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Network Admin Assistant

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 _LESLIE KYLE MCDERMITT_  MCDERMITT_  _Home 719-573-6065; Cell 254-721-7448_  _4577 N. Enchanted Circle; Colorado Springs, CO 80917 [email protected]_  _Objective:_  _Seeking career change, the opportunity to learn, grow and advance in the IT field and build a long term, mutually beneficial partnership with and to become an expert in network administration and information security._  _Certifications and Qualifications:_  *  _CompTIA A+ certified; March March 2010_  *  _CompTIA Net+ certified; June 2010_  *  _CompTIA Sec+ certified; July 2010_  *  _MCTS Windows 7 Configuration; Configuration; pending_  *  _1.5 years building and installing installing network infrastructure infrastructure cabling_  *  _1.5 years rebuilding computer computer systems (XP, VISTA, VISTA, 7, 2003, 2008) from media and images_  *  _1.5 years troubleshooting troubleshooting network connectivity, hardware and software_  _Awards:_  *  _National Technical Honor Society; March 2010_  *  _Certificates of Perfect Attendance at Intellitec Colleges; July 2009 to present _  *  _Certificates of Honorary President's List GPA 4.0; 4.0; July 2009 to present _  *  _Driver of the Year_  *  _Professional of the Quarter_  Quarter_  *


_Meritorious Advancement U.S. Navy_  _Education:_  _Intellitec Colleges; Colorado Springs, CO Graduate December 2010_  _ASSOCIATES OF OCCUPATIONAL STUDIES DEGREE AS A COMPUTER NETWORK SYSTEMS TECHNICIAN_  _Participated in CNST work/study program at Intellitec Colleges July 2009 to present _  _Texas State Technical College 11 credit hrs towards computer programming degree_  _Hill College 19 credit hrs towards Bachelors Degree of Electrical/Electronics Engineering_  _US Navy Sonar Technician Electronics Courses_  __  _Work Experience:_     _IT_  *  _Ran Cat-5E plenum cable from IT equipment room to to various computer classrooms/labs_  *  _Cut out for and installed installed RJ-45 wall ports_  *  _Built and connected RJ-45 RJ-45 cable connectors per 568A/B 568A/B standards_  *  _Connected cable to patch panel, switches, servers, servers, printers and work stations_  *  _Tested and verified connectivity connectivity to all devices_  _LESLIE KYLE MCDERMITT HOME 719-573-6065; CELL 254-721-7448; PG. 2_  *  _Clean installation of Windows Windows XP, Vista, 7, Server Server 2003 and Linux operating systems from disk_  *  _Install Win 7 image to multiple multiple computers from Server Server 2008_  *  _Download and install drivers drivers from manufacturer web web sites and from disk_ 


*  _Troubleshoot network connectivity, connectivity, hardware and software _     _MANAGEMENT_  *  _Owned and operated interstate interstate trucking business (sole proprietor)_  *  _Managed terminal for petroleum petroleum products transport transport company_  *  _Trained new employees in direct sales environment_  environment_  _Work History:_  *  _Intellitec Colleges; Colorado Colorado Springs,CO July 2009 2009 to present_  *  _Central Refrigerated Services; Services; West Valley City, UT April 2005 to June 2009 _  _Owner Operator; Lease contract _  *  _Covenant Transport; Chattanooga,TN Chattanooga,TN June 2004 to April 2005 _  *  _Texas Transeastern; Pasadena,TX Pasadena,TX May 1998 to June 2004_  _Related skills:_  *  _Professional CommunicationCommunication- message composition, report writing and topic presentation_  *  _Networking + - understand understand basic topologies and protocols, protocols, TCP/IP and the internet, troubleshoot network problems, maintaining and upgrading a network _  *  _Operating Systems-support Systems-support common desktop and network network operating systems, installation, upgrading, file system organization, security, and network connectivity_  *  _A+ Essentials-identify hardware hardware compatibility and and installation of memory, motherboard, power supplies, drives, and able to troubleshoot all of the mentioned hardware, ability to build, repair, upgrade, and maintain computer hardware_ 


*  _Microsoft XP Professional, Professional, Vista, and Windows 7-install, 7-install, configure and administer OS. Manage file systems and storage. Use the system utilities, and setup users, groups, profiles and policies _  *  _Managing a Microsoft Server Server Environment-install, configure, administer and support the primary services in Windows Server OS, implementing Server 2003 Network Infrastructure; configure, manage, and troubleshoot server infrastructure_  *  _Web Design Basics-create WebHTML_  sites and Web pages using the Hypertext Markup Language, or *  _Network Security-understanding Security-understanding systems security, network infrastructure security, access control,assessments and audits, cryptography, and organizational security _  *  _6 years active duty U. S. S. Navy Sonar Technician _  *  _4 years direct sales ; managing managing and training new employees_ 

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