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Repair Procedure For Rubber Lining

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This procedure covers the method of inspection and site repair work for defective area of rubber lining (semi-hard). 2.0 

Inspection Method ( In accordance of Chinese Standard HG/T 20677-1990)

The rubber lining will be inspected 100% on its quality. Visual inspection is first carried out on the surface of the rubber lining to ensure that the surface appearance is good. The depth of any indentation of the surface damages should not be more than 0.5 mm. The bonding between the lining and the steel surfaces should be good. Use the thickness measuring equipment ( such as Elcometer) to check the thickness of  the rubber lining. Normally the number of checking points is 5~10 depending on the shape and size of the vessel. Measure the hardness of rubber using the Hardness meter. The hardness range of the semi-hard rubber should should be 7 70~90 0~90 Shore A. Normally the number number of checking points is 5~10 depending on the shape and size of the vessel. The rubber lining is finally checked for any defects using usi ng Spark Test Instrument. Any defects will be indicated by the alarm. The surface su rface should be clean and dry during testing and the Spark Test Sensor should not be idling at the rubber surface otherwise the high voltage of the machine will damage the lining. 3.0 

Method of Repair

1.  First clean the surface of damaged area and ensure that the surface is dry and clean repairing. 2.   before Grinding the interface with 30 - 45 gradients. 3.  Prepare the resin mixture in the ratio of :Epoxy resin 4 Hardener 1 Bakelite powder 2 Ester 0.1 4. Apply the mixture compound on the surface or interface of rubber lining evenly. After  more than 30 minutes and make sure the mixture is solidified, grind and smoothen the surface of repair and check the area by spark test.  º

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