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School Information Management Software - V3

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School Information Management System
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Smooth functionality that automates 90% of menial work Improve brand-image of school Instant reporting capabilities Complete control and monitoring through web, email and SMS Collaborative approach to share information between teachers, students, parents and administrative staff An effective tool for monitoring performance of Students, Teachers, Staff and Administrators Streamline the whole management system Event management calendars and alerts Reduce the paper work Transparency & Accountability in processes Minimizes communication time and enables generation of critical data from integrated process Web enabled & can be accessed from anywhere, anytime Also accessible trough WAP & SMS Easy to use, very intuitive Needs only basic computer knowledge Completely hosted solution – server and software management is handled by DigitalEdu High performance servers provided uptime as per international standards Scalable, Robust and Reliable platform

School Information Management System


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DigitalEdu is a Software company, dedicated to help Educational Institutions around the globe to acquire the competitive edge necessary for survival and growth. We provide cutting-edge world class IT products & services fulfilling the needs of Educational Systems. We aim to facilitate affordable technological solutions and provide support to upgrade learning medium at world class standards, through collaboration and sharing of Experience, Knowledge and Technology!

Technology Center: 16 East Joseph Street, Moonachie, NJ – USA 07074 Telefax: +1 6462297259 India Office: Shree Nathji Heights, Plot No. 72, CDC Purnanager, Chinchwad, Pune – 411019 Maharashtra India Phone: Mobile: E-mail: Website: +91 20 2749 0009 089750 89599, 09423 005866 [email protected] www.DigitalEdu.net

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School Information Management System
School Information Management System (SIMS) is a user-friendly and comprehensive Web based School Information Management Software and is offered as a completely managed service to the school. It is an interactive platform for all entities and stakeholders around any educational institutes viz. Students, Parents, Teachers, Management, Administrators and the Alumni. Technology enables real-time, automated, costeffective access control, monitoring, and analysis of relevant data. Managed services offering benefit users by significantly reducing the capital investment and complexity of handling IT infrastructure and shield them from the issues of Technology obsolescence and upkeep, thereby enhancing technology utilization. Benefits for Administrative Staff
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Manage centrally departments Institutes & campuses Manage course listings Manage staff, students and parents accounts Generate school time table effortlessly Better managements of school resources Broadcast critical messages and notices Receive/Generate various report Directly communicate with parents Monitor staff performances Manage feedback from all entities around school Manage student attendance and performance Manage assignment & submission deadlines Directly collaborate and communicate with parents Receive/Generate various useful reports Manage personal attendance and leaves Monitor child’s daily Performance Read school notices and announcements Know your child’s schedules and subjects Know your child's homework Know what child has missed when absent Know if child had any disciplinary Issue at School Get the report cards online and analyze the progress Directly communicate with school

Benefits for Teachers
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It is a simple, yet powerful and an integrated platform that connects all the departments of an institution and knits them into a complete whole. SIMS addresses the various functional areas of School Administration and Management, Student and Parents Interaction, Knowledge Management and Student performance tracking and management. Deployment of SIMS is generally an initiative by the institution to elevate the quality and efficiency standards to match the best in a global scenario.

Benefits for Parents
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Modules of SIMS • Attendance Management • Progress Report Management • School Notice Management • Email & SMS Reporting • Timetable Management • Homework/Assignment Management • Parent School Communication • Admission Management • Fee Management • House Activity Management • Healthcare Management • Food Service Management • Library Management • Transportation Management • Staff Activity Management

Benefits for Students Enroll in courses, classes, special events Check marks, homework, school notices ▪ Get exposure to computerized world
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