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Scam The World Forever #1 ------------------------By: The Rocker & ------------------------A United States Pirate's Guild Presentation ------------------------Uploaded by Elric of Imrryr Lunatic Labs UnLtd Formatted for 80 columns ------------------------------------------------[ S c a m S ] ------------------------------------------------Welcome to the world of scam. If you like to play dirty, get revenge, or are a fucking cuff, then this phile is phor you. -TRR #1: Absolutely Free Merchandise Walk into a pharmacy, small store, liquor store, etc. Have a friend wait outside. Tell him to enter the store 1 or 2 minutes minutes after you do. While you decoy the sales attendant asking him/her a thousand questions about a package of band-aids that you wish you could buy but you're a dollar short. Ask him/her what kind of material the band-aids are made out of. Ask him/her how long they last, and if they can last through taking a shower. Just ask bullshit. Make sure the store has only 1 attendant, this works best. While the bullshitter is bullshitting bullshitting with the clerk/attendant/sucker, your friend will sneak in on his hands and knees and snag anything he can find. Make sure you bullshit the person for about 3 or 4 minutes to give your friend enough time to cuff. Also vica-versa, vica-versa, you can can do the cuffing while your friend puts on the scam. The best way to scam is to lure the attendant to the other side of the store wheras the cuffer will be on the other side of the store getting everything everything that looks good. If the store has 2 doors, the bullshitter should enter from one and the scammer should enter quietly and unseen from the other.. A friend of mine and I went into the local pharmacy and got away with a Sony Walkman, a watchradio, and a carton of Marlboro's!! Marlboro's!! The plaza is crawling with rental cops but we're crazy enough. Are you? #2: Smuggling The next time you go on vacation, if you ever have anything to smuggle through the metal detectors in the airports, put it (Whatever it may be, drugs, paraphanalia, small items, etc.) inside your battery pack of your WALKMAN (Hope you have one, I do, HEHE) and put 2 batteries over the item(s) and put the plastic cover back on. This way, if the metal detectors pick up anything, they will think it's something in the Walkman, or the batteries, whatever.. I did it with an eighth of buds (squeeze) from Hawaii. Worked Great. #3: Credit Cards Get out your local phone book and look up someone, anyone. Pick someone that sounds rich, make sure the address and full name is listed. Call

up your victim and tell them that they have won a trip for 2, all expenses paid, to Hawaii. Then tell them, that to verify their winnings, you need their credit card #, visa or MC. If they are a sucker, they will do it. If they ask questions, don't hang up, answer them with your scam intelligence. Also, if they ask who you are, tell them you are Mr. Davenport (example) from Transpo express company, and that they won the trip from a random pick out of the phone book. If this doesn't convince them, call someone else. Then CC something to their credit card. This worked for someone that BK (Blacknight) knows. Remember, absolutely free! #4: Magazine Subscriptions To receive the magazine of your choice, (e.g. Personal Computing, Hit Parader, Golf & Tennis <whatever the fuck>, all you have to do is go into a store that sells the magazine and take out one of the order cards, it's about 6 by 5 inches. Fill it out in a fake name, and check the box to "bill me later". Usually you won't need a stamp for business reply mail so just drop it in a mailbox. You can expect your first magazine soon. When/if someone comes to your house asking about the bill that is due, tell them you never ordered it in the first place. They can't do shit. Also remember to leave a fake phone number on the card. Enjoy. #5: Ghastly revenge Someone bug the hell out of you?


What you need: 1 Gallon of paint: (bright green, red, blue, black) Go over to your victim's house at about 12:00 midnight. Pour the paint all over there Mercedes or on their brand new car. A few other objects of distruction can be their cat, dog, front door, garage, walkway, plants-flowers, windows. Don't forget to add a touch of madness by pouring feathers, dirt, grass, cotton balls, dogshit, onto the newly painted/thrashed surface. They will be thrilled. #6: Operation bankrupcy Is there a local school that you don't like near you? There are many ways to terrorize a school. For example, a high school has a lot of hidden stashes. Go to the school bookroom and ask the attendant for a book for your studies. While he/she is checking (usually it's some old bag), look around for a file cabinet, box, etc. Most schools usually have a money stash in the bookroom. Scam on some cash. The school bank also has quite a bit of money. #7: Tape scams Go to Record Factory or any records and tape store basically and journey to the tape section. Take your pick. Unseen, have a key in your hand. In most music stores, they have those protective plastic covers with the magnetic inventory strip inside. They protect against shoplifters, naturally. Anyways, these hard to open objects are not hard anymore. Move to the farthest end of the store with your choice of tapes. Try and not let anyone see you take this tape with you. Quickly and as quiet as possible, insert the key into the 4-6 slots and pry upward until each one pops out. Remove the tape and stash the plastic cover behind some records or something. BE FUCKING CAREFUL, VERY DANGEROUS UNLESS YOU ARE AN EXPERIENCED SCAM ARTIST.

Scam the world forever by BK & TRR Speed Demon Elite BBS The Whore House Sysop: BK Coming Dec 24, 1985! 20 Megs- The Ultimate

415-522-3074 xxx-xxx-xxxx

Till my next phile... The Rocker/USPG Blacknight/USPG

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