY LIFE & CONNECTION THE MILITARY

Bradley Manning was born in Crescent, Sooner State on Gregorian calendar month seventeen, 1987. As a child, he was very smart associate degreed showed an affinity for computers. once Manning's oldsters split, he lived together with his mother and sister in Wales throughout his teens once he was intimidated  by his peers. He eventually affected back to the u. s. to measure together with his stepparent and father, World Health Organization was a former soldier. There the family had major clashes, and young Manning was homeless for a time.

Hoping to develop his pc skills more and earn cash for faculty, Manning joined the military in 2007. He was at first the target of severe bullying there yet, however his posting at Fort Drum in the big apple had some happy moments. He began qualitative analysis Tyler Watkins, a Brandeis college man World Health Organization introduced Manning to Boston's hacker community. LEAK & ARREST

In 2009, Manning was stationed at Forward in operation Base drill in Republic of Iraq, associate degree isolated web site close to the Iranian border. His duties as associate degree analyst there gave him access to a good deal of classified info. a number of this information — including videos that showed unarmed civilians being shot at and killed — horrified Manning.

Manning reportedly created his 1st contact with WikiLeaks in Nov 2009 once having created tries to contact The the big apple Times and therefore the Washington Post. whereas at add Republic of Iraq, he  proceeded to amass info that enclosed war logs regarding the Republic of Iraq and Asian nation conflicts, non-public cables from the State Department and assessments of Guantánamo prisoners. In early 2010, he

different charges, thus his court martial proceeded. On July 30, Manning was found guilty of twenty counts, as well as undercover work, thievery and pc fraud. However, the choose dominated he wasn't guilty of aiding the enemy, the foremost serious charge Manning had two-faced. Prison Sentence

On August twenty one, 2013, Manning was sentenced to thirty five years in jail. With around 3 and a [*fr1] years credit given for time already served, he are going to be eligible for parole in just about seven years. Manning was dishonourably discharged, reduced in rank and made to forfeit all pay.

The Obama administration has maintained that military and diplomatic sources were vulnerable by Manning's leaks. Even with Manning's conviction, the controversy continues on whether or not he shared dangerous intelligence or if he was a informant World Health Organization received too harsh a  penalization. Transgendered Identity

On the day once his sentencing, Manning proclaimed via a press release on the morning broadcast these days that he's transgendered. "As I transition into this next part of my life, i need everybody to grasp the important American state. i'm Chelsea Manning. i'm a feminine. Given the manner that I feel, and have felt since childhood, i need to start internal secretion medical aid as shortly as doable," Manning aforementioned.

After filing a court petition, Manning was granted the proper in late Apr of 2014 to be de jure recognized as Chelsea Elizabeth Manning. As of that ruling, the military has not created internal secretion medical aid or gender-based direction obtainable to the previous analyst, World Health Organization continues to  be command at Fort Leavenworth

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