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 Advanced Network  1. Which of the following following types types of topology topology has has at least least two network network connectio connections ns on every device on the network? A. Bus B.


C. Ring D. Star   2. When describi describing ng the structur structuree of a network, network, which term term is used used to describe describe the physic physical al layout? A. Ph Phys ysic ical al map map B. Backbo bon ne C. Networ work  D.


3. Which of of the follow following ing network network topologi topologies es is the the most fault tolerant? tolerant? A.


B. Hi Hier erar archi chical cal star  star  C. Ring D. Star   4. The most widely widely used _______ _______ topology topology are the the Internet Internet and the telepho telephone ne network. network. A. star   B. bus C.


D. token oken ring ing 5. Which of the following following is a key benefit benefit to implemen implementing ting a token token ring topology topology?? A. IP addres addressin sing g is elimin eliminate ated. d. B.

Workstations don't contend for network access.~

C. Token ring ring is is always always implem implemented ented in in full full duplex. duplex. D. Nodes are are added withou withoutt interrupt interrupting ing the networ network. k. 6. Nodes Nodes connec connected ted in in a star star topol topology ogy ____ _____. _. A. must must have TCP/ TCP/IP IP inst install alled ed B. must must be assig assigned ned an an IP addr address ess C. may may on only ly use use Eth Ether erne nett D.

connect to a central hub~

7. What What is the the hub used used in a token token ring ring netw network ork call called? ed? A. Patc Patch h Pa Pane nell B. AUI C. Switch D.


8. Which of the the following following IEEE 802 802 standards standards pertain pertain to token token ring? ring? A. IEEE EEE 8 802 02.3 .3 B.

IEEE 802.5~


C. IEEE EEE 802. 802.2 2 D. IEEE IEEE 80 802. 2.11 11 9. Which of the following following represe represents nts the best best solution solution for for connecting connecting three compute computers rs in a LAN? A.


B. Serv Server er-b -bas ased ed C. Dire Direct ct ccon onne nect ct D. Ro Rout uter er-b -bas ased ed 10. A disadvantage disadvantage of a ring topology topology is that _____. A. nodes must must be connecte connected d in a point-t point-to-point o-point manner  B. a shorte shorted d bus will will crash crash the the networ network  k  C.

the ring has to be opened to add a new node~

D. it requires requires an excessive excessive number number of connections connections 11. Which of the following network types is easiest easiest to add new nodes to? A. Ring B.


C. Bus D. Mesh 12. Which of the following is not an advantage of the star topology compared to the mesh topology? A. Easy Easy to man manag agee B. Ea Easy sy to ad add d nod nodes es C. Lo Low w over overhe head ad D.

High fault-tolerant~

13. Which of the following is not a common logical topology? A. Bus B. Ring C.


D. Mesh 14. A star topology topology consists consists of a central ____. A. gateway B. router  C. brouter  D.


15. In a bus topology topology _______. _______. A. nodes connect connect to to a hub in a point-to-p point-to-point oint arrangem arrangement ent B.

each end of the bus must be properly terminated~

C. nodes are connect connected ed through through redundant redundant links links D. fiber optic cable is is the predominate predominate media media

Objective 1.2: Specify the Main Features of the 802.2 (LLC), 802.3 (Ethernet), 802.5 (Token Ring), 802.11b (Wireless), and FDDI Networking Technologies 1. Which Which IEEE IEEE specifi specificat cation ion does does CSMA/ CSMA/CD CD map to? to?


A. IEEE EEE 8 802 02.5 .5 B. IEEE EEE 802. 802.2 2 C.

IEEE 802.3~

D. IEEE IEEE 80 802. 2.11 11b b 2. Which of the the following following uses uses a coaxial coaxial cable type type and has a maximum maximum segment segment length length of 185 meters? A.


B. 10BASE5 C. 10BASE-T D. 10 100B 0BAS ASEE-TX TX 3. Which of the followin following g IEEE standar standards ds describes describes the LLC sublayer? sublayer? A. IEEE EEE 8 802 02.5 .5 B. IEEE EEE 8 802 02.1 .12 2 C. IEEE EEE 802. 802.3 3 D.

IEEE 802.2~

4. What is the maximum maximum number number of stati stations ons permitt permitted ed on an IEEE IEEE 802.3 networ network? k? A. 16 B.


C. 100 D. 1,500 5. Which IEEE 802 802 standard standard contai contains ns specifi specification cationss for 100BASE-T? 100BASE-T? A.

IEEE 802.3~

B. IEEE EEE 802. 802.4 4 C. IEEE EEE 802. 802.8 8 D. IEEE IEEE 80 802. 2.14 14 6. Which Which of the the follow following ing stat stateme ements nts is is true? true? A. The token in a token token ring network network is a 2-byte 2-byte data stream stream passed from from node to node. B. Token ring ring networks networks are less less reliable reliable than than Ethernet Ethernet networks. networks. Token ring networks offer a higher degree deg ree of reliability than Ethernet networks.~


D. The data delivery delivery time time in a token ring network network is not predicta predictable. ble. 7. Which of the following following IEEE 802 802 standards standards describes describes token token ring? ring? A.

IEEE 802.5~

B. IEEE EEE 8 802 02.1 .12 2 C. IEEE EEE 802. 802.2 2 D. IEEE EEE 8 802 02.3 .3 8. Of the following, following, which is a valid valid data data rate rate for for token token ring? ring? A. 12Mbps B.


C. 8Mbps D. 28Mbps 9. A user equipped equipped with with an IEEE 802.11b 802.11b card is is unable to to connect to to an access point. point. Which Which of  the following is true?


A. The user's user's IEEE 802.11b 802.11b card card can only connect connect to a router. router. B. The user's user's IEEE IEEE 802.11b card needs needs to have have an RJ-45 RJ-45 connection. connection. C. The user's user's IEEE 802.11b 802.11b card card needs to be first first connecte connected d to a 10BASE-T 10BASE-T hub. D.

The user's IEEE 802.11b card is too far away from the access point.~

10. To

exchange files between workstations equipped with IEEE 802.11b cards, a ______ is needed. A. MSAU B.

access point~

C. bus hub D. router  11. What is the data data rate of IEEE 802.11a? 802.11a? A.


B. 4Mbps C. 100Mbps D. 11Mbps 12. Which connection connection type is the most reliable? reliable? A.


B. Conn Connect ectio ionle nless ss C. UDP D. SMTP 13. What is not an example of a bit-oriented protocol? A. SDLC B. LAPB C. HDLC D.


Objective 1.3: Specify the Characteristics (e.g., Speed, Length, Topology, Cable Type, etc.) of the Following 802.3 (Ethernet) Standards: 10BASE-T, 10BASE-TX, 10BASE2, 10BASE5, 100BASE-FX, Gigabit Ethernet 1. Which of the followin following g is the the expected expected data rate rate on a 10BASE 10BASE-T -T network? network? A. 100Mbp bpss B.


C. 500Mbps D. 1000 1000Mb Mbps ps 2. The segment segment length length from hub port port to workstat workstation ion NIC on a 10BASE10BASE-T T network network should be be no longer than ______. A.

100 meters~

B. 185 185 met meter erss C. 200 200 met meter erss D. 10 met meters ers 3. A network network operating operating at 10Mbps 10Mbps uses coaxial coaxial cable cable with with segment segment lengths lengths from node node to hub of  185 meters. This type of network is _____. _____ . A. 10BASE5




C. 10BASE-T D. 100B 100BAS ASEE-T T 4. In a 100BASE-T 100BASE-T network, network, the dista distance nce of cable from from hub to workst workstation ation should should not exceed exceed  ______. A. 25 met meters ers B. 50 me meters C.

100 meters~

D. 200 200 met meter erss 5. What is the the maximum maximum cable segment segment length length for for 10BASE2? 10BASE2? A. 200 200 met meter erss B. 100 100 met meter erss C.

185 meters~

D. 1, 1,02 024 4 met meter erss 6. You have a workstat workstation ion that is is 153 meters meters from the server, server, there there is no repeater repeater and it uses 10BASE-T wiring. You cannot connect to the network. Required Objective: Connect to the server. Optional Objectives: Faster connection, easier access for users. Proposed Solution: Replace the old NIC with a 100BASEFX NIC. A. This meets meets only the the required required object objective. ive. B. This This meets meets the option optional al object objective ives. s. C. This meets meets the require required d and one of the the optional optional objectives. objectives. D.

This does not meet the required or optional objectives.~

7. IE IEEE EE 802. 802.5 5 refe refers rs to to _____ _____.. A. Toke Token n Bus Bus B.

Token ring~

C. Ethernet D. MAN 8. Which of the the following following networki networking ng standards standards specifi specifies es a maximum maximum segment segment length length of 100 meters? A.


B. 10BASE5 C. 10BASEYX D. 10BASE2 9. Which of the following following technologies technologies uses Category Category 5 cable? A.


B. Fi Fibe berr-op opti ticc C. 10BASE5 D. 10BASE2 10. What kind of connector would you use to make a patch cable for a 10BAS 10BASE-T E-T network? A. RJ-11 B.



C. RJ-T D. BNC 11. What is the maximum frequency limit limit of thicknet thicknet coaxial cable? A. 1 MHz B. 100 MHz C.

10 MHz~

D. 200 MH MHz 12. If you increase the resistance resistance on a wire, what happens to the signal energy loss? A. Ther Theree is no cha change nge.. B. The signa signall energy energy loss loss decreas decreases. es. C.

The signal energy loss increases.~

D. The signal energy energy change fluctuat fluctuates es wildly between between very high increase increasess and very high decreases. 13. What is the proper termination termination for unshielded twisted-pair twisted-pair network cable? A. 150 oh ohms B. 50 ohms C. 93 ohms D.

100 ohms~

14. What kind of insulator do coaxial cables use to separate the cent center er wire from the braided conductor? A. Glass B.


C. Copper  D. Wool 15. What cause intersymbol intersymbol interference? A. Ohms B. Cros Crosst stal alk  k  C. Adap Adapti tive ve equal equaliz izer erss D.

Reactive components of cables~

16. What does an adaptive adaptive equalizer equalizer do? A. It increas increases es intersy intersymbol mbol interf interference erence.. B.

It samples and evaluates data for intersymbol interference.~

C. It promo promotes tes cros crossta stalk lk in wires wires.. D. It prevent preventss crossta crosstalk lk in wires. wires. 17. How does an equalizer equalizer lower lower ISI? A. It increase increasess the twists twists in the copper copper cabling cabling.. B. It increa increases ses crosst crosstalk alk.. C.

It incorporates phase shifts to counter the effects of the channel.~ D. An equalize equalizerr normally normally increases increases ISI.

18. Which of the following types types of noise results from sunspot activi activity? ty? A. Impu Impuls lsee no nois isee B.

Atmospheric noise~


C. Fr Freq eque uenc ncy y noise noise D. Cros Crosst stal alk  k  19. What cable type is used with the IEEE 100BASE-FX 100BASE-FX standard? A. Coaxial B.

Fiber optic~

C. STP D. UTP 20. Which of the following types types of noise is caused by engine ignition systems? systems? A. Suns unspot pots B. Cros Crosst stal alk  k  C.

Impulse noise~

D. Twists Twists in the cablin cabling g 21. Which of the following types types of noise originates from from carrier frequencies? A. At Atmo mosp sphe heri ricc noise noise B. Impu Impuls lsee nois noisee C. Cros Crosst stal alk  k  D.

Frequency noise~

22. Crosstalk occurs when you lay lay unshielded cables _____. A. in parallel~ B. in pe perp rpen endi dicu cula lar  r  C. in rig right ht ang angle less D. en endd-to to-e -end nd 23. In early days, you could hear another conversation while talking on the telephone. What caused this problem? A. Atte Attenu nuat atio ion n B. Signal gnal los losss C.


D. Parity 24. Distortion is expressed using what kind of measurement? A. Watts B.


C. Amps D. Meters 25. If the power of the noise is 5 mW, and the power of the desired signal is 50 mW, what is the SNR, in decibels? A. 18 dB B.

10 dB~

C. 5 dB D. 1 dB 26. What is an acceptable SNR for digital communications? A. 60 dB B. 50 dB



40 dB~

D. 70 dB 27. What is the maximum segment segment length of a 100BASE-FX Ethernet connection? A. 100m B. 265m C.


D. 1000m 28. What is the standard speed for an IEEE 100BASE-TX network? A.


B. 200Mbps C. 10Mbps D. 100bps 29. Thinnet Thinnet is also referred referred to as ______. ______. A. 10BA 10BASE SE-T -T B. 10BASE5 C.


D. Thin UT UTP 30. What is the topic of the IEEE IEEE 802.10 standard? standard? A. LAN security~ B. Br Broad oadba band nd techn technol olog ogy y C. Wire Wirele less ss LAN LANss D. 10 100V 0VGG-An AnyL yLAN AN 31. Which IEEE IEEE standard describes 100VG-AnyLAN? A. IEEE EEE 8 802 02.3 .3 B.

IEEE 802.12~

C. IEEE EEE 8 802 02.1 .10 0 D. IEEE EEE 8 802 02.2 .2 32. Which of the IEEE IEEE 802 standards describes Ethernet? A. IEEE EEE 8 802 02.2 .2 B. IEEE EEE 8 802 02.1 .12 2 C.

IEEE 802.3~

D. IEEE EEE 8 802 02.5 .5 33. A client in a 10BASE-T LAN using category 5 UTP is unable to access the server. server. The hub is located 80 meters from a patch panel. The distance from the patch panel to wall outlet is 15 meters. The patch cable from wall outlet to client is 10 meters. Which of the following statements best describes the proposed solution? Required Results: To provide access to the server from the client workstation. Optional Desired Results: To improve data rates on the LAN and to reduce the amount of  logged downtime. Proposed Solution: Reduce the length of the patch cable from wall outlet to client workstation to 5 meters. A.

The proposed solution produces the required result and one of the o optional ptional desired results.~


B. The proposed proposed solution solution produces produces the required required result result and both of the optional optional desired desired results. C. The proposed proposed solution solution produces the required required result result but neither neither of the optional desired desired results. D. The proposed proposed solution solution does not produce produce the required required result result but produces produces both of the the optional desired results. 34. What is the maximum segment length length of 10BASE-T STP cable? A. 50 met meters ers B. 100 100 met meter erss C. 75 me meters D.

200 meters~

35. What is the maximum data rate rate of a 10BASE10BASE-T T network? A. 100Mbp bpss B. 500Mbps C.


D. 1000 1000Mb Mbps ps 1. In a 100BASE-T4 100BASE-T4 network, network, the the distance distance of cable cable from hub to to workstation workstation should should not exceed exceed  _____. A. 200 200 met meter erss B. 50 me meters C. 25 me meters D. 10 100 0 met meter ers~ s~ 2. Which of the the following following cable cable types types is recommende recommended d for 100BASE-T 100BASE-TX X networks? networks? A. Thinnet B. Thickne nett C. Cate Catego gory ry 5 UT UTP~ P~ D. Cate Catego gory ry 3 UT UTP P 3. Which Which of the foll followi owing ng uses uses only two two conduct conductors ors?? A. 10 100B 0BAS ASEE-FX FX~ ~ B. 100B 100BAS ASEE-T T C. 10BASE-T D. 10BASE5 4. What is the maximum maximum segment segment length length of 100BAS 100BASE-TX? E-TX? A. 10 100 0 met meter ers~ s~ B. 200 200 met meter erss C. 50 me meters D. 75 met meters ers 5. Which 100Mbps 100Mbps standard standard uses all eight eight wires wires in a categor category y 5 cable? cable? A. 10BA 10BASE SE-T -T B. 10 100B 0BAS ASEE-T4 T4~ ~ C. 100B 100BAS ASEF EFX X D. 10 100B 0BAS ASEE-TX TX


6. What type of network network media is used used with with 100BASE100BASE-FX? FX? A. UTP B. Coaxial C. Fi Fibe berr op opti tic~ c~ D. Micr Microw owav avee

Objective 1.4: Recognize the Following Media Connectors and Describe Their Uses: RJ-11, RJ-45, AUI, BNC, ST, and SC. 1. You are making making some categor category y 5 twisted-pai twisted-pairr cables and and have run out of of connectors. connectors. What What type of connector should you order o rder from your supplier? A. RJ-45~ B. RJ-11 C. BNC D. ST 2. You are configur configuring ing a router. router. According According to the the manual, you you will need need a transceive transceiverr to connect to the LAN ports of the router. What kind of physical interface does the router have? A. MSAU B. AUI~ C. RJ-11 D. BNC 3. In a hardwar hardwaree loopback loopback plug, plug, which which two wire numbers numbers are connecte connected? d? A. 3 and 4 B. 1 and 3~ 3~ C. 1 and 2 D. 2 and 6~ 6~ E. 3 and 5 4. Which layer layer of the the OSI model model is responsi responsible ble for encrypt encryption ion and decryptio decryption? n? A. Session B. Network  ork  C. Pres Presen enta tati tion on~ ~ D. Phys hysical ical 5. What type type of NIC card card connector connector should should be used for for coaxial coaxial cabling cabling infrastru infrastructure cture?? A. BNC~ B. RJ-11 C. RJ-45 D. RS-232 6. Which of the followin following g connector connector types types may be used with with SCSI SCSI devices? devices? A. DB-15 B. 68 68-P -Pin in High High Dens Densit ity~ y~ C. 50 50-P -Pin in Cent Centro roni nics cs~ ~ D. DB-25~ 7. Which one one of the the following following connector connectorss may be used on a SCSI cable? A. Fi Fibe berr opt optic ic


B. DB-9 C. AUI D. Cent Centro roni nics cs 50~ 8. Which Which of the foll followi owing ng uses uses an RJ-45 RJ-45 connect connector? or? A. Coax Coaxia iall cabl cablee B. UTP UTP cabl cable~ e~ C. Fi Fiber ber optic optic ca cabl blee D. Thin Thinne nett cabl cablee 9. A client comput computer er uses RG-58 RG-58 cable to connect connect to to a bus network. network. Which Which of the followin following g is most likely to be found on the client NIC? A. RJ-45 B. RJ-11 C. BNC~ D. ST

Objective 1.5: Choose the Appropriate Media Type and Connectors to Add a Client to an Existing Network  1. Which communica communication tion method method allows allows communicati communication on to occur in in both directio directions ns at the same same time on a single cable? A. Mult Multip iple lex x B. Simplex C. Duplex~ D. Full Full du dupl plex ex 2. What is the advantage advantage of fiber-optic fiber-optic cable cable over over copper-bas copper-based ed media? media? A. It's immune immune to EMI interference interference.~ .~ B. It interf interfaces aces easily easily to other other media media types. types. C. It It's 's ch chea eape per. r. D. It uses uses convention conventional al radio waves waves for for a carrier. carrier. 3. Select Select the best network networking ing media media for a new instal installatio lation n in which 10 clients clients are are connected connected to a hub in a 100BASE-T network. A. Cate Catego gory ry 3 UT UTP P B. RG-58 C. Fiber ber opt optic D.


Category 5 UTP~

Whil Whilee troubleshoot troubleshooting ing a network connecti connectivity vity problem, problem, you notice notice that the network network card in your system is operating at 10Mbps in half-duplex mode. At what speed is the network link  operating? A. 10Mbps ps~ ~ B. 5Mbps C. 2.5Mbps D. 20Mbps

1. You are tasked tasked with with specifying specifying a way to to connect two two buildings buildings across across a parking parking lot. lot. The distance between the two buildings b uildings is 78 meters. An underground wiring duct exists between the two buildings, although there are concerns about using it because it also houses high-


voltage electrical cables. The budget budg et for the project is very tight, but your manager wants you to specify the most suitable solution. Which of the following cable cab le types would you recommend? A. UTP B. Fi Fibe berr-op opti tic~ c~ C. Thin co coax D. STP 1.

Which ttwo wo of the followi following ng connectors connectors would would you use when when working working with fiber-o fiber-optic ptic cable? cable? A. ST~ B. RJ-45 C. SC~ D. RJ-11

1. Which of the the following following may may be a disadvantag disadvantagee of using shield shielded ed twisted-pai twisted-pairr cabling? cabling? A. It require requiress an AUI AUI connector connector on each end. B. It can only be used used in token token ring ring networks networks.. C. It must must be proper properly ly ground grounded.~ ed.~ D. Data Data rates rates are limit limited ed to 4Mbps. 4Mbps. 1. Which of the following following is an advantage advantage of fiber-opti fiber-opticc cable? cable? A. It's comparativel comparatively y easy easy to install. install. B. It's It's immune immune to EMI EMI interf interfere erence. nce.~ ~ C. It's It's comparat comparativel ively y inexpens inexpensive ive.. D. It requires requires littl littlee special specialized ized training training to instal install. l. 1. Which of the the following following IEEE IEEE standards standards specifi specifies es fiber-opti fiber-opticc technology? technology? A. IEEE IEEE 80 802. 2.12 12 B. IEEE EEE 8 802 02.8 .8~ ~ C. IEEE EEE 802. 802.3 3 D. IEEE EEE 8 802 02.5 .5 1. What kind kind of cable is is totally totally immune immune from EMI interf interference erence?? A. Fi Fiber ber-op -opti ticc cable cable~ ~ B. Cat Categor egory y3 C. Cat Categor egory y5 D. Coax Coaxia iall Cabl Cablee 1. What is not not usually usually a factor factor that can be attri attributed buted to losses losses in in fiber optic optic cable? cable? A. Impr Imprope operr spli splice cess B. Misali Misaligned gned connect connectors ors C. Too Too many many tw twis ists ts~ ~ D. Seve Severe re be bend ndss 1. Why is a bent cable cable in fiber fiber optics optics undesirable undesirable in in terms terms of signal signal loss? loss? A. It doe doess not not matt matter er.. B. Bent cable cable reacts with with the twists twists to create create more crosstal crosstalk. k. C. The cable cable is susceptib susceptible le to atmospheri atmosphericc noise when it it is bent. bent. D. The energy energy will refract refract into into the cladding cladding and be be lost.~ lost.~


1. An amplifier amplifier has an an input power power of 20 mW (mill (milliwatt iwatts) s) and a power output of 200 mW. What is the gain in decibels? A. 10 dB~ B. 5 dB C. 2 dB D. 1 dB 1. What does does a negative negative dB mean mean when evaluating evaluating the the performance performance of of a line? line? A. Your Your server server needs needs to be repl replace aced. d. B. Gain Gain of signal signal strengt strength. h. C. Nothin hing. D. Loss Loss of sign signal al stren strength gth.~ .~ 1. A particular particular advantag advantagee of category category 5 UTP UTP is that it it eliminate eliminatess _______. _______. A. all EM EMI B. a maxi maximu mum m dat dataa rrat atee C. cros crosst stal alk~ k~ D. the the need need for for NIC NICss

Objective 1.6: Identify the Purpose, Features, and Functions of the Following Network Components: Hubs, Switches, Bridges, Routers, Gateways, CSU/DSU, NICs, WAPs, and Modems 1. What type type of connecti connection on is require required d at a hub port port that's that's marked marked MDI-X? MDI-X? A.

Straight-through pinning at the port connector is required.~

B. Use an AUI AUI cabl cablee at tthe he port. port. C. A crossover crossover cable is require required d at the port. port. D. A BNC connect connector or must must be be used. used. 2. In addition addition to workstat workstations, ions, a 10BASE-T 10BASE-T hub hub has a router router connected connected to it. Which Which of the the following is a good indicator that the router is connected to the hub? A.

The 10BASE-T link light on the router~

B. The self self-te -test st ligh lights ts on on the hub hub C. The powe power-o r-on n light light on on the router  router  D. NI NIC C lin link k lig light htss 3. A brid bridge ge is is used used to to _____ ______. _. A. replac replacee multipl multiplee repeate repeaters rs B. interconnect interconnect only only networks networks of of the same same access access protocol protocol C. rerout reroutee data data around around LANs LANs D.

interconnect networks of different access protocols~

4. Consider Consider the followin following g description description of a network network and and choose the the best connecti connection on component component for it from those listed. An Ethernet LAN consists of 10 clients, a standalone server, and two  printers. The media used is category 5 UTP. A. Gateway B. MAU C.


D. Tran Transc scei eive ver  r 


5. A large LAN LAN has been segmente segmented d into two separat separatee LANs. Which Which network network element element is the  best choice for connecting the two LANs? A. A gate gatewa way y B. A hub C.

A router~

D. A NIC 6. A hub port port is is marked marked MDIMDI-X. X. What What does does this this mean? mean? A. The port port is u unava navaila ilable ble.. B.

A crossover cable is required at the port.~ C. A coaxial coaxial cabl cablee is req requir uired ed at th thee port. port. D. A separate separate transcei transceiver ver is requir required ed at the port. port. 7. You want to to connect two two networks networks that are are using using different different protocol protocols. s. What type type of device device should you use? A. Bridge B. Router  C. Repeater  D.


8. What UART UART chip chip is needed to to provide provide a modem modem connecti connection on of 115200 115200 bps? bps? A.


B. 82.xx C. 166.xx D. 169.xx 9. By using network network monitorin monitoring g tools, you you determine determine that your 10BASE 10BASE2 2 network is suffer suffering ing  performance degradation from too many collisions. Which of the following devices could you use to divide the network and therefore reduce the n number umber of collisions? A. Source Source-ro -route ute bridge bridge B.

Transparent bridge~

C. MSAU D. Et Ethe hern rnet et swi switc tch h 10. For many years, the the design department and the marketing department have operated separate networks. The design department uses AppleTalk and the marketing department uses token ring. Now, the two departments have decided that they want to be able to access files from each other's servers. What network device or service would you implement to facilitate this? A. Router  B. So Sour urce ce-r -rou oute te brid bridge ge C.


D. Tr Tran ansp spar aren entt bridge bridge 11. You are the network administrator administrator for a token ring network. A NIC in a system fails, and you replace it with a new one. However, the system is unable to connect to the network. What is the most likely cause of the problem? A. The card is is a 100Mbps card, card, and the the ring is config configured ured for only only 10Mbps. 10Mbps. B.

The card is set to the wrong ring speed.~

C. The card is set set to full-duplex, full-duplex, and the the ring is running running at only half-dupl half-duplex. ex. D. The The card card is fau fault lty. y.


19. Which of the following contains contains a transceiver that is used used to send and receive data frames on and off the network? A. Gateway B. Hub C. Router  D.


20. An Ethernet and a token ring LAN may be interconnected interconnected using a _______. A. repea epeatter  B. tran transc scei eive ver  r  C.  bridge~ D. fi fibe berr ca cabl blee 21. Which device is used to transfer transfer packets between different different networks? A. Bridge B.


C. Repeater  D. MAU 22. A node on an Ethernet LAN at IP needs to send a message to a node on a token ring LAN at IP Which of the following components will handle the task? A. Bridge B. Repeater  C.


D. Hub 23. Which of the following is is an advantage of using a dynamic rrouter? outer? A. It requires requires manual interventi intervention. on. B. It requires requires more more admini administra strative tive time. time. C. It's It's easier easier to to set up and and configu configure. re. D.

It requires less administrative time.~

24. following An Ethernet frame is to to be transported across the Internet Internet using TCP/IP. TCP/IP. Which of the is true? A. IP address addresses es are are discarded discarded at at each router. router. B. IP addres addresses ses are are updated updated at each each router. router. C. TCP is is discar discarded ded at each each rout router. er. D.

MAC addresses are updated at each router.~

25. By interpreting baselines, you you determine that the volume of traffic on your network network is reaching unacceptable levels. The network is a 10BASE-T system with hubs. Which of the following upgrade paths are you most likely to recommend? A. Implement Implement 100BASE-T 100BASE-T by replaci replacing ng all the network network cards and hubs with with 100Mbps devices. B.

Implement switches in place of the hubs.~ C. Install Install a router router to divide the network network int into o two segments, segments, thereby thereby reducing reducing the overall overall amount of network traffic. D. Impl Implem ement ent a bri bridge dge.. 26. Which of the following following is an end-to-end digital communication path?




B. PSTN C. POTS D. PPTP 27. A standalone computer may may connect to an ISP using a _______. A. pa patc tch h pa pane nell B. repe peaater  C. bridge D.


28. In an ISDN channel, signaling information information is contained in in the _______. A. BRI B. be bear arer er cha chann nnel el C.

data channel~

D. PRI 29. Which of the following following best describes describes active hubs and repeaters? A. Repeaters Repeaters link link network network segments segments while while active hubs hubs do not. B.

Both active hubs and repeaters restore signals.~

C. Repeaters Repeaters restore restore signal signal integri integrity ty while active active hubs hubs do not. D. Neither Neither active active hubs nor repeate repeaters rs link network network segment segments. s. 30. To directly connect the NIC cards cards in two personal computers, computers, what's needed? A. Hub B.

Crossover cable~

C. Router  D. Bridge 31. What is the function function of a repeater repeater?? A.

To boost the signal strength and restore its shape.~

B. To reconc reconcil ilee MAC and and IP addre address sses. es. C. To connec connectt differ different ent netw network orks. s. D. To connect connect Etherne Ethernett and token ring LANs. 32. Which of the following following statements best describes dynamic routing? A. Routin Routing g paths paths cannot cannot be changed changed.. B. The IEEE 802.2 802.2 protocol protocol stipula stipulates tes that routers routers will will be dynamic dynamic.. C.

Routers send and receive advertisements that automatically update the router  database.~

D. The network network administrat administrator or periodically periodically updates updates the router router database. database.

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