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Perspective Drawing is a techniqe se! t" repr Perspective represent esent three#!i$ensi"na% i$ages "n a tw"#!i$ensi"na% pictre p%ane& In "r series "' %ess"ns "n perspective !rawing we e(p%ain the vari"s $eth"!s "' c"nstrcting an i$age with perspective an! sh"w h"w these are a re se! )* artists an! i%%strat"rs& +& One One#p" #p"int int per perspe specti ctive ve , !rawing has "ne#p"int perspective when it c"ntains "n%* "ne vanishing p"int "n the h"ri-"n %ine& This t*pe "' perspective is t*pica%%* se! '"r i$ages "' r"a!s. rai%wa* trac/s. ha%%wa*s. "r )i%!ings viewe! s" that the 'r"nt is !irect%* 'acing the viewer& ,n* ")0ects that are $a!e p "' %ines either !irect%* para%%e% with the viewer1s %ine "' sight "r !irect%* perpen!ic%ar 2the rai%r"a! s%ats can )e repr represente! esente! with "ne#p"int perspective& These para%%e% %ines c"nverge at the vanishing p"int& 4& Tw"#p"in w"#p"intt persp perspecti ective ve , !rawing has tw"#p"int perspective when it c"ntains tw" vanishing p"ints "n the h"ri-"n %ine& In an i%%strati"n. these vanishing p"ints can )e p%ace! ar)itrari%* a%"ng the h"ri-"n& Tw"#p"int perspective can )e se! t" !raw the sa$e ")0ects as "ne#p"int perspective. r"tate!5 %""/ing at the c"rner "' a h"se. "r %""/ing at tw" '"r/e! r"a!s shrin/ int" the !istance. '"r e(a$p%e& One p"int represents "ne set "' para%%e% %ines. the "ther p"int repr represents esents the "ther& L""/ing at a h"se 'r"$ the c"rner. "ne wa%% w"%! rece!e t"war!s "ne vanishing p"int. the "ther wa%% w"%! rece!e t"war!s the "pp"site vanishing p"int& 3& Thr Three# ee#p"i p"int nt per perspe specti ctive ve  Three#p"int perspective perspective sa%%* se! '"r )i )i%!ings %!ings seen 'r"$ 2"r 2"rwa%%. )e%"w& In a!!iti"n t" theistw" vanishing p"ints 'r"$ )e'"re. "nea)"ve '"r each there is n"w "ne '"r h"w th"se wa%%s rece!e int" the gr"n!& This thir! vanishing p"int wi%% )e )e%"w the gr"n!& L""/ing p at a ta%% )i%!ing is an"ther c"$$"n e(a$p%e "' the thir! vanishing p"int& This ti$e the thir! vanishing p"int is high in space& 6& F" F"r r#p" #p"int int pers perspec pectiv tive e F"r#p"int perspective. a%s" ca%%e! in7nite#p"int perspective. is the F"r#p"int crvi%inear 2see crvi%inear perspective perspective variant "' tw"#p"int perspective& , '"r#p"int '"r #p"int perspective i$age can repr represent esent a 389: pan"ra$a. an! even )e*"n! 389: t" !epict i$p"ssi)%e scenes& This perspective can )e se! with



either a h"ri-"nta% "r a vertica% h"ri-"n %ine5 in the %atter c"n7grati"n it can !epict )"th a w"r$1s#e*e an! )ir!1s#e*e view view "'  "' a scene at the sa$e ti$e&

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