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Philippines Income Tax Rates

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PHILIPPINES INCOME TAX RATES Income of residents in Philippines is taxed progressively between 5% - 32% in 2009:

Personal Income Tax Payable, 2009 PhP 0 - PhP 10,000: 5% PhP 10,000 - PhP 30,000: PhP 500 10% PhP 30,000 - PhP 70,000: PhP 2,500 15% PhP 70,000 - PhP 140,000: PhP 8,500 20% PhP 140,000 - PhP 250,000: PhP 22,500 25% PhP 250,000 - PhP 500,000: PhP 50,000 30% Over PhP 500,000: PhP 125,000 32%  The above rates also apply to individuals who derive income from business (including capital capital gains from the sale transfer or exchange of shares in a foreign corporation)) or from the practice of a profession. corporation Income is divided into the following three categories which are taxed separately.

Compensation Employment Income: This income is taxed at progressive Compensation progressive rates on gross income after deduction of personal and additional exemptions but without deductions for expenses. Passive Income: This income (i.e. dividends, certain interest, royalties, etc) is subject to final withholding tax only. Business Income And Professional Income: This income is taxed at progressive rates on net business income, or income from the practice of a profession, i.e. after deduction of certain specified expenses and any excess of personal and additional exemptions over compensation income.

Taxable income

This website stores data such as cookies to enable essential site Resident citizens: Resident citizens of the Philippines are taxed on all their net functionality, as well as marketing, income derived from sources within and without the Philippines. personalization, and analytics. You may change your settings at any time Alien individuals: An alien individual, whether a resident or not of the Philippines, is or accept the default settings.

taxable only on income derived from sources within the Philippines. Resident aliens are taxed in the same manner as resident citizens on income sourced within the Philippines. Privacy Policy Marketing  Tax is generally withheld in sufficient amounts from salary and wages to satisfy the

final tax liability. If not, then the balance must be paid when filing the return, which is required on or before 15 April of the year following the year of income. In some

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cases, income tax liability may be paid in two equal instalments.


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Resident individuals: individuals: See income tax chart for 2009 above.

Optional Standard Deduction (OSD): Except for individuals earning compensation compensati on income, resident citizen, non-resident citizen, and resident aliens shall be allowed to claim OSD in lieu of the itemized deductions of ordinary and necessary expenses paid or incurred during the year. The OSD allowed shall be a maximum of 40% of gross sales or gross receipts.


PHILIPPINES CORPORATE TAX RATE Corporate income tax rate both for domestic and resident foreign corporations in Philippines is 30%. Company tax is payable by domestic companies on all income derived from sources within and without the Philippines. Foreign corporations, corporations, whether resident or nonresident, are taxable only on income derived from sources within the Philippines. However, non-resident foreign corporations are, in certain circumstances, subject to a final withholding tax on passive (investment) incomes at rates generally higher than the applicable tax rates applying to domestic and resident foreign corporations. Resident companies are those that are created or organised under the laws of the Philippines or foreign companies duly licensed to engage in trade or business in the Philippines.  The corporate income tax rate both for domestic and resident foreign corporations is 30% based on net taxable income. Excluded from the income tax are dividends received from domestic corporations; interest on Philippine currency bank deposit

and yield anyasother monetary benefit from deposit substitutes and from trust This website stores dataor such fundsessential and similar cookies to enable site arrangements; and other passive income previously subject to final taxes. functionality, as well as marketing, personalization, and analytics. You Interest income from the expanded foreign currency deposit is subject to a may change your settings at anyderived time final taxsettings. of 7.5%. All other interest earned by domestic and resident foreign or accept the default corporations corporation s is subject to a 20% final withholding tax. Privacy Policy Regional operating headquarters headquarters are taxed at 10% on taxable income. Marketing Special economic zone enterprises duly registered with the Philippines Economic Economic

Zone Authority are taxed at the rate of 5% on gross income in lieu of national and Personalization

local taxes, except real property tax. The term 'gross income' refers to gross sales


or gross revenue derived from the business activity within the Ecozone, net of sales discount, sales returns and allowances, allowances, less the cost of sales or direct costs but


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before deduction is made for administrative administrative expenses and incidental losses during the taxable period.  The tax year runs for the calendar year although approval of the Commissioner of  Internal Revenue can be obtained for the adoption of a fiscal year. Tax is payable in four quarterly instalments, with every corporation filing quarterly income tax returns for the first three quarters and tax being payable 60 days following the end of each quarter. A final return covering the full year is required to be lodged 105 days after year end at which time the balance of tax, after deducting the prior three instalments and creditable withholding tax, is payable. Any excess is refundable or can be claimed as tax credit against future tax payments.

Minimum corporate income tax A minimum corporate income tax of 2% based on the gross income is imposed beginning on the fourth taxable year immediately following the commencement of  the business operation of the corporation. Any excess of the minimum corporate income tax over the normal income tax may be carried forward and credited against the normal income tax for the three taxable years immediately succeeding succeeding..  The computation and the payment of MCIT shall likewise apply at the time of filing of the quarterly corporate income tax.  The term 'gross income' for the purpose of applying the minimum corporat corporate e income tax shall mean the gross sales less sales returns, discount discounts s and allowances and cost of goods sold.  The Secretary of Finance, however, may suspend the imposition of the minimum corporate income tax on any corporation which suffers losses on account of  prolonged labour dispute, or because of force majeure or because of legitimate business reverses.

Capital sharescorporation of stock: net capital gains from the the sale of  shares ofgains stock tax of a on domestic corpora tion The not listed and traded through

This website stores data such as Philippine Stock cookies to enable essential site Exchange are taxed on a per transaction basis at the rate of 5% on the firstasPhP 100,000 and 10% in excess of said amount. On the other hand, the sale functionality, as well marketing, of shares of stock personalization, and analytics. Youof a domestic corporation through the Philippine Stock Exchange or through the initial may change your settings at any time public offering is subject to a percentage tax on the transaction at the rate of 1/2 of 1% of the selling price. Any gain or loss from said or accept the default settings.

transaction is not considered for income tax purposes.

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Capital gains tax on sale of real property: The sale of land, building and other

Marketing real properties classified as capital asset is subject to 6% final capital gains tax

based on the gross selling price, current fair market value or zonal value at the time Personalization of sale, whichever is higher.

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Improperly accumulated earnings tax: The 10% improperly accumulated earnings tax (IAET) is imposed on improperly accumulated taxable income earned by closely held corporations. The term 'closely held corporation' refers to corporations corporation s where at least 50% of the capital stock or voting power is owned directly or indirectly by or for not more than 20 individuals. The tax base of the 10% IAET is the taxable income of the current year plus income exempt from tax, income excluded from gross income, income subject to final tax, and the amount of net operating loss carry-over deducted. It is reduced by income tax for the current year, dividends actually or constructively paid, and amount reserved for the reasonable needs of the business.  The IAET does not apply to the following corporations: corporations: (a) banks and other non-bank financial intermediaries (b) insurance companies (c) publicly-held corporations (d) taxable partnerships (e) general professional professional partnerships partnerships (f) non-taxable joint venture (g) duly registered enterprises located within the special economic zones which enjoy payment of preferential tax rate.

Branch profits tax: A branch is classified as a resident foreign corporation. corporation. As such, it is subject to income tax at the rate of 30% on its net income derived within the Philippines. Any branch profit to be remitted to the Head Office is additionally taxed at the rate of 15%. For purposes of branch profit remittance, income items which are not effectively connected with the conduct of its trade or business in the Philippines are not considered branch profits. Such income items include interests, dividends, rents, royalties, including remuneration for technical services, salaries, wages, premiums, annuities, emoluments emoluments or other fixed or determinable annual, periodic or casual gains, profits, income and capital gains received during each taxable year from all sources within the Philippines. To be 'effectively connected', it is not necessary that the income be derived from the actual operation of the branch's trade or business. It is sufficient that the income arises from the business activity in which the branch is engaged.

This website stores data such as However, thesite 15% branch profit tax does not apply to profits remitted by a branch cookies to enable essential coming from those activities duly registered with the Philippine Economic Zone functionality, as well as marketing, Authority (PEZA). personalization, and analytics. You may change your settings at any time or accept the default settings.

Fringe benefits tax: Fringe benefits furnished or granted in cash or in kind by an employer to an individual employee (except rank and file employees) are taxed at the rate of 32% based on the grossed-up monetary value of the fringe benefits. Privacy Policy Marketing

Local taxes: There are no local taxes other than local authority rates and local Personalization (business)) taxes and permit fees. (business

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Percentage taxes: Percentage taxes are imposed on carriers (domestic or international), internationa l), franchises, banks, financial intermediaries, finance companies, life insurance companies, agents of foreign insurance companies, overseas communications, amusement, winnings and stock transactions.

Initial public offering (IPO) tax: Sale, barter, exchange or other disposition through initial public offering of shares of stock in closely held corporations is taxed at the rates provided below based on the gross selling price or gross value in money of the shares of stock sold, bartered, exchanged or otherwise disposed of in accordance to the total outstanding shares of stock after the listing in local stock exchange: - Up to 25%: 4% - Over 25% but not over 33.33%: 2% - Over 33.333%: 1%

Excise taxes: Excise taxes are imposed on alcohol and tobacco products, petroleum and mineral products, automobiles and certain nonessential goods.

Documentary stamp tax: Documentary stamp tax is imposed on certain documents including shares certificates, certificates, bank cheques, bonds, sales documents of  real properties and mortgages. mortgages.

Real property tax: Real property tax is imposed on owners of real property and is calculated on the assessed value of the property.

Tax on Dividends: Dividends received by a Philippine corporation or by a resident foreign corporation corporation from a Philippine corporation corporation are not subject to income tax. However, resident individuals receiving dividends are subject to 10% final income tax. No credit granted for underlying corporate profits out of which the dividends are This website stores dataissuch as declared. However, a domestic corporation that owns a majority of the voting stock cookies to enable essential site ofasa well foreign corporation from which it receives dividends is deemed to have paid the functionality, as marketing, underlying foreign personalization, and analytics. You taxes. may change your settings at any time or accept the default settings.

Tax on Interest deductions: Interest is deductible on a cash or accrual basis depending upon the taxpayer's method of accounting but shall be reduced by 42% Privacy Policy to the extent that a portion of interest income has been subjected to final tax. Effective 1 January 2009, the percentage shall be 33%. Where interest is paid to a Marketing foreign lender, it will remain deductible so long as it is incurred in connection with the trade or business of the taxpayer. Personalization Analytics

Tax on Foreign sourced income: A Philippine (domestic) corporation is taxed on


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worldwide income. Foreign income income is taxed when earned or received, depending on the accounting method used by the taxpayer. Resident foreign corporations are taxed in the Philippines only on Philippine source income. income.

Foreign tax relief: Relief from double taxation is provided by way of tax treaties and/or by means of foreign tax credits. The treaties generally define when a taxpayer will be deemed for income tax purposes to be doing business in the Philippines.

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