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Mobile Applications in Supply Chain Management

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Mobile Apps are Not for Inventory Alone

When we say mobile apps for supply chain, the first thing that comes to mind is Inventory Management. Management.

Most of the warehouse management system (WMS) have mobile devices for tracking inventory, scanning stock etc.

But that alone is not mobile apps in Supply chain. It is more than that.


Supply Chain Quick View

As the supply chain manager, can you instantly say, - how many of your material deliveries from suppliers are on time or how many are expected delays. Normally, this kind of information needs you to log into your company network, connect to the ERP system, run multitude of reports, navigate into multiple screens and then come out with an answer to the above question. But with mobile applications, it is possible to answer such questions while you are on the phone with your vendor and having coffee in a restaurant. That is the power of mobile applications in supply chain.

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