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Joshua Deeden
Ruby on Rails Developer / Advisor at Freetestbank [email protected]

Ruby on Rails developer and general technologist of modest talent.

ruby, rails 2 & 3, sinatra, rvm, git, bundler, capistrano, passenger, nginx, rubymine, rspec, cucumber, unix, aws (ec2, s3, rds, etc), mongodb, redis, mysql, heroku, resque, rightscale, haml, compass, sass, blueprint, 960grid, jquery

Ruby on Rails Developer / Mentor at Freetestbank August 2010 - Present (1 month) · Worked with founders to develop Freetestbank.com, a website where college students can share classroom-related documents such as notes and exams. · Built the basic professor search feature. · Introduced Bundler to handle gem dependencies and save time. · Refactored existing code to be DRYer, more efficient, and more readable. · Mentored junior developer on Ruby/Rails best practices. · Advised founders on potential scalability and performance issues the site may encounter and how to solve them. 1 recommendation available upon request Ruby on Rails Developer at Play MegaPhone December 2008 - August 2010 (1 year 9 months) · Developed internal configuration management application and API using Ruby on Rails. The app allowed system administrators to manage configuration data for the Megaphone platform through a web interface, and other components in the platform to retrieve/store data via a RESTful XML API. · Developed a feature to allow system administrators to easily add and configure multiple SMS API vendors and protocols. · Used resque/redis to handle long running tasks, such as audio conversions and SMS sends. · Used MongoDB to improve SMS processing performance. · Setup and managed EC2 deployments using Rightscale. Ruby on Rails Developer at MetaFoundry May 2008 - September 2008 (5 months) Worked on a 40 hour per week contract for an Interactive design, technology and marketing company. Building Ruby on Rails applications integrating with a Java back end.
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Ruby on Rails Developer at V Street Media October 2007 - May 2008 (8 months) Helped founder design and build a simple website and content management system using Ruby on Rails. Ruby on Rails Developer at This Design Studio February 2007 - October 2007 (9 months) Developed simple websites and content management systems for Oyhoo.com and Bonnaroo.com using Ruby on Rails. Java / Ruby on Rails Developer at Flavorpill Productions February 2006 - February 2007 (1 year 1 month) • Designed and built the Miami.flavorpill.net website and content management system using Ruby on Rails. • Built new subscription system for entire Flavorpill network in Ruby on Rails. Integrates with Silverpop EMS for mail delivery. • Built numerous components for legacy Java-based website using Spring, Hibernate, Lucene and other Java libraries. • Managed both development and production environments, including the installation and administration of Subversion, Mongrel, Apache, Linux, etc. Java Developer at GPShopper February 2005 - December 2005 (11 months) • Singularly responsible for the architecture, design, and implementation of the server side of a comparison shopping engine targeting mobile clients. • Also resposible for building the Retailer Console web application. • Integrated TrustCommerce payment processing via Java API. • Managing all of our remotely hosted Linux server environments. • Configured and managed JIRA and Confluence deployments. • Technologies and APIs used include, but are not limited to: Java 5, J2EE 1.4, Spring Framework 1.2, Spring WebFlow, Hibernate 3.0, Maven, Lucene, JSTL and Tiles. • http://www.slifter.com (Web version of search engine) Java Developer at VMware March 2004 - February 2005 (1 year) Senior Java Developer 3/2004 to 2/2005 • Java development of end-to-end features for the VMware online store and internal ordering web applications. • Managed the QA and production Weblogic 8.1 application servers. • Revamped the existing ad-hoc build system to use Apache Maven. • Introduced Spring and Hibernate into the code base, ultimately resulting in a more flexible and change-resilient application.

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• Linux and Apache administration.

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Joshua Deeden
Ruby on Rails Developer / Advisor at Freetestbank [email protected]

1 person has recommended Joshua
"Josh was brought in to help sort out last minute development problems with our Rails application, but he did much more than that. Josh fixed our problems and mentored our other developer on how to fix future problems. Without Josh we would have simply not finished, not even on time, we would not have finished. Joshua Deeden is a closer." — Alexander Baldwin, Designer, Kiwi Grove, worked directly with Joshua at Freetestbank

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