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Performance Appraisal Strengths

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I. Contents of getting performance appraisal strengths %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% &upervisors identify employee strengths by comparing performance standards to the manner ma nner in "hich employees perform their 'ob duties and tas$s. Performance appraisal!"orthy strengths include 'ob s$ills, capabilities and characteristics. Identifying strengths is 'ust the beginning, though. (hen supervisors identify employee strengths, employees learn about the areas "here they e)cel and more about the areas "here they can improve performance. Skills and Proficiencies *ob proficiency is clearly an important strength "orth mentioning in a performance appraisal. +mployees "ith e)cellent 'ob s$ills or proficiency demonstrate their e)pertise in performing the functional aspects of their 'obs. n administrative assistant, for e)ample, must be proficient "ith office programs and soft"are applications to provide support to managers and directors. n e)ample of a registered nurse-s proficiencies proficiencies is mastery of clinical procedures. Ethics and Integrity Personal characteristics such as "or$ ethic, business ethics and integrity are strengths measured "ithin a performance appraisal. ap praisal. lthough lthough uantitative measurement of personal characteristics is difficult, the actual measurement comes from peer evaluations and customer feedbac$. +mployees "ho demonstrate high levels of integrity usually find it easy to gain others- trust !! "hether they are co!"or$ers or e)ternal contacts such as clients, customers or colleagues outside the "or$place. Job Knowledge


*ob $no"ledge is a different measurement from 'ob s$ills. *ob $no"ledge demands understanding practices related to overall performance and ho" and "hen to apply certain  practices, rules or regulations.  human resources manager e)hibits strength in the area of 'ob $no"ledge by embracing appropriate human resources best practices, understanding employment trends and applying labor and employment la" to "or$ situations. *ob $no"ledge reuires that an employee $eep abreast of o f ne"s that affects his profession and his career, "hich sho"s an effort in building his reputation as "ell as contributions to his employer. Conscientiousness onscientious employees care about "or$ uality and customer satisfaction. 0hey demonstrate this through ensuring each step they ta$e during assigned pro'ects is done the proper "ay and "ill produce the best outcome. or instance, a sales employee follo"s up "ith calls to clients after each sale to determine if the customer is satisfied "ith the product or service. Commitment 0here are several "ays an employee can demonstrate commitment. 0" 0"o o popular "ays include stic$ing "ith the company during lean times and building a long record of success "hile "ith the company. ompanies in the gro"th stages of development depend heavily on employees "ho are committed to the organiation. In fact, the company-s gro"th depends on employees capable capab le of visualiing its success and using their talents to help achieve their o"n professional successes as "ell as the company-s co mpany-s goals. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

III. Performance appraisal methods

1. Essay Method In this method the rater "rites do"n the employee description in detail "ithin a number of broad categories li$e, overall impression of performance, promoteability of employee, e)isting capabilities and ualifications of  performing 'obs, strengths and "ea$nesses and training needs of the employee. dvantage  It is e)tremely useful in filing information gaps about the employees that often occur in a better!structured chec$list. 4isadvantages  It its highly dependent upon the "riting s$ills of rater and most of them are not good "riters. 0hey may get confused success depends on the memory


 po"er of raters.

2. Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales statements of effective and ineffective behaviors determine the points. 0hey are said to be  behaviorally anchored. 0he rater is supposed to say, "hich behavior describes the employee  performance. dvantages dvantages  helps overcome rating errors. 4isadvantages  &uffers from distortions inherent in most rating techniues.

3. Rating Scale 5ating scales consists of several numerical scales representing 'ob related performance criterions such as dependability, initiative, initiative, output, attendance, attendanc e, attitude etc. +ach scales ranges from e)cellent to poor. 0he total numerical scores are computed and final conclusions are derived. dvantages  daptability, daptability, easy to use, lo" cost, every type of 'ob can be evaluated, large number of employees covered, no formal training reuired. 4isadvantages  5ater-s biases

4 Checklist method


6nder this method, chec$list of statements of traits of employee in the form of 7es 7es or 8o based uestions is  prepared. 9ere the rater only does the reporting or chec$ing and 95 department does the actual evaluation. dvantages  economy, econo my, ease of administration, limited training reuired, standardiation. 4isadvantages  5aters  biases, use of improper "eighs by 95, does not allo" rater to give relative ratings

!"anking #ethod

0he ran$ing system reuires the rater to ran$ his subordinates on overall performance. 0his consists in simply putting a man in a ran$ order. 6nder this method, the ran$ing of an employee in a "or$ group is done against that of another employee. 0he relative position of each employee is tested in terms of his h is numerical ran$. It may also be done by ran$ing a person on his 'ob  performance against another member of the competitive group. $d%antages of "anking #ethod +mployees are ran$ed according to their  performance levels. It is easier to ran$ the best and the "orst employee. &imitations of "anking #ethod 0he :"hole man; is compared "ith another :"hole man; in this method. In practice, it is very difficult to compare individuals possessing various individual traits.

0his method spea$s only of the position "here an


employee stands in his group. It does not test anything about ho" much better or ho" much "orse an employee is "hen compared to another employee. (hen a large number of employees are "or$ing, "o r$ing, ran$ing of individuals become a difficult issue. 0here is no systematic procedure for ran$ing individuals in the organiation. 0he ran$ing system does not eliminate the possibility of snap 'udgements.

<. Critical Incidents Method 0he approach is focused on certain critical behaviors of employee that ma$es all the difference in the  performance. &upervisors as and "hen they occur record such incidents. dvantages  +valuations are based on actual 'ob behaviors, ratings are supported by by descriptions, feedbac$ is easy, reduces recency biases, chances of subordinate improvement are high. 4isadvantages  8egative incidents can be prioritied, forgetting incidents, overly close supervision= feedbac$ may be too much and may appear to be punishment.

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