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Setting Up A Viable Business In The Given Capital

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Setting Up A Viable Business In The T he Given Capital

Given Capital: Rs. 1,00,000 Description of the business Name of the Company:  Bespoke Baazaar

Business: Online store for unique and customized gifts and experiences.

Industry: E-Commerce

Nature of business:  Retail E-Commerce Store.

Revenue Source: Sale of products, experiences and advertisements on the website.

Personalized gifts stand out as an exclusive symbol of affection and appreciation as in recent times ti mes the culture of presenting gifts is i s becoming more and more fashionable. Unlike any other commercial product, a personalized gift is custom-made to the preferences of the receiver. The elite aspects of personalized gifts therefore formulate them far better than buying expensive products. As personalized gifts entail unique care and attention to the recipient's likes and thoughts, they turn out to be far better to other presents. Once you have molded a gift to suite a particular event as well as your respected one's taste, it is sure to be admired more than the most expensive items in the market.

Some of the unique qualities that make personalized gifts superior than choosing the expensive presents are listed below:

Unforgettable souvenir - By giving our loved ones a personalized gift, we  build gorgeous memories and make the event as well as the gift really long lasting and unforgettable.

Infinite options - One of the most prominent dimensions of giftin g such  presents is that regardless of being matchless, they are offered in a wide variety of options that you can chose from depending upon their personalit and preferences and likes.

Cost effective - While a person can select from a broader array of options,  personalized gifts are very sensibly priced which further makes them a  perfect selection to present as Diwlali and seasonal gifts, celebration favors as well as to associates and colleagues.

Thoughtful Gifts - These presents are also very particular, as your loved ones will discover them as very considerate in comparison to an ordinary item from the market. You bonds of love will surely deepen after knowing that you have made the attempt of customizing their gift.

More meaningful indication - These personalized gifts are one of the most communicative tokens as they give you the liberty to let your appreciated one's know how much they really mean to you in a marvelously special manner.

Customized products - A large collection of customized cust omized goods is available through which customers can incorporate lovely writings, inscriptions as well as famous sayings and poems on their personaliz ed gifts, which make them quite special.

Touching signal - Giving your admired ones with a customized and kind token of love creates a much more inspiring gestu re than the most luxury and classy gifts items.

Personalized gifts stand out as an exclusive symbol of affection and appreciation as in recent times the culture of presenting gifts is becoming more and more fashionable. Unlike any other commercial product, a personalized gift is custom-made to the  preferences of the receiver. The elite aspects of personalized gifts therefore f ormulate

this, a very good business options that has come up is the business of making and curating these customized gifting options.

Company Summary

Bespoke Baazaar is a specialty gift, card and experience gifting boutique that specializes in "one-of-a-kind" customized merchandise and experiences not commonly found in the larger retail market. We are dedicated to providing customers a 360o solution to the gifting needs with exceptional customer service in a relaxing and engaging shopping environment. Our mission is to provide customers with unique, high-quality merchandise & services at affordable prices. These products can be bought online with an online mode of payment as well as delivered to the  person house and facilitate them with a COD option. Currently only gifts are available  pan India and experiences are limited to Mumbai since the investment amount is low and team size isn’t too large and widespread.


Bespoke Baazaar is dedicated to becoming the premier provider of high-quality  products to the market for the purpose of raising funds for under-served women's health programs. We will accomplish our mission by: •

Forming strategic alliances with companies and organizations that share our vision.

Conducting our business fairly and ethically.

Products & Services Provided

Product Description

1. Customized Gifts & Hampers

Customized Gifts for every occasions and festivals

Predesigned and curated gifts depending upon the occasions and festivals

Hampers consisting of specially picked goodies for every occasions and festivals

Customize items such as pen drives, notepads, pens, laptop skins, coffee mugs etc.

2. Printing Products: The printing products are just an extension of Bespoke Baazaar’s visually artistic and creative ideas that we offer clients to engage in. Price-points in this category range from Rs. 350 - 800 depending upon the scope of work. This includes:

Special occasion cards: Greeting cards, wedding invitations, etc.

Photo-shoot Albums

Customized printing on all materials and fabrics

Inscriptions, Embossing on all materials and fabrics.

3. Customized Apparel: Bespoke Baazaar offers personalized apparel. Basic apparel can be printed with any kind of print, graphic based clothing. This ranges between Rs. 550 - 1500 depending on the scope of work. This includes the apparel as well as the customization. Customization can be done on:


Sweat shirts

4. Home Accessories: Our product line of home accessories is a collection of modern accents that customers can certainly connect with. Price-points in this

category range from Rs. 800 - 2500.

Bamboo garden vase collection

Decorative and scented candles

Framed artwork

Shadow boxes

Wine accessories

Tabletop Accents: Coffee mugs, place mats, platters and coasters

Crystal showpieces

5. Personal Care Accents: This category is very popular with customers when it comes to gift giving. Price-points in this category range from Rs. 150 - 1000. This includes:

Scented body lotion

Scented bath salt

Facial and body soaps

Body gel

Aromatherapy products

6. Specialty Gifts: This gift giving merchandise line will allow customers to express their personal sentiments for special occasions and the gift recipient. Price-points in this category range from Rs. 1000 - 3500

Organza sheer gift bags

Handcrafted jewelry

Designer cigar handbags

Baby products

Handcrafted Afro-centric dolls

Customized men's and women's gift sets

Housewarming gifts

7. Edibles: Edible items such as chocolates, sweets, cookies can be made to

the chocolate, customized gift wrappers, ribbons, packaging etc. These begin from Rs. 250 and depend upon the quantity and flavor.

Service Description

To distinguish ourselves from surrounding specialty retailers, we provide numerous customized services that offer customers a satisfying and unique shopping experience.

1. Small Parties and Get Together - We help in organizing your perfect party and get together. We take care of ever ything such as




Music etc.

2. Set up special surprise for Birthdays, Anniversaries etc. These include:

Treasure Hunt

Candle Light Dinners

Secret Picnics

Weekend Getaways for small groups

Reservations for camping & trekking for small groups

3. Graphic Design/Photography Services: These services are provided to complement the personalization of our printing, services and products. This basically includes taking coverage of events, parties etc. as an additional scope of work

Business Idea In Detail Bespoke Baazaar specializes in customized gifts; services and experiences for their loved one without having them go through the hassle. The customer can sit back relax and see the experience unfold.

Today’s generation has more and more access to purchasing power. They have handy cash available with them. They are more and more social as well. Under such circumstances, they are giving a rise to the concept of Birthday parties, birthday dinners, anniversary celebrations etc. As these occasions rise, so is their understanding of gifting their loved ones on these special occasions. They are wil ling to take a creative route and are ready to spend on such services.

Taking into this the consideration, below are few ideas curated based on occasions and themes

Birthday Blast

For Eg: A customer might want to gift their friend a customized gift consisting of chocolates, a set of their favorite pen and a tie and a cufflink set. Bespoke Baazaar can get their initials inscribed on the cufflink, their name inscribed on the pen. The chocolates can have wrappers designed with their pictures of each special/unique moment the person has enjoyed in his life. All of this can be placed in a very handy and well as a pretty basket or bag that can be used by them in their day-to-day life too.

If the customer wants to attach an experience along with the gift, Bespoke Baazaar can hold a Treasure Hunt for the Birthday Boy. Here they will get a series of clues, which they have to solve, that will lead them to their gift. The Birthday Boy can do this activity along with all his friends making the day memorable for all of them.

Bespoke Baazaar can also provide an additional facility where we can capture each and every moment of this fun filled day. Footage in the form of pictures and videos of

Future Plans

1. Corporate Gifting:

The corporate customer is typically buying the basket for a colleague at work either as a sign of appreciation or for a special event or as a thank you for a customer. These orders generally come in bulk and on special occasions such as Diwali. The scope and  profit margin is extremely high in such projects since large orders create an economy in scale while production hence bringing down the cost and raising the profit margin.

2. Increase workforce:

One of the future plans is to increase the workforce. As and when orders start to flow in, it would require more and more people to work on it. Target would be to hire two more people once the company starts taking in corporate gifting orders. This includes a full time in-house designer and a business development executive.

3. Corporate stationary

Corporate stationary basically includes Letterheads, Business cards and Envelopes. One of the future plans of Bespoke Baazaar is to enter designing the corporate stationary segment. There is a lot of scope in this. Every company is now a days looking at enhancing there corporate stationary. This is so because corporate stationary acts as a silent brand ambassador.

4. Media Spends

A quarterly budget of 50,000 to be dedicated towards media spends once Bespoke Baazaar has crossed the target of annual revenue of 10 Lakhs. Media spends in  basically spending money to advertise on paid portals and websites. These websites advertise in the form of putting up banners on their homepage. This leads viewers to click on the pages which lands them on our homepage thereby traffi c to the website which may subsequently lead to sales.

5. Introduce COD and services Pan India: Expand the service as well as experience concept Pan India and not just Mumbai. This is after 2 years of successful sales and business. Hiring another 2 people who are open to travel and enjoy this kind of a work who can manage it in different cities.

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