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Professor: Engr. Seigfred Prado

Members: Andico, Alyssa Fajardo, Frederick Ignacio, Jeff  Marty, Marc Bryan Mercado, Aaron Solano, Ariel

Job Standard is a work performance in terms of quantity and quality expected from each employee.

Wage standards are the wage terms accepted by both the employer and employee in a contract. What is the difference between Wage and Salary?  A wage is better because you get paid for how many hours you work, while, with a salary, you get a set amount of payment. An example of a job that gets a salary is a teacher. It doesn't matter how much homework they grade over weekends and vacations, they get the same amount of money. Wage is payment received by an employee in exchange for labor. It may be in goods or services or food during the labor and its improvement. As per the old custom, the wage is decided as per the hardship of the work, for example, a mason $100, a carpenter $110, a helper $60, a supervisor $80, or so. Besides, when once paid, the relationship of the worker and employer is over. But salary, is the form of money only, i.e., is paid or regular basis such a weekly, monthly along with related insurance plan and retirement benefits and it is fixed on the basis of category / nature of work. A person can get different wages in the same month depending on the work he does but a person can get only one fixed salary for a month. A person who earns wages has no fixed work whereas the person earning salary have a fixed post and a particular work schedule to do.

Wage is paid only on the basis of the work done, irrespective of provision of work by the employer or not, but what the worker has carried out, whereas salary is paid every interval of week or month based on the schedule of work entrusted and not the work carried out. In terms of accounts, wages is direct expense and is included in trading account whereas salary is indirect expense and is included in profit and loss account. Labor wages

Labor wages in the Philippines can be viewed through the official website of the Department of Labor and Employment, National Wages and Productivity Commision. LINK - http://www.nwpc.dole.gov.ph

Regulation on Conditions of Employment

1. Minimum Wage Rate The minimum wage rate for Non-Agriculture employees established under Wage Order No. NCR 15 is P404 per day, but in May 9, 2011, a (cost of living allowance) of P22 per day was added to P404 wage, making the minimum wage P426 as of the current date. COLA was also added to the previous P367 minimum wage for the following sectors: Agriculture, Private Hospitals (with bed capacity of 100 or less), and manufacturing establishments (with less than 10 workers), leaving the sectors with P389 as minimum wage 2. Regular Work Hours and Rest Period The Labor Code set the regular hours of work per day to be no more than 8 hours and not exceeding 5 days a week. Health personnel such as nurses, pharmacists, midwives, paramedical technicians, physicians, and more, are exempted to the 5 days working limit if  their services are deemed necessary, but with an additional compensation of 30% of their regular wage rate. 3. Rest Days All employees have the right to have a 24 consecutive hours of rest day after every 6 days of  work. Employers are responsible for determining and scheduling the rest day of employees except only if the employee prefers a different day based on religious grounds. However, the employer may require an employee to work during his/her rest day in cases of  emergencies, special circumstances at work in which employees are seriously needed, to prevent losses or damage to any goods or to the employer, and other cases that have reasonable grounds.

In our Video Report, we discussed some of the Labor issues concerning wages which are in the form of a question and have been answered by us live, and some are answered via another video.

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