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SherrillTree Catalog 2010

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SherrillTree Catalog 2010



2010 SHERRILLTREE MASTER CATALOG 1-800-525-8873 sherrilltree.com



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Friends, beginning of It seems like every year since the our catalog I’ve my career, in preparing this note for g tree work considered the topic “How tough a livin the toughest is.” These past few years have proven age home ever. The economy has pushed the aver ty care, and a owner to choose cheap work over quali kers seeking side effect has been an increase in wor heeding the cheaper tools. Sadly, cheap tools are but cheap tools call. No, not good tools getting cheap, becoming more available. SherrillTree Fortunately, and for the majority of t. It’s not our customers, we don’t bite. That’s righ lowest-quality belief that the cheapest saw steel or som eon e who carabin er is a good inve stm ent for of something depends on it for a living. Buying two as one at more that doesn’t last as long or cut as fast opinion. But, of cost is simply not sensible shopping in my t’s why you shop course, you may already know this. Tha f for less. at SherrillTree—you want the good stuf -Tobe Sherrill

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Why SherrillTree?
Quality Gear.
We’re always on the lookout for new products from manufacturers with a reputation for quality. We promise to never give up in our search for quality gear and products from innovative manufacturers. Customers know they can get the brands they trust at SherrillTree.

We’ve redone our entire website to bring you the most efficient and information-packed arborist supply website found this side of cyberspace. A smart new e-commerce engine, intuitive navigation and larger graphics make SherrillTree.com the first and only place to shop for professional tree care gear and tree climbing equipment.

The 150% Price Guarantee.
We’re so confident in our excellent prices that we’re willing to pay you $1.50 for every $1 someone else undercuts our printed prices. It’s just that simple. Show us the difference and save. See offer details on our Policies page 176.

Unbeatable Customer Service & Technical Support.
SherrillTree employees attend training sessions year round, so they can better understand your gear needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team is eager to help you every step of the way. Whether you’re ordering tomorrow, or you ordered three months ago, SherrillTree is here to support you. Call us!

Fully Stocked Warehouse.
All SherrillTree catalog orders are shipped to customers and dealers from our 45,000 sq. ft. facility in Greensboro, NC. We believe intensely in perfect order fulfillment of the highest quality products for the best price available.

Here are some other important industry resources we recommend:
International Society of Arboriculture 888-472-8733

Tree Care Industry Association 800-733-2622

Pruning information by Dr. Ed Gilman

Supporting You.
SherrillTree is an active sponsor of several tree interest groups and industry associations. It has long been our commitment to give back to trees and tree people as much as we’ve had the fortune to earn from them. We will continue to attend and sponsor industry events both nationally and internationally that support the stewards of trees. www.arboristsite.com

Discussion forum for arborists

Discussion forum for arborists


Cover photo was taken in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Photographer: debramarshall.ca Climber: Bevin Andres - ISA Certified Arborist

Tree care often requires working above or being elevated above ground level. If you fall or something drops on you, you can be seriously injured or killed. Sherrill, Inc. is not responsible for accidents resulting from the use, or misuse of any products. Products are provided with the understanding that the purchaser and/or user are thoroughly familiar with application and proper use. In this catalog, descriptions and drawings are given to show various uses or known techniques, and are not intended as a substitute for instructional review and/or proper training.

accessory cords.....................................16 ADI tools..............................................126 adjustable friction saver.......................44 aerial tools.................................. 126-127 AIR-SPADE®.......................................163 AlturnaMATs........................................125 aluminum rings..............................44, 65 ANSI standards...................................170 Arbor Tie, guying cable........................153 ArborMaster Series ropes......................10 Arborwear.................................... 132-133 arm chaps...........................................128 A.R.T. positioner....................................51 A.R.T. Rope Guide..................................45 ascenders............................51-52, 54-57 Ascentree..............................................57 auger bits...........................................160 bags......................... 18-21, 24-25, 28-29 Bashlin aluminum climbers..................81 basket covers......................................127 Beach Rolly...........................................28 Bee-line..........................................16, 46 bench grinder......................................119 Bigboy 2000 folding saw.......................99 chain grinder......................................119 chainsaw chain and bars............ 114-117 chainsaw lanyards................................43 chainsaw maintenance............... 118-121 chainsaw protective pants.......... 130-131 chainsaws...........................................123 chainsaw safety..................................169 chainsaw scabbard.............................128 chaps..................................................131 Chicago grip.......................................155 chipper knives................................. 94-95 chocks.................................................128 cinch strap..........................................153 circular saw........................................126 clevises..................................... 62, 64-65 climber accessories..............................81 ergonomic pole grips...........................103 Ergovation saddle.................................34 eye bolts, eye nuts...............................152 eye protection.............................. 140-141 eye slings..............................................73 eye tails................................................46 fall arrest harnesses.............................42 false crotch, block and sling.................73 Felco pruners......................................110 ferrules for poles......................... 104-105 fertilizers..................................... 160-162 fiddle blocks..........................................71 head lamp...........................................139 hearing protection....................... 136-139 height gauge and laser.......................112

BIG SHOT........................................ 22-23 Bio-Barrier®.......................................164 BioBlend lubricants............................121 Black Widow micro bull line..................14 blades, saws....96-101, 103, 10, 109-110 Blaze rope.............................................11 blocks............................................. 71-73 blood-stopper kit...........................42, 145 blue bandit.............................................8 Boa safety glasses..............................140 books.......................................... 168-171 bracing hardware........................ 150-153 bucket covers......................................127 bucket truck tools....................... 126-128 Buckingham steel climbers...................80 buckstraps............................................53 buc pads...............................................80 Bug-Barrier.........................................161 bug repellent.......................................145 Bugz eye protection.............................140 bull rope.......................................... 14-15 bullet throw weights.............................27 bumper stickers..................................174 Butterfly II.............................................35 cabling........................................ 146-152 cambium saver.....................................44 Camelbak..............................................76 cameras..............................................138 cant hook............................................111 captive eye......................................61, 64 carabiners....................................... 60-64 CD’s. ....................................................167 chain breaker......................................119

climber gaffs and pads.................. 79-81 climbing kits.........................................82 climbing line............................... 5-11, 13 climbing pants............................130, 133 climbing systems..................................54 clothing....................... 130, 132-133, 173 Cobra Dynamic Cabling.............. 148-149 Cocoon pulley........................................45 come-a-long.................................71, 153 communication systems.....................138 cones..................................................144 corner traps..........................................63 Cougar saddle.......................................33 Croll chest ascender.............................55 cubes for throwline................... 21, 24-26 cut resistant flipline..............................49 cut resistant gloves............................142 cut resistant pants..................... 130-131 daisy chain...........................................67 day pointer lasers.................................23 DBH tape.............................................112 DdRT systems. .......................................56 dead ends...........................................151 delta links.............................................66 depth gauge file guide........................120 diameter tape.....................................112 double snapper.....................................45 Dragonfly II............................................35 drills...................................................152 Dualcender...................................... 56-57 Duckbill anchors.................................153 Dura-Web 2000.....................................67 DVD’s. .......................................... 166-167 Dynasorb rigging line............................15 Dyneema loop runners...........................67 ear protection.............................. 136-139 Echo chainsaw....................................123 Echo power pruner..............................122

figure 8’s..............................................57 files............................................. 120-121 first aid kit....................................42, 145 fliplines........................................... 48-50 Floating Dee saddle..............................41 Fly, rope.................................................11 folding throwline cube.............. 21, 24-26 folding saws................................... 98-99 foot straps, ascenders.................... 54-55 freight chart........................................175 friction savers................................. 44-45 gaffs............................................... 78-81 gas cans.............................................124 gas-powered drill................152, 155, 160 Gecko climbing spikes.................... 78-79 Gibbs ascender.....................................51 Ginga 270.............................................98 glasses, eye protection................ 140-141 Glide Lite saddle...................................34 gloves......................................... 142-143 Gomboy folding saw..............................99 Gomtaro 300.........................................96 Good Rigging Control System................68 GoPro Helmet HERO.............................138 Grigri.....................................................57 Grillon lanyard......................................50 Grizzly splicing......................................12 guying materials.................................153 Halo head band...................................133 hand protection........................... 142-143 hand pruners.............................. 109-110

helmets...................................... 134-137 hip prusiks............................................53 Hitch Climber pulley........................32, 59 Hi-Vee, rope...........................................11 Hobbs H-2 lowering device....................68 hooks, climbing gaffs..................... 78-81 hydraulic tools....................................126 Ibuki 390...............................................97 ISC blocks.............................................72 I’D 57 Jet Sled.................................................28 j-lags..................................................152 kamisorime 375....................................97 karabiners....................................... 60-64 Kask helmets......................................135 Katanaboy 500......................................99 Kershaw knives...................................129 knives, chipper................................ 94-95 knives, pocket.....................................129 Killer Tree tape....................................145 Klein spikes...........................................81 Klimair 2-way ascender........................53 knife, teeth sharpener...........................95 knots.............................................33, 171 knot cards...........................................171 ladders................................................112 ladder snaps, locking............................66

handsaws........................96-99, 106-110 harnesses (saddles)........................ 30-42 Havens Grip........................................151 Hayate pole saw..................................100 Hayauchi pole saw..............................100 HDP roller..............................................63

lanyards................................... 43, 48-52 laser pointer, green...............................23 Lava rope................................................9 leather cambium saver.........................44 lifting slings.........................................76 line bags..............................20-21, 24-25 Line Luggage, RopeBoss................. 18-21 Line Tamer............................................24 links......................................................66 Lockjack................................................47 Log Dolly.............................................113 log movers..........................................113 Log Ox.................................................113 log weight chart....................................29 Longboy pole saw................................101 loop runners..........................................67 loopie sling...........................................74 loppers........................................ 109-110

lowering devices............................. 68-69 lowering rigging kit...............................83 machetes............................................111 Maasdam rope puller..........................153 MagBloc friction eliminator...................45 mechanical advantage.........................71 Mechanical Split Tail.............................47 mesh tool bags.....................................29 Microcender..........................................51 Micrograb..............................................51 Micrograb lanyard.................................49 microinjectors.....................................161 miniature pulleys............................ 58-59 Mini Traxion...........................................70 modular guard system..........................95 mycorrhizae.........................................160 Natanoko 330........................................96 NATMP forms.......................................149 Navaho Bod...........................................35 new hire kit.........................................138 No-Spill gas cans................................124 nylon loop runners.................................67 Omni swivel blocks...............................71 orchard ladder....................................112 order form...........................................175

posters................................................172 PPE..................................... 128, 130-145 Product Info Guide..............................166 Prosentei 300........................................98 Pro Series ropes....................................10 Pro Traxion............................................70 pruner heads....................... 102, 104-105 pruner parts........................................105 prusiks............................................46, 53 prusik cords..........................................16

Silky saws..................................... 96-101 single eyes............................................46 skidding tongs....................................113 skid-mounted sprayers.......................157 slings........................................ 67, 73-74 Snakebite static rope............................13 snaps............................................. 65- 66 slideline rigging kit...............................83 sling rigging kit....................................83 Spark rope...............................................6 Spiderjack II..........................................47 spider leg slings...................................74 spikes............................................. 78-81 splicing.................................................12

Oregon products........................ 114-121 outrigger pads....................................128 oval links..............................................66 Pacific helmets...................................137 pads for climber gaffs.................... 79-81 Pantin...................................................55 pants.......................................... 130-133 peavy..................................................111 Peltor helmets.....................................137 Pfanner pants.....................................130 PHC for trees............................... 160-163 Phoenix rope............................................6 Pinnacle saddle....................................38 Pirhana.................................................57 pivot-head pruner...............................110 Pocketboy saw.......................................98 pocket knives......................................129 pocket wrench.....................................121 poison ivy protection...........................145

pulleys.................................58-59, 70-71 rakes...................................................111 reach tool..............................................24 rescue Joe...........................................139 retrieval ball.........................................45 Revolver carabiner................................61 Rig........................................................57 rigging carabiners................................64 rigging kits...........................................83 rigging line..................................... 14-15 rigging plates, hubs..............................75 rings for rigging............................65, 151 road signs...........................................144 root barriers........................................164 root feeding needle.............................159 rope................................................... 4-16 rope bags.............................18-21, 28-29 RopeBoss........................................ 18-21 rope chart.........................................5, 15 rope grab..............................................51 Rope Guide............................................45 rope pullers...................................71, 153 rope tarp...............................................11 ropes course pulleys..............................70 rope walker...........................................51 rope wash bag......................................11 saddle accessories.................... 32, 42-43

Treegator.............................................162 tree height guage................................112 treeMotion saddle.................................32 tree pulling kit..............................71, 153 tree tags.............................................149 tree work sign.....................................144 TreeSave Dynamic Cabling..................151 TreeTech..............................................161 True Blue rope.........................................9 t-shirts........................................132, 173 Tuflex sling............................................76 unicender..............................................47 Velocity ropes........................................11 Vertex helmets.....................................134 videos......................................... 166-167 Wedge Grip by Preformed....................150 wedges................................................113 weights.................................................27 wheel chock........................................128 whistle................................................139

split-tails........................................ 46-47 spray guns..........................................158 spray rigs.................................... 156-159 spurs............................................... 78-81 Spyderco knives..................................129 SRT systems.................................... 54-55 Stable Braid..........................................14 stickers...............................................174 stilts...................................................107 stumpgrinder teeth......................... 94-95 Sugoi.....................................................97 Super-Braid Plus...................................14 suspenders...........................................42 swivel........................................ 61-62, 65 swivel pulleys........................................71 telescoping poles................................105 telescoping reach tool...........................24 Tenex.....................................................16 thimbles........................................65, 151 throat mics.........................................138

Whoopie! sling.....................................74 Wideback saddle...................................40 winch..................................................123 winch lines............................................16 Yale XTC ropes........................................6 Yamabico 330.......................................96 Zing-It....................................... 26-27, 82 Zipline products.......................... 154-155 Zubat............................................97, 101

Helpful Tip Locations
Climbing Rope Chart....................5 Rope Care....................................5 Splices Versus Knots....................8 Rigging Rope Chart....................15 Ponytail Redirect........................21 Throwline Storage......................25 Throwing a Line..........................26 Log Weight Chart. .......................29 Saddle Guide..............................30 Arborist Knot Uses......................33 Lanyard Roundhouse..................43 Forming a Prusik........................53 5-Coil Prusik..............................53 Revised Branch Removal...........56 Nice Effect.................................65 Sling Sizing................................72 Bowline....................................103 Eco Arborist..............................118 Avoiding the Pinch...................124 Lift and Drop............................136 Tautline vs. Blake’s Hitch.........142 Better Bow...............................145 The Drifter................................166

Poison Ivy rope......................................7 pole bag..............................................105 pole pruners................................ 100-105 poles...................................................105 polesaw blades................... 100-101, 103 polesaws..................................... 100-103 polestraps.............................................53 policies...............................................176 portaledge...........................................172 Portawrap IV.........................................69 Positioner..............................................51

saddles........................................... 30-42 Safety Blue, rope...................................11 safety vest..........................................144 Samson solid-braids...............................9 saws, hand saws.....96-98, 106, 109-110 saws, polesaws........................... 100-101 scabbards...................................107, 128 self rescue kit.....................................127 Sequoia saddles....................................37 shanks............................................ 78-81 shears......................................... 109-110 shirts..................................132, 144, 173 stop/slow signs...................................145

throw weights.......................................27 throwline......................................... 26-27 Todoku.................................................101 To Fell A Tree, book..............................170 tool bags..............................20-21, 28-29 tools.....................................22-24, 44-76 traffic flag...........................................145 training................26, 84, 92-93, 166-171 training dummy..................................139 Trango Cinch ........................................51 Tree Climber's Compainion, book........170 Tree Climbing Basics DVD...................166 Tree Frog System...................................54

In order to better serve customers we’ve come up with additional information to assist in rope shopping. We’ve taken great effort to answer a few questions that either aren’t addressed or simply don’t have standardized methods for manufacturers to follow, like; knotability, elastic elongation, milk tendency and more. The most significant new data (elastic elongation) was measured using our own testing equipment with supervision from rope aficionado Michael “House” Tain. The effort was made to answer the age-old customer question “how bouncy is that rope?” making it easier to compare an unfamiliar rope to a familiar one. Results are on page 5.

3-Strand - Twisted constructions are abrasion resistant but a poor choice for climbing due to their bumpy surface and tendency to rotate (unwind) under tension. Good as natural crotch rigging line. Solid Braid - Made up of 12 large strands arborist-grade solid braid lines are woven tight to keep a round shape under tension, a process that’s made eye-splicing nearly impossible... that is, until Grizzly Splicing® came along. Less tendency to twist than other braided lines. Good for climbing or rigging. Hollow Braid - Another 12-strand construction but woven with considerably less tension leaving the center loose enough to accommodate an easy splice. Good for slings and fixed lines but not for climbing or rigging due to snagging and picking when run over a rough surface. 16-Strand - This abrasion resistant rope construction presents a thick mantle (cover) around a small interior core bundle that helps keep the rope round under tension and makes it easy to tie. The thick mantle provides most of this popular climbing line’s strength. Double Braid - This braid inside a braid remains round under tension even when running over pulleys and brake drums. Generally core and cover share equal load. Best for rigging duties, we offer a tight version (Super Braid) for greater dirt resistance when natural crotch rigging, and a loose version (Stable Braid) that is spliceable and best for block and tackle use. All have a eurathane coating and wear equally well. Kernmantle - The mantle (cover) of this rope is woven tight to provide protection for the load bearing core (up to 70%) strands which are not woven (parallel). Core strands can also be twisted like a slinky to add elasticity providing manufacturers a lot of flexibility to manipulate the finished product based on intended use. Good for a wide range of duties. Arborist ascent lines of this construction are considered “cover dependent kernmantles.”

The circles below represent diameters in 1-millimeter increments in the range of ropes that we stock, from throwline up to rigging line. For those still struggling with metric relationships, we thought the visual might help.
1/8" 3/16" 5/16" 3/8" 7/16" 1/2" 5/8" 3/4"

6mm 7mm 2 3 4 5













Polyester - a synthetic polymer having lower stretch and higher tenacity and abrasion resistance than its close cousin Nylon. Melting point 480ºF Nylon - a synthetic polymer with more stretch and with less abrasion resistance than polyester. Rarely used in arborist grade lines. Melting point 460ºF Polyolefin - a monofilament sometimes used to bring a rope’s weight down. Melting point 260 degrees Aramid - family of fibers including Technora, Kevlar and Nomex that pound for pound are 5-times stronger than steel and have high abrasion and heat resistance. Poor ultra violet (UV) radiation resistance, mildly self-abrasive. Charring point 900ºF Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (HMPE) - Includes Spectra and Dyneema. This lightweight fiber has super high strength and abrasion resistance but at a very low melting point. Good for use where heat friction is not involved. Melting point 297ºF


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PG # 6-7 6-7 6 6 6 6 8-9 8-9 9 9 9 10 10 10 10 10 10 11 11 11 11 11 11 13 13 13

CLIMBING Poison Ivy®  .46” Poison Hi-vy®  .46” .5” Phoenix™ .5” Spark™ .5” Fire XTC Spearmint .5” Lava™ Orange .49” Lava™ Green  .49” .5” True Blue Tree Pro Red .5” .5” Arbor Plex .5” Yellow Jacket™  Pro Stripe™  .5” .5” Pro Spec Blue Streak .5” Gold Streak .5” .5” BRW Blaze  .43” Fly  .43” Velocity Hot  .43” Velocity Cool  .43” Safety Blue .5” .5” Hi-Vee Snakebite™  HTP Red  Static Poly 
.38” .38” .5”

12mm 12mm 13mm 13mm 13mm 13mm 12.5mm 12.5mm 13.5mm 14mm 13.5mm 13mm 13.5mm 13.5mm 13mm 13mm 13mm 11mm 11mm 11mm 11mm 13mm 13mm 10mm 10mm 13mm

Yale Yale Yale Yale Yale Yale New England New England Samson Samson Samson Samson Yale Yale Samson Samson Samson Yale New England Samson Samson New England New England Sterling Sterling Samson

6.5 6.5 7.5 7.5 7.5 7.5 5.8 5.8 9.1 9.5 6.2 7.3 9 9 7.7 7.7 7.7 6 6 5.6 5.6 7.1 7.5 5.3 5.3 8

Yes Yes No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes

6,500 6,500 6,200 6,200 6,200 6,200 6,800 6,800 7,300 7,300 6,000 6,200 6,200 6,200 8,100 8,100 8,100 5,600 6,000 6,000 6,000 7,700 7,000 5,981 5,981 9,100

Polyester Polyester Polyester Polyester Polyester Polyester Poly/Nylon Poly/Nylon Polyester Polyester Poly/Blend Polyester Polyester Polyester Polyester Polyester Polyester Polyester Poly/Blend Polyester Polyester Poly/Blend Poly/Blend Polyester Polyester Poly/Nylon

Double Braid Double Braid 16-Strand 16-Strand 16-Strand 16-Strand Double Braid Double Braid Solid Solid Solid 16-Strand 16-Strand 16-Strand 16-Strand 16-Strand 16-Strand Double Braid Kernmantle Double Braid Double Braid 16-Strand 16-Strand Kernmantle Kernmantle Kernmantle

10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 8 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 4 4 4

SHERRILL MEASURED DIAMETER - Customers often select ropes based on subtle variances in diameter. For example some prefer Tree Pro Red or True Blue for their beefier feel over others marketed as similar half-inch diameters. For this column we took our trusty micrometer and measured relaxed ropes (not under tension) to provide shoppers with accurate measurements (within 1/2 mm) right off the shelf. The Cordage Institute grants manufacturers a 5% variance in strength, length, weight and diameter of most finished rope products. MILKS - milking is when a rope’s mantle (outer cover) elongates over its core, most often when new and due to friction hitch use that forces strands into maximum alignment. Milking usually shows up as a bubble of material that can be drawn to one end and trimmed with scissors. MATERIAL - see page 4 for descriptions of rope materials. KNOTABILITY (10 being excellent) - Ropes for rigging and SRT generally are not “knot-friendly.” Their stiff construction makes them more resistant to abrasion, but tougher to dress into a tight knot. SPLICEABLE - If you like to climb with a split tail (see page 46) then we recommend hand splicing the climbing rope’s end, except for those ropes that are not hand-spliceable. A Grizzly splice can get lodged in a tight crotch when retrieved from the ground. ELASTIC ELONGATION (SHERRILL TESTED) - Manufacturers often perform this test by preloading their samples up to 1,000 pounds for 50 cycles, exhausting that new rope elasticity that climbers discover on the showroom floor. Following the ASNI standard we preloaded samples of every rope we sell 3 times to 200 lbs (still about 5-times reality) before giving it one last tug to 540 lbs from a relaxed state to better determine what elasticity you’ll discover when you take your line for a ride! ROUNDNESS UNDER LOAD (10 being round) - It’s a fact that 12-strand ropes square off under load while doublebraid stays round under high tension even when trailing through blocks and tackle. SURFACE TEXTURE (10 being smooth) - This spec can be critical to prusik or friction hitch performance. WAX CONTENT (10 being high) - Sand, grit and dirt particles are the enemy of ropes because such particles become trapped inside the fabric and, like rocks in your shoe, slowly work their irritating destruction. Wax liquid, among other proprietary formulas, are added during the manufacturing process to help protect inner fibers while offering lubrication that enhances tensile strength.

For a complete Rope Care Guide, visit the Learning Center at SherrillTree.com

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rope specs

Of all users of life safety rope for industrial application, none are more abusive than tree workers. Bark dust, soil and grit pounded into climbing ropes are quite destructive to internal fibers as the rope is stretched and relaxed in use. Manufacturers suggest washing life safety lines with non detergent soap and according to generally accepted guidelines detailed in the helpful tips section of our new web site.

TA BI LIT Y( SP 10 LIC = EA ex ce BL lle E nt ) EL AS TIC EL RO UN ONG A DN SU ESS TION RF @ U ND A 54 WA CE T ER L 0l bs X C EX O A T . D UR O ( N 1 DO 0 E T UB ENT (10 = ro u L RI ED R (10 = sm nd) = GG IN OPE hig ooth CL h) ) SIN G IM GL BI ER NG OP EA SC EN T
ROPE USE Hand Hand Hand Hand Hand Hand Hand Hand Grizzly Grizzly Grizzly Hand Hand Hand Hand Hand Hand Hand Hand Hand Hand Hand Hand Grizzly Grizzly Grizzly 1.8% 1.8% 3.15% 2.83% 3.46% 3.15% 2.4% 2.4% 3.46% 3.15% 3.15% 2.52% 2.2% 3.46% 2.2% 2.2% 2.2% 2.2% 2.2% 2.52% 2.52% 4.5% 4.5% 10 10 8 8 8 8 10 10 7 8 7 8 8 8 8 8 8 10 10 10 10 8 8 10 10 9 9 9 9 10 10 8 8 8 9 9 9 9 9 9 10 10 10 10 9 9 10 10 10 0 0 6 6 6 6 4 4 6 6 4 6 6 6 6 6 6 0 0 5 5 6 6 0 0 0

10 0F T.












• • • • • •
• •

• • • • • •
• •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

.63% 10 .63% 10 1.72% 10

Rigging ropes on page 15.

Rope Care

XTC (13mm)
Arborists and tree climbers from around the world seek Yale’s XTC for two primary reasons; performance and tenacity. XTC’s smooth jacket provides unique performance to friction hitches of all types while the 100% polyester construction puts up with even the worst bark bites. Choose from four easily identified and uniquely patterned ropes for a line that interacts superbly with virtually any currently available split tail (including Lockjack, page 47) or tail tie to itself with a traditional technique to experience the ultimate in climbing ecstasy!

120' 150' 200' 600' PHX-120 - $99 PHX-150 - $121 PHX-200 - $161 PHX-600 - $453 120' 150' 200' 600' SPRK-120 - $99 SPRK-150 - $121 SPRK-200 - $161 SPRK-600 - $453


See page 173 for T-Shirts

120' 150' 200' 600' FIRE-120 - $99 FIRE-150 - $121 FIRE-200 - $161 FIRE-600 - $424

XTC Spearmint
120' 150' 200' 600' SPEAR-120 - $99 SPEAR-150 - $121 SPEAR-200 - $161 SPEAR-600 - $399

See Yale’s ne Fliplier Off
ADD A SPLICE to your rope, by adding an “S” to the end of the rope’s part code (ex: PHX-150-S) and $20 to the price. ADD A SPLICE TO BOTH ENDS of your rope by adding “SS” to the rope’s part code (ex: PHX-150-SS) and $40 to the price.


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(11.7 mm)

Poison Ivy® Fan 2005 International TC Champion


For tree climbers, rope is among the top four most important tools for work efficiency and comfort—the other three being the saddle, safety lanyard, and handsaw. Without good interaction among these tools and All Poison Ivy® products have your hands, movement within the tree’s crown can be something less than been tweaked to offer climbers elegant. Popular among several of the world’s leading competition-level a slightly different and improved climbers, Poison Ivy is not only versatile for all climbing styles, but it’s feel that will not elongate, is spliceable on both ends and now affordable for all climbing budgets, too. Poison Ivy has a unique kernmantle construction that stays round meets CE standards in Europe! when pinched by camming mechanisms, yet it is unusually flexible and knot friendly. This construction delivers one of the most static (non-elastic) characteristics available in spliceable arborist rope, ideal for traditional climbers looking for limited “bounce” and especially attractive to SRT (single rope technique) climbers longing to abandon the need for two lines when doubled rope tasks are on the day’s agenda. Beefier to the grip than other ascender-friendly lines, Poison Ivy is still small enough to feed freely through mechanical devices like ascenders and descenders. Unlike other arborist climbing lines, Poison Ivy has no noticeable coating or fabric treatment to make the line feel tacky or slippery when new. And last but not least is the Ivy’s tough camo-colored jacket! Although not completely invisible, especially among groundies anticipating rope, one of Poison Ivy’s primary appeals is to climbers who prefer to be heard, not seen. And, of course, if incognito’s not your modus operandi, grab a big armful of high-visibility Poison High-vy See page 173 … She’s pretty as a daisy, but look out, man, she’s crazy. Poison ivy, man, it’ll make you itch. for T-Shirts Poison Ivy® 120’ 150’ 200’ 600’ PIVY-120 - $109 PIVY-150 - $137 PIVY-200 - $182 PIVY-600 - $469 ADD A SPLICE to your rope, by adding an “S” to the end of the rope’s part code (ex: PIVY-150-S) and $25 to the price. ADD A SPLICE TO BOTH ENDS of your rope by adding “SS” to the rope’s part code (ex: PIVY-150-SS) and $50 to the price.

Poison Hi-vy® 120’ 150’ 200’ 600’ PHI-120 - $109 PHI-150 - $137 PHI-200 - $182 PHI-600 - $469

See Yale’s ne Fliplier Off


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climbing lines

Blue Bandit Splices verses Knots
Load the spreader tool and squeeze the handle to place a super-strong, thick rubber band over objects up to 1.5 inches diameter. Bands create a tight grip on spliced rope eyes or loop runners for improved carabiner positioning. Or a band can be placed directly on the carabiner itself to limit its ability to roll. Create your own applications! Blue Bandit Blue Bandit w/ 50 bands Pack of 50 bands 31271 - $16 31273 - $24 31272 - $10

Examples of Blue Bandit uses

A spliced rope termination generally retains around 90% of a rope’s strength while knots cut strength to about 60%. Although a skilled knot-tyer can make a quick connection to about any snap, a splice presents a considerably smoother transition and without a loose end to potentially unravel. Carabiners and other connecting hardware can be quickly detached from a splice while knots can present a challenge to untie if loaded heavily. Knots and splices each have an important role in most industrial applications.


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(11.5 mm)
This molten-hot addition to the SherrillTree lineup is built by New England Rope and uses the new FlexiFirm Core Technology (trade name Tachyon) to deliver climbers a unique, low-stretch, toughskinned, triple-braid that stays round and firm under load. Unlike any line before it, Lava contains a unique third “magma strand” that provides spectacular support and density to both core and mantle. Lava provides excellent traction to both split-tails and ascenders, resulting in flawless performance of doubled-rope (traditional) and single-rope climbing techniques. Lava flows smoothly through a wide array of modern mechanical devices, thanks to its small size and sleek jacket. Within each linear foot of its deep blue mantle burst glowing bright flecks of either hot orange or bright lime, delivering a distinctive and unique look that can be spotted from great distance. If a new climbing line is in your budget and breaking ground doesn’t shake you, visit your nearest Vermeer dealer or pick up the phone to get a fist full of the hottest rope around!

10-time NJ Chapter 2-time International TC Champion


Lava™ User

Lava™ Orange 120’ 150’ 200’ 600’ LAVAO-120 - $116 LAVAO-150 - $141 LAVAO-200 - $183 LAVAO-600 - $529

See page 173 for T-Shirts

Lava™ Green 120’ 150’ 200’ 600’ LAVAG-120 - $116 LAVAG-150 - $141 LAVAG-200 - $183 LAVAG-600 - $529

ADD A SPLICE to your rope, by adding an “S” to the end of the rope’s part code (ex: LAVAO-150-S) and $25 to the price.

ADD A SPLICE TO BOTH ENDS of your rope by adding “SS” to the rope’s part code (ex: LAVAO-150-SS) and $50 to the price.

Samson Solid-Braids (13 mm)
This solid-braid family of ropes is a good choice for climbing or rigging duties. Although a bit more elastic than their core/cover cousins (16-strand, double braids, etc.) solid braid ropes wear quite well in the face of natural crotch interaction. In fact some climbers prefer the way the rope “furs-up” with wear and tear. Although a bumpier ride than ropes with more strands, these lines are naturally twist-resistant due to design. Some of the differences you’ll find in the ropes on this page are listed on the rope specifications chart (page 5).

These three solid-braid ropes are available with a SherrillTree Grizzly Spliced® eye. Just add a “GS” to the end of the rope’s part code and $16 to the price.

“SherrillTree has the most professionally manufactured tree care equipment out on the market, but it’s their people that keep Aussie contractors coming back.” Ben Sheehan Marketing Services Manager Vermeer Australia

True Blue 120' TRBL-120 - $104 150' TRBL-150 - $129 600' TRBL-600 - $489

TreePro Red 120' 150' 200' 600' TPRED-120 - $102 TPRED-150 - $127 TPRED-200 - $170 TPRED-600 - $474

Arbor-Plex 120' APLX12-120 - $69 150' APLX12-150 - $84 600' APLX12-600 - $329

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climbing lines

ArborMaster® Series (13mm)
Samson Rope Company utilizes a proprietary process that stabilizes this rope’s core strands to perfectly match its jacket resulting in a 16-strand line that Samson can confidently promote as “non-milking.” This means that you’ll never have to trim the line’s end due to cover elongation created from friction hitch use, common with other 2-part ropes. It is because of this process that the rope is hand-spliceable on both ends!

Blue Streak
120' 150' 200' 600' BSTK-120 - $109 BSTK-150 - $135 BSTK-200 - $172 BSTK-600 - $495

Gold Streak 120' 150' 200' 600’ GS-120 - $109 GS-150 - $135 GS-200 - $172 GS-600 - $495

BRW 120’ 150’ 200’ 600’ BRW-120 - $109 BRW-150 - $135 BRW-200 - $172 BRW-600 - $495

ADD A SPLICE to your rope, by adding an “S” to the end of the rope’s part code and $20 to the price.

ADD A SPLICE TO BOTH ENDS of your rope by adding “SS” to the rope’s part code and $40 to the price.

Pro Series (13mm)
In collaboration with a few of our favorite rope suppliers, SherrillTree designed these lines to fulfill the needs of climbers in search of more choices in both color and high performance climbing lines. Unlike competitors’ attempts to provide exclusive products, SherrillTrees Pro Series lines aren’t sourced from no-name manufacturers but the best in the industry! Made by Samson and Yale, Pro Series lines take advantage of the best manufacturing materials and processes to provide climbers the performance they’ve come to expect from SherrillTree. These lines are respected worldwide for their smooth hitch-gliding jacket, low elasticity and long-lasting polyester construction.

See Yale’s ne Fliplier Off

See Yale’s ne Fliplier Off

Yellow Jacket™
120' 150' 200' 600' YJ-120 - $99 YJ-150 - $123 YJ-200 - $165 YJ-600 - $467

Pro Stripe™ 120' 150' 200' 600' PSTR-120 - $99 PSTR-150 - $123 PSTR-200 - $165 PSTR-600 - $467

Pro Spec 120' 150' 200' 600' PSP-120 - $97 PSP-150 - $120 PSP-200 - $159 PSP-600 - $444


ADD A SPLICE to your rope, by adding an “S” to the end of the rope’s part code and $20 to the price.

ADD A SPLICE TO BOTH ENDS of your rope by adding “SS” to the rope’s part code (not available on Yellow Jacket) and $40 to the price.


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Velocity (11 mm)
Designed for peak response from mechanical ascenders and small diameter split tails (8mm eye cords & Lockjack- page 47-46), Velocity delivers high performance to climbers both during ascent and during canopy exploration. Samson’s proprietary Sure Grip technology gives Velocity a fully broken-in feel right out of the bag, making its moderately tacky grip one of the primary differences between it and the Fly.

Blaze (11 mm)
Blaze, the brainchild of Yale Rope’s arborist account director Jamie Goddard, is designed especially for tree climbing and aimed at a need for lightweight, ascender-friendly, yet premium rope product that performs well when climbed with a friction hitch. As it turned out, Blaze caught fire among climbers for all those reasons plus its ideal knot-tying characteristics. Over time, Blaze became the starting point for SherrillTree’s exclusive offspring—a slightly larger version in a camouflage color that’s now known as Poison Ivy®. Blaze’s biggest fans are sure to be those who make regular use of mechanical devices like rope grabs (ascenders) or friction controllers See (descenders) because so many of these devices are designed for ropes ale’s e Y 9 to 11 mm in diameter. However you climb, you’re sure to love the flashy n Fliplier look and feel of this modern climbing favorite. Off Blaze 120' 150' 200' 600' BLZ-120 - $99 BLZ-150 - $124 BLZ-200 - $167 BLZ-600 - $399 ADD A SPLICE to your rope, by adding an “S” to the end of the rope’s part code and $25 to the price. ADD A SPLICE TO BOTH ENDS of your rope by adding “SS” to the rope’s part code and $50 to the price.

Fly (11 mm)
New England was the first to tap the idea of “smaller is better” when it came to performance climbing lines. Unveiled in 2002, Fly quickly buzzed the climbing circuit as the first lightweight tree climbing line designed specifically for use with modern mechanical devices. Velocity Hot 120’ VELHT-120 - $104 150’ VELHT-150 - $129 600’ VELHT-600 - $507 Velocity Cool 120' VELC-120 - $104 150' VELC-150 - $129 600' VELC-600 - $507 Fly 120' FLY-120 - $87 150' FLY-150 - $107 600' FLY-600 - $415 ADD A SPLICE to your rope, by adding an “S” to the end of the rope’s part code and $30 to the price. ADD A SPLICE TO BOTH ENDS of your rope by adding “SS” to the rope’s part code and $60 to the price.

ADD A SPLICE to your rope, by adding an “S” to the end of the rope’s part code and $25 to the price.

ADD A SPLICE TO BOTH ENDS of your rope by adding “SS” to the rope’s part code and $50 to the price.

Safety Blue & Hi-Vee (13mm)
“Since my daddy was around…” is usually how the conversation starts with customers calling in for Safety Blue or Hi-Vee. New England knew very well what they were doing when they designed this premium climbing line back in the early 90’s. Named for its blue core (that magically shows through if you nick it with 40cc’s of screaming chainsaw), Safety Blue and High-Vee consist of tightly plied polyester surrounding fibrulated polypropylene strands that significantly reduce the ropes weight without compromising firmness or roundness. So, who’s your daddy now?

Rope Tarp
If you’re looking for a recommendation on rope storage, simplicity meets function with the rope tarp. We all know the trouble with dispersing rope from a rolled hank, lay it on the ground and you’ll end up with a big fat wad on a leash! Rope is best stored loosely and in a random pattern for our type of work, and protection from dirt, fuel and sharp objects is simply a must. For this, a rope tarp is perfect. Pulling rope off a tarp is so easy you could literally fire it out of a gun! When you’re finished, drop the rope off the branch onto your rope tarp, roll it up and move on. It really is that easy, and you’re gonna love the multi-uses! 58" by 46" Rope Tarp holds 1/2" ropes to 150' long 14864 - $28

Rope Wash Bag
Okay, here’s the word. Some tree people wash their climbing ropes in the neighborhood laundromat’s tumble washer. There, I let the cat out of the bag. Just keep it to yourself! We can do better than that, and here’s how it works: put your rope in our wash bag and draw the string tight. Put some mild detergent or dishwashing liquid in warm water and do the rhumba...maybe turn up a little Lynyrd Skynyrd. There are other devices for washing ropes, but none gets better results -that is until some greenhorn forgets to cinch down the bag and sends the local Maytag man on a killing spree! One size bag (24" by 30") available for 1/2" lines up to 200'. 14854 - $13

Safety Blue 120' 150' 200’ 600' SAFB-120 - $99 SAFB-150 - $123 SAFB-200 - $161 SAFB-600 - $434

Hi-Vee 120' 150' 200’ 600' HV-120 - $114 HV-150 - $141 HV-200 - $189 HV-600 - $539

ADD A SPLICE to your rope, by adding an “S” to the end of the rope’s part code and $20 to the price.

ADD A SPLICE TO BOTH ENDS of your rope by adding “SS” to the rope’s part code and $40 to the price.

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climbing lines

Quality. value. peace of mind.

Why a spliced rope termination?
• Up to 50% stronger than knots • Easy attach and detach from systems • Faster than knot tying

Why SherrillTree?
• Insured, experienced, full time splicing team • On-site testing ensures Quality! • All work labeled with production date




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HTP (High Tenacity Polyester) 10mm by Sterling Rope Company
After remarkable climbing opportunities with redwood expert Dr. Steve Sillett and research friends, it became abundantly clear that what I had previously thought was the best static line for SRT ascent (rope walking), simply wasn’t. Dr. Sillett proved beyond doubt that Sterling high-tenacity polyester (HTP) had the least stretch and toughest jacket of the four most popular lines on the market. Sillett and his companions have likely logged more vertical feet on static line than anyone today, perhaps any group of climbers in history, often ascending the world’s tallest trees several times a day and for months on end—I’m talking 150+ feet just to the first branch! After several personal climbs on Sterling HTP, I’m convinced that the growing number of professional arborists practicing single rope tree climbing will truly enjoy this low-stretch product. NFPA certified • Not designed for doubled rope climbing technique • VERY low stretch 5,981 lbs. tensile

HTP Snakebite™ 10mm, Kermantle 200' SBITE-200 - $173 600' SBITE-600 - $499

See page 173 for T-Shirts

HTP Red 10mm, Kernmantle 200' HTPR-200 - $173 600' HTPR-600 - $499

ADD A GRIZZLY SPLICE® to your Snakebite rope, by adding a “GS” to the end of the rope’s part code (ex: SBITE-200-GS) and $16 to the price.

Samson Static Polyester (13 mm)
A firm body flexible kernmantle construction designed to meet the demands of rescue rappelling and specialty rigging operations. Samson Static Polyester is well suited for tree rigging duties requiring minimal stretch and maximum strength such as zip or slide lining, or hoisting dead weight. It’s not ideal for dynamic activities like fall arresting cut wood chunks. NFPA certified. 9,100 lbs tensile

Static Poly Kernmantle 150' STAT-150 - $149 200' STAT-200 - $202

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static lines

Stable Braid

Double-braid rope is the most commonly used rope for rigging trees because of its high strength and low stretch. The name describes this rope’s construction, 2 ropes in one. The inner core is protected • Good abrasion resistance by a tightly woven outer jacket, creating a very strong, flexible line • Excellent flexibility • Moderate break-in time required with low stretch characteristics. In the final stage of manufacturing, Stable Braid ropes are dip-coated in a bath of liquid Samthane that • Moderate stretch dries into an abrasion-resistant shell. This coating does wear over • High UV resistance time, but adds a great deal of life to the rope that it protects. • Spliceable (eye, 1 end) Unlike the Super-Braid (below), this line is spliceable. Stable Braid is designed to be used with false crotch blocks and other rigging hardware so you can take full advantage of its strength and durability.

1/2" Orange 150 ft. STB12-150 - $132 200 ft. STB12-200 - $171 600 ft. STB12-600 - $439 9/16" Red 150 ft. STB916-150 - $159 200 ft. STB916-200 - $206 600 ft. STB916-600 - $579 5/8" Yellow 150 ft. STB58-150 - $195 200 ft. STB58-200 - $253 600 ft. STB58-600 - $674

3/4" Green 150 ft. STB34-150 - $229 200 ft. STB34-200 - $304 600 ft. STB34-600 - $853

For a splice, add an “S” to the end of the rope’s part number and $25 to the price.

Super-Braid Plus

Most often used as a bull line for heavy work, Super-Braid Plus is also good for speed line work, with its smooth surface, high strength, and firm body. This rope does not go flat when run over a brake or • Excellent abrasion resistance pulley. Super-Braid is woven tightly for increased durability, but • Fair flexibility • Moderate break-in time required friction between closer fibers reduces tensile strength. SherrillTree’s Super-Braid Plus provides you the firmest, double-braid polyester • Low stretch bull rope on the market. • Stays round under load NOTE: With use, the cover of double-braid ropes will outstretch • High UV resistance the core. When this occurs, tie off one end, milk the cover to the opposite end, tape, recut and melt.

1/2" Orange 150 ft. SUB12-150 - $129 200 ft. SUB12-200 - $174 600 ft. SUB12-600 - $479 5/8" Yellow 150 ft. SUB58-150 - $188 200 ft. SUB58-200 - $242 600 ft. SUB58-600 - $669

3/4" Green 150 ft. SUB34-150 - $259 600 ft. SUB34-600 - $948


• Good abrasion resistance • Good flexibility • No break-in time required • Low stretch • Rotates under load • Low UV resistance • Spliceable (both ends)

Samson’s Pro-Master 3-strand bull rope has tough polyester jacket fibers covering polyolefin core fibers to maximize abrasion resistance. Low elasticity offers unequalled load control, and special jacket fibers give excellent grip and rendering capabilities on winches. Pro-Master™ is identified by a green ID strand and is of a tighter construction when compared with other 3-strand polyester/polyolefin ropes. The tight body helps guard against the intrusion of dirt and grit, while providing excellent handling and knot-tying characteristics. Good for natural crotch rigging.

5/8" 150 ft. PM58-150 - $87 600 ft. PM58-600 - $309 3/4" 150 ft. PM34-150 - $105 600 ft. PM34-600 - $399

Easily spliced! For a splice, add an“S” to the end of the rope’s part number and $25 to the price.

• Excellent abrasion resistance • Moderate flexibility • Long break-in time required • Low stretch • Rotates under load • Moderate UV resistance • Spliceable (both ends)

This premium 3-strand climbing or rigging line is made from top-quality polyester, coated with Pro-Gard to extend life, and provides smooth operation when working with knots. It remains firm under load, is low stretch, and has good knot-holding characteristics. Good for natural crotch rigging.

1/2" 120 ft. TMR-120 - $81 150 ft. TMR-150 - $98 600 ft. TMR-600 - $343

Easily spliced! For a splice, add an“S” to the end of the rope’s part number and $25 to the price.

Bull Rigger 12
• Moderate abrasion resistance • Excellent flexibility • Short break-in time required • Moderate stretch • Moderate UV resistance • Non-spliceable

This is a 12-strand climbing or bull rope, with each yarn made of high tenacity polyester covering a polyolefin core. The rope is designed with a firm lay and special finish. Bull Rigger 12 is lightweight, yet strong, giving good resistance to abrasive wear from rubbing against bark while under load. Bull Rigger 12 maintains its shape, has good knot control, is flexible, non-hockling and nonrotational. Good for natural crotch rigging.

5/8" 150 ft. BR58-150 - $125 600 ft. BR58-600 - $475 3/4" 150 ft. BR34-150 - $173 600 ft. BR34-600 - $645 NON-SPLICEABLE

Black Widow™
Micro Bull line, 1/4", 7,400 lbs. tensile
Black Widow is 3.5 pounds of super strong line that can fit in a bag the size of a basketball and be virtually thrown into (or out of) most trees! Use Black Widow to inspire lean, as a slide line in a pinch, as a mini tagline, for straightening stormbent trees, and much more! SherrillTree customer Steve Costa of Groveland California recently tracked me down at a west coast tree care show to explain what an awesome product Black Widow has Only 1.6 lbs! been for his small business. Steve explained in vivid detail how his rigger climbs some of the largest conifers in the world with Black Widow in a hip-side bag, attaches the end to the tree and tosses the bag out through the canopy to the ground crew, much like a water rescuer does to his victim. From there workers can hand-apply significant tension or use the Widow to tow a larger line into position (if high tension is required). “It’s the first thing I take out of the truck when we’ve got big, thick canopy trees to pull. And you can quote me on that!”

Black Widow™ micro bull line (180 ft.) with eye splice 28656S - $209 Storage Bag 28777 - $29


Order toll-free

Dynasorb Energy-Absorbing Rigging Line
What have we learned about energy absorption when it comes to dynamic activities that test the limits of ropes and wood? For one, we’ve learned that tensile strength alone is not all it’s cracked up to be. For example, no one needs to spell out the result of bungee jumping using high-strength cable instead of (significantly weaker) elastic rope. Although an extreme example, the physics are virtually identical when arresting other falling loads, including tree parts. No, not because the load shouldn’t be injured, rather to lessen forces capable of cracking an anchor point or snapping high-strength ropes. Not only are such shattering forces the inspiration for modern tree cabling systems like Cobra® and TreeSave®, but they are also the reason many arborists are choosing Dynasorb for wood-dropping activities, too. 1/2" Orange 150 ft. DYNAS12-150 - $132 200 ft. DYNAS12-200 - $171 600 ft. DYNAS12-600 - $439 5/8" Yellow 150 ft. DYNAS58-150 - $195 200 ft. DYNAS58-200 - $253 600 ft. DYNAS58-600 - $674 3/4" Green 150 ft. DYNAS34-150 - $229 200 ft. DYNAS34-200 - $304 600 ft. DYNAS34-600 - $853 For a splice, add an “S” to the end of the rope’s part number and $25 to the price.

250 lb. load dropped 4 ft.
3500 3000 FORCE (lbs.) 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 250 0% 5% ELONGATION 10%

PDB Dynasorb

In another example, Jamie Goddard of Yale Cordage recently demonstrated on video a drop test using a 220-pound weight tethered first with dynamic (elastic) line and then with static (nonelastic) line. Tensile strength of the dynamic line was 3 tons, while the static line was 10 tons. The dynamic line arrested the weight six times without failure, while the static line snapped on the first drop (search YouTube for “yale+cordage+dynamic+test”). Dynasorb is not drastically different from other arborist-grade polyester double braid (PDB) rigging lines, only a smidge more elastic, about 3% within working-load range. The first to really tell the difference (especially when there’s ample line in a system) will be the climber. If managed with a lowering device from below, the impact will be noticeably softer. The groundsman operating the lowering device will feel little difference as well if letting the load run properly, but in the event of yanking it to a stop, the difference can be dramatic. Dynasorb’s secret is in the core. Inside is a special blend of high-strength nylon built to come back to shape again and again for unbelievable rigging performance, while the outside feels much the same as other arborist-grade rigging lines. Dynasorb is jacketed in 100% high-tenacity polyester and is Maxijacket-coated for excellent abrasion resistance.

“This rope has amazing shock-absorbing capability that can undoubtedly mean the difference between success and disaster in a critical rigging situation. We’ll soon keep one in each of our rigging kits.” - Greg Good inventor of the GRCS (Good Rigging Control System) and owner/operator of Good Tree Company LLC, Wisconsin

See Yale’s ne Fliplier Off

nd ou =r 0= EN NT T( (1 RE CO

) LY ER IZZ bs ET 0l ) AM GR 54 (10 sm 10 = nt oo hig h) lle OR DI ce @ D ex D N RE T. GA TIO TH 0= 0F AN SU NG yH R ER 10 EA RE TIO Eb ON RE ND (1 -M TU ST UC EL SU TY R MA TE
RIGGING ROPE Stable Braid 1/2 Stable Braid 9/16 Stable Braid  5/8 Stable Braid 3/4 Super-Braid Super-Braid Super-Braid Pro-Master Pro-Master 1/2 5/8 3/4 5/8 3/4 13.5mm 14mm 17mm 21mm 12.5mm 18mm 20mm 16mm 19mm 12.5mm 16.5mm 20mm 6mm 12.5mm 19mm 21mm Samson Samson Samson Samson New England New England New England Samson Samson Samson Yale Yale Samson Yale Yale Yale 8.2 11 14 18 9.3 12.4 17.5 9.6 13.9 8.5 11.9 14.5 1.6 7.6 13.3 16.8 10,400 13,300 16,300 20,400 9,900 15,600 19,600 8,500 10,900 7,000 9,800 12,750 7,400 10,500 18,000 23,000 Polyester Polyester Polyester Polyester Polyester Polyester Polyester Poly/Blend Poly/Blend Polyester Poly/Blend Poly/Blend Dyneema Polyester/Nylon Polyester/Nylon Polyester/Nylon Double Braid Double Braid Double Braid Double Braid Double Braid Double Braid Double Braid Twist Twist Twist Solid Braid Solid Braid Hollow Braid Double Braid Double Braid Double Braid 8 8 8 8 6 6 6 5 5 5 9 9 6 9 9 9 Hand Hand Hand Hand Grizzly N/A N/A Hand Hand Hand N/A N/A Hand Hand Hand Hand 1.26 1.26 1.26 1.26 0.94 0.94 0.94 2.2 2.2 3.15 3.1 3.1 .02 .5 .5 .5 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 5 5 5 7 7 8 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 4 4 4 6 6 10 9 9 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 7 7 – 0 0 0 Tree-Master 1/2 Bull Rigger12 5/8 Bull Rigger12 3/4 Black Widow™ 1/4 Dynasorb Dynasorb Dynasorb 1/2 5/8 3/4















































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rigging lines

Amsteel Blue Winch Line
• • • • • • • Stronger than wire yet floats on water Low elongation, low stretch, no recoil Non-rotational (unlike twisted cable) Easily field spliced Will not abrade like wire to expose sharp edges Soft and flexible, gloves not required for use Torque free

Amsteel Blue (line only)

DIAMETER 5/16” 3/8" 1/2" 5/8"

TENSILE STRENGTH MELT COLOR 13,700 290º BLUE 19,600 290º BLUE 34,000 290º BLUE 52,800 290º BLUE

SHERRILL CODE 31599 31600 31781 31782

$1.75 $2.39 $3.99 $6.99


100 FT+ (PER FT)

$1.55 $2.14 $3.55 $6.39

For the 6th consecutive year SherrillTree is proud to offer super-strong Samson Amsteel Blue winch line as replacement for virtually any style or size of powered winch. Replace worn out steel wire cables with Amsteel and experience a much more worker friendly material with no loss of strength! Your order might depend upon winch strength and hub size if you prefer the perfect fit. We have an easy formula to predict line length to maximize line reach but you’ll need to call or visit our website, with specific measurements of your winch, otherwise simply choose one of the pre-cut, pre-spliced lines to the right. For portable winches and winches on: chippers, work trucks, SUV’s, digger derricks, ATVs, tractors and more.

Amsteel Blue Winch Line with Spliced End
DIAMETER LENGTH 150' 5/16" 200' SPLICED END no thimble thimble no thimble thimble no thimble thimble no thimble thimble ITEM # AMW516-150-N AMW516-150-T AMW516-200-N AMW516-200-T AMW38-150-N AMW38-150-T AMW38-200-N AMW38-200-T PRICE

150' 3/8" 200'

$257 $268 $335 $346 $346 $357 $453 $464

Blue Line Steel Thimble 32512 - $11

Grizzly Spliced® Prusik Cord
Yale’s 10mm Bee-Line, with its tightly woven cover and superb line-biting characteristics, combined with our Grizzly Splice make for the one of the best prusik cords you’ll find on the market today. Based on a recent survey, SherrillTree is now offering a full range of lengths for climbers short to tall. Simply measure the length of your current Prusik and find it on the list below for premium performance! ABS 5,000 pounds. 50” 52” 54” FLPC-50 - $37 FLPC-52 - $37 FLPC-54 - $38 56” 58” 60” FLPC-56 - $38 FLPC-58 - $39 FLPC-60 - $39

Knotted 8mm Prusik Cord Loop
Our kernmantle polyester cords are just the right combination of weave and fiber content for use in secured footlock technique. Choose between all polyester, or polyester with heat-resistant Technora-jacket. 12ft cut and tied. ABS 5,000 pounds. Polyester Technora w/ Polyester Core 15463 - $13 28883 - $20


Description Technora/Polyester Bee-Line Ice HRC Accessory Prusik Cord Maxim (Not for life support) Maxim (Not for life support) Maxim (Not for life support) Single Carrier Tenex Sling-grade Tenex Sling-grade Tenex Sling-grade Tenex

Diameter 8mm 8mm 8mm 10mm 8mm 3mm 5mm 7mm 10mm 13mm 16mm 19mm

TENSILE STRENGTH 5,670 8,000 8,800 6,500 2,900 480 1,125 2,300 5,800 13,100 18,800 24,800

Cover Melt 900º 900º 900º 1000º 460º 480º 480º 480º 480º 480º 480º 480º


20' lENGTH TP-20 B8-20 I-20 HRC-20 APC-20 M3-20 M5-20 M7-20 SCT-20 ST13-20 ST16-20 ST19-20

50' LENGTH TP-50 B8-50 I-50 HRC-50 APC-50 M3-50 M5-50 M7-50 SCT-50 ST13-50 ST16-50 ST19-50

100’ LENGTH TP-100 B8-100 I-100 HRC-100 APC-100 M3-100 M5-100 M7-100 SCT-100 ST13-100 ST16-100 ST19-100

$30 $54 $34 $58 $16 $5 $9 $13 $15 $20 $35 $44

$51 $95 $60 $102 $28 $8 $15 $23 $27 $36 $61 $78

$79 $146 $92 $157 $43 $12 $23 $35 $42 $55 $94 $120


Order toll-free

Safety Performance Innovation

Innovation and performance have been the hallmarks of New England Ropes. For more than 45 years New England Ropes has lead the industry, introducing the first 16 and 24 strand climbing ropes, along with the first high temperature prusik. HRC and Lava/Tachyon continue to be the gold standard, in high performance climbing. Whether it’s climbing, or rigging, your job and safety deserve the best - New England Ropes.

Line Luggage
Of all workers utilizing rope in their profession, few are as rough or reach for rope as frequently as arborists. SherrillTree, a leading supplier and innovator of tools for arboriculture, now offers this exclusive line of rope & tool protection products for those who appreciate solid and heavy-duty protection for life-safety ropes and gear. Following extensive research among professional rope users regarding primary wants and needs, SherrillTree formulated this fully functional, outdoor-tough solution for ropes and tools that takes accessible storage to the next logical stratum. Each bag was designed as a versatile approach to a professional line of complete protection like nothing built before. Smart design, tough materials, easy decision.


Order toll-free

Two long pockets for storing saws, cabling gear, pruners, etc.

Two different handle positions provide users with optimal grip.

Each have 4 reinforced positions for attaching pack straps for wearing aloft.

High-visibility, reflective trim for safety and quick location at days end.

XL rope bags carry all elements of a climber’s PPE including 200 feet of 1/2-inch rope, saddle and helmet while the LG versions can carry over 200 feet of climbing line.

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Rope can be easily drawn through the 25mm (1-inch) access hole that keeps dirt and rain out

Ventilation doors allow air circulation while providing quick visual identification of contents without opening the top

Heavy-duty #10 zipper on the lid provides maximum access

Gaps for tool-holding clips and loops for extra carabiners

Exterior pockets provide additional storage

Rope Boss™ Deluxe Rope & Tool Bags
24” tall, 14” wide 16” tall, 12” wide XL Deluxe Rope & Tool Bag - Holds 500 ft of 1/2” rope OR a saddle, helmet & 250 ft of rope LG Deluxe Rope & Tool Bag - Holds 250 ft of 1/2” rope OR a saddle, helmet & 120 ft of rope 32376 - $68 32375 - $60

Rope Boss™ Basic Rope & Tool Bags
XL Basic Rope & Tool Bag - Holds 500 ft of 1/2” rope OR a saddle, helmet & 250 ft of rope LG Basic Rope & Tool Bag - Holds 250 ft of 1/2” rope OR a saddle, helmet & 120 ft of rope 32377 - $37 32378 - $44

Unique drawstring closure cinches top with minimal effort.

16” tall, 12” wide

24” tall, 14” wide

Oversized rim folds easily out of the way for fast loading then draws tight for protection from the elements

Rope can be drawn through top without full exposure to weather or falling debris.

Comfort Backpack System
Quickly convert any of our Deluxe or Basic bags into a long-haul backpack or handsfree climbing duffle. Unique rope access ports allow quick extraction of stored rope while on the climber. • Highly breathable padding materials provide a quick-drying comfortable option for longer hauls and remote climbing operations • Carabiner storage loops in shoulder strap • Adjustable chest strap • Reinforced edging and double stitching throughout 32444 - $25

Fits the Deluxe and Basic bags found on this page.


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Folding Throwline Cube
This 17-inch throwline system quickly folds into a highly portable pouch without tangling lines and weights within. See more on page 25.

Rope Boss™ Value 250
This new addition to the Rope Boss line-up is a simple and basic rope bag—but it’s built with the same attention to detail as the bags taking the rope-using world by storm. Don’t store your lifelines in anything less than a Boss. 33330 - $29.95

16” tall, 12” wide (rope not included)

Carabiner loops and pockets

One-handed open and close Interior wall is lined with various sized pockets that keep gear organized and throwline tanglefree Interior bottom loop for securing objects Single loop in center allows user to quickly relocate bag for preferred dispensing position while climbing Attachment system designed for a wide variety of connection hardware and saddle types

Ponytail Redirect
This handy tip submitted by arborist instructor Dwayne Neustaeter is an alltime favorite, saving the need to rescale obstacles between climbing moves. If a tight crotch or other snag risk is evident, a recommended alteration to the process is to rotate the entire loop until the hardware/hitch is above obstacle before pulling tail for system retrieval.

Wingman Drawstring Pouch
Holds throwline, weights, cell phone, first aid, glasses, lighter, snacks, H2O, markers, etc. 32380 - $43

Over 2 quarts of interior room for lanyards, hardware, cabling gear, snacks, glasses, gloves, camera, towel, etc. Exterior First Aid / cell phone pocket protects valuables Gaps for tool-holding clips and loops for carabiners replace the saddle positions covered by Wingman Small hole in bottom provides moisture drainage

Wingman Stretch-Top Pouch
Holds lanyard excess, PPE, clothing, cell phone, glasses, lighter, snacks, H2O, markers, first aid, etc. 32379 - $37

Tools go in but don’t fall out

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“...Quite simply the best thing to happen to non-invasive tree climbing in the history of the biz. Won’t leave home without it!”
- Stihl Strong, Richmond, VA

Throw Weight Launching System
The BIG SHOT head assembly fits into the female ferrule of Jameson’s utility-grade fiberglass extension poles to produce the leading and most effective means of launching a throw weight accurately into tree canopies and over other high targets. Unlike any other method (compound bow, gas or powder-charged guns) the BIG SHOT accepts a wide range of projectiles, requires no special license to transport and most importantly provides the user with fully variable thrust force to limit over-shooting of low to mid-range targets. The BIG SHOT also solves one of the most significant difficulties of hand tossing throw weights; vertical targets with narrow approaches. With minimal practice you’ll be able to hit high targets as small as a pie pan through a small frame of branches and twigs. This is truly a tree workers best friend! THE NEW BIG SHOT design is more accurate and 25% lighter than before! Thanks to computer-aided design (CAD) we were able to reduce excess bulk and weight from the head assembly while keeping the same wide-fork dimension that has made this tool such a popular throwline accessory. While we were at it, we redesigned the launch pad to cut in-air projectile rotation by 50%, greatly improving accuracy (also available as a sling replacement for older models). So, if you’re looking to thread the needle through the thickest of canopies or launch throw weights up to 150 vertical feet, reach for the tool that arborists around the world call for by name.

BIG SHOT® Deluxe Kit
BIG SHOT with two 4’ poles, Line Reel with 300’ of monofilament, 300’ of Slick Line, 8 and 10 oz. throwbags, Canvas Line Bag, Plastic Carrying Case (50” x 7” x 9”), replacement tubing, reel mount and laser mount. SET1025 - $309

BIG SHOT with two connectable 4’ poles SET1027 - $119 BIG SHOT with 8’ pole (over-size ship charges apply) SET1026 - $109

Improved Replacement Sling
We stumbled upon the perfect solution for holding a throw weight until release and ensuring a clean shot every time. With lengthened straps sewn together just above the fingerhold,the new BIG SHOT® launch pad grips the projectile firmly until released by hand or trigger. Now you can position the pole at any angle (even upside down!) without the projectile falling from control. Don’t wait to upgrade your BIG SHOT® for improved accuracy and productivity. Replacement pouch & tubing (with instructions) 29290 - $24 Newly reinforced elastic connections are extra-durable

BIG SHOT® Line Reel
This closed face reel is a must for high shots and quick line retrieval. Includes Reel Mount for mounting to pole and 300 feet of 20 lb. monofilament line. 18423 - $43

BIG SHOT® Reel Mount BIG SHOT® Release Snap
Stainless steel snap releases with a remote pull cord, to allow concentration on effort and accuracy. Attachment cord allows user to position anywhere along an 8 foot pole or on the bottom section of shorter poles. 3,350 lb tnsl. 16414 - $63 Snap on and snap off this durable mounting bracket for Zebco’s popular 808 fishing reel from your BIG SHOT to experience quick line deployment and retraction. Does not fit other fishing reels. Fits 1 ¼-inch diameter poles and Zebco model 808 closed-face reel 33305 - $14.95

Carrying case for BIG SHOT®, 4ft poles, and accessories
16418 - $45

BIG SHOT® Laser Mount
This bracket holds most pen-style lasers in position along 1 ¼-inch diameter poles as well as providing hands-free button activation on certain laser models. Warning-may scratch finish off some lasers. Designed specifically for SherrillTree Day Pointer. Fits 1 ¼-inch diameter poles and lasers 13 to 13.5mm diameter 33304 - $14.95

Day Pointer Lasers
Have you or a crew member ever removed the wrong limb from a customer’s tree due to miscommunication by you or the client? Have you ever experienced frustration from not being able to clearly identify a target to a crane operator? Would you consider it helpful when training a new worker about overhead hazards to point them out from the ground? If the answer is yes, perhaps you should reach for “the brightest dot” known to man. SherrillTree’s green laser provides the brightest spectrum visible to the human eye and is able to be seen in full daylight and from considerable distance. Thanks to the recommendation of arborist Mike Kraus of Hilo, Hawaii, SherrillTree was the first to present this time- and customersaving device to professional tree workers back in 2003. Today SherrillTree has a direct connection with the manufacturer to provide the brightest handheld laser legally available in the US and UK and at a knockout low price—GUARANTEED. Don’t be fooled by cheap immitations. There simply isn’t a better quality or brighter laser available at this price. SherrillTree’s Day Pointer lasers are Class IIIa/3R, 5-mW (milliwatt) green-spectrum lasers, visible up to 2.3 miles (less in daylight) with an operating life of 3,000 to 5,000 hours. Your Day Pointer comes with 180-day warranty and 2 AAA batteries—and weighs a mere 3 ounces. So, if clearly communicating tasks of the day to crew members is important, or simply illustrating to customers that you care enough to get it right, then look out, index finger—you’re about to be served ! Day Pointer—push to activate side button. This most-popular model has a pressure-sensitive button along the side that deactivates the laser when released, reserving battery and diode life. 30416 - $59.95 Day Pointer B—on/off end button. This model has a flashlight-like on/off button on the end that allows hands-free operation if necessary. 33342 - $69.95

Brought to us by customer Mike Kraus, of Hilo, Hawaii.

Day Pointer

“I’ve been looking for a laser like this for over 5 years. I’ve tried all sorts, but none could perform like the laser I discovered at SherrillTree. We’re making them standard equipment for arborists in our branch and I feel confident that others will soon follow.” - Eric Fowler, operations manager

Day Pointer B Each laser comes with its own carrying case

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Telescoping Reach Tool
A B E F From 19 inches to 10 FEET!
Designed primarily for maximizing reach to rope ends for horizontal canopy movement, this 10-foot stainless steel telescoping handle uses a flexible tip that you can bend into whatever shape the task requires. Bend it tight for hooking ropes, or into an “s” to push them over a branch, and, when you’re done, straighten it out and move through the tree without hooking to everything you pass. Climbers are going to love the length, weight, and portability, but—more important—the ability to canvas a canopy like never before! 19 in. (collapsed), 10 ft. (extended), 14 oz., stainless steel construction 30762 - $43



30201 - $62 30202 - $52 30207 - $12 27788 - $6 28777 - $29 14852 - $16 27789 - $5

AMT Throwline bags A. Deluxe bag (dividers not included) B. Economy bag (dividers not included) C. Cloth divider D. Lexan divider 10 1/4" E. Mesh bag F. Canvas bag G. Lexan divider 7”


AMT Throwline bags (A-D)
ArborMaster Training™ throwline bags are the heart of a solid rope access “system.” Made of heavy-gauge pack cloth nylon with drawstring closures, both models have folded and stitched handles with exterior pockets for storing essentials. On the inside, each has enough room to stack upward of four 200’ throwlines, along with four floating rings lining the walls for managing line’s end. The deluxe model has a rigid rim stitched into the top, interior pockets for throw weight storage, and Velcro tabs on exterior pockets to keep valuables (like your new Line Tamer) secure during travel, even in the swiftest of corner turns.

Line Bags (E-G)
Choose from our new, see-through mesh nylon or solid canvas nylon-constructed line bags to meet your storage needs. Mesh is translucent, for instant identification of contents and air circulation to allow wet line to dry quickly. The nylon canvas version does a good job of keeping things dry in the first place. Both 9" bags work great with the Line Tamer (right), hold up to 400' of throwline, and have drawstring closures to keep contents in place. Plastic discs available to separate stacked lines.

Line Tamer
An idea brought to us by tree-buddy Eddie Bingle, the battery-operated, Line Tamer shuttles 200 feet of throwline from one location to another in just 15 seconds! That’s right, from scattered across the ground to inside something as small as a soda bottle in less time than it normally takes to decide who gets the task. This specially modified for SherrillTree, line-stripping device by Berkley works on cordage up to 2.2 mm, including SherrillTree’s Rhino Line and Zing-it. Two C batteries, bag and line not included. 29404 - $23

Fox Tail
Even with a BIG SHOT®, tree climbers are only as good as their throwline skills, both on the ground and off. This unique practice tool is the best skills-honing device I’ve seen. A few hours of play time will shave days off your throwline learning curve. 30900 - $12

Fold & Hold Cube
The folding cube has truly revolutionized throwline storage in just a few years! Although not as sturdy as our higher quality fabric cubes (opposite page), this plastic-mesh box folds flat for storage of throwlines up to a few hundred feet. 12" blue 28289 - $16


Order toll-free

Folding Throwline Cube
stored dimension The makers of Fold & Hold take climbers to the next level with this top-quality cube designed specifically for throwline organization. Just as effective at dispersing line during the throw as it is at receiving line being retrieved, the Fold & Hold Deluxe can be used on the ground or in the tree with equal effectiveness. The jet black sides with yellow trimming are not only attractive after extensive outdoor use but make the cube stand out just enough on the job site without attracting unnecessary attention from strangers. Storage features include one large exterior and two small interior pockets for holding throw weights plus an interior Velcro strap and D-ring for quick line-end recovery. Made in agreement with Heinrich Haeussler . Not sold in Germany. 17" cube 32443 - $62 exterior handle


exterior handle

Throwline Storage
Spooling line onto a coiling device or stick is common among tree workers. Rolling and unrolling line in this manner can be rather time consuming. If you “hank” line on to your arm, you must unhank it the exact same way prior to use or deal with a tangled mess.The proper method of storing most line is to “flake it” into or onto something clean. Piling line from bottom to top is simple to do, and tangle-free at firing time. If you don’t have a bucket, bag or line tarp, simply use a paper bag but always keep the working end separate from the pile or all will be lost!

Wingman Drawstring Saddlebag
This Wingman not only covers your back with loops, hoops and pockets for storage, but is trained to lay down as smooth a line as you’re gonna see. That’s right, in the time it takes to say “hey sweet lips, is that your natural color?” Wingman can be front and center (easily repositioned from back to front) with every tool necessary to land the perfect, uuh, well, tree branch area where it meets the trunk. And if that weren’t enough, this worthy assistant is lined with pockets to carry your cell phone, pens, lighter, and most other essentials required to cruise a righteous canopy. The wall-lined pockets also do well at keeping gear from entangling a good line. So what’s our new credo? Never, ever, ever leave your Wingman behind. 32380 - $43

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Deluxe Throwline Kit
1 Zing It 1.75mm x 180’ Throwline Yellow (Z175Y-180) 1 Zing It 1.75mm x 180’ Throwline Red (Z175R-180) 1 Fold & Hold Deluxe Cube (32443) 1 Neo Throwbag, 10 oz. (NEO-10) 1 Neo Throwbag, 12 oz. (NEO-12) 1 Neo Throwbag, 14 oz. (NEO-14) 32261 - $139

Throwing a Line
Tie the throwline to your weight’s ring using a slipped clove hitch, then, drop the weight to the ground and tie a slipknot about thigh high and use this bump in the line as your pinch point for precision release. Once your target limb is isolated (see opposite page for a line isolation trick), install the climbing line (with friction saver). Rip Tompkins suggests a pile hitch, but a host of other knots serve this purpose just as well.

Tie line to weight’s ring... then a slip knot thigh-high as a pinch handle for one-hand throws ...or two-handed by slipping bight through ring

use one-hand...

Throwline Intermediate Kit
1 Neon 3mm x 150’ Throwline (NEON-150) 1 Neon 3mm x 200’ Throwline (NEON-200) 1 Fold & Hold Deluxe Cube (32443) 1 Neo Throwbag, 10 oz. (NEO-10) 1 Neo Throwbag, 12 oz. (NEO-12) 1 Neo Throwbag, 14 oz. (NEO-14) 32396 - $121

Throwline Starter Kit
1 Neon 3mm x 150’ Throwline (NEON-150) 1 Fold & Hold Deluxe Cube (32443) 1 Neo Throwbag, 12 oz. (NEO-12) 1 Neo Throwbag, 14 oz. (NEO-14) 32395 - $93

Pile Hitch

We are trainers and educators dedicated to safety, integrity and performance

www.NorthAmericanTrainingSolutions.com [email protected]




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Choose from the best throwline materials in the industry to get your every tree job done on schedule! SherrillTree recommends choosing the lightest throw weight possible for returning the chosen line to the ground, a challenge that is largely based on tree bark roughness and crown density. Although a light throw weight is easier to throw high, it must be heavy enough to pull its attached line to the ground or all is for nothing. In most cases we recommend a 12-14 ounce weight for 80% of mid-range hand throws and under 10 ounce for really high stuff. Also, hand throws often arch more significantly than a BIG SHOT® launch so hand throws will require more weight to compensate for multi-branch contact friction.



New England’s Dynaglide


Isolating a limb using two bullet-shaped weights, and a second throwline. TENSILE (lbs) STRENGTH



A. Zing-it (Dyneema)
180 1,000 180 1,000 180 1,000 10-12 10-12 10-12 10-12 12-14 12-14 1.75 1.75 1.75 1.75 2.2 2.2 560 560 560 560 670 670 Z175Y-180 Z175Y-1000 Z175R-180 Z175R-1000 Z22Y-180 Z22Y-1000

B. Dynaglide (Spectra)
$25 $124 $25 $124 $28 $141
150 200 1,000 150 200 1,000 12-14 12-14 12-14 1.8 1.8 1.8 1,000 1,000 1,000 DYNA-150 DYNA-200 DYNA-1000

$32 $36 $173

C. Neon 3 (Polyethylene, USA)
12-14 12-14 12-14 3 3 3 250 250 250 NEON-150 NEON-200 NEON-1000

$14 $17 $52

D D. NEO Throw Weights
6oz. 8oz. NEO-6 - $14 NEO-8 - $14 10oz. NEO-10 - $14 12oz. NEO-12 - $14 14oz. NEO-14 - $14 16oz. NEO-16 - $14



16oz. 15555 - $21

Popular Combos
180 ft Zing-it (1.75 mm) and 10 oz Neo throw weight 27532 - $39 150 ft Neon 3 and a 14 oz Neo throw weight SET90 - $27 200 ft Neon 3 and a 14 oz Neo throw weight SET91 - $30

Mini Carabiner
28733 - $3 See more mini-carabiners on pg. 63

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E. Rubber Throw Ball

The Beach Rolly
Here’s a resource sure to ease some back pain. This unique carrier does more than transport loads of gear to the worksite with ease; it gives you a place to take a load off come break time. Large inflated tires take the bump out of rough terrain while the collapsible design makes for easy storage. The Beach Rolly is made in Europe and features durable construction. We’re sure you’ll find this to be another quality product that will make your workday a little easier. German import. 31108 - $219

Very durable, versatile and long-lasting

Jet Sled
This simple yet rugged polyethylene sled is a great answer to organizing a cluttered truck bed or shuttling gear or debris around the job site. Organize chain saws, oil, and gas to keep them safe from spilling or cutting other gear in your truck bed, or isolate ropes and saddles and gear from … well, saws, oil, and gas. Transport light to medium loads across snow or grass, between bushes, through mud, up creeks (floats up to 90 pounds) and more while keeping gear neat and dry. A single Jet Sled weighs only 16 pounds and can be stored about anywhere the chips may fall. Use a heavy duty, water repellant, Jet Sled cover to keep items dry in your open truck bed or to keep private property...private. Note: Although polyethylene material is extremely tough, excessive dragging of loads across dry, abrasive surfaces will wear out the bottom. Dimensions: 54 inches L by 24 inches W by 10 inches D. Stackable/nesting Jet Sled 31864 - $42 Cover 31866 - $21 Jet Sled with cover

Doctor’s Bag
This roomy toolbag’s walls are stitched to a hard plastic bottom that repels mud and water. The floor is reinforced with a masonite board, to keep tools from tearing through, while the top has a steel hinged mouth that opens wide when you want in. Two large side pockets have corrosion-resistant snaps. Seat belt webbed handles are belly stitched around the entire bag for long lasting support. Holds approximately three 120' hanks of rope and a variety of tools and snaps. Dimensions: 24" x 18" x 10" Canvas 14855 - $99 Water-resistant Nylon 14849 - $119

Mini Tool Bucket
Looks pretty sharp on my desk here but even better and more useful hanging from our service truck’s mirror. Easily holds a phone, 5 or 6 pairs of safety glasses, miscellaneous tools, writing instruments and more. Thick canvas duck material with hard plastic bottom, 3 exterior pockets, rope handle, 6 in. diameter by 10 in. tall. 30208 - $19

Large Tool Bucket
12” wide x 15” deep canvas bucket with hard bottom and inside pocket. Folds neatly flat when not in use. This tool bucket is well suited for tree work, such as cabling and bracing but has long been a favorite of utility workers operating from a bucket truck. 14859 - $41 Heavy-duty reinforced bottom


Order toll-free




Mesh Tool Bags
Tired of shuffling through the darkness for your favorite tool? These zippered mesh tool bags are the ultimate storage system for small hardware. Without opening anything, you can determine what’s holding what and where. The tough, coated nylon mesh material allows moisture to evaporate to keep things dry. Heavyduty, extra large zipper hardware stands up to the punishment of commercial use. Large (9.5” diameter x 12” long) MTB-L - $25 Small (5”diameter x 9” long) MTB-S - $22

Metolius Haul Packs
Constant innovation is what we respect about this leader in the rock-climbing arena. Designed for climbing, Metolius Haul Packs are perhaps the single toughest rope-hauling pack on the market—and the bar by which SherrillTree measures all others. Each simple and clean design has comfortable shoulder straps and padded waist belt, rain-tight lid with (interior) zip pocket and unbreakable closure buckle, two 3-slot daisy chains and is skinned with super-durable Durathane fabric. Mescalito 1450 cu. in., wt 1 lb. 14 oz., 18" x 13.5" x 6.5" Shield Express 1890 cu. in., wt 2 lb. 1 oz., 21" x 14" x 8" 2380 cu. in., wt 2 lb. 10 oz., 21.5" x 15" x 9" 33387 - $79 33386 - $99 33385 - $109

Log Weight Chart
Complete log chart goes up to 72”, available at SherrillTree.com

Apple Ash, White Basswood Beech Birch, Paper Birch, Yellow Butternut Cherry, Black Chestnut Cottonwood Elm, American Gum, Black Gum, Red Hackberry Hickory, Shagbark Honey Locust Magnolia, Ev Maple, Red Maple, Silver Maple, Sugar Oak, California Black Oak, Live Oak, Red Oak, White Pecan Persimmon Poplar, Yellow Sassafras Sycamore Walnut, Black Pine, White Spruce, Red


30 26 23 29 27 31 25 25 30 27 29 25 27 27 35 33 32 27 25 31 36 41 34 34 33 34 21 24 28 32 20 19

43 38 33 42 39 45 36 35 43 38 42 35 39 39 50 48 46 39 35 44 51 60 49 48 48 49 30 34 41 45 28 27

WEIGHT OF A ONE-FOOT SECTION (BASED ON AVERAGE DIAMETER) 14” 16” 18” 20” 22” 24” 26” 28” 30” 32”
59 51 45 58 53 61 49 48 59 52 58 48 53 53 68 65 63 53 48 60 70 81 67 66 65 67 40 47 55 62 38 36 77 67 59 75 70 80 64 63 77 68 75 63 70 70 89 85 82 70 63 78 92 106 88 86 85 88 53 61 72 81 50 47 97 85 74 95 88 101 81 79 97 86 95 79 88 88 113 108 104 88 79 99 116 134 111 109 108 111 67 78 92 102 64 60 120 104 92 118 109 124 100 98 120 107 118 98 109 109 140 133 129 109 98 122 144 166 137 135 133 137 83 96 113 126 78 74 145 126 111 142 132 151 121 119 145 129 142 119 132 132 169 161 156 132 119 148 174 200 166 163 161 166 99 116 137 153 95 90 173 150 132 169 157 179 144 141 173 154 169 141 157 157 201 192 185 157 141 176 207 238 198 194 192 198 119 138 163 182 113 106 203 177 155 199 164 210 170 166 203 180 199 166 164 164 236 225 217 164 166 206 243 280 232 228 225 232 140 162 191 213 128 125 235 205 180 231 214 244 197 192 235 209 231 192 214 214 273 261 252 214 192 239 282 324 269 265 261 269 162 188 222 248 154 145 270 235 206 265 245 280 226 221 270 240 265 221 245 245 314 299 289 245 221 275 323 372 309 304 299 309 186 215 254 284 176 166 307 267 235 301 279 319 257 251 307 273 301 251 279 279 357 341 329 279 251 313 368 424 351 346 341 351 211 245 290 323 201 189

347 302 265 340 317 360 290 283 347 310 340 283 317 317 403 385 372 317 283 353 416 478 397 390 385 397 239 277 327 364 227 214

368 338 297 381 353 403 325 318 388 346 381 318 353 353 452 431 417 353 318 396 466 536 445 437 431 445 268 310 366 409 254 239


ANSI Z133.1/5.7.7 states that– “A green log weight chart shall be available to the crew.”
Information from the U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service sheet “Rope, Knots and Climbing”.

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55 48 42 54 50 57 46 45 55 49 54 45 50 50 64 61 59 50 45 56 66 76 63 62 61 63 38 44 52 58 36 34

1 foot length

Sample measurement chart

SherrillTree Saddle Sizing Chart “Guide to the perfect fit”
Manufacturers provide general waist fit ranges for their saddles, but don’t typically provide measurements for the hip rings or leg straps. For improved customer convenience, we’ve painstakingly measured and logged the actual ring and leg measurements of each product we sell. Take measurements fully clothed and at the specified locations, then select your next saddle based on the actual fit ranges that you’ll find listed near each cataloged saddle.

Vendor’s size







is the small to large BELT measurement Wear your climbing pants, belt and at least one shirt to reflect a minimal working outfit. Make sure to measure just above your hip bones where most climbers wear the waist belt.



is the RING to RING measurement For optimum comfort it is best to have the positioning rings resting forward of your hip bones, although quite frankly, this position is more important for linemen’s belts where 100% of climbing time is performed on gaffs and lanyard.



is the small to large LEG STRAP measurement

Most saddle leg straps encircle the very highest part of the thigh. Make sure when you choose a saddle that’s maximum measurement isn’t “tight” on your leg, leave room for a loose fit here.

Sit Harnesses
Sit harnesses (saddles) certified to Europe’s stringent EN 813 and EN 358 standards are designed for work positioning and not fall arrest. The Sequoia, TreeMotion and Butterfly saddles are tested as follows:  

STATIC TEST: approved attachment points must withstand a 15 kN (3,372 lbf) static load for 3 minutes. Actual strength is generally much higher than that required by the standard. DYNAMIC TEST: attachment points designed to be used in pairs must withstand a 100kg 1-meter drop test; those designed to be used individually must withstand a 2-meter drop. Note: for these tests, each attachment point is tested individually, even those designed for use in pairs (e.g. lateral positioning rings).

The following icons reflect functions of saddles on the pages to come.

Rope walking (SRT) compatible

Fall-restraint suspenders available (optional)

Multi-point suspension in front

Supports through-line activity

Rolling bridge design

Swing-seat functionality

Tool support suspenders available (optional)


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Saddles - Table of Contents
treeMOTION - $499 (pg. 32)



4 4

4 4 4 4 4

4 4 4 4 4

4 4 4 4 4

4 4 4 4

Cougar - $229 (pg. 33)

Ergovation - $519.95 (pg. 34)





4 4 4

Glide Lite - $329 (pg. 34)

Butterfly II - $299 (pg. 35)

Navaho BOD - $345 (pg. 35)


4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
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Sequoia - $365 (pg. 37)

Sequoia SRT - $395 (pg. 37)


4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4


Sequoia Swing - $450 (pg. 37)

Pinnacle Classic - $284 (pg. 38) Pinnacle Deluxe - $323 (pg. 38)


4 4 4

Versatile Classic - $293 (pg. 38) Versatile Deluxe - $355 (pg. 38)


Master Classic - $249 (pg. 39) Master Deluxe - $289 (pg. 39)



Basic - $99* (pg. 40)

Floating Dee - $126* (pg. 41)
* Extra Large add $10



8-time ITCC winner For prudent climbers, selecting the next saddle is all about maximizing work efficiency and minimizing physical stress. The dollars spent today are purely an investment in the hours, days, and weeks to come. The difference between a more costly yet clever, well-built modern design and an old-school, bottom-dollar option has little weight in the decision! treeMotion was designed over a five-year period by three of the most innovative and physical climbers I know, and, unlike the developers of the latest pro-athlete running shoe, these guys actually put some time into design before physically cutting, sewing, and climbing each sample up to production. The brainchild of seven-time world champion Beddes Strasser of Germany, treeMotion is simple yet highly sophisticated, tough yet flexible, and—above all—designed to support a wide range of tree climbing techniques and moves. What treeMotion isn’t is limited. Named after the unique movement performed by treeworkers, treeMotion delivers comfort through four primary and new-to-market features: an ergonomically cut back and leg design; user-adjustable suspension bridge and rings; self-adjusting multistrap hip and lumbar support; and, lastly, usercustomizable utility loops on back and leg pads. Like being gifted the garage of your dreams, each new owner is entitled to design his own tool locations to preference. Where other saddles have five to ten fixed tool locations, treeMotion has more than 100 possibilities to choose from, including several on the leg pads! The same holds true for the suspension bridge, where length and accessory options abound. The treeMotion team devised an ingenious support ring that allows fine adjustment of the pulley-friendly bridge cordage that glides ever so smoothly! In mere minutes, you can switch from an installed swivel to a rope-style pulley to, heck, nothing at all. And when this supporting bridge wears out, simply thread a knotted replacement and voilà, no splicing, no stitching, no hassle … treeMotion. Features include ergonomically cut back and leg pads that conform to human shape (not just a die-cut oval shape); removable and washable padding; six Caritool positions, two heavy-duty (red) and vertically adjustable cord loops; first-aid kit position with two cinch straps in lumbar area; committed and load-bearing chain-saw ring in back. Fits waist sizes 30-38”. Measurements (chart on pg. 30)

Bernd Strasser

Twin lumbar straps turn your 1st aid kit into ideal support.

Two permanent accessory loops are adjustable.

Accessories not included

Caritool positions on leg straps too!

A properly positioned chainsaw ring for left or right side use.

Back and leg pad material is easily removable and machine washable.

One Size

CODE 31311


WAIST 30”- 38”


LEG 26"-33"



Suspenders 31661 - $99

Bridge Replacement 31660 - $19.50

First Aid Kit (pg. 42) 28212 - $21

Wingman Stretch-Top Pouch (pg. 21) 32379 - $37

Swivels (pg. 62) Small: 32365 - $53

Hitch Climber Pulley (pg. 59) Gold: HITCH-GL - $67 Red: HITCH-RD - $67

Rigging Plate (pg. 75) 31067 - $27.95

Paddle (pg. 63) 15990 - $14

Small: CARI-S - $6.95 Large: CARI-L - $15.95

Caritool (pg. 60)


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Cougar Rope Bridge Saddle by Weaver
Over the past decade, a certain characteristic of saddle design has become the number-one sought-after feature for comfort in tree climbing—the floating bridge. The floating bridge is essentially a suspension strap that spans the wearer’s lap where the support line is connected, allowing for free movement of the torso like no other design. Such mobility allows a tree climber to reach up and down and in, and out much more freely during a routine that demands flexibility. With design assistance from North Carolina arborist Eddie Simril, Weaver puts their Cougar on path with a handful of the industry’s most respected predators, including treeMotion, Dragonfly & Butterfly, Glide, Sequoia, Traverse, Versatile, and the new Ergovation. Weaver’s genes are obvious in the Cougar—from the signature, heavy-duty stitching to the grommet-stamped tongue buckle. The Cougar makes for a good-quality, entry-level floating bridge saddle.

• Adjustable leg and bridge straps provide comfortable fit for a wide variety of body shapes • Removable and replaceable leg pads and bridge • Leg straps feature secure, quick-connect buckles for ease of use • Belay loop on back for training and rescue (not for fall arrest) • Spaces in belt for attaching accessory carabiners • Built-in attachment rings for suspenders (suspenders sold separately) help distribute tool weight to reduce fatigue • Three additional D’s on the bottom of the waist back for attachment of ditty bag or first-aid kit • Saddle features a sewn-on leather identification tag with an insert for convenient storage of the plastic use, wear, warning, and maintenance tag • Weight: approximately 6.5 pounds
Measurements (chart on pg. 30) Front

Cougar Rope Bridge
Small Medium Large Extra large



WAIST 30”-34” 34”-40” 40”-44” 44”-48”

RINGS 20" 22" 24" 26"

LEG 18"-26" 20"-28" 24"-32" 28"-36"


$229 $229 $229 $229

Arborist Knots & Uses

A. Clove hitch quick hitch used to send tools aloft or to anchor rigging lines to non-rotating objects (add a half hitch or two if anchor point might rotate). B. SLIP KNOT used commonly as a jam knot for holding line in position or as a pinch bump for throwline. C. DOUBLE Fisherman’s knot (Grapevine Knot) used to connect line ends such as to create a prusik loop for the secured footlock technique. Difficult to nearly impossible to untie following a heavy load. D. SCAFFOLD KNOT for securing line to a rigid object like a safety snap or carabiner. Hitch cinches down firmly with load and can be difficult to untie after applying heavy loads.

E. Running Bowline in rigging this is often used to connect the target wood to the terminal end of line. The cinching power of the hitch holds wood tight but is easy to tie and untie. F. Blake’s hitch this is a friction hitch used to ascend and descend by climbers utilizing the doubled rope technique (DdRT). G. Schwabisch prusik friction hitch tied with a line approximately 1/8” smaller in diameter than the climber’s support line that is easy to tie and untie, has a firm grip when loaded and releases easily when not loaded. H. Sheet Bend for quickly attaching 2 lines (of different or similar diameter) to shuttle their position. Not very stable and not intended for carrying significant weight loads.

View our entire library of knots in the Learning Center at SherrillTree.com

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Ergovation Tree Climbing Saddle

3:1 waist adjustment and removable abdominal stabilization system for precise fit and to prevent shifting.

Glide Lite Tree Climbing Saddle

Customizable lumbar support to help maintain optimal posture. Adjustable work positioning D-rings for comfortable and customized fitting by user. Take a list of every tree climber’s favorite saddle features, toss in an engineer’s eye for enhanced adjustability, blend in an ergonomic tune-up by a physical therapist, and then send it down the line at America’s leading industrial harness manufacturer—and what do you get? One high-powered innovation that’s sure to win the working-climber’s heart. This latest edition saddle from Buckingham is the brainchild of tree climbing instructor and certified arborist Ed Carpenter and his physical-therapist sibling Dr. Amanda Carpenter. Together, the Carpenters spent countless hours crafting their dream saddle into a study of fine-tuned ergonomics. The Ergovation is not only modular (22 replaceable parts), but highly adjustable. From hip-positioning rings that adjust fore and aft, to leg straps that allow buckle placement inside or outside the thighs, the Ergo was designed to fit a range of climbing styles and motions. Only the second tree climbing harness to address adjustable lumbar support (besides Treemotion), the Ergovation includes a hidden pocket in the belt back for installing a half-inch closed-cell foam pad (included with each saddle). You can even insert your own doctor-prescribed hot or cold therapeutic pad. If you’re in the market for a premium upgrade to your current saddle, strap on this comfortable ergonomic wonder, sit back, and enjoy the ride. Weighs 6 lbs 3 oz.

FEATURES • • • • • Large D-rings with lock-back option Smooth-rolling pulley (optional) Quick release buckles Waist, leg, pelvic adjustment points 2:1 hip-adjustment system • • • • Various hardware attachment points Carabiner pass through positions Well padded, supporting design LIGHTWEIGHT! (3.9 pounds)

Measurements (chart on pg. 30)

Small Medium Large X-Large



WAIST 28”-32” 32”-36” 36”-40” 40”-42”

RINGS 23" 24" 25" 26"

LEG 23"-32" 24"-35" 25"-37" 26"-39"

$519.95 $519.95 $519.95 $519.95

ERGOVATION™ is a brand name of Buckingham Manufacturing Co. Inc. developed in conjunction with C.O.R. Ergonomic Solutions.

The Glide Lite is Buckinghams second generation release of a saddle engineered and designed by world renowned tree safety experts Ken Palmer and Rip Tompkins of ArborMaster. Among the Glide’s highest-rated features are the users ability to change worn components easily; quick-release buckles rated to 5,000 lb; wide-ranging adjustability; heavy-duty but lightweight construction; and compatibility with SherrillTree’s smooth-rolling suspension pulley. Working arborists will be pleasantly surprised with the Glide’s comfortable suspension. Easy-access buckles at the legs and waist provide quick entry and exit with the ability to adjust or lengthen easily for a true “custom fit.” The tough-duty back pad has ample storage loops and rings (12 in all), two carabiner slots, plus the ability to incorporate weightrelieving suspenders or a full-body harness. All major parts of this saddle are removable, adjustable, and replaceable.

Quick-connect clips on the belt and leg-straps make exit and entry a breeze!

(3.9 pounds) Includes Warp Speed suspension bridge as shown

Fall Arrest Y Harness Kit
(includes Y-Harness, 2 carabiners, SRT strap and dorsal attachment for life safety) 33102 - $227 SRT Strap Only 33101 - $40

Bosun Seat Attachment
(used with legstraps, no tools required) Small ERGB-S - $99 Medium ERGB-M - $99 Large ERGB-L - $99 X-Large ERGB-XL - $99

Measurements (chart on pg. 30)

Glide Lite
Small Medium Large X-Large



WAIST 28”-32” 32”-36” 36”-40” 40”-44”

RINGS 22" 24" 26" 28"

LEG 15"-24" 17"-26" 19"-28" 21"-30"

$329 $329 $329 $329

Glide Pulley
Compatible with rope style bridge only 30209 - $27

bridges measured from end to end

Adds support to the waist belt while carrying tools but is NOT designed for fall arrest. Compatible with all Buckingham saddles. GRAY: 12902 - $51

Warp Speed Replacement Suspension Bridge
14 and 16 inches. 9,000 lb. tensile strength. 30026 (+size) - $52

Micro Mouse Pulley Spectra Webbing Replacement Suspension Bridge
14 and 16 inches. 5,400 lb. tensile strength. 30285 (+size) - $19 Compatible with rope style bridge only 31251 - $35

Fall Arrest Support with Dorsal Ring (one size fits all)
For saddles manufactured on or before 8/15/2006 BLACK: 30728 - $69 (not pictured) For saddles manufactured on or after 8/16/2006 BLACK: 31155 - $69 (see page 42)


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Butterfly II and Dragonfly II
Quick-connect clips on the belt and leg-straps make getting in and out of the B2 a breeze!

Navaho BOD
Full Body Fall-arrest and Work Positioning Harness • • • • • • • Aerial lift operations Tree climbing Rescue Roofing & Framing Tower erection Stage rigging Rope access

New design utilizes clevises, allowing for a simple change of the bridge. Locktite® required.

Comfortable, contoured belt back has 3 roomy storage loops and an accessory ring on each side. The Butterfly and Dragonfly tree climbing saddles were developed by European tree experts Frédéric Mathias and François Dussenne of Canopee Design. Quite popular in overseas markets, these lightweight, extremely versatile saddles have built a reputation for comfort and functionality in the working community. Owners of these saddles have the ability to change out the support bridge by way of stainlesssteel clevis anchor points. With this new feature, many climbers are able to plug in hardware options such as the Rock Exotica swivel (page 62) or captive-eye carabiner to better reflect their personal climbing styles. Weighing in at less than 4 pounds, each saddle sports wide padding in the back for very comfortable lumbar support. The Butterfly has an adjustable legstrap suspension system that supports each thigh independently and is contoured to alleviate pinching in the wearer’s crotch. The Dragonfly utilizes a Bosun seat design that many climbers feel is more comfortable when a lot of sitting is on the schedule. This lower portion (seat) is interchangeable between saddles and, because the Butterfly is the more popular choice by climbers, we offer the Dragonfly’s batten seat separately for Butterfly owners who want the option of converting periodically. The switch takes only minutes. If you’re in the market for a proven performer that makes work a pleasure, consider the Butterfly or Dragonfly an excellent choice! FEATURES • • • • • Quick release buckles–leg & waist Waist and leg adjustment points Various hardware attachment points Well padded, supporting design LIGHTWEIGHT! (3.4 pounds)

Changes from the past Butterfly model • Thicker padding and wider webbing • Easy to replace suspension bridge design • Different webbing path for enhanced comfort • Leg-strap rings better maintain strap position on thighs

Butterfly II
(leg-strap suspension with ability to change into batten-seat) Weight - 3.4 lbs.

Measurements (chart on pg. 30)

Butterfly II
Small Large*



WAIST 30”-46” 34”-50”

RINGS 18" 18"

LEG 23"-29" 21"-30"

$299 $299

*Recommended for waist sizes 36” and larger.

Dragonfly II
(batten-seat suspension with ability to change into leg-strap) Weight - 3.4 lbs.

NFPA and CE certified, the Navaho BOD is an excellent choice for climbers who alternate between tree and aerial lift device. Well padded and comfortably designed suspenders are fully rated for fall arrest and include both dorsal (fall arrest) and sternal d-ring attachment points. The suspenders on this model are integrated (non detachable from saddle) so if you’re considering the product based on price (comparing to the Sequoia for example) keep this fact in mind. Also, the Top Croll suspenders for the Sequoia do not have dorsal attachment. The Navaho BOD features considerable accessory storage including 3 accessory loops on the back pad and 6 accessory carabiner positions. Overhead suspension is performed from a single abdominal d-ring, this saddle does not have a bridge style attachment. Wt 66 or 70 ounces

Measurements (chart on pg. 30)

Dragonfly II
Small Large*



WAIST 30”-46” 34”-50”

RINGS 17" 22"

LEG 17"-28" 20"-29" Measurements (chart on pg. 30)

$359 $359

*Recommended for waist sizes 36” and larger.

Navaho BOD
Size 1

CODE 32115A 32116A


WAIST 28”-38” 34”-54”

RINGS 19" 22"

LEG 20"-26" 24"-30"

Replacement Seat
Small Large (for waist sizes 34-50) 30502S - $135 30502L - $135

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Small (9.84 inches) Large (11.81 inches)

Replacement Suspension Bridge 30501S - $17 30501L - $17

Size 2

$345 $345

The SEQUOIA SWING - The right tool to help you become king of the jungle.

Photo : John Evans


Arborist seat harness with integrated adjustable seat
• Twin belt technology creates a lightweight, comfortable waist belt with exceptional ventilation • Integrated rigid seat with easy to adjust width settings along with independent leg loops provide mobility and freedom of movement • FAST buckles on leg loops and waist belt allow secure fitting and simplify slipping the harness on and off • Five equipment loops and multiple CARITOOL slots for easy gear organization • Patented gated rings facilitate replacement and height adjustment of bridges


SEQUOIA for climbing DdRT (doubled rope technique) SEQUOIA SRT for climbing both DdRT and SRT (single rope technique.) Comes
with a step-through belt design with front and back attachment points for Top Croll.

Sequoia SRT Differences

Sequoia Swing

Ventilated padding keeps you cool.

The SRT model is absent a waist buckle but has a back and abdominal loop for connecting Croll and suspenders.

Ring support adjustment to fit your build and climbing style. 7 tool holding carabiner storage positions.

Ingenious ring design allows owner to configure or replace support bridge as desired. Wide and comfortable back pad provides excellent support during long work days. Experience the same great quality, comfort, and sportability of the Petzl Sequoia tree climbing harness but now with the added comfort of a bosunstyle seating platform. And not just any bosun seat but a unique, lightweight, and adjustable-width swing with independent leg loops for greater comfort and freedom of movement than anything before it. Many climbers prefer the bosun seat because of its high level of comfort. The design acts like a swing to evenly support the user’s derriere during long routines of sitting—a process not alien to tree workers using a chain saw, working with a crane, or perhaps even cabling and bracing to name a few. Selling points: • Adjustable seat width facilitates improved movement in the harness • Easy to don with fast-adjust buckles on the waistbelt and leg loops • Bridge is attached to the waistbelt and to the leg loops by two gated rings in order to - adjust weight distribution between waistbelt and leg loops - adjust length of bridge to belt attachment or install dual bridges - allow attachment of rings or swivel directly to bridge • Two lateral attachment points transfer weight evenly around the waistbelt for comfort when leaning back • Five equipment loops with protective sleeves • Two rings for handsaw or light tool attachment • Slots for Caritool tool holders

Secure yet easy to open buckles make the Sequoia quick to put on and remove.

Leave it to Petzl to go beyond the call of duty with this latest tree climbing innovation, appropriately named after the world’s largest living phenomenon. The Sequoia is an amazingly comfortable and well-ventilated design that comes in two variations whose only differences can be boiled down to a waist adjuster and two small attachment points (front and back on the SRT model) for attaching Petzl’s Secur suspenders and the Croll chest ascender (required in some rope-walking systems). If you only climb using doubled rope, in the traditional tree climbing fashion, then you may find the additional expense and step-through waist belt nonessential. Everything about the new Sequoia is designed and constructed for maximum comfort and durability, but at minimal weight (1.37 kg, or 3 lb). For example, the hip D-rings are large for the many climbers who still appreciate this feature but as light as the smallest steel versions found elsewhere. The wide back and leg pads provide maximum comfort during long hours of ridiculously hard labor, yet are constructed of a new lightweight and breathable fabric that utilizes ingenious stiffeners to provide an impressive balance between support, weight, and product longevity. The back pad is also contoured to alleviate rib constraint, greatly enhancing operator movement. If it’s versatility you’re looking for, then check out bridge rings that can be opened using a simple Torx wrench (included) to replace or exchange the bridge, to install hardware accessories (like a swivel), or to simply better adjust your center of gravity within three available positions. For tool storage, both models have five well-anchored and generously sized, sewn nylon storage loops on the back pad as well as seven gaps in the belting material for utilizing carabiner-style holders like small or large Caritools. As for chain-saw stowage, I would recommend accessorizing with a straight-back alloy carabiner—either hipside or mid-back. The downers? No leg storage positions and no available position for hanging a utility pouch, at least not without attaching screw links to storage loops. All in all though, I think the Sequoia will quickly gain Measurements (chart on pg. 30) a rep as the most comfortable CODE PRICE WAIST RINGS LEG Sequoia saddle out of Europe in its price range. 28”-39” 24" 20"-26" Size 1 32020 Size 2 32021 CODE 32022 32023

The width of the integrated seat adjusts easily to limit bulk and facilitate movement in the tree

Measurements (chart on pg. 30)

Sequoia Swing
Size 1 Size 2

CODE 33399 33400


WAIST 28”-39” 33”-47”

RINGS 24" 25"

LEG 20"-26" 24"-30"

$365 $365

33”-47” WAIST 28”-39” 33”-47”

25" RINGS 22" 25"

24"-30" LEG 20"-26" 24"-30"

Specs: 3-yr. guarantee • EN rated • 1.37 kg (3 lb) weight Replacement Bridges: 25 cm (9.84”) 32025 - $20.95 30 cm (11.81”) 32026 - $20.95 35 cm (13.78”) 32027 - $20.95

$450 $450

Sequoia SRT
Size 1 Size 2

$395 $395

No dorsal attachment

Petzl Top Croll Suspenders for Sequoia SRT
(Croll ascender included) Size 1 160-180cm 32158 - $167 Size 2 175-200cm 32031 - $167

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Pinnacle - Classic
Traditional style tree climber harness with comfortable, Bosun seat design.

Versatile - Classic
Multiple attachment points accommodate virtually any climbing style.

The Pinnacle saddle reflects a more traditional-style tree climber’s harness, with attributes that add comfort to an often awkward and strenuous occupation. Although the Pinnacle has leg straps to keep the wearer from falling through the saddle, and to keep the seat properly located, they are nearly undetectable when working, due to soft padding and chafe resistant material. D-rings are small, to minimize irritating hang-ups while navigating thick brush, and to help greatly reduce weight. The true secret to comfort with the Pinnacle is the stitched-in “swing seat” that better distributes your weight. This Bosun seat-style design, first incorporated by European tree climbers, provides unmatched comfort without sacrificing mobility. The swing-like board better distributes your weight while sitting, and eliminates thigh pinch and knee knock, a problem often associated with a traditional seat strap saddle. The Pinnacle seat strap buckles adjust to provide the perfect center of balance. Add to this the 9" wide back support, loaded with storage positions, heavy duty material and stitching, not to mention the awesome time saving features for the splittail climbing system, and you’ve got the modern arborist’s dream work harness. Call today for one of the most comfortable saddles you’ll ever use! Weighs 5 lbs.

Waist belt features sewn in gaps for accessory carabiners.

The Versatile is a unique harness that incorporates a rolling suspension system with multiple attachment points for a high variation of climbing versatility. Seven reinforced loops across the front suspension strap (including a single, mid clip-in point) allow utilization of multi-directional attachment as well as the traditional single attachment method. The leather-backed suspension strap is designed for rolling attachment as well (see HDP roller, part #15620, page 63), a method that eases back strain during strenuous work activities. On the back pad, the Versatile has a variety of loops and rings for most any arrangement of preferred tool storage, including snaps for saw attachment and several rings for carabiners and tools. The padded and reinforced seat has adjustments on either side for zeroing-in your center of gravity. Comfortable, padded leg straps help position the seat and eliminate a potential for falling through. The leg straps are not designed to support your body weight but to keep the seat in place. Weighs 7 lbs 2 oz.

The Pinnacle is modeled after the traditional-style saddle but has the added advantage of being able to support the worker with D-rings apart. Measurements (chart on pg. 30)

Pictured with HDP Rollers. See page 63

Measurements (chart on pg. 30)

Small Medium Large X-Large



WAIST 28"-32" 32"-36" 36"-40" 40"-44" WAIST 28"-32" 32"-36" 36"-40" 40"-44"

RINGS 22" 24" 26" 28" RINGS 22" 24" 26" 28"

LEG 23"-25" 27"-29" 31"-33" 35"-37" LEG 23"-25" 27"-29" 31"-33" 35"-37"

Small Medium Large X-Large



WAIST 28"-32" 32"-36" 36"-40" 40"-44" WAIST 28"-32" 32"-36" 36"-40" 40"-44"

RINGS 22" 24" 26" 28" RINGS 22" 24" 26" 28"

LEG 23"-25" 27"-29" 31"-33" 35"-37" LEG 23"-25" 27"-29" 31"-33" 35"-37"

$284 $284 $284 $284

$293 $293 $293 $293

Small Medium Large X-Large

Small Medium Large X-Large

$323 $323 $323 $323

$355 $355 $355 $355


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Master - Classic Upgrade the Classic version of any of these 3 saddles to a DELUXE Series Classic
FEATURES • 6 soft and 1 steel suspension points • Quick link leg buckles • Waist and leg adjustment points • Training/rescue belay loop in back • 2:1 hip-adjustment system • Various hardware attachment points • Carabiner pass through positions • Well padded, supporting design • LIGHTWEIGHT! (4.5 pounds) This simple yet masterful design has been one of our top-selling saddles for several years running! The leg strap system was designed to support from underneath the legs instead of through the crotch. Climbers will appreciate the range of attachment points (7) for multidirectional support when working in precarious positions (like double-crotching) or with use of a split tail system. These primary attachment points not only provide a lower center of gravity, but hold carabiners facing forward or sideways, depending on wearer preference. Unlike the traditional-style treeman’s saddle, that puts pressure on the hips and restricts mobility, the Master offers greater flexibility by sharing support equally between the individual legs and waist to greatly improve freedom of movement. The Master has wide, adjustable leg straps, for comfort and fit to a range of wearer shapes and sizes. The hip d-rings are detached from the waist belt (instead of under them) to eleviate irritation to the waist during long work days. The back pad has lots of storage space for tools, and a single belay loop (for training or attachment of suspenders or tools). The Master is handmade of super durable 1 3/4 inch nylon webbing, quality padding and high strength forged steel hardware.


Quick-release leg buckles

Thick Drylux® back pad

Both sides of belt have stitching gap for addition of accessory carabiner (carabiner not included)

Waist belt adjustment made easy with new spring-loaded, quick cinch hip buckles.

Thick Drylux® leg pad

The DELUXE Series features:
Quick-link buckles make entry and exit a breeze! 7 points of attachment plus a rear belay loop!

• Quick-release buckles at the legs allow quick entry and exit from the saddle. • Fully adjustable seat and belt systems allow fine-tuning of each saddle to the wearer. Seat portion is replaceable. • Thick Drylux® padding for added comfort. • Quickly adaptable suspenders (sold separately), great for carrying a heavy load or holding up belt on hipless climbers. Fully rated for fall arrest!

Measurements (chart on pg. 30)

Small Medium Large X-Large



WAIST 28"-32" 32"-36" 36"-40" 40"-44" WAIST 28"-32" 32"-36" 36"-40" 40"-44"

RINGS 22" 24" 26" 28" RINGS 22" 24" 26" 28"

LEG 15"-24" 17"-26" 19"-28" 21"-30" LEG 15"-24" 17"-26" 19"-28" 21"-30"

$249 $249 $249 $249

Deluxe upgrade comes with center loop, unlike the Classic Master which has a center D-ring. Small Medium Large X-Large

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$289 $289 $289 $289

See page 42.

Basic Tree Saddle

Wideback Tree Saddle

seat strap retainer seat strap retainer Basic saddles have a thick cotton canvas liner (3" wide) that reduces chaffing and absorbs moisture. This liner and all hardware are double-stitched to heavy-duty nylon support webbing. The retainer option helps to keep the seat strap in proper position, even when walking about. The retainer also helps prevent a climber from inadvertantly falling through their saddle. Our Wideback Tree Saddle consists of thick nylon belting stitched to a 5” wide leather backpad for added comfort and support; stress points are double reinforced for long wear. All Buckingham/SherrillTree saddles are manufactured to the highest standards of use for personal protection equipment for use by properly trained professionals.

Measurements (chart on pg. 30)

Measurements (chart on pg. 30)

With retainer
Small Medium Large X-Large



WAIST 28"-32" 32"-36" 36"-40" 40"-44"

RINGS 22" 24" 26" 28"

LEG 22"-36" 22"-36" 22"-36" 22"-36"

With retainer
Small Medium Large X-Large



WAIST 28"-32" 32"-36" 36"-40" 40"-44"

RINGS 22" 24" 26" 28"

LEG 22"-36" 22"-36" 22"-36" 22"-36"

$113 $113 $113 $125

$155 $155 $155 $165

Without retainer
Small Medium Large X-Large



WAIST 28"-32" 32"-36" 36"-40" 40"-44"

RINGS 22" 24" 26" 28"


Without retainer
Small Medium Large X-Large



WAIST 28"-32" 32"-36" 36"-40" 40"-44"

RINGS 22" 24" 26" 28"


$99 $99 $99 $109

$138 $138 $138 $149

Positioning harnesses (tree climbing saddles) are designed for positioning and not designed or safe for fall arrest! Falling into a positioning harness with restraint attached to the abdominal area can lead to a back injury or worse. Always keep climbing lines taut (without slack) and use a safety lanyard whenever positioning for a task!


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Floating Dee Tree Saddle

Floating Dee Wide Back Saddle

This saddle combines the features of our lightweight, more economical saddles but with a floating D-ring that is effective for reducing stress to the back and torso when performing tree work. This model supports the wearer from a seat strap type seat instead of individual legs as seen right. Like all Buckingham saddle products, this saddle conforms with all related ANSI and OSHA standards.

Measurements (chart on pg. 30)

Here’s another great SherrillTree product designed for comfort and function. The extra-wide 6” back pad is foam filled, providing firm, yet comfortable support. The saddle back features five rounded nylon loops that hold up to 15 lbs of accessories each, and two nylon utility straps with brass snaps, so you can keep your tools close at hand. The floating dee allows the wearer to rotate in their saddle, without the saddle rotating around them. This model supports the wearer by the individual legs instead of across the bum as seen above. Conforms with all related ANSI and OSHA standards.

Measurements (chart on pg. 30) WAIST 30”-34” 34”-40” 40”-44” 44”-48” RINGS 20" 22" 24" 26" LEG 18"-26" 22"-30" 24"-32" 26"-34"

Floating Dee
Small Medium Large X-Large



WAIST 28"-32" 32"-36" 36"-40" 40"-44"

RINGS 21" 23" 25" 27"

LEG 22"-36" 22"-36" 22"-36" 22"-36"

Floating Dee Wide Back
Small Medium Large X-Large



$126 $126 $126 $136

$165 $165 $165 $175


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Wingman Stretch-Top Pouch
Leave it to your Wingman to carry the gear necessary to make every climb an adventure in comfort. Measuring in at over 2 quarts of hip-side storage means never having to leave the ground without extra fuel and water; always taking that extra-long safety lanyard; beefing up communications (to include ear phones that is), heck, might as well bring the camera. And unlike lesser attempts of days past, the Wingman covers your backside with loops, hoops and rings to make up for lost saddle real estate. Don’t want to go-it alone? Call in your Wingman! 32379 - $37

Blood-Stopper First-Aid Kit
Comes equipped with blood-stopper bandages intended to stop blood flow of a severe cut until a climber can get to the ground. Contents can be reconfigured with the help of just about any first-aid station to better reflect potential needs. 5" x 3.5" x 1" 28212 - $21



Deluxe Suspenders
Designed exclusively for Buckingham’s ArborMaster Series deluxe saddle upgrades these suspenders offer two-fold protection. The first keeps your harness up on the hips when climbing, even when loaded down with tools. For working out of a bucket or platform attach a shock-absorbing lanyard (page 127) to the dorsal attachment for full body restraint in case of accidental fall. Fully adjustable and padded behind neck and over shoulders for superior comfort. 31155 - $69

Fall-Arrest Harness
This harness has a single D-ring on the back, which can be easily adjusted for proper fit and function. The color contrasting shoulder and leg straps help you avoid getting tangled when putting the harness on. Leg straps feature tongue buckles with large grommets, for easy adjustment and secure buckle connection. Intended for fall arrest. 22080 - $99

Saddle Accessories
strap flows freely 360° swivel


Large connector needed here waist belt threads here




15646 - $8 15644 - $6 15642 - $7 15645 - $7 31649 - $7 CARI-S - $6.95 CARI-L - $15.95

1. Detachable Leather Strap with Snap

Gear Support Saddle Suspenders
These suspenders attach quickly to most saddles, providing support to gear that might otherwise drag a saddle down your hips. Since few saddles come equipped with “ideal” attachment points, we have designed this suspension to retrofit most saddles. The unique pivoting-ring shoulder strap design allows full torso movement without the straps rubbing excessively or falling off the shoulders. 12902 - $51

2. Nylon Strap with Chrome Ring 3. Adjustable Strap 1” to 6” long 4. Nylon Strap with Chrome Snap 5. Police Dog Leash - Commonly used to keep the end of a flipline twist-free, this swiveling snap has a sure grip and opens and closes with a gentle pinch. 6. Petzl Caritool Small Large



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Chainsaw Lanyards
A-B. Kernmantle Chainsaw Lanyard
Made of high visibility, 7mm Kernmantle line, this leash carries your saw with a simple choke hitch (the big loop through your saw’s handle) or snapped to a saw ring and attached to a saddle ring. Aluminum swags connect ends and have breakaway design. 50” overall length. 15280 - $13 A. with snap B. without snap 15279 - $17


C. Old Timer’s Saw Lanyard
Our Tenex rope lanyard has a swivel snap on either end. 1/2” rope makes saw retrieval easy, and 40” length makes use on either side very comfortable. 15281 - $22

D. Saw Strap with Snap
11” long strap with a half twist, for hitching without leaving a fold, stitched onto a brass snap. 15313 - $7


E. Saw Strap with Ring
11” long strap with a half twist, for hitching without leaving a fold, stitched onto a 2” steel ring. 15312 - $4


F. 2-N-1 Chainsaw Lanyard
This handy lanyard allows the user to keep his saw attached during use while providing a ring just a few inches from the handle for short retrievals. 50” overall length. 15277 - $11

G. 2-N-1 Breakaway BUNGEE Lanyard
Here’s a cool new twist on our most popular selling chainsaw lanyard. The Bungee saw lanyard stretches easily when you’re using the saw, but scrunches up short when hanging close to your belt. The sewn-in, break-away patch below the saddle’s attachment ring is designed to release upon a shock load exceeding 200 pounds (after which, the lanyard must be disposed of properly). 28” relaxed, 50” stretched. 15278 - $22

Lanyard Roundhouse
Submitted by climbing instructor Otis Sisk, here’s a tip sure to blow the crew’s mind. The secret is in keeping your arms straight and tension in the lanyard across your back. Now wind up and flick the weighted snap into motion. Can someone say, “Oh, yeah” ?

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saddle accessories

4 solid reasons to use a friction saving device:
• Saves tree from the cambium scalding friction abrasion. (shown to the right) • Reduces the amount of surface wear and grit forced into critical lines. • Reduces energy required to ascend rope when body thrusting. • Greatly enhances friction hitch response during movement and especially descent.

Rope and Cambium Protector
The rope and cambium protector is a product from medieval times for sure, but effective just the same. Still a leading means of chafe protection in a variety of rope uses, leather is tough, lightweight and, in this practice, quick to employ. The thread-andhaul technique (displayed right) is simple and minimizes the many headaches associated with ground placement of other friction saving devices. The Rope and Cambium Protector is not only easy to install but nearly indestructible come removal time, brought down with an easy yank on the rope’s end. Most users keep the rope and cambium protector installed and ready for use every time the rope is utilized. After heavy use it may be helpful to introduce talcum powder inside the channel to reduce friction. Designed for lines under 14 mm (5/8”). 30535 - $21

Patented Buckingham Ring and Ring Friction Savers
If preservation work “done right” and maintaining climbing lines is important to your company, then a Friction Saver should be readily available in your Rope Boss™ Line Luggage. By utilizing a Friction Saver between your rope and the tree, you nearly eliminate burning friction to your lifeline and certainly reduce the introduction of grit and sand that is present in and on all tree bark. Only Buckingham produces “load rated” Friction Savers with hardened rings, fat enough to significantly limit rope’s bend radius. Buckingham’s anodized aluminum rings are lightweight and dissipate heat better than the steel rings, but don’t withstand abrasive friction quite as long. Some climbers are also more secure with the fact that steel rings can put up with abuse, intentional or not, better than aluminum. Buckingham’s machine-stitched friction savers have a multilayered, stiff-bodied design that insures quick installations and easy removals. The big ring end is color coded for easy identification during ground removals and installation. By using throwline, a Buckingham Friction Saver can be both installed, and removed from the ground in just minutes. Detailed instructions provided with each Friction Saver. 6,000 lb. load rating.

Adjustable Friction Saver (AFS)
Thanks to encouragement from Atlantabased arborist Mark Adams, SherrillTree is proud to present a popular variation to friction management that most simply refer to by its acronym, AFS. This one-size-fits-all, rope-friendly device can be set from the ground or within the crown. It’ll go around branches as small as your wrist up to tree trunks as large as the circumference of the entire device to be used as an anchor position for any type of climbing line. Once the climb is complete, simply tie an overhand knot in the end of your rope and reel in the entire system! Note: Connecting throwline to overhand knot will retrieve the AFS in a controlled manner. Friction management is not just for high-end tree service companies any more, but they’re the ones who’ve embraced the tool for reasons of safety and production. Climbers with Downey Tree Service, for example, weren’t especially thrilled with the directive to utilize an AFS on every take-down, but once they realized how much safer, easier, and more comfortable the exhausting exercise became, objections subsided! Rope runs smoother, stays cleaner, and doesn’t abrade when threaded through an adjustable friction saver. Hand-spliced by the best in the business. SherrillTree utilizes high-tenacity polyester cordage and Italian-made aluminum and steel rings to provide maximum strength and safety for thousands of moves to come. Aluminum rings, 6 ft. Aluminum rings, 10 ft. Steel rings, 6 ft. Steel rings, 10 ft. 33002 - $93 32152 - $99 33002S - $93 32152S - $99

Aluminum Rings
24 inch 36 inch 48 inch 72 inch ARFS-24 - $50 ARFS-36 - $53 ARFS-48 - $56 ARFS-72 - $65

Steel Rings
24 inch 36 inch 48 inch 72 inch SRFS-24 - $50 SRFS-36 - $53 SRFS-48 - $56 SRFS-72 - $65

For more, see SherrillTree.com

Friction Saver Prusik
This accessory to our Ring and Ring Friction Saver is attached using a Prusik hitch to provide users with a fully adjustable system for creating a crotchless-based anchor point for rappelling from a vertical spar safely, which can then be removed from the ground! The shorter loop of cord can be positioned over the Friction Saver’s small ring end, to make the system adjustable with one hand (instructions included). This system can also be used as a safety lanyard (hip to hip) in a pinch. Aluminum Steel 26224 - $43 26224S - $43

Now with new, individually tested rings.


Order toll-free

The Rope Guide (friction saving device) by ART
To most who use it, the Rope Guide approaches obsession status. From its ability to firmly grasp horizontal to vertical stems 6 inches to 10 feet circumference, to its smoothas-glass rope response, stepping away from “the Guide” is like, well—riding on flat tires. The Rope Guide delivers total sensation to a friction hitch or lockjack, making your ascents and rappels slide like butter. But better yet, Rope Guides now have a brilliant new feature that can only be compared to an air bag for tree climbers—a new IMPACT-ACTIVATED SHOCK ABSORBER! Like an air bag, this lifesaving feature remains inactive in noncritical bumps and bounces but may save your spine (or anchor point) in an unexpected fall exceeding 4 kN. Unlike a car’s air bag, however, the Rope Guide shock absorber can be reused to a predetermined and easily monitored limit thanks to a proprietary and patented process. This is truly an incredible product for the safety-conscious climber! For lines up to 13 mm (1/2 inch), the Rope Guide can be removed remotely from the ground but requires ascent to install (commonly by footlocking). Rope Guide with 10 ft lanyard 28287 - $329

Works on vertical stems up to 9 feet in circumference.

Install the Rope Guide up to 5 feet away from target crotch and then cinch it short.

Double Snapper by ART
The Double Snapper allows controlled, remote removal (from the ground) of the Rope Guide. “Double snap” is the sound it makes when connecting with your Rope Guide using common throwline. 31171 - $64

Cocoon Pulley by ART
Another innovative ART design, this streamlined, double ball-bearing pulley can be attached with a Prusik to any point on other lines (or used on the Rope Guide) for glass-smooth rope movement. (Sling sold separately.) Cocoon Pulley 31710 - $125 Dyneema Sling (5”, 4,900 lb tensile) for Rope Guide connection 31743 - $8 Prusik Loop for online attachment 31742 - $23

Cocoon Pulley and accessory slings

Ring & Ring Friction Saver Accessories Friction Saver Retriever Links
These links pass easily through the large ring but stop at the small ring of friction savers to facilitate remote removal. Speedy Link gate is only threaded on top for quicker opening. Oval Link 3-1/8" tall, 1-1/2" wide, 7/16" gate 16002 - $8 Petzl Speedy Link 3-1/8" tall, 1-1/2" wide, 9/16" gate 30723 - $15.95

MagBloc Friction Eliminators
This ingenious evolution of the ring-style friction saver gives critical lifelines and rigging lines a vastly improved rope running surface without significant increase in weight or bulk. Designed by Portawrap co-inventor Scott Prophett and machinist Scott Winningham, the MagBloc provides lines with two side-by-side, smooth-rolling sheaves that virtually eliminate friction while greatly enhancing bend radius for guest ropes. Just like conventional friction savers, the MagBloc can be installed or removed quickly from the ground or an adjacent tree using only throwline and weight. Once set, the two-part rope channel magically snaps together using powerful magnets inset within the system’s grooved, self-aligning frame for perfect inline action. And for rigging applications, it is now feasible to install rope protection high into a tree’s crown without climbing by using the only friction saver ever designed specifically for this hair-raising task— the MagBloc! MagBloc Rigging 32470 - $519 MagBloc Climbing 32456 - $299

Friction Saver Retriever Ball
Keep it in your pocket or on line’s end for use to remove your Friction Saver remotely from the ground or within tree. For Ring Style Friction Savers (yellow) 31732 - $5 For Rope Guide (red) 30166 - $5

Warning: Never utilize for life support any products that have experienced shock-loading. For example, do not utilize rigging products for climbing activities. Install / remove from the ground

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friction management

• Redirect to new crotch without risk of dropping rope • Significantly reduces knot tying/untying • Eliminates friction damage to tail of lines • Allows lifeline to instantly convert to safety lanyard Within only the past ten years tree climbers have pretty much abandoned using the tail end of their lifeline for performing friction management. Not only did friction wear to the end of life lines lead to periodic trimming or shortening of this most important rope, but the method of attachment to the climber required excessive knot-tying throughout a days work. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the old method required complete detachment of lifeline from climber (while attached with safety lanyard of course) in order to redirect to another crotch, exposing climbers to significant risk of dropping their lifeline. The split tail method solves all of these critical issues. A friction damaged split tail can be disposed of without affecting the host line’s length, spliced eyes eliminate bulky terminating knots while carabiner attachment/detachment means the friction hitch needn’t ever be untied! WANT LONG-LASTING? We offer three materials for our split-tails: GOOD: Polyester - the same material that climbing ropes are made of, less heat and abrasion resistance than other options but sometimes preferred by old-schoolers. BETTER: Polyester/Technora blend BEST: Technora

WARNING! Always test split-tail compatibility to your climbing line at ground level before incorporating it into your climbing system! Robust climbers may require additional wraps.

Eye-to-Eye Tails
Eye-to-eye tails are used to create what tree climbing instructors call a “closed system,” resulting in a finished friction hitch with both ends attached to the connector instead of one hanging loose, as with the traditional hitch or single-eye split-tail. The i-2-i tail also allows use of several hitches that are easily learned and extremely smooth performing. By utilizing both ends of this type of split-tail, friction is more evenly distributed, resulting in more consistent friction through a knot that is less binding, yet grabs quite firmly. The system is enhanced significantly when incorporating a micropulley that fair-leads the hitch for one-handed slack-tending. The only disadvantage I’ve heard is from seasoned climbers experienced only in body-thrusting (utilizing a long bridge between saddle and hitch) who now must adjust to reefing hand-over-hand on the incoming line above. Once learned, though, many climbers find this practice faster and more efficient. A small list of hitches is tested and proven to make line movement through the eye-to-eye hitch considerably more responsive to various climbing styles. Illustrated here are leading choices for safety and security. We strongly recommend you practice tying your chosen hitch until you can do it in the dark ... tying, that is. Ltr. A B C D E F Description Diameter GRIZZLY-SPLICED® Bee-Line 8mm Bee-Line 10mm HRC 10mm Ice 8mm Tenex 10mm Ultra-Tech 8mm HAND-SPLICED Tenex 10mm Bee-Line 8mm Melting Pt. 800º 800º 1,000º 800º 480º 900º 480º 800º 26" – – – 32187 – – – –

Eye-to-Eye tail hitches



Valdôtain tresse (VT)


28" – – 32402 32189 – – – –

30" 31689 31296 33161 31690 31711 33220 21547 30967

32" – – 32403 32072 – – – –

34" – – – 32073 – – – –


$23 $23 $23 $23 $21 $23 $28 $36










Single-Eye Tails
The single-eye split-tail is most similar to the traditional method of snap-tying a rope but with two twists: The system can be redirected around branches without untying the hitch throughout a climb, and friction wear is isolated to the disposable tail. There’s nothing for old-schoolers to get used to. If you are one of those old-school climbers, watch just one demonstration of the single-eye split-tail and you’ll recognize the value of being able to quickly and safely unclip the climbing line’s end (for redirecting to another crotch) while the split-tail hitch remains tied to the host line—greatly reducing the risk of ever dropping your lifeline to the ground. You can go through an entire day without tying a friction hitch twice. The second big plus has to do with line preservation. A split-tail eliminates the need to cut off the end of your favorite climbing line every few weeks due to friction wear. Simply replace the split-tail and life is good! If you’re not using a split-tail in your climbing system, consider changing to one of SherrillTree’s top picks for increasing production and climbing efficiency.

Single-Eye tail Blake’s hitch

Ltr. A B C D E

A 46 Order toll-free





Description Diameter GRIZZLY-SPLICED® Ice 8mm Bee-Line 10mm Safety Blue 13mm HAND-SPLICED Magic 13mm High-Vee 13mm

Melting Pt. 800° 800° 480° 480º 480º

Code 31688 31687 31346 27720 15310


$19 $19 $16 $25 $25

Unicender by Rock Exotica
The Unicender is an all-in-one ascender/descender that works in both single and doubled rope techniques (SRT and DdRT). This unique “mechanical split-tail” designed replaces the friction element (tied hitch) of a DdRT tree climbing system. Invented in 2005 by arborist Morgan Thompson and now produced by world-renowned machining phenom Rock Thompson of Rock Exotica, the T6 alloy Unicender also functions cleanly on single line for abseiling and is not limited to use by professionals only— recreational or beginning climbers will find it a rewarding investment for occasional to regular use as well. The Unicender is considered inherently less complicated than separate ascender and descender devices because there is no dangerous changeover at the top of the climb, affording seamless transitions from ground to crown and ground again. Here’s how the Unicender works on doubled rope: With your climbing line attached to the top of the Unicender and the tether below attached to a saddle, weave the falling part of line as diagrammed on the device. From here it’s identical to the traditional technique except there’s no need to advance or even handle the Unicender until you’ve reached your destination. It magically advances with near frictionless motion, towed by the (upper) attached line. Descending is performed one of two ways—in “squeeze-to-go” mode or “rope slide” mode. In squeeze-to-go mode, you descend or limb walk by pinching the activation bars together. Squeeze hard—go fast. Squeeze soft—go slow. Release the device and it locks on line. Rope slide mode is most commonly used to descend single line (SRT) and is performed by lapping a bite of exiting line around the activation bars and tailing the device, much like tending a figure 8. Very simple, very smooth. Under heavy weekly use by practicing arborists and with relatively grit-free lines (utilizing a friction saver pg. 44), the Unicender has been found to last 18 months or more before requiring replacement of the four clamping blocks or retirement all together. These parts naturally erode from rope abrasion. To find out more, go to www.sherrilltree.com and search Unicender. Unicender with Tether and Prusik 33488 - $345

with length adjustable tether

Pinch to descend

Available April 2010
Long for body thrust ascent Short for limb-walking

The working mechanism of the ART LockJack and SpiderJack is the compact aluminum cylinder that controls running line. When load is applied, the cylinder “jacks” to one side, changing the path of threaded rope, pinching it against a smooth, concave clutch mechanism—acting much like the brakes on a car. This pinching action is very gentle on running rope, causing virtually no abrasion to the rope itself. To release the brake (to descend), simply pull gently on a STOP lever that returns the cylinder to an inline position, relieving the pinching action. When limb walking, the weight of rope below the device

Lockjack Sport by ART
Once off the ground, the LockJack Sport requires only a few pounds of rope beneath to self-tend, leaving your hands free to advance line above. Once in the crown, this feature allows the climber to walk toward the anchor point with near hands-free effort! The other primary difference between the Sport and the Twin is lack of tether. Climbers who footlock climb (ascend on two parts of rope) to destination before hooking up their split-tail have no need for a long bridge— making Sport their choice! The optional swivel compensates for rope-twisting activity and provides optimal handle position at all times. Resides closer to the harness performing similar to an eye to eye split tail. Shipped with clutches for both 11 and 12.5mm ropes.

Spiderjack II by ART
Although similar in concept to the Sport, the SpiderJack II is a more sensitive performer, rewarding skilled climbers with an amazing sense of line control. Operating on a wider range of rope diameters than the Sport, the Spider requires threading rope into position for use, a non-issue if you use only one end of line. You will instantly recognize smoother rope action while ascending and descending. Merely pulling on line above causes the Spider to gobble rope with a voracious appetite. This same frictionless hunger for loose rope makes branch walking and canopy exploration a gratifying reward for getting out of bed. And when it comes to descending—look out, here comes the Spider...man! For 11-mm through 13-mm lines. Resides close to the harness similar to an eye to eye split tail. Fits ropes 11-13mm. Carabiner included. Spiderjack II Replacement Clutch 31509 - $325 32257 - $35


draws slack through the device, relieving the climber of significant rope-tending activity. As with tied hitches, ART. devices have no panic guard. Users must learn to carefully manage friction with the LockJack before taking it to dangerous heights.

Lockjack Sport

26255 - $319

Optional Swivel Tether 31146 - $95 Replacement Clutch (for 11mm rope) 31037 - $32 Replacement Clutch (for 13mm rope) 26270 - $32

For maximum performance on all ART devices, utilize a friction saver like the Rope Guide (page 45) at your anchor point and watch ‘em really show their stuff.

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split tail action

• • • • • •

Eliminate rope-on-rope abrasion Smooth, controlled ascent and descent Rope slack is self-feeding No knots to tend, providing uninterrupted climbing motion No melting knot when descending swiftly The only CE-approved mechanical ascender/descender for doubled rope technique

A flipline is generally defined as a lanyard with a single, lengthadjusting leg that can be cast around tree parts for various workpositioning and ascending tasks. The adjusting mechanism for a flipline might be as simple as a rope grab or as advanced as one of our three release-under-tension mechanical adjusters. An advantage of the flipline is that, no matter what mechanical adjuster is used, it can be adjusted shorter or longer with just one hand. But more important, this adjustment element resides comfortably close at the operator’s hip. SherrillTree offers two types of flipline: rope or rope with a wire core (added protection during chainsaw use).

Pages 49-50

• Adjustable from 1 foot to full length of lanyard • One-hand, hip-side adjustment • Adjuster can be dismantled and cleansed of sap • Rope-grab adjusters accept cut-resistant lanyards • Three adjusters allow release while under tension

All Flipline Lanyards have these designations:

The 2-in-1 lanyard allows a climber to utilize both ends of one lanyard to hopscotch branches while moving within a tree’s crown. Most climbers, when challenged with ascending a conifer, for example, and unable to jettison a throw weight for line placement; attack the climb pretty much like a ladder. In this situation, a 2-in-1 lanyard is manipulated hopscotch style to keep the climber safely tied to the tree while pruning or dismantling his or her way to the top. This product is offered in either rope or rope-covered wire core (for added cut protection). Wire-core and 3-strand ropes are stiffer and are sometimes preferred for gaff climbing a standing spar, whereas braided-rope lanyards fold and pack easier.

Page 52

• Adjustable from 1 foot to full length of lanyard from either end • Prusik can be disposed of when frayed or sap-caked, but lanyard portion can be retained • Cut-resistant lanyards available


Page 53

This relatively outdated lanyard style utilizes a friction-creating Prusik folded midline to provide the user with adjustment and full security at minimal cost. Designed originally for linesmen scaling telephone poles (which, of course, have minimal taper), the buckstrap required very little adjustment. Although used frequently by tree care workers, the buckstrap provides limited range on dramatically tapering trees. A secondary limitation of this lanyard is that the Prusik hitch (adjusting mechanism) will sometimes be located in a difficult-to-reach location on the opposite side of the tree because of the way the system is adjusted. If you like or are used to this type of lanyard, consider a Prusik-adjusting lanyard that keeps the Prusik on your hip!


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Ya le ha nd -s pli ce dM

ax i-F lip

RockGrab Lanyard (10 ft)
This lightweight combination is quickly adjusted either short or long with just one hand. RockGrab requires one double-locking carabiner (not included) to attach to harness while lanyard end is finished with our popular lightweight aluminum snap. Rope flipline (10') and RockGrab. 31785 - $119.95

Cut-resistant Maxi-Flip with RockGrab (10 ft)
Our best cut-resistant flipline’s wire core is Flemishspliced by hand (not crimped) with it’s soft rope jacket coated with urethane and secured with a press fitting. SherrillTree’s swiveling steel snap eliminates the potential for flex fatigue of the lanyard’s end. Maxi-Flip wire core flipline (10'), Rock Exotica Rock Grab. 31784 - $159

Cut-resistant Flipline with RockGrab (10 ft)
This most popular selling cut-resistant flipline is not hand-spliced but rather hydraulically crimped and then the rope urethane coated for abrasion resistance. Tipped with a swiveling steel snap for quick attachment and minimal wire fatigue the adjuster is Rock Exotica’s new RockGrab micro ascender with properly aligned attachment eye. 33487 - $135

Cut-Resistant Replacement Fliplines
Grizzly Spliced®


Gibbs#3 RockGrab Positioner Grillon Gibbs #4 Ropewalker
# M IC E













8' 10' 12' 8' 10' 12' 20' 8' 10' 12' 16' 10' 12' 15' 18' 8' 10' 12' 8' 10' 12' 11mm 11mm 11mm 11mm 11mm 11mm 11mm 12mm 12mm 12mm 12mm 15mm 15mm 15mm 15mm 11mm 11mm 11mm 11mm 11mm 11mm Blaze Blaze Blaze Blaze Blaze Blaze Blaze Wire/Rope Wire/Rope Wire/Rope Wire/Rope Wire/Rope Wire/Rope Wire/Rope Wire/Rope Wire/Rope Wire/Rope Wire/Rope Wire/Rope Wire/Rope Wire/Rope

• • • • • • •

• • • • • • •

• • • • • • •

Yale hand-spliced Maxi-Flip

• • • •

• • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • •

Hydro-crimped ends

This snap is aluminum, all others steel

13mm = 1/2 inch 15mm = 5/8 inch

- indicates that ascender is compatible with lanyard

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safety lanyards: FLIPLINES

• • • • • •

• • • • • •

• • • • • •

31676 31677 31678 31672 31673 31674 31675 31130 31131 31132 31163 31133 31134 31135 31164 21485 21486 21487 28912 28913 28915

$47 $50 $53 $32 $35 $38 $50 $84.95 $86.95 $87.95 $91.95 $88.95 $89.95 $94.95 $99.95 $63 $64 $69 $56 $59 $63



Trango Cinch Lanyard
This lanyard “system” is ideal for tree climbers who desire a compact, lightweight, and sometimes long positioning lanyard. Not only can you employ a crown-exploring, 15-foot lanyard from a grapefruit-sized pouch but the Cinch adjuster also provides sensitive and precision adjustment at the roll of a wrist! You will also appreciate the relative stiffness, throwing weight, and flipability of the 10-mm lanyard that cruises easily over rough bark. We top the system off with the new Italian-made, aluminum triple-locking carabiner/ snap—and voilà—now we’ve both got it going on! System with 10-ft. lanyard System with 15-ft. lanyard System with 20-ft. lanyard KIT10 - $131 KIT15 - $139 KIT20 - $147

Grillon Lanyard
The Grillon (pronounced gri-yawn) is an adaptation of the popular GRIGRI belay device into an industrial-use safety lanyard. The smooth cam feeds line on command, yet locks when load is applied. As for comparison, the Grillon is about 20% larger in both size and weight (yet still quite small) to the Positioner and Cinch, yet is easy to take off-line for cleaning. Not compatible with wire-core ropes. Requires use of two carabiners (not included). Fits ropes 11 to 13 mm. Not to be used for fall arrest. Grillon with 6’ lanyard (as shown) 15189 - $157 Grillon with 9’ lanyard (as shown) 15190 - $160 Grillon with 15’ lanyard (as shown) 15188 - $175

A.R.T. Positioner Lanyard
The Positioner lanyard adjuster by ART provides minute and feathered line release at the nudge of your wrist. Designed and manufactured in Germany, this lightweight and compact rope cam device is made with exhaustive attention to detail. Milled from high-grade aluminum and utilizing stainless steel pins and screws, the Positioner has the capacity to serve each climber with years of reliable safety even in our abrasive environment. The Positioner cinches into rope using a smooth-faced and nonaggressive clutch that doesn’t damage rope. This method also allows the user to release line while under tension making it extra handy for tasks requiring reaching or leaning. Climbers often seek the Positioner for it’s small size, ultra light weight and rope range accommodation, while safety directors often appreciate that line can only be removed intentionally and with use of tools. ART Positioner Lanyard (as shown above) 29454B - $179

• Adjusts from 1 to 6 feet (min) • Adjusts while under tension • Lightweight and small design
Grillon with 9' lanyard with snap 30160 - $185 Grillon with 15’ lanyard with snap 30142 - $195

System with rope snap

30221 - $199




Replacement Fliplines


Gibbs#2 RockGrab Positioner Grillon Gibbs #3 Ropewalker

Image courtesy Petzl







Grizzly Spliced® 10' 15' 20' 8' 10' 12' 8' 10' 12' 20' 8' 10' 12' 8' 10' 12' 10mm 10mm 10mm 11mm 11mm 11mm 11mm 11mm 11mm 11mm 12mm 12mm 12mm 12mm 12mm 12mm Bee-Line Bee-Line Bee-Line Blaze Blaze Blaze Blaze Blaze Blaze Blaze Magic Magic Magic Magic Magic Magic



Grizzly Spliced®

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

32075 32076 32077 31676 31677 31678 31672 31673 31674 31675 15264A 15262A 15263A 15264 15262 15263

$66 $77 $89 $47 $50 $53 $32 $35 $38 $50 $58 $61 $64 $54 $57 $60

Hand Spliced

These snaps are aluminum, all others steel

13mm = 1/2 inch 15mm = 5/8 inch

- indicates that ascender is compatible with lanyard


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A.R.T. Positioner Trango Cinch
Built by Colorado-based Trango, this unique belay device is gaining in popularity among tree climbers as a lanyard adjuster, a trunk-mounted emergency belay for SRT, and a training belay because it’s light, tight and uniquely sensitive. You’ll enjoy the ease with which braided ropes between 9.4 and 11 mm flow through, and with precise friction control at your fingertips. (Not ideal as single-line descent controller.) Weight 182 g, for lines 9.4 to 11 mm. 32010 - $72 This compact and lightweight rope grab device performs more smoothly than anything in it’s class. Made of aluminum alloy and with stainless steel pins the German-engineered Positioner has an ingenious clutch mechanism that provides users with feathered tension release while under load instead of the often jerk-stop action of other rope grab devices. In the accompanying image of the Positioner the hole represents the connection point for your carabiner while the shoehorn-shaped ear (right) is the low-profile release handle. Works equally well for left or right handed people. ART Positioner 360º Swivel connector 29454 - $147 31147 - $95

RockGrab Lanyard Adjuster
Now available from the designer and manufacturer of Petzl’s popular Microcender is this unique twist to an all-time favorite for lanyard use. The RockGrab lanyard adjuster is an ideal, one-hand adjuster for rope-style safety lanyards (including wire core). Freshly redesigned, the sleek RockGrab sports a new attachment-hole orientation that points the ascender directly forward for improved performance as a lanyard adjuster. The carabiner hole is also larger and rounded on the inside for improved carabiner alignment and interaction. • 25% lighter • larger hole to better accommodate carbiners • sleeker geometry • improved axle design • fits ropes 9 to 13 mm diameter, wt 5 oz • NOT FOR VERTICAL ASCENT 33396 - $72.95

Arborists shall use a second point of attachment (for example, lanyard or double crotched climbing line) when operating a chainsaw in a tree, unless the employer demonstrates that a greater hazard is posed by using a second point of attachment while operating a chainsaw in that particular situation. Safety lanyards for tree climbing are identified by ANSI as “positioning lanyards” and are not designed for fall arrest (dynamic arrest) but rather to keep a climber tautly tethered to a sound anchor point in work-positioning situations to prevent a potential fall. Fall arrest requires a full-body harness with dorsal attachment of an energyabsorbing lanyard component.

ANSI Z133.1-2006 (6.3.8)

Mechanical rope grabs can be cleaned of tree sap using mineral spirits whereas rope prusiks must be replaced.



CMI Ropewalker Microcender & Micrograb
The Microcender provides quick mechanical adjustment to fliplines and comes equipped with a quick-release pin to detach from the lanyard (without need of tools) for use in other duties. The Micrograb provides similar adjustment to the Microcender but has a bolt for fixed application on the lanyard. CE certified, for lines 7/16 to 1/2 inch (9 to 13 mm); 175 grams; allows rope to slip with impact force. Microcender comes with bolt and locknut. A. Microcender (Red) 15200 - $61 Microcender (Black) 32087 - $59.95 B. Micrograb 30211 - $59.95 Spare tension cables (pair) 24008 - $6

Gibbs Ascender
Gibbs designed this popular caving ascender for use in the wettest, dirtiest conditions conceivable, making it our favorite for wire-core fliplines (seeing a lot of chain saw duty). Comes with quick-release pin, allowing detachment from the lanyard for other uses, as well as a bolt and locknut for more permanent use. Gibbs #3 For ropes 7/16" - 1/2" Aluminum shell 15182 - $69 Steel shell 15183 - $69 Gibbs #4 For ropes 5/8" - 3/4" Aluminum shell 15184 - $73 Steel shell 15185 - $73

For ropes 7/16" - 5/8" Aluminum shell 30170 - $62 Steel shell 30171 - $67

Spectra Rope-grab Tether 31780 - $11
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safety lanyards: fliplines

This exciting new design rotates on the hip very nicely, thanks to a large carabiner hole. Designed to accommodate left- and right-hand users, the Ropewalker’s grabbing pressure is maintained by the beefiest spring wire in our lineup. Slots in the bottom are designed to pass chips, grit, and mud right on through.

2-in-1 Lanyard
16-strand Lightning Rope, Grizzly Spliced®, with locking aluminum snaps and hip prusik.

10’ 12’ 14’ 16’

33302 - $75 33406 - $77 33407 - $79 33408 - $81

10’ 12’ 14’ 16’

33301 - $75 33409 - $77 33410 - $79 33411 - $81

10’ 12’ 14’ 16’

33303 - $75 33403 - $77 33404 - $79 33405 - $81

Grizzly Spliced® 2-in-1 Lanyard
Adjusts from 1 up to 14 feet at either end! 10’ 31737 - $79 12’ 32447 - $81 14’ 32448 - $83

Wire Core Cut-Resistant Combo
Wire Core rope (10') with 2 locking steel snaps, hip prusik with locking aluminum snap 29106 - $107

3-Strand Combo
3-strand rope (10'), hip prusik with locking aluminum snaps 27655 - $109


Prusik Klimair












ROPE GRAB / LANYARD COMPATIBILITY 10' 12' Grizzly Spliced® Grizzly Spliced® 14' 10' 12' 14' 8' Hand Spliced 10' Hand Spliced 12' 14' 6' 8' Cut-resistant Wirecore Cut-resistant Wirecore 8' 10' 11mm 11mm 11mm 11mm 11mm 11mm 13mm 13mm 13mm 13mm 13mm 13mm 11mm 11mm 1.45 1.5 1.55 0.8 0.9 1.0 1.4 1.8 2.0 1.9 2.0 1.53 2.8 3.2 Double Braid Double Braid Double Braid Double Braid Double Braid Double Braid 3-Strand 3-Strand 3-Strand 3-Strand 3-Strand 3-Strand Wire/Rope Wire/Rope

• • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

31682 31683 31684 31679 31680 31681 24493 19755 20483 31778 15276 15275 29107 29108

$62 $65 $68 $32 $35 $38 $74 $77 $80 $83 $66 $69 $67 $73

• •

• •

Non shock-absorbing lanyards are not to be used for fall arrest.

This snap is aluminum, all others steel

13mm = 1/2 inch 15mm = 5/8 inch

- indicates that ascender is compatible with lanyard


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Replacement Lanyards


(lb HT

s.) OF









Klimair 2-way Ascender
This mega-cool tool is the first of its kind, two-way rope grab for use on rope-style lanyards. Attached to lines 11 to 13 mm diameter, the KLIMAIR allows hopscotching of your safety attachment point without needing to be detached from the tree (just like the 2-in-1 safety lanyard using a Prusik). KLIMAIR’s unique camming action allows fine adjustment of the attached lanyard in either direction, while an integrated swiveling eye minimizes the possibility of binding under load. Although a lanyard is not adjustable under load, the convenience of one mechanism with dual purpose goes a long way in making up the difference. 30659 - $92

Hip Prusiks
With use of the 2-in-1 safety lanyard on the rise, we’ve had a lot of requests for various hip Prusik configurations. All SherrillTree hip Prusiks work well on lines 7/16 to 3/4 inch diameter but require testing on the ground before putting into high-angle service. This instant and secure rope-ratcheting device has a variety of uses and produces less wear on host lines than mechanical grabbing devices.

12-Strand Prusiks

without snap

31711 - $21

with Aluminum snap 22076 - $38 360° swivel with Steel snap 22077 - $34

16-Strand Prusiks

without snap

31779 - $20

with Aluminum snap 22075 - $38 with Steel snap 22078 - $34

Forming a Prusik
Create a 4 or 6 coil prusik with good quality cordage (2-5 mm smaller in diameter than the host rope is recommended) to create a bi-directional locking tether that can then be tied or clipped into with a variety of hardware options. Use for climbing, rigging, tree cabling, and many other exercises including many outside of tree care.

5-Coil Prusik
Adding a fifth wrap to your prusik is an accepted and common use when the prusik is only being tensioned in one direction. In other words, this method is only viable for ascending or rigging tasks that produce or require pull in a single direction and NOT viable for bidirectional tasks like with a 2-in-1 or doubleended safety lanyard. The concept is simple; this prusik (or Schwabisch) produces the gripping results of a 6-coil prusik (at least in one direction) but without the bulk of 6 coils. This method also reduces friction produced when tending the hitch with a prusik minding pulley.

Lightning Buckstrap
Blue Green Red 33293 - $48 33292 - $48 33294 - $48


Buckingham’s Nybuck Strap
This stiff strap is made of 13/4" neoprene injected nylon folded over to allow length adjustment from 3 to 6 feet using its slide-adjust steel buckle. 5,000 lb. tensile with locking steel snaps. 29070 - $139



16-Strand A Steel Snaps B Steel Snaps C Steel Snaps Others D Steel Snaps, dbl.-braid E Steel Snaps, 3-strand F Aluminum Snaps, 24-strand Blaze 27611 - $52 15237 - $52 15238 - $52 15242 - $52 15240 - $43 31685 - $49

Adjustable Nylon Polestrap
Made of 1" wide nylon webbing with steel, slide-adjust buckle. 4' to 7' adjustment. Locking snaps. 5,000 lb. tensile. 15236 - $50


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safety lanyards: 2-in-1 & buckstraps


SherrillTree’s TREE FROG Climbing System
Single rope techniques (SRT) utilizing a rope walking system conserve a lot of energy on climbs exceeding about 60 feet by utilizing the legs for 90% of the effort. Once aloft, tree climbers usually safety-in to a nearby crotch and switch over to a traditional doubled rope technique (DdRT) in order to move freely in all directions. Thin lines (up to about 12 mm) are best for SRT because ascenders perform better on lines up to this range. The only problem with most SRT ascent systems for tree climbing is that they’re equipment intensive, requiring bulky storage. The Tree Frog system is not only simple to attach, adjust, and operate but it’s also as compact to store as anything currently available—and that’s important. The Pantin (foot ascender) and Croll (suspender-mounted ascender) can be worn throughout the climb without discomfort or interference, leaving only the handled ascender with foot strap to be stored. You can quickly engage or disengage the Tree Frog over and over for short ascents without struggle, which is sometimes helpful in tall trees where you’re able to leave the ascent line fixed and work around on your doubled line. The Tree Frog keeps your body in a comfortable, upright position, and—best of all—leaves all the work to your legs. So, if you’re in need of conserving energy for the workday ahead, hop along, little froggy! Includes Croll ascender, Secur suspenders, left-hand Expedition ascender with cow’s tail lanyard, foot strap and Pantin foot ascender. Three carabiners, harness and PPE required (but not included). Total system weight 33.6 oz. 30749 - $293

Handled Ascenders
Depending on the distance one must travel and the age, condition, and weight of the individual, handled ascenders can mean the difference in reaching a destination with energy to spare or not. Ascenders lock in one direction and can be pushed, nearly friction free, in the other. Sherrill’s handled ascenders attach midline on ropes measuring 8 to 13 mm (5/16-1/2 in. dia) and have a spring-loaded safety latch that must be manually tripped to insert or remove rope. Each is left- and right-hand oriented with the latch located thumbside for convenience and safety. Holes provide clip-in positions, depending on the application. All are made of lightweight aluminum, with formed handholds for comfort. Handled ascenders have small teeth on the cam for traction in the presence of ice and mud and will cause accelerated wear to ropes with heavy use. The most significant difference between Petzl and CMI ascenders is that Petzls have slightly curved teeth (more effective in ice and mud), while CMI uses straight, conical-shaped teeth (known CAUTION: Toothed ascenders not for fall arrest to be less damaging to rope). The second most significant CAUTION: Most ascender “issues” often relate difference is that Petzl ascender frames are of a stamped to debris interference alloy material, whereas the CMI models are milled from solid bar stock and tested stronger.

15202 (left/black) - $69.95 15203 (rt./gold) - $69.95

All Black (not shown) 32088L (left) - $69.95 32088R (rt.) - $69.95

15173L (left) - $55 15173R (rt.) - $55

The Texas Climbing System
This SRT system is the most basic of all, with each part stitched together into one compact kit. From a sitting position (on the upper ascender’s tether) the climber brings both heels under the buttocks and stands, lifting the upper ascender as they go, then it’s basically a sit, stand, inchworm motion until reaching destination. Although the technique is effective, it’s slower than other systems because here, two legs act together as one. The good things about the system are: it’s easy to learn; it is very compact (portable); and requires the least amount of time to engage and disengage from line. System weight, 32 oz. 15172 - $199

Frequently used in caving

Expedition Ascenders
30664L (left) - $59.95 30664R (rt.) - $59.95

Expedition II Ascender
One ascender, two handles!
31107 - $109

Ascender Straps
EASY OPEN! These straps can be attached to a pair of handled ascenders (above) by using carabiners or oval or delta shaped screw-gate links (2 required but not included), for easy single line ascent. Although not as neat a package as having the straps stitched into place on the ascenders (see Texas system left), this system allows alternating use of ascenders depending upon other needs. 15230 - $64

Adjustable Foot Strap
The trouble with most foot straps is that length adjustment is cumbersome and the foot loops fall off your feet at the worst possible time. Sherrill’s foot strap quickly adjusts to your step distance and cinches down around the wearer’s boot for secure, trouble free ascent. Not designed for primary support. (Carabiner not included) 28750 - $39

Rock Exotica Chest Box and PMI Harness
No other chest box and harness combo comes close to the comfort and functionality of this system. Simply slip the harness over your head and cinch it snug to enjoy smooth, upper-body support during long vertical ascents. The top-grade alloy chest box provides easy midline attachment with no loose parts to fall off or get lost. The extrawide back harness provides superb comfort. Choose the single-roller chest box for traditional rope-walker systems that use foot and knee ascender locomotion, or the doubleroller chest box for that and all others. Fits lines up to 14 mm. Chest Box Double Roller 32432 - $178 Harness Size 1 Harness Size 2 32437 - $49 32438 - $49 Chest Box Single Roller 32393 - $144

Carabiners and ascenders not included.


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The Pantin is a rope ascender that straps to the ankle, enabling a user to virtually grab rope with the foot. Employ a Pantin with the common doubled rope technique (DdRT) to experience the most efficient way to draw line out from behind the friction hitch. Once into the canopy, many climbers simply leave on the Pantin in place, reemploying it as necessary. Compact and lightweight, the Pantin works on 7/16 to 1/2 inch lines. 32390L - $74.95 32390R - $74.95 The loop system allows positioning of friction hitch near or far.

Ropeman Ascender
Used in conjunction with a carabiner, the Ropeman micro-sized ascender performs all sorts of neat tricks on 10 to 11 mm line. The Ropeman sideplates swing open for easy midline attachment while the wire (pictured above) is used to disengage the rope-gripping cam when load is relieved. This thumb-sized ascender is a key element in the popular “Loop Climbing System” which allows near instant adjustment of distance between the waist and friction hitch; far for maximum stride while ascending or close for convenient adjustment while limb walking. Another favorite use is quick and mobile pulley attachment for load hauling or mechanical advantage. 15kN, 65 grams, not ANSI compliant. 15232 - $39



Foot Ascenders
Never one to let a good opportunity pass, CMI has stepped up to bat with their version of a rope-pedaling foot ascender. Although a bit bulkier than the competitive brand, CMI ascenders come left- and right-footed and include a lock-closed mechanism. That means the rope stays in place remains captive unless it is released by hand. It can also be held in an open position for easy loading of rope. Anodized aluminum body, Kevlar straps, lifetime cam guarantee. For ropes 9 to 16 mm (each weighs 320 g). 31913L - $59.95 31913R - $59.95

Petzl Tibloc
This ultra-lightweight ascender with small, downward-pointing teeth uses the attaching carabiner as a pinch-post to lock firmly on ropes 8 to 11 mm diameter. Releases automatically with upper motion, locks with downward force. Works with Petzl Am’D and William carabiners. 39 grams. Not ANSI compliant. 31523 - $29.95

Petzl Basic Ascender
Often sought after as the alter-ego of the Croll ascender, the Basic is not only the exact opposite in profile but includes an evil twist - no, not really … just a carabiner capture position on top and a 4-mm tether hole on bottom. The Basic is commonly used as a right knee ascender in rope-walking systems. • • • • Weight: 136 g CE/UIAA Aluminum body For use on single ropes, 8 to 13 mm

Croll Chest Ascender
Used together with the Ascension (opposite page) for ascending rope. Angled attachment hole and special shape allow it to remain flat against the stomach. Rectangular upper hole for attachment of shoulder straps to position the CROLL correctly. The CROLL slides up the rope easily as the user ascends. For use on single rope from 8 to 13 mm. CE certified EN 567. 29492 - $56.95

30442 - $54.95

Petzl ASAP Mobile Fall Arrester
The ASAP fall-arrest device works on vertical or angled safety rope by allowing you to move freely up or down with the ASAP in tow. If a fall or rapid force is experienced, the ASAP reacts (like a seat-belt mechanism) by grabbing the rope to stop uncontrolled descent. • Certification: CE EN 353 2 • Technical specifications: For 10.5- to 13-mm semi-static ropes (EN 1891 type A) certified with the device • Comes with the OK TRIACT automatic-locking carabiner • Weight: 350 g + carabiner (77 g) = 427 g 32334 - $205

Secur (works with Croll)
Intended to correctly position and support the Croll. Constructed in polyamide: lightweight and adjustable. Attaches to the rear fixing point of the harness by a simple larks foot knot. 30204 - $29.95

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rope GrabbinG

Among seasoned chain saw users it’s generally accepted that the best way NEW WAY to dissuade tearing of the branch collar during weighty removals was to perform an undercut followed by a finishing cut over and ahead of the (initial) undercut. Today there’s a growing consensus that the finishing top cut should reside directly OVER or slightly BEHIND the undercut to avoid a rare but potential hazard in certain woody plants where the branch splits in a manner that retains the new kerf’s back wall, possibly snatching the chainsaw from the operator’s hands. Since old habits are hard to break, we thought it prudent to drop notice sooner, rather than later. Don’t forget to remove that stub!

Revised Branch Removal Technique

Rock Exotica Dualcender
The Dualcender was designed for use in the secured footlock technique in doubled rope technique (DdRT). Compared to using a Prusik, the Dualcender requires very little effort to advance between strides. The compact size (compared to handled ascenders) is convenient for storage during work. The Dualcender’s “toothless” design does not pick or otherwise abrade lines. Slips on rope at 4.5 kN (1,000 lbs). 28725 - $94

The Bungee Tether
(for handled ascenders) OLD WAY
“The final link” to a great ascender system is here, thanks to the folks at Buckingham. This compact, elastic strap greatly reduces the connector from flopping between strides, while attached to the base of handled ascenders. The carabiner end is leather lined, for improved grip (carabiner not included) and longer wear, while the other end has ample room to girth hitch through your ascender’s bottom hole. Expands to 36", 5,400 lb. tensile strength. 15231 - $26

World-class arborist, technical rescue and rope-related hardware, proudly manufactured in the USA



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Petzl Ascentree
This new double-handled ascender by Petzl was designed specifically for secured doubled rope climbing tasks utilizing Petzl’s popular Pantin foot ascender or traditional footlock techniques. The Ascentree sports ergonomically designed handles for a comfortable yet powerful grip, even while wearing thick gloves. With its freshly redesigned cam the Ascentree, like several other redesigned Petzl ascenders, greatly reduces rope abrasion. For ropes 8-13mm diameter. Wt 390 g 32391 - $199

The Figure 8
The figure (of) 8 is a descending device that can be employed quickly on one or two parts of 10-13mm rope to lower one’s self to the ground. The original figure 8 (#3) is often referred to as the “deaf 8” because it doesn’t have ears like the Rescue 8 (#1). Ears were first added to this rapelling device in the early 70’s to reduce the chance of the user accidentally girth hitching their life line, stranding themselves mid-line. The ears of the Rescue 8 also make it easy to perform a lock off when desired, but adds some degree of weight and bulk. The DMM Cardiac Arrester (#2) has a special heart shape, also designed to reduce the possibility of accidental girth hitching but without the ears. Now on to my personal favorite the Petzl Piranha (#4). I recommend this new multi-faceted descender to people with good mechanical sense and climbing experience because threading it is not “customary.” With other figure 8’s I often find it necessary to double the rope or use considerable hand friction to rappel at my chosen speed. With the Piranha I can really fine-tune friction by quickly rerouting the line in several different ways.




Aluminum - 25 kN (5,620 lbs.) tensile 1. 2. 3. 4. – Rescue 8 Cardiac Arrester Figure 8 Piranha Piranha (black) 15175 - $22 15181 - $26 15174 - $15 28275 - $34.95 32084 - $36.95


Stainless Steel - 50 kN (11,240 lbs.) tensile (for lightweight lowering duties) – Rescue 8 (not shown) 15176 - $63

I’D for occassional users
The I’D is a particularly efficient and userfriendly descender, amazingly easy to place on the rope. To descend, simply pull on the handle while holding the rope, controlling the running of the rope by varying tension on the free end. As soon as the handle is released, it locks. The I’D offers unmatched security in descent, and has an “anti-panic” function that locks action, if the handle is gripped too hard. The I’D body is made of anodized aluminum and stainless steel, with a handle of very strong nylon reinforced with fiberglass. CE certified and works on rope from 10 to 11.5mm (3/8 - 7/16 inch), and the Large I’D works on 11.5 to 13mm (7/16 - 1/2 inch). Petzl I’D 25031 - $225 Large Petzl I’D 25031B - $225

RIG for professional users
The RIG was designed by Petzl to effectively replace use of descenders like the GRIGRI and STOP. If you have experience with those, you’ll appreciate the RIG’s new and improved features including a more ergonomic, multifunction activation handle with spring return; improved rope braking mechanism; and smoother control componentry as well as the ability to ascend without need to detach from your line. Very similar physically and visually to the I’D, the RIG differs in that it is 25% lighter, more compact, and void of any anti-panic function—which some professional users find annoying (meaning this version is for users with considerable experience). While climbing, if the user releases the handle, it springs into a position such that if anything falls on the handle, the mechanism locks until manually disengaged. For ropes 10.5 to 11.5 mm in diameter. 380 g. RIG 33401 - $150 The RIG is Petzl’s improved answer for pro tree users of the Stop, I’D and Grigri
The spring loaded handle returns to the belay position

This unique belay device for ropes works much like an automobile’s seat belt. When movements are slow, the rope runs freely through the device; when there is a shock load, it locks, jamming the rope with its internal cam device. This device can help eliminate some potential belaying errors, but not all of them. The Grigri is not a substitute for skilled, vigilant belaying. Works on 10mm to 11mm (3/8”-7/16") ropes, 9.3 ounces. 15186 - $94.95

Charlie Paget-Seekins Boonville, CA

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ascend / descend

“I find your catalog very helpful. It is more than just a list of products; it is a learning tool. I like the cartoon illustrations and I feel that your products are very high quality.”

Miniature Pulleys

Micro Pulley
Our most popular micro pulley is ideal for most 1/2-inch rope prusik tending. item #: price: tensile (lbs): WLL (lbs): height: width: side plate material: sheave diameter: sheave width: sheave material: axle: weight: 15220

Micro Pulley Kit
This combination of 3 products can mean the difference in a good or excellent tree climb (there is no bad climb). The Micro Pulley is a great way of tending a friction hitch (pushing the hitch to advance) while the swivel snap and tether make it quickly attachable to your climbing line. The technique illustrated below allows the climber to ascend by pulling on the running end of line without need of tending the hitch. item #: 30942 price: $55

Micro Pruisk Pulley
Square edge for improved minding. item #: price: tensile (lbs): WLL (lbs): height: width: side plate material: sheave diameter: sheave width: sheave material: axle: weight: 28941

Fixed Plate Pulley
Popular use with HMS carabiners. item #: price: tensile (lbs): WLL (lbs): height: width: side plate material: sheave diameter: sheave width: sheave material: axle: weight: 15219



7,000 700 2.5" 1.75" aluminum 1.25" 1/2" aluminum bushing 2.6 oz

7,000 700 2.5" 1.75" aluminum 1.25" 1/2" aluminum bushing 2.9 oz


4,840 484 3" 1.75" aluminum 1.25" 1/2" aluminum bushing 2.5 oz


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Hitch Climber Pulley
The Hitch Climber is not just another fairlead pulley but the hub of a friction-hitch work-positioning system that helps align carabiners properly. Blessed with rope-friendly flares and rounded edges, the Hitch Climber supports an assortment of cool tricks for climbing, rescue, and load-hauling duties. Unlike any micro-sized pulley before it, the Hitch Climber features a third hole that provides the unique ability to connect two climbing systems into one position on the harness to simplify previously complicated maneuvers. Available in two colors to differentiate climbing from rigging applications. For lines 9 to 13 mm, 3.4 oz. Gold Red HITCH-GL - $67 HITCH-RD - $67 Hitch tending smooth and simple Rope tail is directed into hitch even when passing over branches

Load-hauling loop made easy Maintain a single anchor for safety lanyard and life support

Secure to two crotches with only one saddle connection

The M technique with only one hitch to tend

Rig haul back and haul to lines simply

3:1 ascent system

Glide Pulley
Can be oriented two ways on carabiner. item #: price: tensile (lbs): WLL (lbs): height: width: side plate material: sheave diameter: sheave width: sheave material: axle: weight: 30209

Micro Pulley 2i
Bridge roller or hitch inding pulley. item #: price: tensile (lbs): WLL (lbs): height: width: side plate material: sheave diameter: sheave width: sheave material: axle: weight: 31251

Micro Block Pulley
Becket provides attachment point for rigging mechanical advantage. item #: price: tensile (lbs): WLL (lbs): height: width: side plate material: sheave diameter: sheave width: sheave material: axle: weight:

Works well for redirects. item #: price: tensile (lbs): WLL (lbs): height: width: side plate material: sheave diameter: sheave width: sheave material: axle: weight:

Micro Twin Pulley



7,000 700 2.5” 1.75” aluminum 1.125” 1/2” aluminum bushing 3.1 oz

7,000 700 2.75" 2.75" aluminum 1.25" 1/2" aluminum bushing 3.2 oz




7,000 700 3.5” 1.75” aluminum 1.25” 1/2” aluminum bushing 4.0 oz

4,945 494 3.25" 1.25" aluminum 1.25” 1/2” aluminum bushing 4.5 oz

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micro pulleys

28kN 25kN 25kN 28kN 24kN

Ball Lock (HMS)
item# 15976 - $19 tensile: 5,620 lbs WLL: 562 gate opening: 1 in. double-locking manufacturer: Petzl

Ball Lock (D)
item# 15972 - $18 tensile: 6,294 lbs WLL: 629 gate opening: 3/4 in. double-locking manufacturer: Petzl

Tri-Act (HMS)

Available in black

Tri-Act (D)

Available in black

Petzl OK
tensile: 5,395 lbs WLL: 539 gate opening: 3/4 in. double-locking manufacturer: Petzl

Available in black

Silver - item# 31527 - $21.95 Black - item# 32190 - $24.95

Gold - item# 27535 Black - item# 32086

Gold - item# 28337 Black - item# 32085

tensile: 5,620 lbs WLL: 562 gate opening: 1 in. double-locking manufacturer: Petzl Münter Hitch prefers HMS frame.

tensile: 6,294 lbs WLL: 629 gate opening: 3/4 in. double-locking manufacturer: Petzl

Petzl’s anti-snag design Easy to see gold color

belt retainer

ANSI Z133.1-2006 (8.1.11)
Carabiners used in climbing shall be selfclosing and self-locking, with a minimum tensile strength of 5,000 pounds (22.24 kN). Carabiners shall be designed to release the load by requiring at least two consecutive, deliberate actions to prepare the gate for opening.

Not rated



Screw Gate Caritool Tool Holder
Small - item# CARI-S - $6.95 tensile: not rated WLL: not rated gate opening: 3/4 in. non-locking manufacturer: Petzl Large - item# CARI-L - $15.95 tensile: not rated WLL: not rated gate opening: 1 3/8 in. non-locking manufacturer: Petzl

Am’D (D)
item# 28582 - $13 tensile: 6,294 lbs WLL: 629 gate opening: 3/4 in. screw-locking manufacturer: Petzl

William (HMS)
item# 27536 - $14 tensile: 5,620 lbs WLL: 562 gate opening: 1 in. screw-locking manufacturer: Petzl

Locking Methods
1 action = non-locking 2 action = locking 3 action = double-locking

Key Lock Gate is often preferred over the pin style because it’s less likely to snag on ropes or clothes. Key Lock Pin

The Caritool and screw-lock carabiners above are presented accessory connections only—and under no circumstance should be used for self-support in tree climbing.


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24kN 28kN



24kN 23kN

Shadow Boa (HMS)
item# 30205 - $22 tensile: 6,294 lbs WLL: 629 gate opening: 7/8 in. double-locking manufacturer: DMM item# 32287 - $23 tensile: 5,395 lbs WLL: 539 gate opening: 11/16 in. double-locking manufacturer: DMM

item# 32339 - $26 tensile: 5,395 lbs WLL: 539 gate opening: 11/16 in. double-locking manufacturer: DMM

item# 33166 - $23 tensile: 5,620 lbs WLL: 562 gate opening: 13/16 in. double-locking manufacturer: DMM

Locking Revolver
item# 32044 - $40 tensile: 5,170 lbs WLL: 517 gate opening: .59 in. Locksafe

item# 30625 - $29 tensile: 5,395 lbs WLL: 539 gate opening: 15/16 in. non-locking manufacturer: DMM

DMM’s anti-snag design

25kN 25kN 30kN
20% smaller then most carabiners




Mighty Mouse
item# 30717 - $23.95 tensile: 5,620 lbs WLL: 562 lbs gate opening: 4/5 in. triple-locking manufacturer: ISC

item# 31601 - $24 tensile: 5,620 lbs WLL: 562 gate opening: 5/8 in. double-locking

Swivel Captive Eye
item# 31899 - $35

item# 22165 - $25 tensile: 6,744 lbs WLL: 674 gate opening: 7/8 in. double-locking manufacturer: ISC

Captive Eye
item# 32439 - $31 tensile: 6,744 lbs WLL: 674 gate opening: 11/16 in. double-locking manufacturer: ISC

Snap Biner
item# 33392 - $27 tensile: 6,070 lbs WLL: 607 gate opening: 15/16 in. triple-locking manufacturer: ISC

tensile: 5,620 lbs WLL: 562 gate opening: 9/16 in. double-locking manufacturer: ISC

ISC’s anti-snag design

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Unique pull-down action


item# 33393 - $15.95 tensile: 5,395 lbs WLL: 539 gate opening: 1 in. double-locking manufacturer: Rock Exotica

item# 32371 - $19 tensile: 5,845 lbs WLL: 584 gate opening: 1 in. double-locking manufacturer: Rock Exotica

item# 33395 - $12.95 tensile: 6,744 lbs WLL: 674 gate opening: 1 in. non-locking manufacturer: Rock Exotica

Swiva-Biner Single
item# 33477 - $63.95 tensile: 6,744lbs WLL: 674 gate opening: 7/8 in. double-locking manufacturer: Rock Exotica

Swiva-Biner Dual
item# 33169 - $85.95 tensile: 6,744lbs WLL: 674 gate opening: 7/8 in. double-locking manufacturer: Rock Exotica


Rock Exotica Swivels
For pulley connections, lanyards and decenders
Tree climbing requires a lot of moving around while on rope, which usually means a lot of twisting. If you’re like a lot of climbers, the worst time to untwist your line comes when you’re in the most precarious positions and, although rarely life threatening, it certainly can be inconvenient. Rock Exotica developed these precision swivels to relieve just such twisting. You’ll really appreciate the smooth swivel action of sealed ball bearings inside the forged alloy body, for years to come. The Large swivel is designed to accommodate two-person loads in rescue situations, and can have up to three connectors attached in the ends.

item# 30368 - $21 tensile: 5,170 lbs WLL: 517 lbs gate opening: 1 in. double-locking manufacturer: Omega Pacific

Swivel Clevis 8,000 lbs. tensile weighs 4.5 oz. 33394 - $63

Large Swivel 8,000 lbs. tensile weighs 4.5 oz. 32370 - $55

Small Swivel 8,000 lbs. tensile weighs 4.2 oz. 32365 - $53

Micro Swivel 5,395 lbs. tensile weighs 3 oz. 33424 - $42

Angled gate makes for a larger opening, than a straight hinge.


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Premium Keychain Carabiners
In the tree world keychain carabiners come in handy for a range of non life-support tasks and tricks...as well as carrying keys. SherrillTree is proud to offer a small compliment of top quality keychain carabiners for professionals. 1. Load-rated Some people just want to see that rating on the side. 2. Burley-D This beefy beaner is a favorite for micro pulley connection to arborist lines. 3. Screw Gate If certainty that the gate won’t open freely is on your mind. 4. Wire Gate Lightweight but secure. 5. Titanium One of the strongest materials used by man. Yes, real titanium. 6. Carbon Fiber This rare jewel is as light as it is strong.








Load Rated
item# 33362 - $7.95 tensile: 1,453 lbs WLL: 145 gate opening: 1/2 in. non-locking

item# 33363 - $5.95 tensile: not rated gate opening: 5/8 in. non-locking

Screw Gate
item# 33364 - $6.95 tensile: not rated gate opening: 5/8 in. non-locking

Wire Gate
item# 33365 - $5.95 tensile: not rated gate opening: 1 in. non-locking

6cm 33361 - $13.95 8cm 33360 - $15.95 tensile: not rated gate opening: 1/2 in. non-locking

Carbon Fiber
item# 33359 - $26.95 tensile: not rated gate opening: 1 in. non-locking

360° swivel




item# 15977 - $16 tensile: 5,620 lbs WLL: 562 gate opening: 3/4 in. non-locking manufacturer: ISC

item# 28749 - $29 tensile: 6,294 lbs WLL: 629 gate opening: 3/4 in. non-locking manufacturer: Wichard

item# 15990 - $14 tensile: 4,945 lbs WLL: 494 gate opening: 1 in. non-locking manufacturer: Kong

tensile: 100 lbs WLL: 20 gate opening: 10mm locking method: scissor manufacturer: Sprenger/Germany

Police Dog Leash Snap
Commonly used to keep the end of a flipline twist-free, this swiveling snap has a sure grip and opens and closes with a gentle pinch. 31649 - $7

Carabiner not included


HDP Roller
This High Density Polyethylene roller is the cat’s meow for rolling or sliding-d type tree saddles. Clipped into the harness using a Petzl Ball Lock or Tri-Act HMS shaped carabiner, (not included) a climber will be instantly rewarded with smooth flowing movement, with virtually no wear to the saddle’s primary support strap. Rollers can also be used two at a time in conjunction with a split tail system, in a manner that allows separation of lines and other efficient techniques. Designed by ArborMaster champion Paul Sisson of Washington, the HDP is 2 inches long and 1.5 inches diameter and attaches quickly, providing full security to tree climbing harnesses. 15620 - $8

Traps encourage lines or hardware to retain proper position. The leather version can accept a wide range of items, while steel and plastic traps are limited to hardware 8mm and smaller. Note: Traps do not guarantee positioning. Always double-check tool arrangement prior to loading! A Leather (12-pack) B Plastic (each) C Steel (each) 16035 - $5 30663 - .50¢ 16036 - $2.50

Carabiners and similar metal tree gear are best cleaned in soapy water while being tumbled to dislodge grit and other debris. Once dry though, applying oil-based lubricant merely invites further clinging debris. That’s why most manufacturers recommend dry powder graphite. Just a little dab’ll do ya. 0.21 oz. tube 33014 - $3.99

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carabiners & swivels

Corner Traps

Dry Powder Graphite Lube




Arborist Posi
item# 27548 - $24 DOUBLE-LOCKING 50kN tensile: 11,240 lbs WLL: 1,124 gate opening: 1 in. manufacturer: ISC

Arborist Auto
item# 27549 - $23 SINGLE-LOCKING 50kN tensile: 11,240 lbs WLL: 1,124 gate opening: 1 in. manufacturer: ISC

Arborist Spin
item# 27550 - $22 SPIN-LOCKING 50kN tensile: 11,240 lbs WLL: 1,124 gate opening: 1 in. manufacturer: ISC





Now with “blind gate” that doesn’t snag on materials

Now with 20% larger bottom radius for bigger ropes and connections


item# 27551 - $22 tensile: 11,240 lbs WLL: 1,124 gate opening: 3/4 in. single-locking manufacturer: ISC

Iron Wizard
50kN 70kN
item# 32112 - $29 tensile: 15,736 lbs WLL: 1,573 gate opening: 7/8 in. twistlock manufacturer: ISC



item# 32045 - $28 tensile: 8,992 lbs WLL: 899 gate opening: 7/8 in. 3-way Supersafe manufacturer: ISC

item# 15989 - $16.95 tensile: 5,395 lbs WLL: 539 gate opening: 15/16 in. non-locking manufacturer: Kong


Captive Eye
item# 32046 - $22 tensile: 11,240 lbs WLL: 1,124 gate opening: 5/8 in. 3-way Supersafe manufacturer: ISC


Tensile strength reflects the average load required to break a device whereas WLL (working load limit) reflects 1/10th that amount unless otherwise stated. WARNING! Tree climbing and tree work are extremely dangerous, requiring extensive training. The tools in this catalog are for trained professionals.

Small Galvanized Clevis 1/2 in.
item# 15994 - $7 tensile: 20,000 lbs WLL: 2,000 material: steel * A: 3 1/4”, B: 2 1/2”, C: 7/8”

Large Galvanized Clevis 3/4 in.
item# 15992 - $12 tensile: 47,500 lbs WLL: 4,700 material: steel * A: 5”, B: 3 1/2”, C: 1 1/4”


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Rope Snaps






Description A. Locking Rope Snap B. Locking Rope Snap - Blue C. Locking Rope Snap - Red D. Locking Rope Snap E. Locking Rope Snap F. Locking Swivel Rope Snap G. Locking Spreader Snap H. Swivel Dog Leash Snap Material Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Steel Steel Steel Steel Bronze Tensile 6,069 6,070 6,070 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 500 WWL 606 607 607 500 500 500 500 50 Height 5 7/8" 6 1/8" 6" 6" 7" 8 1/2” 4 1/4” Width 2 7/8" Gate 7/8" Item # 32156 ALRS-BL ALRS-RD 16014 27497 16018 16011 16012 Price

The Micro Pulley attached by a snap to the knot in this picture, acts to “mind” the friction hitch. Normally, when climbing a tree with a rope, you must pull once, then advance your friction hitch, over and over until you reach the top. The Micro Pulley holds the knot so that you need only pull rope through it. Another popular use is for a climber to hand haul himself up into the tree without having to tend his knot at all. A ground person simply pulls the falling end of line out as fast as the climber pulls himself up. The pulley blocks the knot from biting the line! The Micro pulley can be found on page 58.

2 5/8" 15/16" 2 1/2" 2 1/2" 2 1/2" 2” 1” 3/4" 1" 3/4" 5/8” 1/4”

6 1/8” 2 5/8” 15/16”

$15 $15 $15 $12 $20 $26 $34 $5


Aluminum and Steel Rings
(A-D) These Italian-made (by Climbing Technology), cold-forged rings are laser-etched with load rating and serial number. All are tested for quality assurance and meet CE and ANSI standards. (E) Our heavy-duty forged and plated steel ring is commonly sought for various rigging and cabling tasks. Item A B C D E Material Aluminum Aluminum Steel Steel Steel Tensile 5,620 5,620 6,744 6,744 30,000 WWL 562 562 674 674 3,000 Diameter 28mm 46mm 28mm 46mm 3” Item # 33352 33353 33272 33273 16004 Price



$12 $13 $12 $13 $12



Rigging Ring

Closed Eye item# 16031 - $2

Round (Steel) item# 16033 - $2

Round (Plastic) item# 16025 - $1

Tear Drop
Black - item# THW-BK - 75¢ Red - item# THW-RD - 75¢

1/2 in. Rope Thimbles
(rope not included) for Microcender for Gibbs ascender

Lockable with pliers

Lockable with pliers

Lockable with pliers

Locking Twist Clevis 5/16 in.
item# 15991 - $18 tensile: 6,600 lbs WLL: 660 material: stainless steel * A x B x C: 1 5/16 x 1 1/8 x 5/8 in.

Locking Twist Clevis 13/32 in.
item# 15991L - $30 tensile: 11,465 lbs WLL: 1,146 material: stainless steel * A: 2 1/4”, B: 1 3/4”, C: 3/4”

Swivel Clevis 5/16 in.
tensile: 6,170 lbs WLL: 617 material: stainless steel * A: 2 5/16”, B: 1 1/8”, C: 5/8”

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item# 16024 - $58

Oval Links
Size 10MM 8MM 6MM 5MM 4MM 3.5MM Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Tensile 13,488 8,992 7,715 4,690.5 3,307 2,535.5 WWL 1,348 899 771 469 330 253 A 3 1/2" 2 7/8" 2 5/16" 2" 1 5/8" 1 7/16" B 1 3/4" 1 3/8" 1 1/16" 7/8" 3/4" 5/8" C 1/2" 3/8" 5/16" 1/4" 1/4" 3/16" Code OLK-10MM OLK-8MM OLK-6MM OLK-5MM OLK-4MM OLK-3.5MM Price

$12 $7 $6 $5 $5 $4

Steel Screw Links

Petzl Speedy Quick Link
item# SCLK-S - $8 tensile: 6,000 lbs WLL: 600 material: steel * A: 4 1/4”, B: 2 1/4”, C: 3/4” item# SCLK-M - $15 tensile: 9,700 lbs WLL: 970 material: steel * A: 5 1/2”, B: 3”, C: 7/8” item# SCLK-L - $19 tensile: 15,900 lbs WLL: 1,590 material: steel * A: 6 1/4”, B: 3 1/4”, C: 1 1/8” item# 30723 - $15.95 tensile: 3,372 lbs WLL: 337 material: aluminum * A: 3 1/8”, B: 1 1/2”, C: 9/16”

Oval Link 9/32 in.
item# 16002 - $8 tensile: 2,205 lbs WLL: 220 material: aluminum * A: 2 1/2”, B: 1 1/4”, C: 9/16”

Delta Link 1/4 in. bar stock
Tighten with wrench for personal support.

Delta Link 3/8 in. bar stock


item# 28740 - $4 tensile: 5,000 lbs WLL: 500 material: stainless steel * A: 2 1/4”, B: 1 7/8”, C: 3/8” item# 15998 - $5 tensile: 12,100 lbs WLL: 1,210 material: steel * A: 3 1/2”, B: 2 5/8”, C: 1/2” item# 28935 - $9 tensile: 13,500 lbs WLL: 1,350 material: stainless steel * A: 3 1/2”, B: 2 1/2”, C: 1/2”


Non-Locking Rope Snap

Locking Ladder Snaps

NON-LOCKING Not for personal support. item# 16016 - $9 tensile: 5,000 lbs WLL: 500 material: steel * A: 5”, B: 2”, C: 5/8” item# 16008 - $21 tensile: 5,000 lbs WLL: 500 material: steel * A: 6 1/2”, B: 4”, C: 1 3/8” item# 33390 - $46 tensile: 8,992 lbs WLL: 899 material: aluminum * A: 9 7/32”, B: 4 11/16”, C: 2 11/32” manufacturer: ISC


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DYNEEMA (carabiner not included)


Daisy Chain
Use a Daisy Chain for your central hardware location to keep your hips loadfree while working in certain situations. Keeps expensive tools off the ground and close by, for quick retrieval. Perfect for the person who has everything, and wants it all nearby. Dyneema 36” - rated @ 27kN, 1//2” webbing Nylon 46” - rated @ 28.9kN, 1” webbing 30804 - $23 15252 - $20

Dyneema Loop Runners
Dyneema Loop Runners are the latest addition to our popular selection. Dyneema (also known as Spectra) is very light-weight for its size and volume. Narrower, more flexible and even more compact than our 1 inch wide nylon runners, these Dyneema loops will surely become a favorite tool for the pruning arborist. Dyneema is one of the earliest HMWPE materials, now used for everything from ship lines to low stretch, high-strength fishing line. Rated @ 27kN A. 24" (blue & white) - 36" (purple & white) B. 48" (black & white) DYLR-24 - $7 DYLR-36 - $10 DYLR-48 - $11

WORKING LOAD LIMIT BASKET VERTICAL CHOKE 2,400 lbs. 1,200 lbs. 900 lbs.


Nylon Loop Runners
Loop Runners make excellent medium-duty choker straps for tree work and climbing. They are as portable as a handkerchief, yet as strong and durable as rope. Because they’re circular, you’ll rarely clip into the same spot twice, maximizing their service life by distributing wear evenly. A few of its uses include speed line chokers, line redirections, miniature false crotch support systems, a footstep where none exists, or a limb handle. ANSI standard for personal support. Rated @ 28.9kN C. D. E. F. 26" (blue) 30" (yellow) 36" (purple) 48" (red) NYLR-26 - $4 NYLR-30 - $5 NYLR-36 - $6 NYLR-48 - $8

WORKING LOAD LIMIT BASKET VERTICAL CHOKE 2,580 lbs. 1,299 lbs. 960 lbs.

Express-stitched slings
The Express has specially designed webbing that narrows at both ends, ensuring proper weight distribution to an attached carabiner. A molded rubber boot keeps one carabiner firmly positioned. In tree climbing this sling is used, much like in rock climbing, to provide an extension between attachment points. Although used in a variety of creative ways, one of the most common for tree climbers is “between links” to limit metal on metal clinking or to extend one carabiner beyond another to lessen rubbing. 22kN. Available in 3 lengths 11, 17 and 25cm. CE and UIAA certified. Does not meet ANSI standards for life support. 4" (11 cm) 6" (17 cm) 9" (25 cm) ESS-4 - $3.95 ESS-6 - $4.95 ESS-9 - $5.95


Dura-Web™ 2000
DURA-WEB ™ 2000 Loop Runners are made with the strongest, most abrasion resistant material available in any similar 1 inch wide product. DURA-WEB™ 2000 has red core yarns, that warn of excessive abrasion. Each Loop includes a Tuftag™ detailing working load limit (based on 5:1 ratio), date of manufacture and serial number. These Loop Runners are thicker and stiffer than the loops listed above and can’t be girth hitched around a carabiner but must be simply captured within, and a steel carabiner is our recommendation. This is a great choice for light rigging duties, a little overkill for creating a foot step. G. 36" (yellow) H. 48" (yellow) DWB-36 - $21 DWB-48 - $24

WORKING LOAD LIMIT BASKET VERTICAL CHOKE 8,000 lbs. 4,000 lbs. 3,200 lbs.

AVERAGE BREAKING STRENGTH 40,000 20,000 16,000
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riGGinG connections / slinGs

The Good Rigging Control System (GRCS)

Modern rigging techniques demand gear that can do more than just lower wood. The GRCS is a device that provides significant mechanical advantage for the operator to lift, pull, delete slack, lock-off and lower loads under constant control.

Included with your system is a separate all aluminum rope brake drum, which can be used in place of the 2-speed geared winch when all you need is falling control of large wood. This quickly switched 4-inch drum is designed to accommodate an ice pack inside to prevent rope glazing during extreme lowering situations. The brake drum also accepts ropes of any diameter. Also, an optional drill chuck is available that plugs into the handle socket to turn your gas or electric drill into a high-speed winch motor. No other lowering/lifting device combines the speed, power, versatility and convenience of the GRCS. With this and your rigging line, the sky’s the limit.

The GRCS incorporates one of the most powerful winches in the boating industry to create incredible lifting power. At the heart of the system is the Harken 2-speed self-tailing rope winch. With gear reductions of 22:1 in high gear and 44:1 in low gear, a single person can lift upwards of 2,000 lbs! The winch accepts ½ to ¾" diameter lowering lines with a unique self-tailing feature that holds rope tension automatically so the operator doesn’t have to. This eliminates the need for a second person to hold tension while the first cranks the winch. Try to imagine a single person with the ability to raise large limbs away from rooftops, pull split trees together for cabling, or pull large trees over, quickly and with minimal effort.

The GRCS has a unique steel frame that allows mounting on a range of tree shapes and sizes. The tree mount has hinged side plates that fold to the contour of the tree and nine rubber “feet” that provide solid mounting on a wide range of stem diameters. An optional truck mount adapter plugs into any 2" square trailer hitch receiver tube, opening up a completely different set of rigging possibilities. Simple to use rope guides on the beefy steel frame keep lines from crossing over on the winch drum, allowing the operator to focus on the load in control instead of on the device. With no component weighing more that 37 lbs., setup is quick and easy. GRCS complete 22041 - $2,695

Good Rigging Control System

GRCS designer, Greg Good

A. Truck hitch receiver for using GRCS in remote locations 22052 - $459 B. High-speed winch driver bit. Fits 1/2 in. drill chuck 28220 - $59 C. Visor plate used to secure GRCS to removal trees with chainsaw cut. 31051 - $103

Fold out pigtail grants control from behind…

…or off the nose of GRCS

Optional drill chuck allows highspeed winching Comes with HD aluminum bollard post



H-2 Hobbs Lowering and Lifting Device
Redesigned for the 25th anniversary of Edwin L. Hobbs’ original invention, this second-generation Hobbs lowering and lifting device is the definition of super-duty rope control. The new H-2 is rated for use with arborist lowering lines from ½" to ¾" diameter. Offering solid mounting, smooth and precise rope control, and increased lifting and pulling capacities, the H-2 is designed to perform on the job, on demand every day for years to come. The newly reconfigured spool is cast from hardened T-6 aluminum. With a ¾" thick wall structure, the H-2 is designed for extreme impact loading, wear resistance, and heat dissipation. Massive and maintenance-free, oil-impregnated bushings support the front and rear of the spool, which rotates on a solid steel 1-1/2" shaft!

The unique, angled frame may be mounted in three separate configurations to suit the rigging task: 1. Preservation Mounting – For maintenance pruning when large limbs are removed and the tree is preserved. A hinged guard prevents spike insertion and a hinged, heavy-duty rubber pad provides additional protection to the trunk. 1,000 lb working-load limit (WLL). 2. Standard Mounting – Three side spikes aggressively cut into the tree for increased holding strength. 2,000 lb WLL. 3. Cut-in Mounting – A notch is cut into the tree, and the top frame plate is placed beneath it when high-impact loading is anticipated— for example, when butt-hitching trunk wood. 3,000 lb WLL.

A “rope captured” fair lead permits a wide range of movement without fear of rolling wraps off of the spool. A built-in entry hook guides the lowering line onto the spool. Side hooks let the operator safely tie off the load line when desired.

Using the winch bar that is supplied with the H-2 to rotate the spool, the device uses a proven, strong, and mechanically simple ratchet and pawl mechanism to operate in the same manner as a “come-a-long” to develop lifting and pulling power. With a 16:1 ratio, the H-2 can develop more than 3,000 lb of pulling force and is rated to lift 1,000 lb. The H-2 increases its versatility by being able to remove rope slack, lift limbs, and perform other pulling and lifting tasks.

The H-2 comes complete with a 20' mounting strap, winch bar, and detailed graphic labels explaining proper usage, ratings, warnings, and safe operation. The H-2 weighs 58 lb. H-2 Lowering Device 30644 - $1,859 Replacement Strap 15229 - $72 Hinged flap acts as spike guard for preservation work


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Portawrap IV
The Portawrap is a lightweight and compact rope friction device designed for lowering heavy wood in a controlled manner. Designed by arborists Scott Prophett and Norm Hall in the early 90s, the Portawrap has been proven a highly dependable and effective tool in sparing properties the damage inflicted by free-falling tree parts. In the past, a ground worker’s main option for rope-controlling heavy wood was to wrap the line’s running end around a nearby tree (shown right), often candy-striping the “wrap tree” from bark-scorching surface friction. But now, in the time it once took to coil up a lowering line and walk it around the next candy cane-to-be, the modern arborist can have a Portawrap locked and loaded for multiple lowering tasks. Quickly wrapped and unwrapped between loads, the Portawrap turns a once precarious tango among fallen brush and tree parts into a smooth-flowing waltz in a small, easily maintained space. And unlike the ever-changing tree trunk surface, the Portawrap delivers consistent and dependable friction, allowing the operator to concentrate strictly on the dynamics of the activity above. And, new for 2010, the Portawrap has been completely retooled for significantly improved corrosion resistance and tree protection. Not only is our new plated steel model more corrosion resistant (according to independent salt spray testing), but you can now reach for our new rust-PROOF stainlesssteel version that’ll stand up to the worst heat, salt and humidity that a coastal company can throw at it. Also included is a Scott Prophett special feature—a tree-protecting cap that bumpers the targeted tree from gouging whenever the Portawrap gets slapped with a nasty load.

Portawrap IV With new tree protection cap.
Eliminates gouging of preservation trees!

Medium - High-grade Steel - for lines up to 9/16” - weighs 4 1/4 lbs Large - High-grade Steel - for lines up to 3/4” - weighs 8 1/4 lbs Large - Stainless Steel - for lines up to 3/4” - weighs 7 1/4 lbs All Portawrap IV’s are rated at 2,000 lbs WLL.

POWM - $109 POWL - $119 POWLSS - $199

Medium High-grade steel

Large High-grade steel

Large Stainless steel

“There’s no question we get at least 4 times the life out of rigging lines when utilizing a Portawrap and block.” Jesus Martinez, TX “Your catalog (awesome as it is) does not do this tool justice; from controlling machinery down steep slopes to 101 rigging feats, the Portawrap has changed the way we do business.” Phil LeBeau, NJ

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riGGinG control

Ropes Course Pulleys
2:1 mechanical advantage

4” S.Steel

2.4” S.Steel with Becket

2.4” S.Steel

2.4” Aluminum




4” Tri-sheave S.Steel

4” Dual-sheave S.Steel

2” Dual-sheave S.Steel

G E Never attach pulleys directly to rope F

CODE A B C D E F G 15221 15218 15216 15209 30210 15210 15217


TENSILE (LBS) 16,000 8,500 8,500 6,000 30,000 25,000 11,000

WLL (LBS) 1,600 850 850 600 3,000 2,500 1,000

1 4” 2.4” 2.4” 2.4” 4” 4” 2”

2 5/8” 5/8” 5/8” 5/8” 5/8” 5/8” 1/2”

SHEAVE MATERIAL aluminum aluminum aluminum aluminum aluminum aluminum aluminum

3 7.5” 5.75” 4.5” 4.5” 9” 9” 6.25”

4 5” 3.25” 3.25” 3.25” 4.5” 4.5” 2.5”

SIDE PLATE stainless steel stainless steel stainless steel aluminum stainless steel stainless steel stainless steel

AXLE bushing bushing bearing bushing bushing bushing bearing

WEIGHT 29 oz. 11.6 oz. 10.2 oz. 7 oz. 85 oz. 76 oz. 13.5 oz.

1 2 3

$62 $40 $56 $37 $160 $115 $50


Mini Traxion & Pro Traxion
This pulley and rope grab in one can quickly be attached midline to 8-13mm ropes for comfortably hauling heavy loads. The built-in rope grab holds line while the user reaches for another stride. Other uses include progress capture device on Tyrolean traverse.

Mini Tandem
for use with synthetic ropes

Cable Tandem
for use with cable and synthetic ropes up to 12mm


Pro Stainless Steel Trolley
for use with cable and synthetic ropes up to 12mm


CODE H I J K L 24047 28927 18437 30713 32330


TENSILE (LBS) 4,496 4,945 5,400 5,400 14,000

WLL (LBS) 449 494 540 540 1,400

SHEAVE DIAMETER 1.25” 1.95” 1.25” 1.25” 1.5”

MAXIMUM ROPE DIAMETER 8-13mm 8-13mm 1/2” 1/2” 1/2”

SHEAVE MATERIAL aluminum aluminum aluminum stainless steel stainless steel

OVERALL HEIGHT 3.5” 5” 3” 3” 3”

OVERALL WIDTH 1.75” 2” 4.25” 4.25” 5”

SIDE PLATE MATERIAL aluminum aluminum aluminum aluminum stainless steel

AXLE bushing bushing bushing bushing bearing

WEIGHT 5.8 oz. 9.3 oz. 7 oz. 9.1 oz. 12 oz.

$84.95 $130 $55.95 $66.95 $87


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Mechanical Advantage/ Tree Pulling Kit
Our strongest line-tensioning system is popular among advanced riggers for quickly and effectively creating massive pulling power on rigging lines up to 13 mm. Within minutes of finding a solid and safe anchor, you’ll finish threading these sturdy Petzl blocks to produce five times the amount of tension possible without them! Made popular by ArborMaster safety trainers and search-and-rescue professionals, this type of system utilizes two Prusiks—one that holds tension between strides (after the blocks come together) while the other is adjusted longer (blocks apart) to pull again. The Petzl Twin and Minder blocks are quickly applied mid-line and without stooping to the ground with a simple procedure you can use time and time again to produce from 2:1 up to 5:1 mechanical advantage, depending on the need. Although they’re not delivered with line as a kit, you can use your own line to create a stand-alone system much like our fiddle block system. The limitations to the tree pulling kit (as sold) are that it doesn’t work in conjunction with a lowering device (Portawrap) if host rigging line is utilized (as illustrated), the system requires above-average rigging knowledge, and it requires a minimum of 30 excess feet of line’s end to make use of. Once learned, this simple mechanical advantage system is hard to forget, and even harder to live without! 30806 - $255

Fiddle Blocks
These high-strength blocks are ideal for pre-tensioning lines or lifting heavy objects. Fiddle blocks are easier to deploy than our tree pulling kit (especially for beginners) because the system is applied on top of a host line instead of involving threaded host line. Fiddle blocks are generally stored fully rigged so that you simply attach the ends to host line (via the included Prusik) and anchor (a tree, vehicle, or even host rope again, using the included carabiner on your sling or other means). The fiddle block’s limitations are that it’s tlimited to 10 feet of working spread with the included (50-foot) rope; a friction device (like Portawrap) is required to hold drawn rigging line for multiple advances; and the standard package is slightly bulkier than the tree-pulling kit. The drawing (below) demonstrates how pulling with 200 pounds of force results in a 5:1 mechanical advantage (1,000 pounds) of lift. Between pulls, a built-in cleat holds position on the line, which can be released with a snap of the wrist. Combine this kit with a Portawrap or other lowering device for the ultimate in compact power! Kit includes two blocks, 50 feet of half-inch line with spliced eye, two steel carabiners, rigging prusik, and instructions. SET81 - $299 Fiddle blocks sold separately in chart below.

5:1 ratio

Rigging prusiks available on page 74.




Numbers refer to drawings at right CODE M N O P 15215 15214 32102 32101 PRICE TENSILE (LBS) 10,000 8,000 10,000 10,000 WLL (LBS) 1,000 800 1,000 1,000 1 2” 2” 2 5/8” 2 5/8” 2 9/16” 9/16” 13/16” 13/16” SHEAVE MATERIAL aluminum aluminum plastic plastic 3 6 1/4” 5 1/2” 9 1/2” 8” 4 4” 4” 5 5/8” 3 7/8” SIDE PLATE MATERIAL aluminum aluminum aluminum aluminum AXLE bearing bearing bearing bearing WEIGHT 21 oz. 12 oz. 20 oz. 15 oz.

$109 $58.95 $127 $85

1 2 3

Omni Swivel Blocks
Another first from Rock Thompson are these quick-to-attach, high-strength, swiveling rope blocks. Like Petzl’s popular swivel connector (page 62), these blocks eliminate twisting from rope rigging systems with smooth, ball-bearing action. Each precision-fabricated alloy block has a unique button-activated release feature that allows instant access to the sheave for midline attachment. The milled alloy attachment eye is large enough to accept most carabiners and snaps. Rope capacity 8-13mm, 809 lbs working load limit.





New Double-Locking Feature

CODE Q R 30677 30676


TENSILE (LBS) 8,092 8,092

WLL (LBS) 809 809

1 2” 2”

2 1/2” 1/2”

SHEAVE MATERIAL aluminum aluminum

3 6” 5”

4 2.5” 2.5”

SIDE PLATE MATERIAL aluminum aluminum

AXLE bearing bearing

WEIGHT 14.4 oz. 8.8 oz.

$109 $73

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riGGinG pulleys

4.5 ton 3/4" line

ISC Spring Lock Aluminum Blocks
2.4 ton 3/4” line
Spring lock blocks are popular among riggers for their high strength-toweight ratio and quick-twist rope access. Solid aluminum-alloy cheek plates, bushing, and sheave are supported by stainless-steel axles. These blocks were designed by Denny M. Moorehouse of Wales, founder of the popular work, rock, and rescue tool manufacturer DMM. Denny is often referred to as “The Wizard of Iron” and is well known for his attention to quality and toughness. For those concerned about aluminum not withstanding the punishment of steel, we have no record of a fracture complaint in 6 years of production. Spring lock blocks have broad cheek plates to protect running lines, and large sheaves to minimize bend in rigging lines (providing 4:1 up to 9:1 ratios). Manufacturer supplied ratings based on 5:1 ratio

2.4 ton 5/8” line

Code 21862 16455 16454 Price


Sheave 4 5/8" 2 3/4" 2 3/4"

Line Max 3/4" 3/4" 5/8"

WLL 4.5 ton 2.4 ton 2.4 ton

Weight Side Plate Color Sheave Color 7.5 lbs. Yellow Green 3.5 lbs. Red Green 3.5 lbs. Red Orange

$259 $181 $159

3 ton 3/4" line

2 ton 5/8” line

CMI Stainless Steel Blocks
Colorado Mountain Industries, a leader in the rock and rescue industry, has a thing for stainless steel! We all know that stainless doesn’t rust but did you know that, pound for pound, it’s harder and stronger than standard steel? Stainless steel and quality engineering are blended together to create CMI’s palm sized power house 2-ton block (our personal favorite) as well as the beefier 3-ton model (NOTICE more than double the weight) for large wood and up to 3/4 inch lines. Both blocks include a separate alloy bushing supported by a stainless bolt. The bushing bolt has a large knurled head for easy opening, even with gloves. Again, extraordinary quality at an affordable price. Sheave 2 3/4" 2 3/4" Line Max 3/4" 5/8" WLL 3 ton 2 ton Weight 5.38 lbs. 2.25 lbs. Color Natural Natural Code 18436 15162 Price

$145 $103

2 ton 3/4" line

CMI Steel Block (zinc plated)
Sherrill’s zinc-plated tailboard block is highly rust resistant and won’t chip or color-fade like similar painted steel blocks. Unlike competitive blocks, ours have stainless steel axles and a captured bushing and pin that won’t fall from the tree when replacing your sling. Cheek plates swing fully open for maximum rope access; bronze sleeve between axle and sheave keeps moving parts smooth. Sheave 2 3/4" Line Max 3/4" WLL 2 ton Weight 3.5 lbs. Color Natural Code 15160 Price


2.2 ton 3/4" line

It is important that you convey to your crew, the dangers of mismatching hardware. One such mistake would be to install a grossly oversized sling or running line into a tailboard block. In the accompanying image we illustrate the effect of an over-sized sling flattening to produce outward pressure on a block’s side plates in a manner that can damage one or both elements. Generally our blocks have capacity to support a sling 1/8-inch larger than its designated running line capacity. Work safe, pay attention.

Sling Sizing

ISC Stainless Steel Flame Block
This 2-ton stainless steel tailboard block sports a cool flame pattern that ground-dudes will fear and chicks will love. Besides that, this new creation by the Wizard or Iron, Denny Moorhouse of International Safety Components sports the same captive support pin and bushing seen with the Springlock blocks (top) that help keep components together when working aloft. Has tightly sealed bronze bushing beneath sheave for long smooth running of rigging lines. Sheave 3" Line Max 3/4" WLL 2.2 ton Weight 3 lbs. Color Natural Code 32364 Price



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Block and Sling Combos

Amsteel 16’ x 1/2” sling and 2-ton 5/8” stainless steel block SET70 - $197

Tenex 12' x 3/4" sling and 2-ton 3/4” steel block SET63 - $139 Tenex 16' x 3/4" sling and 2-ton 3/4” steel block SET65 - $143

Tenex 12’ x 3/4” sling and 2.4-ton 3/4” ISC aluminum block SET62 - $229

Eye Slings
The eye sling is perhaps the most versatile tether for rigging hardware. A block or other device is secured within the sling’s eye, and a choking hitch such as a cow hitch or timber hitch is tied using the other end. Although one must know knots to use an eye sling, there’s no arguing its efficient simplicity.


TENEX (A) - This rope’s construction is stronger and more flexible than others because of its loosely woven, hollow construction. Since there’s no core to this rope, abrasion wear can be easily monitored. DOUBLE BRAID (B) - The tightly woven outer jacket of this rope helps protect the load bearing inner core from abrasion. Although long used by arborists for eye slings, we find the double braid’s use dwindling, compared to its stronger Tenex cousin. AMSTEEL (C) - Amsteel is Samson Rope Company’s brand name for Dyneema (HMPE). Pound for pound equivalent in strength to steel wire, Amsteel cordage is not only lightweight (only one-seventh the weight of wire), it’s also as soft as silk and less bulky than any other rigging material! With a braid construction that’s easily inspected, Amsteel has been widely used for more than four years with excellent results for a variety of industrial applications including tree rigging. Material Sling Diameter 5/8" 3/4" A. Samson Tenex (sling-grade polyester) 3/4" 3/4" 3/4" Sling Length 10' 12' 16' 20' 25' Tensile / WLL Pounds 17K / 1,700 22K / 2,200 22K / 2,200 22K / 2,200 22K / 2,200

Years ago, a good customer called to inform us that his favorite double-braid eye sling had broken during use. “His favorite” turned out to be a key factor in the sling’s demise. It had proven its great strength on so many jobs that it had earned unwavering confidence. It turned out that the sling had been in active service for over 5 years! The interior was impregnated with grit and repeated shock loading to the same few inches had long since compromised the sling’s integrity. Inspect equipment regularly and replace slings experiencing active duty every year (minimum). Material B. Stable Braid (polyester) Sling Diameter 5/8" 3/4" 3/8" C. Amsteel (Dyneema) 3/8" 1/2" 1/2" Sling Length 10' 12' 10' 16' 10' 16' Tensile / WLL Pounds 15K / 1,500 19K / 1,900 19.6K / 1,960 19.6K / 1,960 34K / 3,400 34K / 3,400 Code 15301 15298 31991 31992 31993 31994 Price

Code 15304 15302 15303 28938 28939


$48 $52 $55 $57 $62

$45 $54 $49 $68 $68 $94

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riGGinG blocks & slinGs

SherrillTree splices slings with a large eye for preferred use by arborists.

Whoopie! Sling
This old-fashioned choker sling can be adjusted from short to long in just seconds and is most often used by riggers to anchor a block or friction device to a tree. A Whoopie allows the rigger to mount hardware snug against the tree, minimizing slack in the rigging system. Each Whoopie sling is hand-spliced by professionals using Samson Amsteel or Tenex cordage (100% polyester). Material Adjustment Range 40" to 10' 40" to 15' 42" to 10' 42" to 15' 3' to 5' 4' to 7' 4' to 9' 4' to 12' 4' to 16' Portawrap not included.

Easily Adjusted!
Made with either SAMSON Amsteel or Tenex Diameter Range 13" to 37" 13" to 56" 13" to 37" 13" to 56" 11" to 18" 15" to 26" 18" to 32" 18" to 42" 18" to 60" Sling Size 3/8" 3/8" 1/2" 1/2" 1/2" 5/8" 3/4" 3/4" 3/4" Tensile Strength 19,600 19,600 34,000 34,000 11,800 17,100 22,400 22,400 22,400 WLL 2,940 2,940 5,100 5,100 1,750 2,560 3,380 3,380 3,380 Code 31998 31999 32000 32001 21964 30292 15315 30295 30296 Price


$84 $93 $109 $148 $45 $55 $66 $75 $85


Rigging Tails for Line-on-Line Prusik Configurations
Based on a growing number of customer requests, we now offer eye-spliced tails for rigging that are easily distinguished from climbing tails as well as longer for rigging applications. These bright red hitch tails have “FOR RIGGING ONLY” broadly displayed for easy identification and measure about 30% longer than climbing-designed tails. Longer tails mean quicker attachment and more wraps when necessary on larger lines than ever before. Each tail is Grizzly Spliced® from 8-mm Tenex (100% polyester) for the highest possible strength, grip, and longevity. 5,800 lbs tensile. 18” Loop 33482 - $21 38” Eye and Eye 31160 - $23

Loopie Sling
The Loopie is an adjustable round sling that works similarly to our popular Whoopie Sling. Right off your hip, the Loopie can be quickly adjusted to provide a snug connection to most rigging hardware. The new Loopie is lightweight, strong and folds small for storage.

Material Amsteel

Model 3/8" 3/8" 310 (3/8") 420 (1/2") 620 (1/2") 630 (5/8") 850 (3/4")

Adjustment Range 15" to 3' 15" to 6' 18" to 3' 2' to 4' 2' to 6' 2' to 6' 2' to 8'

WLL 2,500 lbs. 2,500 lbs. 1,000 lbs. 2,000 lbs. 2,000 lbs. 3,000 lbs. 5,000 lbs.

Code 32449 32083 27584 27586 27587 27588 31167


$50 $78 $28 $32 $36 $42 $49


The Spider Leg Balancer
The Spider Leg Balancer is a unique style of eye sling that a rigger attaches to a bull rope or lowering line (using a Klemheist or 3-wrap prusik), to create balance to a targeted removal. With a single lowering line, the operator is able to better control the limb’s tip and base. Using more than one Spider Leg allows the rigger to balance sprawling limbs, without the need of excessive cutting and pitching. The Spider Leg can be used as an eye sling (for mounting a block) in a pinch but the eye is unusually long and doesn’t make for a good standard use eye sling.

3/8" diameter sling for use on 1/2" lines (600 lb. WLL or 6,000 lb. tensile) 12' 14' 27682 - $32 27683 - $36

1/2" diameter sling for use on 5/8" lines (1,180 lb. WLL or 11,800 lb. tensile) 12' 14' 24657 - $42 24658 - $44


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Rigging Plates
Got a zipline job coming up that involves a major city landmark or highly technical circumstance? Accomplish even the most complex rigging scenarios requiring multiple points of attachment using the rescue industry’s top-rated anchor plates by Petzl. • • • • Made of aluminum: excellent strength-to-weight ratio 19 mm holes allows the locking sleeves of most carabiners to pass through Breaking strength: 36 kN UL classified to NFPA for general use Size Large Medium Small Small Length 8.75" 6.25" 3.75" 3.75" Weight 350g / 12.3 oz. 210g / 7.4 oz. 55g / 0.2 oz. 55g / 0.2 oz. Color Gold Blue Red Black Code 26268 26269 31067 32089 Price

$84.95 $52.95 $27.95 $29.95

Image idea by Mark Adams Create multiple systems with one point of attachment

Small rigging plate also available in black.

DMM Rigging Hubs
DMM has done it again with this innovative rigging plate certain to revolutionize thought and process in both practical rigging and life-rescue applications: a symmetrical rigging hub. Conceived in the think-tank of Treemagineers (designers of the treeMotion saddle), the rigging hub was born of necessity, the mother of invention. Unlike fire and rescue-style rigging plates designed for two-dimensional use and regularly utilizing hardware connections, the DMM Rigging Hub is a multidimensional support connection with flared and rounded attachment points designed for direct rope or webbing attachments as well as carabiners. As for shape, a circle, not a square, is the strongest form for supporting multi-angled pulling forces. In function, direct attachment of lines or webbing is reliable, stronger, and less likely to misload than multiple lines attached to multiple carabiners attached to the plate. If your company lays claim to being the technical rigging expert in town, we’re sure you’re going to appreciate the variety of new techniques this amazing new hub presents.

Size Small Large

Length 4.25" 6.75"

Weight 260g 560g

Tensile 50 kN 50 kN

Color Purple Purple

Code 33368 33369


$141 $217

Cycles to Failure (CTF)
CTF is an often-misunderstood phenomenon as it relates to tree tools, yet it should be understood on at least a rudimentary level. Examples of the effects of CTF are everywhere—from aged mattress springs to broken mechanic’s tools—but as far as arborists are concerned, special attention should be paid to all items subject to dynamic loading. In our example, we illustrate one type of CTF—stress fatigue—to lubricate your thinking. Bend a coat hanger once and it’s not likely to break. But bend it repeatedly and the wire will fatigue, eventually to the point of failure. Those of us in the tree industry understand tensile strength, but what happens when rope or hardware is repeatedly exposed to high percentages of said tensile strength? As with the coat hanger, we should anticipate failure of even (perhaps especially) our most trusted tools when they are exposed to repeated, high-impact shock loading. Also illustrated is a known occurrence in tree care—the failure of a block sling at the point where it is most often hammered, at the throat of the eye splice. Our advice to tree care workers: Seek knowledge about dynamic forces and technical rigging; don’t lend out your tools; record the date of first use; keep a record of high-stress events and tools exposed to extreme forces; and, finally, if in doubt, throw it out!

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Tuflex Slings
Tuflex Roundslings are high abrasion-resistant, incredibly strong slings designed for easy use and storage. The secret to their strength is the low stretch, continuous loop polyester (nonwoven) core that carries 100% of the load. All slings are covered by two layers of Tufhide™ nylon, for outstanding handling, comfort, and wear resistance. Unlike steel cable, Tuflex lightweight slings are not abrasive to the user’s hands or the surface that they are lifting. In a patented process, the polyester cords inside are made seamless, so there are no knots to rupture. Each sling has a stitched-in Tuftag™, designed for lifetime identification of strength, serial number and date of manufacture. If the jacket is ruptured, red core yarns provide a visual signal to the operator to retire that sling. Tuflex slings will fit through the gate of (most) steel carabiners or rigging clevis’, thanks to their unique core construction.

WORKING LOAD LIMIT BASKET VERTICAL CHOKE 10,600 lbs. 5,300 lbs. 4,200 lbs.

Round Sling
4' long 5' long 6' long 8' long TUFSLG-4 - $21 TUFSLG-5 - $25 TUFSLG-6 - $28 TUFSLG-8 - $32

AVERAGE BREAKING STRENGTH 53,000 26,500 21,000

Eye & Eye Sling
4' long 6' long TUFEYE-4 - $36 TUFEYE-6 - $47

Lifting Slings by Lift-All
Most commonly used by riggers during crane extractions of large logs or tree parts, eye and eye slings may be employed for a variety of other applications as well. Lift-All’s super strong, super duty slings rank second to none for quality, craftsmanship and abrasion resistance. Each is tagged with load specs and rating data, manufacture date and care instructions. These slings’ WLL is rated and marked by the manufacturer based on a 1/5th of tensile strength.




A Folded Eye

B Flat Eye

Length 3' 4.7' 6.3' 8' 9.7' 11.3' 3' 4'

Width 3" 3" 3" 3" 4" 4" 2" 2"

Basket WLL 9,600 17,200 17,200 17,200 23,000 23,000 12,800 12,800

Vertical WLL 4,800 8,600 8,600 8,600 11,500 11,500 6,400 6,400

Choke WLL 3,800 6,900 6,900 6,900 9,200 9,200 5,000 5,000

Code LS3-3 LS3-4.7 LS3-6.3 LS3-8 LS4-9.7 LS4-11.3 LS2-3 LS2-4


$27 $43 $54 $61 $90 $108 $21 $27

Tree work is dangerous business and it’s important that we take every step to make the job safer. One of the keys to avoiding accidents is to stay mentally sharp. That’s why we’ve added CamelBak to our tree gear line up. Even minor dehydration can impair concentration, causing you to become lethargic or have headaches and cramps... and those aren’t the kinds of things you want to experience when working around dangerous equipment or high in a tree. CamelBak has spent over a decade helping people maximize performance, comfort, and health by providing the highest quality drink delivery systems available. Originator of the hands-free hydration category, CamelBak focuses on technically innovative, highperformance systems that fit your active, hard-working lifestyle. Confirmed by the US military to add hours to the workweek and focus to the job at hand, CamelBak translates into a smart investment for outdoor workers. Whether in a tree or on the ground, hydration is an important part of a safe workday. The CamelBak Sabre™ delivers clean, cool water while on the job. Basic, tough, and cost-effective. • • • • Quick-release shoulder straps unclip for easy removal External zip pocket holds your essentials Closed cell insulation keeps water cool or warm for hours 70 oz (2.0 L) capacity

Whenever visibility and safety are concerns, our CamelBak Hi-Viz™ stands out in a crowd. Available in International Orange.Hi-Viz features convenient Velcro® strap management and ultra durable construction. • • • • • NEW! Integrated cover keeps OMEGA fillport clean and protected NEW! Tear-away harness helps prevent accidents Convenient Velcro® strap management Bite valve cover keeps bite valve clean from dirt and debris 70 oz (2.0 L) capacity

Streamlined ergonomics, flexible storage compartments, and external access to the OMEGA Water Beast™ Reservoir, the Ambush offers the highest secure storage volume available with external fill. • • • • • • Secure front pocket organizes essentials such as first aid and communications Quick-release shoulder straps unclip for easy removal and stow-away inside built-in pocket Insulated water delivery tube HydroGuard™ Anti-Microbial Technology ensures the delivery of safe, clean water during extreme operational situations Includes Big Bite™ Valve. 100 oz (3.0 L) capacity

31089 - $47

31090 - $68

31091 - $95


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Gecko™ Carbon Fiber Climbers
Gecko CF Climbers are the world’s first ultralight climbing gaffs that take full advantage of space-age carbon-fiber technology. These light yet strong gaffs are ideal for those who are looking for the ultimate in comfort and productivity. Gecko designers virtually walked away from the antiquated belief that heavy and bulky is best and created climbing gaffs weighing in at less than half of what wearers are accustomed to. And low weight is not all that’s amazing, because by departing the “one-size-fits-all philosophy,” Gecko was able to incorporate the slimmest, calf-conforming upper-pad design ever. The entire stirrup, shank, and upper cuff are of one solid, carbon-fiber unit, topped with a wide, comfortable, and strong Velcro strap holding a breathable and machine-washable calf pad. By melding this sleek design with carbon fiber, Gecko allows you to climb longer and with less stress than you ever believed possible. Gecko climbers deliver excellent value. Example: A cyclist can confirm that the price for a single carbon-fiber bicycle rim exceeds $500—and often approaches $1,000! To determine proper fit, measure (with boots on) from arch to just beneath knob of knee joint and get ready to receive one of your best work investments since breathable underwear! Small: 17”; Medium: 18”; Large: 19”; XLarge: 20”

So light you’ll hardly believe your feet! Here’s 3 other things that weigh 3.5 pounds

3.5 lbs
per pair
78 Order toll-free

Carbon Fiber Gecko Climbers with carbon steel tree spikes 30225T (+ size) - $523

Gecko™ Ultra Light Climbers
German engineers designed Gecko gaffs to fulfill the comfort needs of modern tree and utility climbing personnel without all the weight and mass associated with traditional-style spurs. Weighing in as the lightest aluminum climbing gaffs available today, Gecko climbers provide owners with the perfect balance of gaffing effectiveness and product longevity. The primary feature that affects gaff comfort is the relationship between the human form and mechanical brace. Gecko’s aluminum alloy leg shanks were scientifically designed to cup the foot arch, bypass irritating contact with the ankle, and gently brace against the upper shin. There is no super-wide, triplethick, metal-enhanced, double-strapped mattress required to keep Gecko secured to one’s leg and no steel adjustment sleeve to add weight. Gecko climbers are sought for their unique simplicity and minimalist features, their adjustable fiberglass shin cuff with intergrated padding, their sleek form, and, most of all, ideal comfort. Comfortable, lightweight, cool, smart spur design … what are you waiting for?

Gecko™ Replacement Parts
(fit Gecko and Gecko CF)

• • • • • • •

Uniquely effective and easily sharpened spur design The lightest aluminum climbing gaff currently available Meets ASTM standards for strength Comfortable, integrated padding system Wide and secure Velcro cinch straps Contoured design provides ankle relief Adjustable from 41 to 48 cm, in 2-cm increments

American Style Tree gaffs 2-7/8” long 30297T - $90

/8” 27
American Style Pole gaffs 1-7/8” long 30297P - $90

Gecko with American (pointed) tree spikes 30224T - $375

4.3 lbs
per pair

Gecko with American (pointed) pole spikes 30224P - $375

Replacement pads (pair) 30470 - $63

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climbinG spurs

T2 Titanium Climbers
• Super light, super strong • Made of rust proof titanium • Ergonomically improved spike design • Available with permanent or replaceable gaffs • Compatible with all SherrillTree pads Tree Climbers with replaceable 2 3/4 in. Gaffs Complete set (as pictured) 30263 - $349 Without pads/upper straps 29016 - $321 Tree Climbers with permanent 3 1/2 in. Gaffs Complete set 30244 - $369 Without pads/upper straps 28602 - $329 Pole Climbers with replaceable 1 3/4 in. Gaffs Complete set 28341 - $349 Without pads/straps 28340 - $321 T2 Replacement 2 3/4 in. tree gaffs & screws (pair) 29061 - $65 T2 Replacement 1 3/4 in. gaffs & screws (pair) 29062 - $65

Buckingham Steel Climbers
Tree Climbers with twisted (offset) shank These climbers have a slight twist in the shank that minimize shifting toward the wearer’s heel. Complete set (as pictured) 15068 - $229 Without upper straps/pads 28201 - $198

4.7 lbs
per pair

6.1 lbs
per pair

Tree Climbers with Permanent 3" Gaffs Complete set 15066 - $209 Without upper straps/pads 29071 - $179 Buckingham Replacement 2 3/4 in. tree gaffs & screws (pair) 29061 - $65 Buckingham Replacement 1 3/4 in. gaffs & screws (pair) 29062 - $65 (Pin-style*) Buckingham Replacement tree gaffs 2 1/2” long 15076 - $59 (Pin-Style*) Buckingham Replacement pole gaffs 1 3/4” long 15081 - $59
*Buckingham climbers purchased prior to June ‘07 use pin-style replacement gaffs. If you’re unsure as to which style your climbers need, contact our customer service department.

Buckingham Screw set with bronze barrels 15098 - $3.50 Buckingham Screw set only for threaded shanks 15072 - $2

Big Buck Climber Pads

Buc Pads
Buc Pads spread leg iron contact over a larger area of your calf. Two layers of leather backed with thick felt hold the leg iron tight to limit its movement and greatly increase your comfort. Two pairs of upper straps required (not included). 15091 - $46

Built similar to our Buc Pads (right), the Big Buck Pads evenly distribute the load effect of Buckingham or Bashlin brand climbers (but not Klein). These pads have an inner steel shin support to further enhance comfort and are lined with thick felt padding on the back that extends beyond the leather edge to eliminate potential leg irritation. Set requires two pairs of straps (not included). 31883 - $89

All pads sold by the pair! Super Wrap Pads
Our most popular climbing pads have a cinch-strap system that provides a snug fit to your leg. Two different pads are available: one with steel shin support (for Buckingham climbers) and one without (for all other brands of climbers). 15088 (steel) - $131 15093 (no steel) - $103

Steel Shin Cup Pads
These felt-backed leather pads, have a built-in steel shin brace that cups the wearer’s leg to reduce excessive shifting. Simple, low profile design is a low price option to the Super Wrap pad (left). Compatible with Buckingham climbers only, 1 pair upper straps required. 15092 - $46

Spikes are moderately to extremely harmful to tree health, and should only be used on removals. Climbing “maintenance trees” without spikes is far easier than it was just a decade ago. If you haven’t learned to prune without spikes, your prospects for success in this industry are growing limited. Climbing gaffs are intended for use by professionals and properly trained individuals ONLY. If you’re shopping for a safe and easy way to get into a tree to hunt or play, you should consider ascenders (page 54). Either way, you’ll need a saddle, safetystrap and overhead line with basic instruction to keep from injuring or possibly killing yourself.


Triple Thick T-Pads
These t-shaped pads are made with two layers of leather backed with thick felt. Unlike loop and loop pads these have a stitched tunnel that holds the leg iron firmly to reduce leg iron movement and increase wearer comfort. One pair upper straps required (not included). These do not work with Talons. 15090 - $37


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Bashlin Aluminum Climbers
Bashlin’s popular climbers come with replaceable 2 1/2 in. tree gaffs and lower straps. These climber irons can be matched to the following pad selections on these pages: 15093, 15091, 15090, 15086, or 15087. Climbers complete (as pictured) SET84 - $355 without upper pad/strap 15059 - $313

Klein Adjustable Tree Climbers
Klein leg irons are quickly interchangeable with tree or pole gaffs using a distinctive large and small counter sunken, allen head screw. Climbers complete (as pictured) SET87 - $257 without upper pad/strap 15070 - $219 Klein Replacement tree gaffs 2 3/4” long 15083 - $75 Klein Replacement pole gaffs 1 1/2” long 15082 - $65

4.9 lbs
per pair

5.9 lbs
per pair

Bashlin Replacement tree gaffs 2 1/2” long 15080 - $66 Bashlin Replacement pole gaffs 1 1/2” long 15075 - $66

Loop & Tunnel Pads
These all-leather pads are the best sellers among our less expensive protection. They have generous padding inside for limited protection from the climber shank. Leg-iron inserts through die-cut holes for extra stability. These pads are not compatible with Brooks climbers. 15086 - $37

Tunnel Pads
Plain and simple, nobody makes a better leather climber pad than Weaver Leather. The tabs help to keep the pad more securely positioned. A foam liner provides extra comfort and protection for the back of the leg and calf. Sold in pairs only. Fits all climbers. 15087 - $26

All pads sold by the pair! Climber Accessories A


Description UPPER STRAPS (pair) 1" wide x 23" long 1" wide x 26" long 1" wide x 28" long

Item code


Our climber straps are made of very tough rubber-impregnated nylon strapping with a heavy-duty buckle. Buckles are backed with leather pads for added protection. Everything comes in pairs. Upper Straps

B Lower Straps

15103 15104 15105

$19 $20 $21


LOWER STRAPS (pair) 1" wide x 26" long, with split ring Replacement straps for Brooks and Bashlin Split ring for straps
(Like lower strap #15106, but without the ring)

15106 15102 15101 30702 15074 15100 15073 15061

$24 $25 $4 $8 $8 $32


Gaff Protectors


Gaff Shields


Wire Gaff Protectors Leather Gaff Protectors with velcro straps, fit all gaffs. Plastic Gaff Shields Footplates screw easily onto Buckingham climbers. Climber Maintenance Kit (not pictured)

F Footplates


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climbinG spurs



BASIC Climbing Kit (economy) BASIC Climbing Kit

Includes: • 150 ft. Neon 3 Throwline • (2) 14 oz. Weights • Rope Boss™ Cube • Basic Saddle with legstraps • 2-in-1 Lanyard (lightning red, 10 ft.)
Add saddle size to item # (S, M, L or XL) ECMB-(size) - $457

Includes: • Rope Snap • Tree Climber’s Guide • Rope Boss™ Value 250 • (2) Am’d Carabiners • Leather Cambium Saver • 120 ft. of Phoenix™ Rope • (2) 150 ft. Neon 3 Throwline • (2) 14 oz. Weights • (1) 12 oz. Weight • Rope Boss™ Cube • Basic Saddle with legstraps • 2-in-1 Lanyard (lightning red, 10 ft.) • Rope Snap
Add saddle size to item # (S, M, L or XL) BASCMB-(size) - $579

• Split Tail (1-eye) • Tree Climber’s Guide • Rope Boss™ Value 250 • Pantin (right foot) • Rope Boss™ StretchTop Bag • (2) Am’d Carabiners • 120 ft. of Phoenix™ Rope

COMFORT Climbing Kit

ADVANCE Climbing Kit

Includes: • (2) 150 ft. Neon 3 Throwline • (2) 14 oz. Weights • (1) 12 oz. Weight • Rope Boss™ Cube • Sequoia saddle • (2) Caritool (LG) • Flipline with Rockgrab • Split Tail (1-eye) • Micro Pulley Kit • Tree Climber’s Guide • Rope Boss™ Deluxe 250 • Pantin • Rope Boss™ StretchTop Bag • (4) Am’d Carabiners • 150 ft. of Phoenix™ Rope

Includes: • (2) Zing-It Throwlines • (2) 14 oz. Weights • (1) 12 oz. Weight • Rope Boss™ Cube • TreeMotion saddle • (2) Caritool (LG) • Silky Zubat saw • Flipline with Rockgrab • Split Tail (2-eye), 10mm Beeline
ADVCMB - $1,297

• Tree Climber’s Guide • Rope Boss™ Deluxe 250 • Pantin (right foot) • Rope Boss™ StretchTop Bag • Rope Boss™ Drawstring Bag • (2) Am’d Carabiners • (2) Petzl OK Carabiners • Hitch Climber Pulley • 150 ft. of Poison Ivy® Rope Spliced

Kit with size 1 saddle CFCMB-1 - $997 Kit with size 2 saddle CFCMB-2 - $997


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SLIDELINE Rigging Kit (for use with 1/2” line)

Includes: • 5/8” by 10’ Eye Sling (coated), for movable mounting position • (1) 26” by 1” Loop Runner • (3) 30” by 1” Loop Runners • (3) 36” by 1” Loop Runners • (1) 48” by 1” Loop Runner • Medium Portawrap • High Roller 5/8” Rope Pulley #15221 • Stealth Steel 1/2” Rope Pulley #15216 • Drop Eye Single 1/2” Rope Pulley #15218 • Petzl Trolley Pulley • Rigging Prusik • (2) Posi-lock Steel Carabiners for tool mount to eye sling #27548 • (4) Steel, Hard-trap Carabiners for slide line • (5) Leather Traps for carabiners • Medium Rope Bag for storage
SLDRIG - $535

SLING Rigging Kit

LOWERING Rigging Kit

Includes: Includes: • Spider Leg Balancer (1/2” Amsteel, 12’ length) • 3/4” by 16 ft. Eye Sling • Amsteel Eye Sling • Whoopie Sling (3/4” Tenex, adjusts 4’-12’) • Loopie Sling (5/8” Tenex, adjusts 2’-6’) • (2) 30” Loop Runners • (2) 36” Loop Runners • (2) 48” Loop Runners
SLNGRIG - $271

• Portawrap - Large, Nickel-Plated Steel • Whoopie Sling (3/4” Tenex, adjusts 4’-12’) • Steel CMI Block • 16 ft. Eye Sling • Loopie Sling (5/8” Tenex, adjusts 2’-6’) • 150 ft. of 5/8” Stablebraid
LWRIG - $518

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climbinG & riGGinG kits

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ArborMaster® Training Programs
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ArborMaster® Beyond Training®
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ArborMaster® Seminars and Speaker Series
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Backyard or Backwoods


Vermeer® brush chippers offer years of rugged and dependable service. With exclusive features and proprietary designs, Vermeer chippers tackle tough brush chipping projects. For maximum performance, brush chippers are available with the exclusive Vermeer patented SmartFeed system or AutoFeed II® feature. These systems increase productivity by automatically monitoring and regulating chipper feed rates so that the machine operates at peak engine horsepower. In addition, our patented Bottom Feed Stop Bar and longer feed tables help to increase operator safety while on the job.

Durable, reliable and easy to use and maintain, compact Vermeer chippers are ideal for rental markets and smaller brush chipping projects.

Put Some Sting into Stump Removal


Vermeer is a world leader in stump cutting equipment. The reason is simple — Vermeer offers machines that are tough, reliable and easy to operate. Our stump cutters have features like the patented AutoSweep® system that monitors engine speed and automatically adjusts cutter wheel sweep rate to maximize horsepower to the cutter wheel. Thanks to this and other features like gear-driven cutter wheel drive systems, state-of-the-art remote controls and the Yellow Jacket™ cutter system, the Vermeer name has become synonymous with innovation. Proven on virtually every type of hardwood stump, the Vermeer line of labor-saving stump cutters lets you do it all. WWW.VERMEER.COM 1-888-VERMEER

For tight, confined worksites in a variety of residential and off-road applications, Vermeer offers the SC652 and SC852 stump cutters. These sleek and powerful machines move in and out of confined areas easily to get the job done.


Dynasty in the Making
From large land-clearing operations to organic / wood-waste processing, Vermeer tub grinders offer the best of all worlds in productivity, efficiency and safety. These grinders feature multiple engine options, high-capacity discharge systems, one-pass grinding and sturdy loaders. Our patented Thrown Object Restraint System (TORS) reduces the quantity and distance of thrown material, and the exclusive Duplex Drum offers optimum cutting performance and simplified maintenance. It’s no wonder that Vermeer is at the top of the pile when it comes to tub-grinding applications.


The nonbridging tub design is flared at the bottom and allows the hammermill to process material even with the vertical wall of the tub, reducing bridging and allowing steady feeding of material.



Brute Power and Performance
Vermeer horizontal grinders are built tough and offered in a variety of configurations to suit large land-clearing and municipal waste operations. Trailer-mounted units are towable via a pintle ring or fifth-wheel mount, depending on the model. The grinders feature optional length feed tables, and the Thrown Object Restraint System (TORS) reduces the quantity and distance of thrown material. Self-propelled track grinders are highly maneuverable and are able to work on uneven terrain jobsites and land-clearing projects. Vermeer horizontal grinders feature remote-controlled operation, our exclusive SmartGrind feed system and the patented Vermeer Duplex Drum.

The HG8000 horizontal grinder boasts a 1050 hp (783.3 kW) engine and the largest infeed opening in its class, so you can easily dispose of large, brushy debris and wood nearly six feet in diameter.



Turning up the Heat


Vermeer compost turning equipment, with our patented elevating face technology, features a combination of paddles and teeth that lift and tumble the compost material up the face of the compost turner, introducing more oxygen into the compost pile and reducing degradation of the material. The compost material is then discharged at the rear of the machine. With compost turning equipment and our line of grinders, Vermeer provides a comprehensive line of compost equipment solutions. CT1010TX

The Vermeer dealer network: Reliable support, all over the world.

With nearly 200 locations across the globe - you’re never far away from an independent, authorized Vermeer dealer. Our dealers are in place to support your success with product expertise that’s second to none.

When you need service, you can count on your local Vermeer dealer. With multiple locations, remote service trucks, and factory-offered technician training, your local Vermeer dealer offers reliable service that keeps your equipment running.

Vermeer parts are designed and manufactured to original specifications, so whether they’re new parts or replacement parts they’ll live up to the Vermeer name.

For more information or to view the complete line of Vermeer equipment or to locate the Vermeer dealer near you, log on to vermeer.com

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ISA and TCIA CTSP continuing education units (CEUs) available. Call the Vermeer dealer nearest you for details or to register.
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Make plans to join us for a day of expert instruction and demonstrations along with a review of the latest tools and equipment. Certified arborists receive 6.5 ISA and TCIA CTSP CEU’s for attending and a brain full of nifty tips and tricks to enhance safety and productivity.

• Made with the highest quality chipper knife steel (8% Chrome Steel) • Double tempered to ASI standards • Guaranteed not to chip, crack or roll during “normal” use • 100% WARRANTY! MAchine Part and Type holes Dimensions USA MADE IMPORT

BRUSH BANDIT Brush Chippers
12” Drum (model 1250) 16” Drum (model 1650) 0 0 3 3 2 2 2 3 12 x 3 x 3/8 16 x 3 x /8

16344 - $42 16346 - $55 16341 - $45 16370 - $48 16356 - $41 16359 - $49 33435 - $150 33436 - $69 33437 - $121 33438 - $95 33439 - $95 16341 - $45 16343 - $55 16367 - $67 16367 - $67 16368 - $53 24358 - $90 16344 - $42 16346 - $55 33442 - $101 33443 - $85 33444 - $95 24358 - $90

16344Z - $23 16346Z - $28 16341Z - $22 – 16356Z - $25 16359Z - $28 – 33436Z - $55 – 33438Z - $71 33439Z - $87 16341Z - $22 16343Z - $25 16367Z - $33 16367Z - $33 33441Z - $31 24358Z - $45 16344Z - $23 16346Z - $28 33442Z - $72 33443Z - $62 – 24358Z - $45

For Vermeer knives, see your local dealer!

Mighty Bandit 60 / 65 90 (non-XP) 90XP 1850, 280XP, 254XP 255 ( / ” bolt 3 c-s holes) DE
5 8

7 /4 x 4 x /8
1 3

71/4 x 3 x 1/2 53/32 x 4 x 3/8 5 /32 x 4 x /2
3 1

16 x 4 /2 x /4
1 3

8/ x4/ x /
1 2 1 2 1


3090 95 95 (back beveled) 100-250 (non-XP), Mighty Bandit 65, 100-250XP (before June ’00), 280XP, 1200, 1250, 1400 100-250XP, 254XP (after June ’00) 4 4 3 3 3 3 2 5 0 0 6 4 3 5

147/8 x 51/2 x 5/8 101/8 x 35/8 x 9/16 10 /8 x 3 /8 x /16
1 5 9

7 /4 x 4 x /8
1 3

7 /4 x 4 x /2
1 1

71/4 x 41/2 x 1/2 71/4 x 41/2 x 1/2 53/32 x 41/2 x 1/2 10 x 5 /2 x /8
1 5

Ordering Knives Online is Easier Than Ever!
MAchine Part and Type holes Dimensions USA MADE IMPORT

280XP, 1850 280XP, 1850, 254XP (5/8” hole) DE 1890 Intimidator (after Nov ’99) 1290 (12” drum) SE 1690 (16” drum) 1990, 3590, 2290, 2090 DE 1090XP, 1490 DE

12 x 3 x /8 tapered

16 x 3 x 3/8 tapered 121/8 x 51/2 x 5/8 9 x 5 /2 x /8
1 5

12” Whisper Drum 12” Cutter Bar 16” Whisper Drum 16” Cutter Bar Timberwolf Knife 0 2 0 2 3 12 x 3 x 3/8 111/2 x 1 x 1 16 x 3 x 3/8 151/2 x 1 x 1 7/ x4x /
1 4 3 8

Drum Anvil 16344 - $42 16312 - $79 16346 - $55 16315 - $81 16341 - $45 16344Z - $23 33433Z - $63 16346Z - $28 – 16341Z - $22 2090

12 x 2 x /4

10 x 51/2 x 5/8

410, 400, 580 DE 3 71/2 x 5 x 5/8 33483 - $68 33483Z - $54

BRUSH BANDIT Whole Tree Chippers
1400 Chipper Knife 1400 Counter Knife 1900 Chipper Knife 1900 Counter Knife 2400 Chipper Knife 2400 Counter Knife 0 3 0 4 0 6 143/4 x 4 x 3/8 143/4 x 21/8 x 3/8 195/8 x 4 x 3/8 195/8 x 21/4 x 3/8 23 x 5 x 1/2 23 x 27/8 x 3/8 33445 - $55 33446 - $51 33447 - $72 33448 - $69 33449 - $105 33450 - $75 – – 33447Z - $60 – – –

2512HD, 2512, 2012, 2018D DE

3 6 6 3 4 2 2

71/4 x 41/2 x 1/2 125/16 x 51/2 x 5/8 12 /16 x 5 /2 x /8
5 1 5

33451 - $63 33452 - $115 33453 - $115 33454 - $57 33455 - $61 33456 - $53 33457 - $56

16367Z - $33 – – 16343Z - $25 – 16359Z - $28 –

/4” bolt, 2518 /8” bolt, 2518


1260 1790 1790 2018D

7 /4 x 4 x /2
1 1

103/16 x 4 x 1/2 5 /32 x 4 x /2
3 1

Chipper Knife Touch-up Sharpener
Dull knives are a hazard to workers and a detriment to the life of your chipper. Keep knives sharp longer with this easy to use, industrial blade sharpener. Cut resistant Kevlar gloves included for operator safety. Expected life with regular use is 6 months. 16381 - $27

51/8 x 41/2 x 1/2

Drum style 0 41/4 x 23/8 x 1/2 16340 - $27 –

Prices shown are per knife, not per set.


Order toll-free

MAchine Part and Type holes Dimensions USA MADE IMPORT

10,13,17,20/20-36-50-60-70 30/36, 2200, 2400 Busy Beaver 175,10/36,10/20 Busy Beaver SE Eager Beaver 100, 200, 290 20 20 Anvil square 6 Clipper, 8 Cyclone, 12 Twister, 12 Beever, 12 Storm, 14, Blizzard, 15 Tornado, 18 Hurricane, 20 Typhoon, 10, 13, 17, 20/20, 20/36, 30/36, 50/36, 50/48A, 2050, 2060, 2070, 2200, 2400 2400, 14, 15, 18 16, 300, 490, 2100D (old mdl) 17, 13, 20EZ, 20/36 Anvil EZ 20/36, 30/36, 40/36, 60/36, 50/48, 2400/2400XL, Hurricane, 18 Beever M18, Beever M20R 2012 Storm, 20/21 Eager Beaver disc (pre ’85, 1 edge) 4 4 4 4 3 N/A 8 101/2 x 5 x 1/2 101/2 x 5 x 1/2 101/2 x 4 x 3/8 10 /8 x 3 x /8
1 3

16361 - $65 16361 - $65 16350 - $61 33458 - $83 16341 - $45 33484 - $78 33459 - $153

16361Z - $36 16361Z - $36 – 33458Z - $60 16341Z - $22 – –

71/4 x 4 x 3/8 91/2 x 5 x 5/8 28 /2 x 3 /4 x /2
1 3 1



101/2 x 5 x 1/2

16361 - $65

16361Z - $36

4 3 6 N/A 3 3

101/2 x 5 x 5/8 7 /4 x 5 x /2
1 1

33461 - $82 16349 - $65 33462 - $117 33463 - $61 16349 - $65 16342 - $45

33461Z - $51 – 33462Z - $101 – – –

Modular Guard System
This lightweight yet durable chip containment barrier is a great solution for controlling errant chips and the mess they create while grinding stumps. The three-panel system is framed in corrosion-resistant aluminum for light portability and covered with a rubber-coated mesh fabric to allow a stiff breeze to pass without taking your guard with it. Panel hinges are easily disconnected for deleting a panel or adding more in. 33381 - $389

21 x 33/4 x 1/2 101/2 x 43/16 x 1/2 71/4 x 5 x 1/2 71/4 x 3 x 3/8

810, 813, 818XL 810, 813 3 2 71/4 x 4 x 1/2 53/32 x 4 x 1/2 33454 - $57 33456 - $53 16343Z - $25 16359Z - $28

Standard round-tipped Teeth
Left 16393 Straight 16395 Right 16394 1-24 25-49 50-99 100+

$5.00 $4.65 $4.48 $4.30 $5.00 $4.65 $4.48 $4.30 $5.00 $4.65 $4.48 $4.30

RC6D RC20XP, RC12, RC16.5 RC12DXP 3 5 3 8 x 41/2 x 5/8 10 x 51/2 x 5/8 71/4 x 5 x 1/2 33466 - $78 24358 - $90 16349 - $65 33466Z - $58 24358Z - $45 33468Z - $45

Pockets for standard teeth
Threaded Side Counter Bored Side 16380 - $9.50 16379 - $9.50

12” Drum (serrated) 16” Drum (serrated) 0 0 12 x 3 x 3/8 16 x 3 x 3/8 16348 - $61 16347 - $62 16348Z - $51 16347Z - $53

Pocket Bolts
(allen-head) measured as shown right
1 3/4” (1/2” thick wheels) 16325 - $2.75 2 1/8” (3/4” thick wheels) 16330 - $5.50 2 1/2” (1” thick wheels) 16327 - $3.00

12” Drum (serrated) 16” Drum (serrated) Hy/Roller, WC17 & 19 16” Anvil 12” Anvil 0 0 3 0 0 12 x 3 x 3/8 16 x 3 x /8

16348 - $61 16347 - $62 16341 - $45 33469 - $150 33470 - $145

16348Z - $51 16347Z - $53 16341Z - $22 – –

71/4 x 4 x 3/8 16 x 3 x 3/4 12 x 3 x 3/4

Diamond Dressing Wheel
for light touch-up of teeth on or off wheel with handheld grinder. 4” dia. with 5/8” arbor 4” dia. with 7/8” arbor 16400 - $162 16401 - $162

2020, 18X, 20X, 332 2012, 2020, 2018 334, 337 (1.062” slots) 334, 337 (1.062” slots) 334, 337 730 N/A 6 N/A N/A N/A N/A 12 x 5 x 5/8 12 x 5 x /2

30301 - $99 30300 - $89 33473 - $120 33474 - $130 33475 - $58 33476 - $51

– 33472Z - $76 – – – 33476Z - $47

Green Wheels
For sharpening carbide tipped stump grinder teeth. Always wear dust mask and eye protection during use. Carbide dust inhalation may be hazardous to your health. 6” dia. x 3/4” wide 6” dia. x 1” wide 8” dia. x 1” wide 10” dia. x 1” wide 16403 - $19 16404 - $21 16405 - $31 16402 - $60

12 x 6 x 5/8 11.980 x 6 x /8

12 x 2 x 3/8 6 x 5 x 1/2

Prices shown are per knife, not per set.

1/2” Ratchet Socket
1/2” Allen-head pocket bolts 1/2” L-shaped ALLEN WRENCH 16382 - $28 16406 - $9 (not shown)

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chipper knives & teeth









1. Ginga 2. Prosentei 3. Gomtaro 4. Yamabico 5. Natanoko 6. Zübat 7. Sugoi 8. Kamisorime
25mm = 1 inch 300mm = 11.81 inches


Fine Pruning (13-20 teeth per 30 mm) Pruning (10-14 teeth per 30 mm) Production Pruning (7-9 teeth per 30 mm)

Overall Length Blade Length

Fastest Cutting (5-6.5 teeth per 30 mm)

Yamabico 330
(13-in. blade, 18.9-in. overall length)



Japanese for “teeth pointing everywhere” (okay, not really), Yamabico has one of those features only a production-oriented arborist can appreciate. Now you can quickly perform the perfect undercut every time to keep a limb’s own weight from splitting the branch collar. This feature also makes lining up the two cuts quicker and more accurate. Although some workers will find it odd at first (if they embrace it at all), I think many will really like Yamabico, and perhaps the feature will find its way onto more saws in the future. It’s not only novel, but it’s actually quite functional. Saw w/ 330mm blade & scabbard (.60 lb) 330mm replacement blade 407-33 - $70.95 408-33 - $43.95

Not recommended for climbing

Natanoko 330
(13-in. blade, 18.9-in. overall length)


Mono-construction is Silky’s term for a solid, well balanced handsaw. The Natanoko’s 330mm blade is ideal for fast cutting larger branches. Another great feature is the rubber hand-grip that encases the blade extension to absorb vibration while cutting. Saw w/330mm blade & scabbard (.60 lb) 330mm replacement blade 129-33 - $66.95 130-33 - $41.95

Gomtaro 300
(12-in. blade, 17.3-in. overall length)


When the cutting gets tough, the Gomtaro gets cutting. Silky matches this high performance blade with a comfortable and flexible rubber handle that really sticks in your hand. The Gomtaro comes with a hard plastic scabbard, great for climbing. It has a hinged belt loop with carabiner hole, for your choice of attachment. Saw w/300mm blade & scabbard (.60 lb) 300mm replacement blade 102-30 - $51.95 103-30 - $31.95

mm = 25.4 1 inch = 1 cm 10 mm
0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 150 160 170 180 190 200



Curved blades are all about speed and power. This design puts more steel in contact with wood while each stroke creates, then removes, a peak in the cut, like chipping ice off a block. Straight blades are not quite as fast-cutting, but are less damaging in thick growth where curved blades tend to nick adjacent branches. Straight blades also allow skilled arborists to manipulate hinge wood for directional felling techniques.

Pull-cut Saw Blades: Curved vs. Straight

Zübat 330
(13-in. blade, 18.5-in. overall length)


This heavy duty, professional curved saw has a 330mm long blade, suitable for cutting large branches. A soft, molded-rubber handle holds the curved, fast cutting blade that fits snugly inside its custom fitted scabbard with detachable belt holder. The blade also fits the Zübat polesaw (page 101). Saw w/330mm blade & scabbard (.60 lb) 330mm replacement blade 270-33 - $59.95 271-33 - $38.95

(14.4-in. blade, 22.05-in. overall length; (16.5-in. blade, 23.03-in. overall length)


Suitable for pruning large branches at any height, the Silky Sugoi professional arborist saw has razor-sharp and ultra-fast cutting teeth designed for efficient chip removal. The large, curved blade performs incredibly well through even the biggest branches—enough so that climbers will find it the best excuse yet to leave powered saws on the ground. Like most Silky handsaws, the Sugoi’s beefy blade extends throughout the SureGrip handle for extra rigidity. Nicknamed the TREE TIGER by Silky fans, the Sugoi (Japanese for incredible) comes with a unique, high-visibility plastic scabbard that can be attached to the belt or leg (leg strap included). Saw w/360mm blade & scabbard (.80 lb) 360mm replacement blade Saw w/420mm blade & scabbard (.85 lb) 420mm replacement blade 390-36 - $76.95 391-36 - $51.95 390-42 - $81.95 391-42 - $55.95 Leg straps included

Kamisorime 375
(14.8-in. blade, 24.6-in. overall length)


You’ll need both hands to tame this wood-eating tiger! The Kamisorime is the latest addition to Silky’s arborist saw lineup but with the first-ever two-handed handle. Of course, one hand will do in a lot of situations, but now—when the going gets tough, the boys can REALLY get going. Saw w/375mm blade & scabbard (.95 lb) 375mm replacement blade 264-37 - $75.95 265-37 - $45.95






















SILKY HanDsaws

Gomtaro Prosentei 300
(11.8-in. blade, 16.73-in. overall length)


Dual-tooth pattern

An innovative dual-purpose saw with both fine and coarse teeth on one blade. Fine teeth (14 teeth/30mm) at the tip of this 300mm blade leave a smooth finish to smaller cuts while coarser teeth (8/30mm) along the base of the blade cut larger branches faster. A round blade tip prevents accidental damage to trees and shrubs. The Prosentei is lightweight, easy to grip and high-vis yellow – 3 good reasons to not leave it behind. Saw w/300mm blade & scabbard (.60 lb) 108-30 - $56.95 300mm replacement blade 109-30 - $33.95

Ginga 270
Course - (10.6-in. blade, 17.52-in. overall length) Fine - (10.6-in. blade, 17.52-in. overall length)



Swivel scabbard attachment

The Ginga is further proof of Silky innovation. It features a quick-release blade design and a smartly embossed aluminum sheath with flexible, rotating belt-clip. The Ginga is well balanced and the blades come with either fine or regular teeth. The finer the tooth, the smoother the cut. MEDIUM - 10 teeth per 30mm Saw w/270mm blade & scabbard (.40 lb) 224-27 - $55.95 270mm replacement blade 225-27 - $24.95 FINE - 18 teeth per 30mm (for fine pruning) Saw w/270mm blade & scabbard (.40 lb) 220-27 - $55.95 270mm replacement blade 221-27 - $24.95

Unique blade release

POCKETBOY 130 folded inside its carrying case (included)

POCKETBOY Folding Saws
130mm - (5-in. blade, 11.42-in. overall length) 170mm - (6.7-in. blade, 15.35-in. overall length)
This compact and lightweight folding saw has extraordinary cutting capacity, and—you guessed it—fits in your pocket. The Pocketboy features a hard chrome-plated, taper-ground blade with impulse-hardened, non-set teeth for great cutting efficiency.

130mm folding saw (.35 lb) 340-13 - $28.95 130mm replacement blade 341-13 - $17.95

170mm folding saw (.45 lb) 340-17 - $30.95 170mm replacement blade 341-17 - $18.95

Caseboy Folding Saw Scabbard
Stretches to hold folding saws under 12-inches long (folded). 505-24 - $21.95

Folding Saw Scabbard
Fits most folding saws. 28746 - $11

Pocket Length: 7-3/4" Overall Length: 13" Width: 3" Weight: 0.25 lbs Made of Rubberized Material

Pocket Length: 7" Overall Length: 12-1/4" Width: 4" Weight: 0.2 lbs Made of Leather

0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 150 160 170 180 190 200


Katanaboy 500 Folding Saw
(19.7-in. blade, 40-in. overall length)


Translated into English, Katana means the curved, single-edge sword used by Samurai, their weapon of choice. In tree talk, we simply say “man-powered chain saw.” This beefy, two-handed folding saw is currently the biggest in its class. And with its nonslip, rubberized grip and taper-ground, impulse-hardened 19.7-inch blade, you’ll make mincemeat out of any firewood-sized limb that says differently. 500mm folding saw (2 lbs) 500mm replacement blade 403-50 - $159.95 404-50 - $77.95



Easy release from lock

Gomboy Folding Saw
240mm - (9.5-in. blade, 19.88-in. overall length) 300mm - (11.8-in. blade, 24.60-in. overall length)


Multipurpose saw with smooth cutting action, makes this saw suitable for pruning as well as cutting dry, hard timber. The rubber insert in the steel handle is very easy to grip and lends to its perfect balance. 240mm and 300mm size blade lengths available. 240mm folding saw (shown) (.60 lb) 121-24 - $39.95 240mm replacement blade 122-24 - $23.95 300mm folding saw (.70 lb) 300mm replacement blade 121-30 - $47.95 122-30 - $26.95

Super Accel 210 Folding Saw
(8.3-in. blade, 17.32-in. overall length)
Silky’s 210mm (blade length) razor-tooth, folding saw goes where no other saw should be going...into your pocket. Just another finely crafted Silky product that will add unexpected joy to an arduous task. Rated as one of the finest crafted folding handsaws available, the Accel has consistently been a popular choice of many arborists worldwide. Super Accel folding saw (.45 lb) Super Accel replacement blade 119-21 - $34.95 120-21 - $22.95


Locks open.

Bigboy 2000 Folding Saw
(14.2-in. blade, 29-in. overall length)


Silky’s large, multi-purpose BIGBOY saw is every outdoor worker’s dream. With its 14.2-inch blade and rubber-cushioned, double-fist handle, you’ll have all the cutting power you need waiting right in your back pocket. BIGBOY utilizes Silky’s MIRAI-ME tooth technology that delivers fast cutting action and long blade life. Suitable for cutting green or dried wood. Bigboy 2000 folding saw (.45 lb) Bigboy 2000 replacement blade 356-36 - $55.95 357-36 - $30.95
























SILKY HanDsaws

All polesaws come with a custom scabbard

from 7.5' to 21' weighs 6.9 lbs.

from 7.5' to 20' weighs 7.9 lbs.

If the boss buys you nothing else this year, make sure it’s Silky’s extendable polesaw...oh, and a Silky handsaw, of course! The key to the Hayauchi’s effectiveness is its lethal blade. This 16” blade not only sports the largest teeth available in a razor tooth design, but also has a sharpened base and tip for scoring the branch, to avoid ripping damage to the branch collar. Hayauchi comes with its own full length, hard plastic scabbard, to protect neighboring gear. The Hayauchi polesaw has rigid aluminum poles that quickly extend to cutting length. The base pole has a comfortable sponge rubber grip. The extensions lock with spring loaded buttons at the end of each length. Makes a great ground saw! 3 section - 16 ft. polesaw 4 section - 21 ft. polesaw Replacement blade Replacement scabbard 178-39 - $191.95 179-39 - $229.95 177-02-03 - $67.95 177-42 - $12.25

Removable sickle

Improvements to the new HAYATE over the earlier, and well-proven Hayauchi include stronger poles (although still destructable by large falling branches) an improved locking system, thicker handle padding and a somewhat improved blade scabbard. It’s hard to brag about this tool when, compared to its less expensive predecessor, the HAYATYE is shorter (by 1 ft), and heavier . We’ll let the customers decide. 4 section - 20 ft. polesaw Replacement blade 372-42 - $296.95 373-42 - $69.95



Hook Fox
This handy hook option fits Silky’s Hayauchi, Longboy, Zübat and Hayate polesaws, using the same bolt hardware that holds the cutting head in place. Hook Fox 425-01 - $26.95


Hayauchi Hook
Hayauchi Hook

This simple and lightweight option is a favorite of climbers. Only fits Hayauchi. 177-00-91 - $18.95

Replacement Clips and Parts for your Pole Saw (Zubat, Longboy, Hayauchi and Hayate) can be purchased through SherrillTree by contacting our Customer Service department. We have access to over 135 spare parts for these four products. For detailed parts lists, complete with illustrations, view the related PDFs in our Learning Center at SherrillTree.com Simply find the product and part number that you are looking for and call to order: 800-525-8873.


Not for use around energized lines!
See policy pg.

100 96

Order toll-free

Silky’s high-strength, oval-shaped fiberglass poles are manufactured in collaboration with Asahi Glass Co. Ltd., the company that pioneered manufacturing of fiberglass several decades ago and continues to be a global leader in fiberglass technology. Oval-shaped configuration of fiberglass poles provides precise control over the direction of the blade and minimizes bending. The base pole has a pole-end shock absorber and a comfortable rubberized over-grip that ensures good hold and control. Todoku comes with three 6-foot poles (one base and two easy-to-replace extensions), blade assembly, and carrying bag. The Todoku saw is equipped with the best-selling HAYAUCHI 15-2/5-inch curved blade that utilizes proprietary Silky 4-RETSUME technology—teeth are set in such a way that there appears to be four rows for tough, high-volume tree pruning and line-clearance work. To allow effective connection and operation of Todoku fiberglass poles, a unique dual-locking system was designed and incorporated to ensure structural rigidity of the connected poles: (1) spring-loaded locking pins/ buttons—the primary pole-locking mechanism, and (2) friction clamps—the secondary pole-locking mechanism. Both locking mechanisms are designed to work together and thus allow 100% of the effort at the handle to be effectively transferred to the blade up to 19 feet away. WARNING: The fiberglass poles supporting the Todoku are not considered “hot sticks” and therefore are not considered nonconducting. Moisture inside hollow poles can conduct electricity. Polesaw Replacement blade 433-17 - $430.95 177-02-03 - $67.95

from 4' 8" to 12' weighs 4 lbs.

from 5' 9" to 9'/11'/13' weighs 2.6 - 3.4 lbs.

from 6' to 19' weighs 9.9 lbs.

Folding head for carrying aloft

Introduced at the 2005 Tree Care Industry Show, Silky’s new Longboy became an instant hit! In short, the Longboy is lightweight (4.3lb), sturdy and armed with an aggressive 14” impulse-hardened curved blade. The Longboy is also telescopic from 4.8’ to 12’ providing the average operator with a 16’ reach! The high-tech alloy steel blade maintains superior wear resistance while reducing drag and concentrating cutting energy. Translated- more cutting efficiency with less effort. And to add to the ease of use, Silky has incorporated a cushy comfort-grip handle to reduce fatigue and improve grip when wet. All of that’s topped off with the durable polypropylene sheath to protect the blade (as well as your valuables) when not in use. Polesaw Replacement blade 365-36 - $195.95 366-36 - $39.95


Zübat’s heavy duty, 330mm curved blade is suitable for cutting large or small branches. The pole itself is 1200mm, reaching 2700mm when fully extended (including blade). Also, the pole is oval shaped to ensure rigidity when sawing. 2 section - 9 ft. polesaw 2 section - 11 ft. polesaw 2 section - 13 ft. polesaw Replacement blade Replacement scabbard 272-12 - $115.95 272-15 - $126.95 272-18 - $147.95 271-33 - $38.95 270-00-41 - $28.65


Silky uses a special, high-voltage induction process that hardens the teeth for long lasting sharpness while leaving the remaining blade flexible to stress.

Not for use around energized lines!
See policy pg.

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101 97

Professional-Grade Pruner Sets
Convertible-Head Combo - The cutter head is affixed to an adapter that quickly connects to or disconnects from the female end of our pruner poles without the need for tools. If the pole is somehow destroyed the head will convert to another.

Marvin Pruner
This lightweight bypass pruner has a cast aluminum base and all steel hardware that makes it a favorite among the climbing crowd. Cuts up to 1.25 inches.

Marvin Bull Pruner
This new release from Marvin is merely an upsized version of the most dependable and trusted limb pruner on the market. Cuts up to 1.75 inches.

Corona Bull Pruner
This heaviest in our pole lopper line produces significant cutting power by utilizing a long lever arm and compound rope action to cut branches up to 1.75 inches.

Pruner Head



Pull Cord

SETPH4-16 - $150.95

SETBP4-16 - $171.95

SET80-16 - $179.95

2 X 8 ft.

SETPH4-12 - $130.95

SETBP4-12 - $151.95

SET80-12 - $159.95

2 X 6 ft.

SETPH4-8 - $109.95

SETBP4-8 - $131.95

SET80-8 - $139.95

8 ft.

SETPH4-6 - $99.95

SETBP4-6 - $121.95

SET80-6 - $129.95

6 ft.

(Head and Adapter)

30818 - $63

32423 - $81

(Pruner Head only)

30558 - $51

32424 - $66

15405 - $79

(Adapter only)

15318 - $13

15318 - $13

15317 - $14


Order toll-free

Polesaw Blades
Blade measurements taken from tip to back tooth.

Polesaw Heads
Conventional tooth



This head fits ferruless fiberglass or wood poles

Plugs into female pole ferrule




Razor tooth


Plugs into female pole ferrule


Razor tooth

J. K. L. M. N.

Jameson HEAD, 1.25 in. I.D. (for blank pole) Jameson HEAD with adapter (for pole w/ female ferrule) Snap-Cut HEAD, tapered throat (for blank wood pole) Snap-Cut HEAD with adapter (for pole w/ female ferrule) 6 ft. Saw Head Pole - Polesaw head permanently attached to Jameson’s 6 ft. hollow extension. Rigid mount minimizes head wobble for those who don’t mind committing a pole, full time to their saw head. Male ferrule links to other Jameson poles (2.9 lbs.)

28716 - $15 28718 - $24 15414 - $13 21701 - $24

15381 - $42


Ergonomic Pole Grips
A. B. C. D. E. F. G. 14 in. resharpenable blade • 5 ppi 17.5 in. Fanno resharpenable blade • 5 ppi 12.5 in. Fanno razor-tooth • Hook helps keep blade in cut 12.5 in. Fanno razor-tooth • w/o hook 14 in. Fanno razor-tooth • Double thick, double wide blade 13 in. ARS razor-tooth • Hook helps keep blade in cut 12 in. ARS razor-tooth • Notches assist in chip removal 15343 - $14 15336 - $17 15339 - $18 15888 - $17 15330 - $25 31576 - $30 31577 - $24 Tired of watching all the great ergonomic ideas pass us by? Well, apparently so did SherrillTree customer Paul Hendrix. Paul recognized this as a smart addition to the most wrist-straining exercise ever invented: pole-sawing. The ergonomic grip can be attached to round or oval-shaped poles under 1 ½” diameter in just minutes, providing the operator a perfectly positioned pistol grip that greatly increases cutting power while decreasing wrist and arm stress. Packaged as illustrated with thumbscrew hose clamp hardware and heavyduty polymer grip. Use for ground or climbing saw, rake, push broom, etc. Will not work with Silky saws. 32517 - $14.95


This combination plugs into female pole ferrule

H. Polesaw SET (head, adapter and letter C blade) Polesaw SET (head, adapter and letter D blade) I. Polesaw SCABBARD (15 in. pocket) • Fits most polesaw heads

SET102 - $42 SET103 - $41 21689 - $16

The bowline is a very versatile knot used often in rigging because it can easily be untied following a significant load. The bowline is not recommended as a terminating knot for life support because it can come undone with loading and unloading. Instead, we show it here tied to a snap with a tail long enough to perform the friction hitch that will act as “termination.”

Find your Vermeer dealer at



Does not fit B or E

The Bowline


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

fits Marvin pruner head 15318 - $13 fits Corona pruner head 15317 - $14 fits Snap Cut #11 pruner head 15321 - $11 fits Porter-Ferguson pruner head 16456 - $11 fits Snap Cut #12 pruner head 15320 - $12 fits Snap Cut polesaw head 30459 - $9

Pole Pick with Adapter
Attaches to the female end of utility-grade fiberglass extension poles and is useful for moving wood from a distance. 32360 - $23

Stop/Slow Sign with Adapter
Clips into pruner pole!
Create instant traffic control out of the female end of most utilitygrade extension poles. 32361 - $25







Pruner Head Cover
This leather cover slips over the hook of your Corona, Marvin, Jameson or Snap Cut pruner head, for maximum protection of ropes and safety straps. 15359 - $21

Jameson Wire Raiser
Fits snugly into the female connector of most pole ferrules. Designed for pushing or pulling small limbs, ropes, non-energized wires. WARNING! Not for use on energized lines. 15426 - $15

Pruner Cord
This heavy-duty 5/16 in. polyester cord has been immersed in polyurethane for long wear and extra gripping power. Sold by the foot (16 and 24 feet are common lengths). Per foot Pre-cut, 16 ft. 15428 - 50¢ 26724 - $9

“Bull” pruner head • 1 3⁄4” cutting capacity Quick change heads easily insert into Marvin or Jameson poles

Pole pick with adapter

Lightweight saw head with adapter

Quick change tools by Marvin. It’s a snap!
FMA-7.875x5Sherrill2.indd 1

Made in the U.S.A.
11/22/09 10:41:12 PM


Order toll-free

Pole Bag with Pruner Head Pocket

Extension Poles
Jameson is America’s leading manufacturer of heavy-duty, utility-grade, fiberglass poles, produced in both HOLLOW and CORE-FILLED versions. Core-filled poles have higher dielectric properties (are batch tested to 100kV), are noticeably more rigid, but weigh virtualy the same as the hollow (yellow) series. Jameson’s new (green) “economy” series poles are built to compete but not compromise! You get the same Jameson quality but in a lighter construction, similar to some “Jameson wannabees.” NOTICE! Add an “F” to the end of the part number to exchange bottom (male) ferrule for a rubber boot to create a “base pole.”




Our pruner pole bags are made of thick, waterproof canvas nylon, providing the ultimate protection for your fiberglass or wooden pruner poles (6' and 8' bags available). This protective system keeps poles dry, clean, together, and safe from scratching or being scratched. Each giant, hi-visibility yellow bag has four pole pouches and one large pocket to store the pruner head, extra blades and other related parts. Foldover rain flaps have rust-resistant chrome snaps. Once loaded, the entire bag folds lengthwise for convenient travel. 6' Pole Bag (1 Tool Pocket) 8' Pole Bag (1 Tool Pocket) 15327 - $69 15325 - $79

A Hollow (yellow) batch tested to 100kV
3 ft extension 4 ft extension 6 ft extension 8 ft extension 6 ft with permanent sawhead 15388 - $23 15391 - $27.95 15394 - $29.95 15398 - $39.95 15381 - $42



B Hollow (green) economy series
6 ft extension 8 ft extension 26238 - $22 26239 - $29

C Core-filled (yellow) batch tested to 100kV

Pole Ferrules
Replace broken or damaged ferrules on wooden or fiberglass poles. Inside diameter 11/ 4". Wooden poles may need to be shaved. 1. Female 2. Male 15362 - $12 15363 - $12

6 ft extension 8 ft extension

15393 - $52 15396 - $68


1 2

D-E Jameson Fiberglass Telescopic Pole
For those who’ve been patiently awaiting a heavy-duty, telescopic pole for your pruning system, the time has come. Jameson introduces their tough new posi-locking pole system, for use with Jameson pruner head and letter J saw head (page 103). Adjusts from 7 to 14 ft. Not for use with BIG SHOT®. D. Telescopic Pole E. Telescopic Pole with Ferrule 29035 - $71 31534 - $83



Rubber Pole Boot
Fits fiberglass and wooden poles of 1.5 in. diameter 15412 - $3

F Ash Wood
Ash Wood octagonal shaped poles are the straightest, strongest and lightest wood you’ll find for the money! 11/4” diameter poles are tapered on one end, for attaching tools. 12’ poles available through mail-order at a minimum quantity of 12. Must ship via motor-freight. 12’ 20111-12 8’ 20111-8 1-11 12+

2” Eye Bolt for Poles
15361 - $1.75


$34 ea. $22 ea.

$32 ea. $20 ea.

Pruner Parts
Corona (15405)



A. Pulley (upper) B. Spring (each) C. Spring pin D. Connector bar

15409 - $5 15423 - $4 15379 - $4 15358 - $8 15364 - $21 15408 - $9 15357 - $2.50 15344 - $21 15347 - $4 15367 - $24

Jameson Fixed-Head 12 ft. Pruner
Unlike the convertible sets (pg. 102), this fixed-head pruner does not break down (quickly anyway) because the pruner is bolted to its pole. Regardless, it’s still the same great quality Jameson pruner and a pair of their rugged fiberglass poles. Two 6-ft fiberglass poles and pull cord included (6 lbs). 30972 - $89


E. Body mount F. Pulley (bottom) G. Retaining Clip H. Blade I. Pivot bolt for blade J. Hook/anvil Marvin/Jameson (30558) A. Pulley (upper) B. Spring (each)


- $9

Jameson 7-14 ft. Telescopic Pruner


C. Spring pin

15380M - $4

- $11 H. Blade 15342M - $16 I. Pivot bolt, nut, washer 15352M - $4 J. Hook/anvil 15366 - $18
E. Body mount (round) 15353

Not for use around energized lines!
Wooden and hollow poles have the capacity to retain moisture and should be considered “conductive of electricity”

28719 - $134

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HigH reacH pruning

15424M - $4

Our telescopic pruner utilizes Jameson’s new positive-locking, heavy-duty fiberglass pruner pole that telescopes from 7 to 14 ft. Includes Jameson’s light-weight, 1 1/4" capacity, bolt-mounted pruner head. Includes 16 ft. of high strength pull cord. (5.4 lbs.)

SherrillTree offers the industry’s highest quality American and Japanese-made wood-cutting saws. Featured here are age-old favorites of arborists around the globe made by Fanno Saw Works of California and ARS of Japan. Assemble your own unique combination today, including a tough-duty leather or belted scabbard by Weaver Leather.


Fanno Pony Saw
(13" blade, razor tooth)
Bob Fanno knew what he was doing when he produced this little hummer. Fanno products are some of the finest available. Every saw features Fanno’s trademark marine-grade, varnished plywood grip. What would you expect from a company that’s been making saws since 1918? Saw & scabbard combo Saw Replacement blade KIT02 - $48 15910 - $23 15888 - $17






13 in.

ARS Pony Saw
(13" blade, razor tooth)
This saw can be used upside down, for ergonomically comfortable cutting of even the biggest branches! Long recognized as some of the finest available, ARS nickel-plated blades resist the buildup of sticky, friction-creating sap, and are easily cleaned with mineral spirits. Saw & scabbard combo Saw Replacement blade (CT-32) Replacement blade (UV-32) (blade 15334 has notches for chip removal. not pictured) KIT05 - $59 28760 - $34 28762 - $22 15334 - $25




Fanno Mondo
(16" blade, razor tooth)
Fanno’s speed saw and Weaver’s leather scabbard (right) make for one truly powerful pruning combination. This saw has an extra thick, extra wide razor-tooth blade for rigidity and a closed loop handle for knuckle protection. The blade also fits our polesaw head if the idea of interchangeability appeals to you. Saw & scabbard combo Saw Replacement blade KIT03 - $59 15915 - $33 15330 - $25



Fanno ProTooth
(22" blade, pro tooth)
Unlike a chainsaw blade that carries debris out in one direction, handsaws “clog” if chips aren’t removed effectively. The Fanno ProTooth is basically an update to the conventional tooth design but more effectively removes chips from the kerf. It is not a “razor tooth” design. Take a step into the future with experience from the past with the Fanno ProTooth. Saw & scabbard combo Saw Replacement blade KIT04 - $72 25864 - $39 25865 - $29



Order toll-free

Scabbards are available in leather or belted material and all have a ring on the back for attachment to belt (except leg scabbards). Leather is cooler and lighter while belt material is less expensive.

Saw Scabbards
Available in leather and belted material
for 13" blades A. curved - leather - right hand curved - belt material - right hand curved - belt material - left hand B. curved w/ handshear pouch leather - right hand curved w/ handshear pouch belt material - right hand 15933 - $25 15929 - $17 15926 - $17 28743 - $32 15924 - $22 27578 - $21 27579 - $21


C. curved leg - belt material - right hand straight leg - belt material - right hand


for 16" blades D. curved - leather - right hand curved - belt material - right hand 28745 - $26 15928 - $18

Pruners and saws not included.

Sherrill 4.75” x 3.875” Black and White 1/4 page AD - Fanno Saw




and from Fanno International

Articulating Stilts
Ever been faced with a virtual forest of ornamental trees, myrtles or hedges to prune? How about Christmas lights or decorations to string (or take down)? With help from a single ground person, it’s possible to outperform a small army of workers wrestling ladders and tools and STILL DO A BETTER JOB! With just a few hours of practice, a coordinated individual will be amazed at how easy and comfortable these articulating stilts are to walk in. Perhaps you recall the 2002 Winter Olympics where a group of actors performed a dance on these very stilts at a breathtaking pace. If precision pruning and maximum production are important to you, or you’re tired of waltzing a ladder 360 degrees around every patient, consider this one of the easiest investments around to recoup. Aluminum alloy, adjustable from 24 to 40 inches, load limit not to exceed 225 pounds. 28753 - $379

Fi 17s-B

Fi 13s-B Fi H17s-B

Fi K15s-B

Fi 1125s-B

Chico CA 95927 The Best Since 1921

Find your Vermeer dealer at


Stay Sharper Longer!
ARS invented the tri-edge pull saw blade and continues to produce the sharpest, most durable, longest lasting blades available. Quite simply, the best blades in the business.

World’s Finest Pruning Tools
Excusive ARS agent for North America


Detachable belt loop for ground or climbing comfort

Scabbard features thumb-activated saw release for secure climbing and patented roller opening greatly extends scabbard service life Reversible scabbard attaches easily to right or left leg!


Fixed Length
fixed length: 7’ weighs 1.8 lbs.

LongReach™ Pruners
This sweet new addition to the ARS lineup is all the rage among landscapers and tree services for lightduty, high-production pruning. All pruning tools have their size limit, and this one tops out at 1/2 in. diameter but performs in rapid succession. Designed from the handle up for serious cutting tasks, the telescoping ZR Series pruner from ARS has all the right stuff for reaching into small, ground-level bushes up to large ornamental trees with its swing-neck head and 6- to 10-foot rigid extendibility. Comfortable trigger design for rapid-fire cutting. Drop-forged blades with slim tip for easy limb access. (4 lbs.) 31572 - $139

from 6’ to 10’ weighs 4 lbs.

Swing-neck head with posi-lock


Rubber padded handle for non-slip grip and ultimate comfort

Blade angle optimal for sawing and pruning

ARS Handsaws
Fans of the popular ARS-brand saws are really going to love these new, fast-cutting saws and their innovative scabbard. ARS saws are a favorite of customers because of their comfortable handles and chrome plated, sap-repelling blades with impulsehardened teeth. The new and innovative scabbard has a patented roller system to defend the opening from blade damage, a saw-release button conveniently located for thumb action, and a belt clip that can be flipped to either side (left- or right-hand use). Even better, the scabbard is designed for wearing on the leg if so desired!

Quick adjusting extension from 6 ft. to 10 ft.

13 in. Curved
Saw & scabbard Replacement blade

31573 - $83 31573B - $50

10 in. Straight
Saw & scabbard Replacement blade

31574 - $57 31574B - $39

Fixed Length
This is ARS’s most powerful LongReach™ pruner! The lightweight aluminum arm is topped with their biggest cutting head and thickest trigger rod to provide extra cutting power. Thanks to ARS’s advanced cutlery technology, the hard-chrome plated blades keep a sharp edge longer and resist rust and corrosion. Another fantastic design feature allows you to swivel the pruner head in any direction without moving the handgrip! Although the cutting diameter is about 3/4 of an inch, wood hardness defines true capacity. (1.8 lbs.) 28763 - $119

VZ Series Professional Pruners
• • • Lightweight, die-cast aluminum body Chrome-plated replaceable blade Unique squeeze-action latch for secure storage 31567 - $66 31566 - $63 31565 - $59

Large - 9 in. overall length Medium - 8 in. overall length Small - 7 in. overall length

Economy Pruners

• High carbon steel blades that stay sharp longer • Rust-resisting, hard chrome–plated replaceable blades • Sap-clearance grove • Economical, mid-range quality 8 in. overall length 31564 - $22


See policy pg.

Hickok Loppers
This powerful lopper features a unique blade that cuts with less effort and a deep hook to prevent the limb from slipping while cutting. Heat treated and tempered edge stays sharper longer. The poly bumper is a great shock absorber and extremely durable. The ultra-light yet tough alloy-steel construction provides great strength with less weight. 28" handles cut up to 2" 31569 - $89

Not for use around energized lines!

Ultimate Hedge Trimmers
• • • • • Made of the finest Japanese sword steel Flexible steel with amazing cutting ability Mirror-polished blades resist sap and rust Pointed blades are lightweight and excellent for fine pruning Adjustable pivot bolt that doesn’t loosen with use

Sharpening Stone
Don’t let dull blades get you down...get down on THEM with this specially formulated stone for high carbon steel from ARS Japan. 31570 - $11

28.5" overall length with 8" blades 31568 - $77

Find your Vermeer dealer at

Corona PowerGlide Pivot-Head Pruner
This smart and lightweight concept was introduced back in the 80s by a Virginia-based arborist but until now was not in production. Three unique features make this telescopic tool unique from conventional pole pruners: an internal pull-cord, a sliding actuator and pivoting head. How many pruning cuts have you made without the ability to adjust your angle of approach to best suit a clean cut? Well, with a simple tap, the PowerGlide head pivots on a ball to present the perfect (or greatly improved) cutting angle. In addition, the PowerGlide comfort grip slides like a pump shotgun down the pole to enact cutting, presenting a nice ergonomic movement for the user. A positive-locking feature eliminates pole slippage of the telescopic parts during use, which, by the way are covered by Corona’s famous lifetime warranty. Sharp move, Corona! 7 to 12 ft., lifetime warranty, 1-inch cut capacity PowerGlide Pivot-Head Pruner 33382 - $99


Corona Quick Saw
(13" blade)
Professionals know the importance of buying quality tools that work better, last longer, and save money. Corona QuickSaw’s exclusive tooth pattern delivers a faster cut, thanks to the patent-pending, three-sided tooth design that lets users remove up to three times more material with every stroke when compared to conventional saws. Saw Replacement Blade Leather Scabbard 33383 - $57 33384 - $43 15933 - $22

360º pivoting head

Sliding actuator for quick adjustment of pole length

Corona Pony Saw
(13" blade, razor tooth)
Comfort grip pruner trigger

This saw has a Zytel plastic handle, with easy-to-grip rubber coating. The razor tooth design provides awesome cutting power and a clean, smooth cut every time. Saw Scabbard Replacement blade 15906 - $22 30766 - $10 15887 - $17

Pivoting pruner head lets you position the blade at the precise angle you need
Bottom handle also acts as the trigger for extended reach


F2 Standard Pruners
(RH or LH)
See policy pg. • 1" cutting capacity • Locking thumb latch • Self-cleaning sap groove • Replaceable, high carbon steel blade • Lightweight forged alloy handle with nonslip grips • Hardened nut ensures exact adjustment of the cutting and anvil blades F2 standard pruning shears Replacement blade for the F2 Left handed version Replacement blade for LH version 16135 - $49 16058 - $14 16133 - $49 16059 - $14

Not for use around energized lines!

F5 Standard Pruners
This is the lowest priced Felco pruner available. With solid steel handles and non-replaceable blades this stripped down pruner is great for the crew who loses everything yet needs longevity of gear. No cushion stop, sap groove or wire-cutting notch. Length 9 in., weight 11 ounces. Recommended cutting capacity is 1 in. F5 standard pruning shears 25073 - $30

Super-Duty Bypass Lopper
• 3" diameter cutting capacity with 37" overall length • Forged Radial Arc™ bypass blade • Resharpenable, fully heat-treated Coronium™ steel alloy blade • Eyelet for neck-strap attachment • Precision-machined self-aligning pivot bolt • Heavy-duty spring-loaded bumper • Tapered hardwood handles 37" handles cut up to 3" 16115 - $115 Blade only for WL6490 16053 - $45 Handles only for WL6490 16083 - $29

8200 Series Pro Bypass Lopper
• • • • Precision-machined, self-aligning pivot bolt Machined, spherical bearing seat increases surface area for extra smooth action StrataShear blade treatment and arc design reduce cutting effort by up to 52% over other blades Nylon-filled elliptical aluminum handles are inherently stronger than round or square 16109 - $65 16110 - $67 16054 - $16

Pre-Shaped Leather Pruner Pouch
• • • • Stitched and riveted for durability Top-grain leather construction Belt clip and belt loops Universal design fits most pruners.

Leather Pruner Holster
Same qualities as left, but with the sometimes preferred gun holster shape. 16129 - $7

26" handles cut up to 2 1/2" 32" handles cut up to 2 1/2" Blade only

16130 - $10


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Groundskeeper II
“The Best Twig and Mulch Rake Around!”
After trying this new rake design out at home, I considered tossing it in the trash. The Groundskeeper was complete overkill on leaves and darned near tore a blank spot in my yard. The following week, after reporting back to my buyer what a joke it was, he forwarded an e-mail from the inventor requesting I test it on clean-up of twigs, bark, or stump grinder chips. “Fair enough,” I said. Several weeks went by before I tried it again, but indeed, this rake moves sticks & twigs, grinder chips, bark & mulch and even gravel like nobody’s business. The round and stiff tines of the Groundskeeper work differently than the flat, flexible tines of other rakes. While flat, flexible tines are great for gathering leaves without disturbing the ground, the Groundskeeper tines sacrifice a little grass to get the job finished and workers in the truck! Even better, I discovered that the Groundskeeper does a killer job of removing leaves from bushes by allowing green stems to pass between tines without harm. This rake must be used to be believed. 21-inch head, 28 steel tines, 55-inch fiberglass handle, 2 pounds. 32230 - $32

Take your choice between two types of machete—both considered the ideal size by most bladeswinging shoppers. Whether you’re a lawn service in central Florida or Pygmy in the Congo, you’re going to appreciate the balance, grip, and long-lasting quality of these premium bush knives. And if tree care is your gig, get a load of the back-up saw … or make that saw up the back of our newest addition. It’s designed to take no for an answer and show it to the door. Overall length 22 inches.




Replaceable tines

A. B. C. D.

Machete with saw blade and scabbard Machete Nylon Machete Scabbard Leather Machete Scabbard

32043 - $19 32041 - $11 32042 - $11 32091 - $25













16073 - $119 B. COTTONSEED FORK (welded tines) The same as above, but with welded tines and plastic power grip. Slightly curved handle. 16074 - $89 C. SPRING BRACE RAKE 64" long with 24" tines spread. Lifetime warranty. 31827 - $16

16045 - $74 F. COMBO FELLING BAR Windsor’s 31" forged steel bar with sliding cant hook combines three tools into one: a pry-bar to break loose difficult stumps, a cant hook for rolling heavy logs, and a felling spotter to help guide your fall. 16075 - $77

I. TIMBER CARRIER The tongs accept logs from 3" to 16" diameter. Swivel head allows two-man passage through narrow spaces with difficult limbs. 5' ash handle 16168 - $108 J. LOG LIFT Holds logs up to 12" in diameter, keeping hands free for chainsaw work. 16107 - $78

16066 - $83 Replacement handle only 16087 - $42 M. CANT HOOK with ALUMINUM HANDLE Heavyduty without the “heavy”. 30487 - $124

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A. COTTONSEED FORK (forged tines) This tool is a real must for arborists. Whether it’s shoveling twigs and trash, or moving mounds of stump chips, this tool penetrates without hang-ups. 30" hickory handle with comfortable wooden power grip, ten long-lasting 16" forged steel tines, 11/2" apart and 15" head width. Swept handle keeps operator in more upright position than welded version.

D. FIBERGLASS HANDLE ALUMINUM SCOOP Union Gold, top-of-the-line, 15" aluminum scoop with Big-Fist™ Poly Grip. 16148 - $61 E. FELLING BAR For use as pry-bar, hammer or sighting tool. Has thick steel heel for driving wedges.

G. PICK-A-ROON Quickly and conveniently pick logs and wood out of the back of your truck without having to climb in. 16127 - $49 H. PICK-A-ROON with ALUMINUM HANDLE 30882 - $69

K. PEAVY Like the Cant Hook below, but with pointed tip for use as a pick between logs in icy conditions, or wherever the situation calls for it. 16126 - $85 L. CANT HOOK Designed to roll and maneuver logs by spiking hook into log and using blunt foot to leverage against gravity. 4.5' long ash handle is strong, yet lightweight.

Orchard Ladder (Available with Telescoping Leg)
orchard ladder advantage 3 legs versus 4 legs An orchard ladder is to the arborist what an extension ladder is to the electrician. And the difference in the two is almost as significant, for the orchard ladder balances on uneven ground beyond anything made possible by two- or fourlegged ladders! The genius behind this stability can be traced back to the invention of the three-legged stool. Since the dawn of furniture, it’s been known that three legs give superior balance to stools that must cope with uneven surfaces (such as floors). In short, with one leg on a

When KNOWING is the difference...
TruPulse 200 Laser Rangefinder
From the moment you get your hands on the TruPulse 200, you’ll know it was created with your needs in mind. Weighing a mere 8 ounces, TruPulse fits in the palm of your hand and measures height, distance and closest to farthest variances between objects, giving you a highly flexible, extremely usable tool for your field measurement needs. Its large, crystal-clear optics with an in-scope data display and through-the-lens targeting help eliminate parallax issues, and we incorporated an adjustable eye diopter for comfortable use even when wearing glasses. The integrated tilt sensor provides accurate height measurements, even on steep hills. Best of all, this impact-, water-, and dust-resistant compact unit delivers more than just one measurement at a time—it calculates horizontal, vertical, and slope distance with a single press of the fire button. TruPulse can adapt to varying conditions and save you untold time in the field. The standard serial port allows for easy transfer of your data once it’s been collected. The only thing not engineered into this unit is a big price tag. 3,280 foot range (6,560 to reflective target), 8 ounces, uses two AA batteries, water and dust resistant, 7X magnification, feet/yards/meters/degrees, tripod mountable.

bump and the other in a dip, the third leg acts as a prop, nullifying the possibility of teetering, as occurs with a fourth leg. For tree trimming, you can free-stand the ladder under a canopy to access up to 20 vertical feet, and that’s before inclusion of a pole pruner or saw! Or you can prop the orchard ladder with its wide stance against trunks with even the most horrendous root surface. Got any stories about trying that with an extension ladder? With small trees and shrubs, you can gently poke the third leg through the foliage or fold it over the canopy, allowing access over the plant in a fashion possible only with this three-legged giant. This year, by customer request, we have a telescoping leg available for ladder use on steeper terrain. We’ve also adopted a tether for the third leg, making it safer to use the ladder on paved or smooth surfaces. Fiberglass 12 ft. ladder, 51 lbs. fiberglass Aluminum 10 ft. ladder, 26 lbs, 46.5” wide 12 ft. ladder, 33 lbs, 51.25” wide 14 ft. ladder, 38 lbs, 55.5” wide 16 ft. ladder, 45 lbs, 63.5” wide Aluminum with Telescoping Leg 10 ft. ladder, 26 lbs, 46.5” wide 12 ft. ladder, 33 lbs, 51.25” wide 14 ft. ladder, 38 lbs, 55.5” wide 16 ft. ladder, 45 lbs, 63.5” wide

31109 - $439 OLWR-10 - $271 OLWR-12 - $323 OLWR-14 - $353 OLWR-16 - $399 OLWTL-10 - $329 OLWTL-12 - $379 OLWTL-14 - $409 OLWTL-16 - $477

Laser Range Finder w/case 31606 - $699 Travel Tripod 31607 - $145 Case for Travel Tripod 31608 - $53

Cross Sight Tree Height Gauge
Designed to assist an arborist in taking accurate information about the height and lean of a tree. The Cross Sight is a pocket-sized height measuring gauge that you rest on the bridge of your nose. Measurements are made using the age old technique of equal sided triangulation with one corner of the triangle being your eye. Side lean, back lean and lift calculations can all be determined with the Cross Sight. The easy to use charts printed on the sides of the Cross Sight are designed to perform quick calculations in the field. 18453 - $14


Double-Sided Diameter Tape
Whether you’re measuring for diameter at breast height or length of log for the lumber mill, SherrillTree has the doublesided (straight and diameter) tape for you. Choose from our top-of-the-line belt side or pocket models, down to our “getthe-job-done” series–whatever suits the budget.

Telescoping leg option

Loggers tape with belt clip (50 ft recoil type) 30015 - $44 Economy (12 ft recoil-type) 29526 - $16 Pro Tape pocket-size (35 ft wind-up type) 30016 - $52


s up to 4

5” diam



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Wedges and Hooks
1. FORGED STEEL TONGS The Swiss have decades of experience in the timber industry, providing them with ideas that make wood handling easy. Designed for handling wet and slippery logs. Rubber-coated handle really gives a grip. 8 in. spread. 16169 - $35 2. STEEL HOOK This is the ideal tool for handling firewood and other tough-to-grip lengths of wood. (Note: keep the tip slightly blunt. This allows good penetration without digging in so deep that you have to work it out.) 16096 - $24

1 2 4 3 5 6


3-5 PLASTIC FELLING WEDGE High-density polyethylene wedges for maximum strength and resistance to mushrooming when driven with your maul (unlike the cheap wedges found elsewhere). 3. 10 in. wedge WEDGE-10 - $8 4. 8 in. wedge WEDGE-8 - $7 5. 5.5 in. wedge WEDGE-5.5 - $6 6. WEAVER WEDGE & TOOL HOLDER This light nylon pouch can hold up to three of the same or various sized wedges within easy reach of all your chain-saw tasks. Separate side pouches hold file, scrench, and other tools. 32090 - $17 7. BELT POUCH for Steel Tongs 22046 - $17

Fits Through Standard 36” Gate

Log Ox Log Hauler
SherrillTree brings an old-time log moving technique into the 21st century for tree workers needing to transport whole logs from back yard to front. Newly redesigned for heavy payloads, maximum log diameter and ultra-portability the Log Ox is not only heavier-duty but quickly storable with its telescopic handle and quick release wheels. The Log Ox is a simple yet powerful device for rolling heavy lengths of lumber (up to about 15-feet long) including logs, steel beams, railroad ties and the like by man or machine. The t-handle is now able to accommodate left or right side adjustment for 1 or 2 workers. A steel loop at handles end allows pulling with four-wheeler or light tractor. The Log Ox comes with steel tongs for quickly grabbing wooden cargo within 14-inch diameter. For larger loads or steel beams a chain (included) can be Place Log Ox forward of center on target log...

Log Dolly
The Log Dolly is our oversized cart for moving bulky, heavy wood. Our new design allows the log dolly to fit easily through a standard size gate. Wide, pneumatic tires provide good flotation on soft terrain, while the large platform takes logs up to 50 inches in circumference. The log cart is designed to support up to 1,500 pounds of weight. 60" tall, 33" wide, 20" front to back, 120 lbs. 8" pneumatic all-terrain tires with 1" axle. 16106 - $429

curved ba ck

thick footplate

Skidding Tongs
Forged of special analysis tool steel, Dixie tongs neither flex nor fail with the weight of big logs. Dixie designs their tongs with extra metal at the greatest stress points, to add strength without excessive weight.

Fits Through Standard 36” Gate
...and pull the cart to its final destination. wrapped and hooked almost as quickly. Many tree services resell clean, straight logs to lumber mills and need to get them to the curb whole, while others simply like the convenience of toting long sections to curb or chipper. This often saves time and labor of cutting into firewood-sized stubs to be hand-carried. The Log Ox moves rounds up to 14-inch diameter and 15+ feet long. Now ships UPS. Minor assembly required. Log Ox (50 lbs.) UPS Heavy Weight item 16061 - $420

B. (Medium) 4" to 24" capacity (3/8" chain hook) SKT-M - $129 C. (Small) 4" to 16" capacity (3/8" chain hook) SKT-S - $99




Not for lifting

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laDDers / measuring/ log movers

A. (Large) 7" to 32" capacity (1/2" chain hook) SKT-L - $199

Insist On Genuine

Pitch is determined by measuring the distance between three rivets and dividing by two. Chain pitch must match the pitch of the drive sprocket and guide bar nose sprocket.

Made in USA Gauge is the thickness of the drive links that ride in the guide bar groove. The most common chain gauges are .043", .050", .058" and .063".

SherrillTree proudly carries Oregon® chainsaw products, the most popular chainsaw cutting accessories in the world. Oregon® manufactures chain, bars and sprockets for virtually every chainsaw made around the world. Whatever your brand, we are confident that we can get you the bar, chain, and sprocket to keep your chainsaw running smoothly and efficiently. In this section we are featuring the most popular professional bars, chains, sprockets, files, grinders, and other related chainsaw accessories made by Oregon.® The products in this section are for professional users only - these products do not meet ANSI low-kickback requirements. Our knowledgeable customer service team and well stocked inventory have been properly prepared to service your needs.

.043” .050” .058” .063”

Oregon® 72LGX, 73LGX, and 75LGX (3/8" pitch)
Oregon® LGX is the ideal chain for high production cutting of clean wood. The LGX family has chisel cutters with a new advanced grind geometry.

Fits the following Chain Saw Models. Husqvarna® 242, 246, 257, 261, 262, 340, 345, 346, 350, 351, 353, 357, 359, 455, 61, L Series, 65, 66, 70, 77, 160, 162, 181, 185, 260, 266, 268, 272, 281, 285, 288, 288XP lite, 298, 365, 371, 373XPW, 380, 385XPW, 394, 395XP, 395XPW, 480, 1100, 2100, 2101, 3120, 3120XP Stihl® 024, 026, 028, 029, 030, 0310, 032, 034, 036, 038, 039, 041, 042, 044, 045, 046, 048, 056, 064, 066, and the following MS Models 240 - 880

Bar Length 16" 18" 20" 24" 28" 32" 36" 42" Reel 100' 100' 100'

DL count 60 66 72 84 91 105 114 135 1640 1640 1640

Gauge .050" .050" .050" .050" .050" .050" .050" .050" .050" .058" .063"

Husqvarna # H47 H47 H47 H47 H47 H47 H47 H47 H47 H48 –

Stihl # 33RS 33RS 33RS 33RS 33RS 33RS 33RS 33RS 33RS 35RS 36RS

SherrillTree # 72LGX60 72LGX66 72LGX72 72LGX84 72LGX91 72LGX105 72LGX114 72LGX135 72LGX100 73LGX100 75LGX100

Price 1-29 Loops Price 30+ Loops $12.95 $11.95 13.95 12.95 15.95 14.95 17.95 16.95 22.95 21.95 25.95 24.95 27.95 26.95 32.95 31.95 1 - 2 Reels 3+ Reels $279.95 $259.95 279.95 259.95 279.95 259.95

Oregon® 72JGX, 73JGX, and 75JGX (3/8" pitch)
JGX is the Skiptooth version of LGX. Skiptooth chains are for bars measuring 24" and longer. The advantage of Skiptooth chain is that there are fewer cutters to sharpen. NOTE: Oregon® recommends using a 7/32" file with all 70 series chains. Reel 100' 100' 100' DL count 1640 1640 1640 Gauge .050" .058" .063" Husqvarna # H47S H48S – Stihl # 33RSF 35RSF 36RSF Skiptooth version of LGX SherrillTree # 72JGX100 73JGX100 75JGX100 1 - 2 Reels $279.95 279.95 279.95 3+ Reels $259.95 259.95 259.95

Oregon® 72LPX, 73LPX, and 75LPX (3/8" pitch)
Oregon® LPX, like LGX. It has a ramped depth gauge unlike LGX. The LPX family has chisel cutters with a new advanced grind geometry.

Fits the following Chain Saw Models. Husqvarna® 242, 246, 257, 261, 262, 340, 345, 346, 350, 351, 353, 357, 359, 455, 460, 61, L Series, 65, 66, 70, 77, 160, 162, 181, 185, 260, 266, 268, 272, 281, 285, 288, 288XP lite, 298, 365, 371, 373XPW, 380, 385XPW, 394, 395XP, 395XPW, 480, 1100, 2100, 2101, 3120, 3120XP Stihl® 024, 026, 028, 029, 030, 0310, 032, 034, 036, 038, 039, 041, 042, 044, 045, 046, 048, 056, 064, 066, and the following MS Models 240 - 880

Bar Length 16" 18" 20" 24" 28" 32" 36" 42" Reel 100' 100' 100'

DL count 60 66 72 84 91 105 114 135 1640 1640 1640

Gauge .050" .050" .050" .050" .050" .050" .050" .050" .050" .058" .063"

Husqvarna # H46 H46 H46 H46 H46 H46 H46 H46 H46 H42 H45

Stihl # 33RS 33RS 33RS 33RS 33RS 33RS 33RS 33RS 33RS 35RS 36RS

SherrillTree # 72LPX60 72LPX66 72LPX72 72LPX84 72LPX91 72LPX105 72LPX114 72LPX135 72LPX100 73LPX100 75LPX100

Price 1-29 Loops Price 30+ Loops $13.95 $12.95 14.95 13.95 15.95 14.95 17.95 16.95 19.95 18.95 22.95 21.95 24.95 23.95 29.95 28.95 1 - 2 Reels 3+ Reels $279.95 $259.95 279.95 259.95 279.95 259.95

Oregon® 72JPX, 73JPX, and 75JPX (3/8" pitch)
JPX is the Skiptooth version of LPX, a round chisel cutters with ramped depth gauges. Skiptooth chains are for bars measuring 24" and longer. The advantage of Skiptooth chain is that there are fewer cutters to sharpen. NOTE: Oregon® recommends using a 7/32" file with all 70 series chains. Reel 100' 100' 100' DL count 1640 1640 1640 Gauge .050" .058" .063" Husqvarna # – – – Stihl # 33RSF 35RSF 36RSF Skiptooth version of LGX SherrillTree # 72JPX100 73JPX100 75JPX100 1 - 2 Reels $279.95 279.95 279.95 3 + Reels $259.95 259.95 259.95


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Oregon® 91VXL Saw Chain (3/8", low profile)
Oregon® 91VXL is the most popular chain for small saws. 91VXL is a professional chain with an advanced grind geometry, which significantly improves out-of-box sharpness for high-production cutters. Oregon® 91VXL is used on saws using Stihl® 63PM chains and Husqvarna® H35 chains. 91VG is an ANSI certified low-kickback chain. Both 91VG and 91VXL are 3/8" pitch low profile, .050" gauge chains. The most popular loops and reels are listed below. Fits the following Chain Saw Models. Echo® CS340, CS341, CS3000, CS3400 and many others. Husqvarna® 23, 34, 35, 36, 37 41, 136, 137, 141, 142, 243, 334T, 335XPT, 338XPT Stihl® 017, 018, 018C, 019, 019T, 020, 020T, 021, 023, MS 170, MS180C, MS191T, MS192T, MS200T Bar Length 12" 12" 14" 14" 16" 16" Reel 100' 100' DL count 44 45 50 52 55 56 1640 1640 Gauge .050" .050" .050" .050" .050" .050" .050" .050" Husqvarna # H35 H35 H35 H35 H35 H35 H35 H36 Stihl # 63PM 63PM 63PM 63PM 63PM 63PM 63PM 63PM1 SherrillTree # 91VXL44 91VXL45 91VXL50 91VXL52 91VXL55 91VXL56 91VXL100 91VG100 Price 1-29 Loops Price 30+ Loops $9.95 $8.95 10.95 9.95 11.95 10.95 11.95 10.95 13.95 12.95 13.95 12.95 1 - 2 Reels 3+ Reels $269.95 $249.95 269.95 249.95

20% longer lasting design!

NOTE: Oregon recommends using a 5/32" file for 91VX and 91VG chain.

Oregon® 20LP, 21LP, and 22LP Saw Chain (.325" pitch)
Oregon® Super 20 series LP is a .325" pitch, round chisel chain designed for professional users with small to mid-sized saws. 20LP is .050" gauge and will fit on saws using Stihl 23 series chain and Husqvarna H23 series chain. 21LP is .058" gauge and will fit on saws using Husqvarna H21 series chain. 22LP is .063" and will fit on saws usinig Stihl 26 series chain. The most popular loop and reel prices are below.

Fits the following Chain Saw Models. Husqvarna® 42, 45, 51, 55, 242, 242XP, 243, 246, 254, 254XP, 340, 345, 346, 346XP, 350, 351, 357XP, 357XPG Dolmar 109, 110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118, 119, 120 Jonsered 45, 49, 50, 51, 52, 450, 451, 455, 490, 510, 2050, 2051, 2054, 2055 Stihl® 017, 018, 018C, 019, 019T, 020, 020T, 021, 023, MS 170, MS180C, MS191T, MS192T, MS200T

Bar Length 16" 16" 16" 18" 18" 18" 20" 20" 20" Reel 100' 100' 100'

DL count 66 66 67 72 72 74 78 78 81 1848 1848 1848

Gauge .050" .058" .063" .050" .058" .063" .050" .058" .063" .050" .058" .063"

Husqvarna # H23 H21 H26 H23 H21 H26 H23 H21 H26 H23 H21 H26

Stihl # 23RS 25RS 26RS 23RS 25RS 26RS 23RS 25RS 26RS 23RS 25RS 26RS

SherrillTree # 20LP66 21LP66 22LP67 20LP72 21LP72 22LP74 20LP78 21LP78 22LP81 20LP100 21LP100 22LP100

Price 1-29 Loops Price 30+ Loops $12.95 $11.95 12.95 11.95 12.95 11.95 13.95 12.95 13.95 12.95 13.95 12.95 14.95 13.95 14.95 13.95 15.95 14.95 1 - 2 Reels 3+ Reels $299.95 $279.95 299.95 279.95 299.95 279.95

NOTE: Oregon recommends using a 3/16" file for all 20 series chain.

Safety Warnings and the ANSI Standard for Low-Kickback Saw Chain
Part numbers of Oregon® chains that do not meet ANSI highlighted low-kickback performance requirements are ­ in yellow. These chains should be used only by those with experience and specialized ­ training for dealing with kickback. Yellow labels read: Attention: Read This
The chain in this box may be capable WARNING of kickback that could result in serious injury to the saw operator or bystanders. Do not use this chain unless you have experience and specialized training for dealing with kickback. Saw chain with reduced kickback potential is available. 

See SherrillTree.com for our convenient new chain and bar selector.

Part numbers of Oregon® saw chain that comply with the ANSI low-kickback standard are highlighted in blue. The blue labels read: Attention: Read This
This saw chain is low kickback chain. It met the ­ kickback  performance requirements of ANSI B175.1 when tested on a representative sample of ­ chainsaws. Its safety features significantly reduce the hazard of kickback while maintaining high cutting performance. All cutting chains can kick back, which may result in severe personal injury to the saw operator or bystanders. Operate your saw safely. Read all warnings in your chainsaw operator’s manual.

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Oregon® Power Match® Plus Bars
The industry standard for professional users. The solid body design has induction hardened rails that increase rail and chain life. The replaceable nose fastens with a single rivet–you can change damaged noses in seconds. In addition to the simple attach design, The Oregon® replaceable nose (RSN) has the patented Cradle® design, which reduces sprocket nose breakage, and has more and larger sprocket nose rivets designed to reduce nose spreading.

Powermatch® Bars for the following Chain Saw Models: Stihl® 024, 026, 028, 029, 030, 0310, 032, 034, 036, 038, 039, 041, 042, 044, 045, 046, 048, 056, 064, 066, and the following MS Models 240, 260, 270, 280, 290, 310, 340, 341, 360, 361, 280, 390, 440, 441, 460, 640, 650, 660

Bar Motor Mount Slot 12.1mm (.475") wide.

Bar DL count Pitch Gauge Oregon Chain # Stihl Bar # 16" 60 3/8" (.375") .050" 72LGX or 72LPX 3003 003 8813 16" 60 3/8" (.375") .063" 75LGX or 75LPX 3003 000 9413 18" 66 3/8" (.375") .050" 72LGX or 72LPX 3003 003 8817 18" 66 3/8" (.375") .063" 75LGX or 75LPX 3003 000 9417 20" 72 3/8" (.375") .050" 72LGX or 72LPX 3003 003 8821 20" 72 3/8" (.375") .063" 75LGX or 75LPX 3003 000 9421 24" 84 3/8" (.375") .050" 72LGX or 72LPX 3003 003 8830 24" 84 3/8" (.375") .063" 75LGX or 75LPX 3003 000 9831 28" 91 3/8" (.375") .050" 72LGX or 72LPX 3003 000 8838 28" 91 3/8" (.375") .063" 75LGX or 75LPX 3003 003 6038 30" 98 3/8" (.375") .050" 72LGX or 72LPX – 30" 98 3/8" (.375") .063" 75LGX or 75LPX – 32" 105 3/8" (.375") .050" 72LGX or 72LPX 3003 000 8846 32" 105 3/8" (.375") .063" 75LGX or 75LPX 3003 000 9853 34" 110 3/8" (.375") .063" 75LGX or 75LPX – 36" 114 3/8" (.375") .063" 75LGX or 75LPX 3003 000 9853 42" 135 3/8" (.375") .063" 75LGX or 75LPX – NOTE: .404" bars are not listed. Simply change the fifth digit to an “F” for a .404" pitch bar. 27, 27A, 59L, or 59J chains are used on .404" pitch bars.

SherrillTree # 160RNDD025 163RNDD025 180RNDD025 183RNDD025 200RNDD025 203RNDD025 240RNDD025 243RNDD025 280RNDD025 283RNDD025 300RNDD025 303RNDD025 320RNDD025 323RNDD025 343RNDD025 363RNDD025 423RNDD025

Price 1-3 $41.95 41.95 44.95 44.95 46.95 46.95 58.95 58.95 66.95 66.95 72.95 72.95 76.95 76.95 82.95 84.95 99.95

Price 4+ $39.95 39.95 42.95 42.95 44.95 44.95 56.95 56.95 64.95 64.95 70.95 70.95 74.95 74.95 80.95 82.95 96.95

Powermatch® Bars for the following Chain Saw Models:

Bar DL count Pitch Gauge Oregon Chain # Husqvarna Bar # SherrillTree # 16" 60 3/8" (.375") .050" 72LGX or 72LPX HT-380-60 160RNDD009 Husqvarna 61, L Series, 65, 66, 70, 77, 160, 162, 181, 16" 60 3/8" (.375") .058" 73LGX or 73LPX 168RNDD009 HT-388-60 185, 260, 266, 268, 272, 281, 285, 288, 288XP lite, 18" 68 3/8" (.375") .050" 72LGX or 72LPX 180RNDD009 HT-380-68 298, 365, 371, 373XPW, 380, 385XPW, 394, 395XP, 18" 68 3/8" (.375") .058" 73LGX or 73LPX HT-388-68 188RNDD009 395XPW, 480, 1100, 2100, 2101, 3120, 3120XP 20" 72 3/8" (.375") .050" 72LGX or 72LPX HT-380-72 200RNDD009 Jonsered 625, 630, 630 Super, 630 West Coast, HT-388-72 20" 72 3/8" (.375") .058" 73LGX or 73LPX 208RNDD009 2063, 2065, 2071, 2077, 2083, 2094, 2095 20" 72 3/8" (.375") .063" 75LGX or 75LPX – 203RNDD009 24" 84 3/8" (.375") .050" 72LGX or 72LPX 240RNDD009 HT-380-84 Dolmar PS-6400, PS-7300, PS-7900, PS-9000, 24" 84 3/8" (.375") .058" 73LGX or 73LPX HT-388-84 248RNDD009 PS-9010FL 24" 84 3/8" (.375") .063" 75LGX or 75LPX – 243RNDD009 Poulan/Poulan Pro 415, 425, 445, 475, 505 28" 93 3/8" (.375") .050" 72LGX or 72LPX 280RNDD009 HT-380-93 Solo 603, 662, 667, 670, 680, 690, 694 28" 93 3/8" (.375") .058" 73LGX or 73LPX HT-388-93 288RNDD009 28" 93 3/8" (.375") .063" 75LGX or 75LPX – 283RNDD009 30" 98 3/8" (.375") .050" 72LGX or 72LPX – 300RNDD009 HT-380-105 320RNDD009 32" 105 3/8" (.375") .050" 72LGX or 72LPX Bar Motor HT-383-105 32" 105 3/8" (.375") .063" 75LGX or 75LPX 323RNDD009 Mount Slot 34" 110 3/8" (.375") .063" 75LGX or 75LPX – 343RNDD009 9.0mm (.355") 363RNDD009 36" 115 3/8" (.375") .063" 75LGX or 75LPX HT-383-115 wide. 42" 135 3/8" (.375") .063" 75LGX or 75LPX – 423RNDD009 NOTE: .404" bars are not listed. Change the sixth digit (the first letter “D”) to an “F” for a .404" pitch bar. 27, 27A, 59L, or 59J chains are used on .404" pitch bars.

Price 1-3 $41.95 41.95 44.95 44.95 46.95 46.95 46.95 58.95 58.95 58.95 66.95 66.95 66.95 72.95 76.95 76.95 82.95 84.95 99.95

Price 4+ $39.95 39.95 42.95 42.95 44.95 44.95 44.95 56.95 56.95 56.95 64.95 64.95 64.95 70.95 74.95 74.95 80.95 82.95 96.95

Powermatch® Bars for the following Chain Saw Models: Husqvarna 33, 36, 38, 40, 41, 42, 44, 45, 50, 51, 55, 133, 140, 141, 154, 234, 238, 240, 242, 246, 257, 261, 262, 340, 345, 346, 350, 351, 353, 357, 359, 455, 460

Jonsered 45, 49, 50, 51, 52, 450, 451, 455, 490, 510, 2050-2063, 3141-2159 Dolmar 109-120, 5100, DCS 430, DCS 431, DCS 520, DCS 5200, DCS 6000 Solo 630, 631, 632, 638, 639, 641, 644, 645, 647, 650, 651, 654 Homelite 30, 130, 150, 250, 252, 290, 300, 340, CS 50, EZ 250, Super EZ, XL-100 Series

Bar 16" 16" 18" 18" 20" 20" 24" 24" 28"

DL count 60 60 68 68 72 72 84 84 93

Pitch 3/8" (.375") 3/8" (.375") 3/8" (.375") 3/8" (.375") 3/8" (.375") 3/8" (.375") 3/8" (.375") 3/8" (.375") 3/8" (.375")

Gauge .050" .058" .050" .058" .050" .058" .050" .058" .050"

Oregon Chain # 72LGX or 72LPX 73LGX or 73LPX 72LGX or 72LPX 73LGX or 73LPX 72LGX or 72LPX 73LGX or 73LPX 72LGX or 72LPX 73LGX or 73LPX 72LGX or 72LPX

Husqvarna Bar # HT-280-60 HT-288-60 HT-280-68 HT-288-68 HT-280-72 HT-288-72 HT-280-84 HT-288-84 –

SherrillTree # 160RNDK095 168RNDK095 180RNDK095 188RNDK095 200RNDK095 208RNDK095 240RNDK095 248RNDK095 280RNDK095

Price 1-3 $41.95 41.95 44.95 44.95 46.95 46.95 58.95 58.95 66.95

Price 4+ $39.95 39.95 42.95 42.95 44.95 44.95 56.95 56.95 64.95

Bar Motor Mount Slot 8.2mm (.322") wide.

Need a longer bar? Call SherrillTree at 1-800-525-8873
116 Order toll-free

photo courtesy ArborMaster® Training

Oregon® Pro-Lite™ Plus and Pro 91™ Bars
Oregon® Pro-Lite™ Plus Bars and Pro 91™ bars are an exceptional line of professional bars built for .325", 3/8" low profile and 3/8" pitch chain saws. These bars are made from silicon-alloy steel and offer the best value and durability. With the patented Cradle™ nose sprocket design these laminated bars are among the best in their class. Below you will find bars for the most popular saws. Remember, if its not listed please call us and we will find it for you.


Pro-Lite™ Plus
Pro-Lite™ Bars for the following .325" Stihl® Chain Saw Models: 024, 026, 028, 029, 030, 031, 032, 034, 036, 038, MS 260, 270, 280, 290, 310 Bar 16" 18" 16" 18" 20" DL count 67 74 67 74 81 Pitch .325" .325" .325" .325" .325" Gauge .050" .050" .063" .063" .063" Oregon Chain # 20LP67 20LP74 22LP67 22LP74 22LP81 Stihl Bar # 3003 000 7713 3003 000 7117 3003 000 6813 3003 000 6817 3003 000 6821 SherrillTree # 160SLGD025 180SLGD025 163SLGD025 183SLGD025 203SLGD025 Price 1-3 $38.95 41.95 38.95 41.95 42.95 Price 4+ 36.95 39.95 36.95 39.95 40.95

Bar Motor Mount Slot 12.1mm (.475") wide.

Pro-Lite™ Bars for the following 3/8" (.375") Stihl® Chain Saw Models: 029, 030, 031, 032, 034, 036, 038, 040, MS290, MS310, all MS360 Bar 16" 18" 16" DL count 60 66 72 Pitch 3/8" (.375") 3/8" (.375") 3/8" (.375") Gauge .050" .050" .050" Oregon Chain # 72LGX or 72LPX 72LGX or 72LPX 72LGX or 72LPX Stihl Bar # 3003 000 8913 3003 000 8917 3003 000 8921 SherrillTree # 160SLGD025 180SLGD025 163SLGD025 Price 1-3 $38.95 41.95 38.95 Price 4+ $36.95 39.95 36.95

Pro-Lite™ Bars for the following popular .325" Chain Saw Models: Husqvarna® 33, 36, 38, 40, 41, 42, 44, 45, Homelite 30, 130, 150, 250, 252, 290, 300, 50, 51, 55, 133, 140, 141, 154, 234, 238, 340, CS 50, EZ 250, Super EZ, XL-100 Series 240, 242, 246, 257, 261, 262, 340, 345, Jonsered 45, 49, 50, 51, 52, 450, 451, 455, 346, 350, 351, 353, 357, 359, 455, 460 490, 510, 2050-2063, 3141-2159 Bar 16" 18" 20" DL count 66 72 78 Pitch .325" .325" .325" Gauge .058" .058" .058" Oregon Chain # 21LP66 21LP72 21LP78 Husqvarna Bar # HL-258-66 HL-258-72 HL-258-78

Dolmar 109-120, 5100, DCS 430, DCS 431, DCS 520, DCS 5200, DCS 6000 Solo 630, 631, 632, 638, 639, 641, 644, 645, 647, 650, 651, 654 SherrillTree # 168SLGK095 188SLGK095 208SLGK095 Price 1-3 $38.95 41.95 42.95 Price 4+ $36.95 39.95 40.95

Bar Motor Mount Slot 8.2mm (.322") wide.

NOTE: Some saws use .050" gauge chain and bars. Change the third digit, in the cases above “8”, to “0” if a .050" gauge bar and chain are desired. Use 20LP with .050" gauge bars. Pro-Lite™ Bars for the following popular 3/8" (.375") Chain Saw Models: Husqvarna® 61, L Series, 65, 66, 70, 77, 480, 1100, 2100, 2101, 3120, 3120XP 160, 162, 181, 185, 260, 266, 268, 272, Jonsered 625, 630, 630 Super, 281, 285, 288, 288XP lite, 298, 365, 371, 630 West Coast, 2063, 2065, 2071, 373XPW, 380, 385XPW, 394, 395XP, 395XPW, 2077, 2083, 2094, 2095 Bar 16" 18" 20" DL count 60 68 72 Pitch 3/8" (.375") 3/8" (.375") 3/8" (.375") Gauge .058" .058" .058" Oregon Chain # 73LGX or 73LPX 73LGX or 73LPX 73LGX or 73LPX Husqvarna Bar # HL-388-60 HL-388-68 HL-388-72

Dolmar PS-6400, PS-7300, PS-7900, PS-9000, PS-9010FL Poulan/Poulan Pro 415, 425, 445, 475, 505 Solo 603, 662, 667, 670, 680, 690, 694 SherrillTree # 168SLHD009 188SLHD009 208SLHD009 Price 1-3 $38.95 41.95 42.95 Price 4+ $36.95 39.95 40.95

Bar Motor Mount Slot 9.0mm (.355") wide.

NOTE: Some saws use .050" gauge chain & bars. Change the third digit, in the cases above “8”, to “0” if a .050" gauge bar and chain are desired. Use 73LGX/LPX with .050" gauge bars.

Pro 91™
Pro 91™ Bars that fit the following popular 3/8" Low Profile chain saw and pole prunners: Poulan® All 1000, 2000, and 3000 series Echo CS models: 280, 290, 300, 301, 302, saws, Micro 25, Super 25, 180, 190, 200, 315, 330, 341, 346, 351, 3000, 3400, 3450 205, 210, 225, 235, 236, 255, 260, 285, Husqvarna® 23, 36, 41, 136, 141, 295, 305, 306, 315, 335, 336, 365 electric 16, 335, 338XPT Bar 12" 14" 16" DL count Pitch 45 3/8" Low Profile 52 3/8" Low Profile 56 3/8" Low Profile Gauge .050" .050" .050" Oregon Chain # 91VX45 91VX52 91VX56 Husqvarna Bar # – – –

Shindaiwa 100, 110, 140, 150, 180, 300, 345, 350, 357, 360

SherrillTree # 120SPEA041 140SPEA041 160SPEA041

Price 1-3 $31.95 33.95 36.95

Price 4+ $29.95 31.95 34.95

Bar Motor Mount Slot 8.2mm (.322") wide.

Pro 91™ and Micro-Lite™ Bars for popular 3/8" Low Profile (.050" & .043") chainsaws & pole pruners: Stihl® 009, 010, 011, 012, 015, 017, 018, 018C, 019, 019T, 020, 020T, 021, 023, 023L, E10, E14, E140, E180, MS 170, MS180C, MS191T, MS192T, MS200T, MS210, MSE140, MSE180, pole pruners HT70, HT75 Bar 12" 14" 12" 14" 16" DL count 44 50 44 50 55 Pitch 3/8" (.375") 3/8" (.375") 3/8" (.375") 3/8" (.375") 3/8" (.375") Gauge .043" .043" .050" .050" .050" Oregon Chain # 90SG44 90SG50 91VX44 91VX50 91VX55 Stihl Bar # 3005 000 4105 3005 000 4109 3005 000 4805 3005 003 4809 3005 003 4813 SherrillTree # 124MLEA074 144MLEA074 120SPEA074 140SPEA074 160SPEA074 Price 1-3 $20.95 25.95 31.95 33.95 36.95 Price 4+ $18.95 23.95 29.95 31.95 34.95 Bar Motor Mount Slot 8.2mm (.322") wide.

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Rim (A)


Rim System (B)


Spur (C) with *

Spur (C)

Bearing (D)



Part numbers Chainsaw Make and Model Pitch (A) Rims N/A N/A 31745 31746 31746 31746 31746 31747 N/A N/A 31745 31745 31746 31746 31747 (B) Rim System N/A N/A 31748 31749 31750 31751 31752 31753 N/A N/A 31756 31757 31758 31759 31760 (C) Spur 31761* N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 31754* 31755* N/A 31762 31763 N/A N/A (D) Bearing 31764 N/A 31765 31765 31766 31766 31767 31767 31764 31768 31768 31768 31769 31769 31769 OEM Cross Reference

Your “Cutting Team”
The power from your chainsaw drives the sprocket, and the sprocket drives your cutting chain at high speed around your guide bar.Your sprocket, chain and guide bar are the three components of your saw’s “cutting team.” It’s the cutting team that does the actual work of cutting, and your sprocket is an essential member of the team. Your drive sprocket, the third member of the cutting team, deserves regular attention and maintenance just like your bar and chain. A misused sprocket will cause patterns of wear that can damage the guide bar and reduce the life of all three components. A damaged sprocket cannot be repaired; it can only be inspected and replaced.

ECHO CS-3000, CS-3400 HUSQVARNA 334T, 335XPT, 336, 338XPT 340, 345, 346XP, 350, 353, 357 357XP, 359 372, 372XP, 570, 570XP 385XP, 385XPG 3120XP, 3120 3120XP, 3120 STIHL MS 200 T MS 210 MS 250, MS 250 C MS 260, MS 260 Pro, MS 270, MS 270C MS 440, MS 460 MS 660 MS 660 3/8" (91) 3/8" (91) .325" .325" 3/8" 3/8" .404" 1129-640-2000 1123-640-2002 1123-007-1027 1121-007-1001 1128-007-1000 1122-007-1001 1122-007-1002 3/8" .325" 3/8" 3/8" 3/8" 3/8" .404" 503-8222-71 503-9800-71 503-8730-72 503-9324-71 537-1379-71 503-1433-01 503-1432-04 3/8" (91) 17500539131

Oregon® Screnches Eco-arborist
To work properly, chainsaw chains and bars must be lubricated. Petroleum-based lubricants are non-biodegradable, and when dispersed upon the ground, remain in the environment indefinitely. Petroleum bar oils are; proven to create carcinogenic vapors breathable by users; capable of causing discomforting eczema and irritation of the respiratory tract as well as oil acne. Vegetable oils (specifically Canola) has been extensively tested and proven a superior lubricant having excellent lubricity, resistance to shear, a high flash point and high viscosity index. In addition they are biodegradable within 21-days, produce no adverse health affects and are easily washed from clothing. First appearing in the European forestry marketplace in the mid-1980s, canola-based products are now well accepted and in some cases have completely replaced petroleum-based chainsaw bar oils. Text gleaned from US Department of Agriculture Fire Management Tech Tip Nov. 1998. Examine this article in full at SherrillTree.com
Size Part # Application Husqvarna 33, 36, 38, 40, 41, 42, 44, 45, 50, 51, 55, 61, 66, 154, 162, 181, 234, 238, 242, 254, 257, 262, 266, 268, 272, 281, 285, 288, 298, 444, 480, 2100, 3120 Jonsered 45, 49, 50, 51, 52, 370, 410, 420, 435, 450, 451, 452, 455, 490, 510, 520, 521, 525, 535, 590, 625, 630, 670, 2036, 2040, 2041, 2045, 2050, 2054, 2055, 2077, 2094, 2095 Stihl 038W Echo CS-451, 452, 500, 510, 550, 601, 602, 610, 650, 660, 701, 750, 900, 1001, 3900, 4000, 4500, 4600, 5000, 5500, 6700, 8000 Husqvarna 32, 38, 44, 60, 61, 65, 65F, 77, 160, 161, 162, 180, 181, 185, 240, 254, 262, 266, 268, 281, 285, 288, 298, 380, 1100, 2100, 2101, 3120 John Deere 8, 9, 12, 15, 50, 60, 70 Stihl 009, 010, 011 (older models), 015, 020, 064, 066 Dolmar all models, 109-120 Echo 500, 510, 550, 601, 650, 660, 701, 702, 750, 4600, 5500, 8000 Husqvarna 33, 36, 38, 40, 41, 42, 44, 45, 50, 51, 55, 61, 66, 154, 162, 181, 234, 238, 242, 254, 257, 262, 266, 272, 281, 285, 288, 298, 371, 444, 480, 2100, 3120 Jonsered 45, 49, 50, 51, 52, 370, 410, 420, 435, 450, 451, 452, 455, 490, 510, 520, 521, 525, 535, 590, 625, 630, 670, 2036, 2040, 2041, 2045, 2050, 2054, 2055, 2077, 2094, 2095 Stihl 009, 010, 011, 012, 021, 023, 024, 025, 026, 028, 029, 031, 032, 034, 036, 038, 039, 041, 042, 044, 045, 046, 048, 056, 064, 084, E20 Price

19mm x 13mm (3/4" X 1/2")



1/2" x 19mm



13mm x 19mm




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Oregon® 511A Bench Grinder
The 511AX bench chain grinder is one of the finest machines available for high production chainsaw users. Unlike most other grinders, our 511AX can grind all chain sizes (1/4”, .325”, 3/8” and .404”). • • • • • • • • Powerful, dependable motor Excellent safety features Easy to use controls Built-in light A self-centering vise A forward/aft sliding vise An improved indexing chain stop assembly Comes with three grinding wheels

Oregon Wheels

High-quality vitrified grinding wheels that resist burning of the cutters and leave a precision finish. Wheels fit Oregon(R) 511A & 511AX grinders, Tilton TL6 and TL136, Windsor A225, Zip-Penn/Lazer 4K-420 and Jolly (5 3/4” diameter with 7/8” hole) 1/8” thick for 1/4” chain and 3/8” low profile (90 and 91 chain) 31420 - $24 3/16” thick for .325”, 3/8” (all except 90 and 90SG chain) and .404 chain 31421 - $24 1/4” 1/2” chain and depth gauges 31422 - $24

31416 - $399 Wheel Dressing Brick 31772 - $8

Why use a grinder?
Sharpening your saw chain with an Oregon® bench grinder has a major advantage. It is faster and more consistent than hand filing and you will get a sharpened chain that is closer to the factory setting. An important factor in sharpening saw chain is to have a chain that is consistent from cutter to cutter, which is accomplished when using a grinder.

Oregon® Mini Grinder
This compact grinder is a great alternative to full-size bench grinders. Runs on standard 115-volt power. Comes with one grinding wheel for .325” and 3/8” pitch chains. Other wheels sold separately. 31773 - $235

Oregon® Grinding Wheels These high-quality 4-1/8" diameter grinding wheels leave a precision finish on saw chain and work with all of the Oregon Mini Grinders. 1/8" thick (3.2mm) for 1/4" and 3/8" low profile chain 31423 - $17 3/16" thick (4.8mm) for .325", 3/8" standard, and .404" chain 31424 - $17 1/4" thick (6.4mm) for 1/2" chain and depth gauges 31422 - $24

Oregon® Handheld Electric Sure Sharp®
This durable and economical tool makes hand-sharpening a breeze. Hooks up to your 12-volt car battery and can be operated for extended periods of time. Includes three sizes of grinding stones to sharpen any roundground 1/4", .325", 3/8", or .404" pitch chain. 12976 - $59

Oregon® Rivet Spinner
Produces tight, consistent rivet spins every time. Unit includes one anvil, plus one take-up handle. 31440 - $101

Oregon® Chain Breaker
Drives out rivets easily with one pull of the handle. For 1/4", .325", 3/8", .404", and 1/2” pitch chains. 31439 - $101

Genuine Oregon® Grinding Stones (3 pack)
5/32" (4mm) for 3/8" low profile chain 3/16" (4.8mm) for .325" low profile chain 7/32" (5.5mm) for 3/8" and .404" chain 12993 - $13 12994 - $13 12992 - $13

Oregon® Anvil
For manually removing rivets from all chain. Assembly includes one punch and one anvil for 1/4", .325", 3/8" and .404" pitch chains. 39472 - $37

Diamond Stones for Standard or Carbide Tipped Chain (each)
5/32" (4mm) for 3/8" low profile chain 3/16" (4.8mm) for .325" chain 7/32" (5.5mm) for 3/8" and .404" chain 15043 - $7 15042 - $7 15044 - $7

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Pferd® Chain Filing System (A)
This is the easy-to-learn filing system that makes your saw chains cut like magic. The secret lies in its ability to sharpen cutters and depth gauges to the perfect edge and height. For years, professional saw users have been baffled by one sharpening device after the next, each one more complicated than the last. This system is so simple that a novice can sharpen chain better than many seasoned professionals. With each stroke, Chain Sharp forces the round file up into the top plate of the tooth, instead of down into the gullet, while the flat file shaves the depth gauge down to the perfect height. Proper angle is displayed at user’s thumb. You’ll make old chains cut like new with this easy to use, and fully compatible filing system. System holds 5/32" file for 3/8" pitch low profile chain 15053 - $18 Flat File replacement for above 15057 - $6 System holds 3/16" and 7/32" files for .325", 3/8" and .404" chains 15054 - $18 Flat File replacement for above 15056 - $7

Bar Edge Dresser (B)
Reconditions worn saw bars by removing burred edges and leveling the top rail. Simply remove the chain and plane the rail with the Pferd SureEdge Bar Edge Dresser. Provides amazing results with very easy use. File is long lasting and double sided. 15055 - $21



Oregon® Files - Round
The superior file for sharpening saw chain is the Swiss-made double-cut file from Oregon®. Oregon® files remove more material than competitive brands and are still aggressive when other brands reach their end of life. Finest steel material and state-of-the-art production and finishing processes.

File Diameter & Length 12 Files per Pack 5/32" (4 mm) 4.5 mm 3/16" (4.8 mm) 7/32" (5.5 mm) 31431 - $15 31776 - $15 31430 - $15 31429 - $15

Pferd® Files - Round
For more than 100 years, the Pferd® brand name has been synonymous with outstanding premium-quality tools and abrasives. File Diameter & Length 5/32" (4mm) for 3/8" low-profile (91 series) 3/16" (4.8mm) for .325" (20, 21, 22 & 95VP) 7/32" (5.5mm) for 3/8" and .404" 2 Packs of 6 (12 total) 15047 - $12 15046 - $12 15048 - $12

Oregon® File Guide
This tool holds the file at the proper height to ensure a properly sharpened chain. Assembled file guide includes: one round file, one frame and one wooden handle. File size 7/32" 3/16" 4.5mm 5/32" 31433 - $11 31434 - $11 31435 - $11 31436 - $11

Oregon® File Handles
There is no better handle for files than an Oregon® wooden file handle. The comfortable handles make filing easy. 31777 - $2

Pferd® File Handle
Ergonomic grip design. Fits all round files. 15052 - $3

Depth Gauge File Guide
Did you know that tooth sharpening has little to do with curve in your cut? Misfiled or unattended depth gauges (rakers) cause cutters to cut unevenly or “act” dull. 8" flat file .325" pitch gauge 3/8" low-profile gauge .404" pitch guage 15045 - $7 11482 - $6.50 11484 - $6.50 11483 - $6.50

Roller File Guide
Specially designed to position file up against top plate (not low in the gullet), and give the correct filing angle every time. Easy to use, and compact–fits right in your pocket! 3/8" 11491 - $12 3/8" low-profile 11492 - $12


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vegetable-based lubricants for modern engines
Utilizing the latest advances in technology, BioBlend’s very affordable lubricants combine highly stable additives with natural canola oil to create competitively priced products that provide excellent thermal and oxidative stability while delivering superior anti-wear and anti-corrosion protection. Applications include 2-cycle fuel mix for chain saws and other 2-cycle engines, and chain saw bar oil lubricant for industrial applications. BioMotive2c is a readily biodegradable, environmentally friendly, ashless, and fully synthetic 2-cycle engine oil. Applications include direct oil injection or premix, high-performance, and water-cooled. BioMotive2c is fully compatible with air-cooled 2-cycle engines. It contains a unique blend of anti-wear additives and lubricity agents that meets or exceeds the following specifications: JASO FB, API Service TC, TC-W3, TC-WII, TC-W, and the new Honda AF-27 lubricity test. BioLube CBC is a readily biodegradable bar and chain lubricant designed for use in forestry, landscaping, and arboriculture. Its excellent lubricity and temperature stability provide smooth mechanical performance and superior anti-wear protection, while its added tackiness minimizes sling loss. The nontoxic formula protects vegetation, wildlife, and the environment and is suitable for use in all ecologically sensitive environments. Unlike competitive products, BioLube CBC doesn’t have to be mixed with water for use in your chain saws.

PRICED EACH DESCRIPTION Bar Oil, 1-gallon jugs Bar Oil, 5-gallon bucket 2-cycle fuel mix, 1-quart (for 11 gallons of fuel @ 50:1) 2-cycle fuel mix, 8-ounce (for 3.5 gallons of fuel @ 50:1) CODE 32407 32414 32409 32408 QTY 1 QTY 6 QTY 24

$19.95 $82.95 $25.95 $14.95

$17.95 $80.95 $23.95 $12.95

$16.95 $79.95 $17.95 $9.95

High Performance Oils
PRICED EACH DESCRIPTION A. 2-Cycle Mix Oil, 12.8 oz. bottle (for 5 gallons of gas) B. 2-Cycle Mix Oil, 6.4 oz. bottle (for 2 1/2 gallons of gas) C. 2-Cycle Mix Oil, 2.6 oz. bottle (for 1 gallon of gas) D. Bar Oil, 1 gallon CODE 11593 11598 11597 11596 QTY 1 QTY 6 QTY 24

Bar Tip and Clutch Grease Gun
15049 - $14

$3.99 $1.99 $1.59 $11.95

$3.79 $1.89 $1.39 $10.95

$3.29 $1.79 99¢ $9.95





Quick-Check File Gauge and Bar Groove Cleaner Deluxe Bar Tip and Clutch Grease Gun
15051 - $24 Performs all helpful measurement checks including; bar groove width (chain gauge), chain depth gauge height, tooth length and 30º and 35º filing angles, identifies chain pitch and file size for chain while bar groove cleaner allows quick cleaning of bar groove. 28417 - $10 33201 - $13.95

Pocket Wrench
The Pocket Wrench is an eight-in-one hand tool that allows you to work on a chain saw in the field. The tool easily fits in your pocket (4 ½” long) and contains a large screwdriver for bar adjustment, a T27 Torx for all bolts on a Stihl chain saw, a small screwdriver for fuel and bar oil adjustment, a 4-mm Allen wrench for work on Echo and Husqvarna saws, and a 13-mm (1/2”) socket that will fit the bar nut on a half- or full-wrap Husky handle. The other end of the tool has a 19-mm-deep socket that can be reversed and a 16-mm-deep socket for the spark plug on all saws and the bar nut on a Stihl saw. It comes with a nylon sheath so you can hang it on your belt. Additionally, it can be used as a file handle, and it has a set of holes in the socket for a chain-saw file to be placed. All tools are easily replaceable.

Stump Vise
The stump vise is a great little tool to have when you’re at the jobsite, and need to give your chainsaw a quick edge. Just mount the vise on a stump and clamp the saw in. The stump vise will hold the saw still while you sharpen the chain. Works great and saves time! 31425 - $14

Pull Cord
Per foot (cut to length, 20ft minimum) 15487 - 20¢ 100 foot reel 15486 - $16

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cHainsaw accessories

High-strength, low-stretch power tool starter cord

12” bar and chain Adjustable automatic oiler Side-access chain transfer Two guide bar studs

Echo Power Pruner PPT-265
In the early ‘90’s SherrillTree was the first outdoor power equipment supplier to introduce Technitool’s Power Pruner and today we’re proud to see it’s acceptance among most outdoor gardening professionals. If you haven’t already, put Echo’s chainsaw-on-a-stick to work for your crew and cut ladder shuffling and short climbing tasks out the everyday routine. Powered by Echo’s popular 25.4-cc 2-cycle engine, the Power Pruner sports a silky smooth-cutting, 12-inch bar to slice through beefy branches in the time it might otherwise take to retrieve a polesaw. The heavy-duty fiberglass pole extends from 7 to more than 12 feet to provide excellent reach both vertically and horizontally. From the ground this provides the average worker about 17 feet of vertical reach and from an aerial lift bucket, approximately 14 horizontal feet. With the Power Pruner’s durable and telescopic drive shaft, you can run the chainsaw anywhere between retracted to fully extended while realizing maximum engine torque. And finally, Power Pruner’s unique oil reservoir at the cutting head keeps the chain lubricated and the bar cool. NOT AVAILABLE IN CALIFORNIA 32363 - $539 Branch extractor for easy removal of troublesome branches 107” shaft (146” when extended)

Redesigned drive train for longer life

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

25.4 cc Power Boost Vortex Engine Carburetor; rotary with purge pump Pro-Fire® electronic ignition 16.9 ounce fuel capacity Standard bar length: 12 in 7.6 ounce bar oil capacity Automatic, adjustable chain oiling system Safe and easy chain tensioning system 8 ft 7 in. minimum tool length 12 ft 2 in. extended tool length (appx 17 ft reach) 5 ft additional extension / optional Dry weight: 17.4 pounds Warranty: 5 yr consumer, 1 yr commercial, 90-day rental

Ergonomically designed handle with rubber over-mold

Easy to grasp ergonomic handle with rubber over-mold for added comfort and improved handling

25.4cc Power Boost Vortex™ engine

5’ Extension 12” Bar Chain
33092 - $99.99 33091 - $19.99 91VXL44 - $9.95

A powerful, smooth-running 25.4cc Power Boost Vortex™ engine provides plenty of cutting power


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Echo chainsaws are built to tackle the toughest jobs tree workers have to throw at them. The CS-330T offers improved features, larger engine displacement, higher torque, and better balance–coupled with light product weight. Its powerful 32.6cc 2-stroke engine provides ample power to the 14” bar and chain. Superior balance, outstanding control, and vibration reduction technology make this Echo chainsaw a comfortable saw, but with power to perform the task required. Other features include flexible lanyard ring, automatic adjustable oiler, inertia-type safety chain brake, and heavy duty filter system to ensure long engine life and extended maintenance intervals. The CS-330T is backed by a full five year consumer warranty. NOT AVAILABLE IN CALIFORNIA 30986 - $249.95

Inertia type chain brake

Throttle lock-out

Easy access rear-mounted air filter Standard 14" bar and chain with tip included Tool-less, recessed fuel and oil caps Flexible lanyard ring Automatic adjustable oiler

32.6 cc Power Boost Vortex™ 2-stroke engine

Honda-Powered Portable Winch
Found yourself in a jam? Break out the most portable gas-powered winch around and set your problems free! Simply anchor the Portable Winch to a tree, truck, or other solid anchor and wrap any length of low stretch 3/8” to 1/2” arborist grade line to its capstan drum to realize up to 5,000 pounds of dependable pulling power! The 50-cc (2.5 hp), 4-cycle Honda engine powers a 3-stage 110:1 ratio gearbox that turns its capstan drum to about 40 feet per minute. Off of that an operator receives about 2,500 pounds of pulling force on single line. By adding a single pulley onto the targeted load and doubling the winch line an operator can produce the stated 5,000 pounds of pull at 20 feet per minute. To operate, simply start the engine on the ground and the capstan drum rotates, awaiting your line of choice. Next, anchor the Portable Winch by attaching its hooks to either a tree-wrapped polyester sling, or the optional Hitch Plate that’s quickly slipped over any 2” trailer-hitch ball. Then, merely wrap your tow line around the capstan drum and you’re ready to roll. Any length line can be used because nothing is accumulated on the capstan drum. When load is applied (by drawing tension on the line), the motorized device rises up and inline with anchor and load until you release tension to the line. It’s just that easy. The Portable Winch weighs 34 lbs.

Capstan/anchor side view

Capstan/line exit side view 32344 - $1,295 32346 - $27 32349 - $147

PCW-5000 Portable Winch™
Complete with hooks & 6’ anchor sling Hitch Plate option fits over ball hitch

Hitch Plate
For securing Portable Winch over common 2” ball hitch

Skidding Cone
Fits over logs and branch bundles up to 20” diameter to prevent jamming, 26.5-inchs long, withstands temperatures down to –22ºF.

Stainless Steel Double Sheave Pulley
Reeve a single and double pulley to produce three times mechanical advantage Also handy for turning corners or changing rope angles

15217 - $50

Protective Carrying Case
Skidding Cone option

32345 - $389

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Stainless Steel Single Sheave Pulley Attach to load and reeve line’s end back to winch to double the pulling power

15218 - $40

“The only can that lets me fill my chainsaw without spilling or overflowing.”

“The best EVER!”

“The most user friendly, precise pouring can on the market.”

No-Spill® Fuel Cans
We’re always on the lookout for quality products to make your job easier and safer. So, when No-Spill® fuel cans were recommended for their ease of use and rugged dependability by a Michigan based arborbuddy, we had to check them out. We found No-Spill® fuel cans all they were cracked up to be… safer, cleaner, faster and environmentally friendly. The No-Spill® spout is fully user controlled; insert the spout into the tank opening, tip vertically, then press the button to begin a controlled pouring action. When you’re ready to stop, simply release the button. No-Spill® fuel cans minimize overflows, especially on smaller equipment by putting instant “flood control” at your finger tip! They feature the fastest pouring spill-proof nozzle available featuring a pour rate of up to 3 gal/min (compared to other brands at 1.5 to 2.0 gal/min). The tapered 3/4” spout easily fits even smaller chainsaw and trimmer tanks. Semi-translucent can lets you easily see your fuel level for mixing and helps reduce overflows during refills. Thumb button locks securely for transportation and storage. No spare parts to assemble or keep up with between jobs either. Legal in all 50 states. SIZE 1-1/4 gallon COLOR Red Translucent Red Translucent Red 5 gallon Yellow Blue Translucent CODE 31100C 32505 31099C 32426 31192 32079 32425 32427 PRICE RED Gasoline YELLOW Diesel

Thumb button

Fuel stops pouring when level reaches translucent spout!

Stainless steel screen filter No-Spill® Fuel Cap 33007 - $9 3/4 in. spout easily fills the smallest tanks

2-1/2 gallon

$17.95 $13.95 $20.95 $15.95 $32.95 $32.95 $32.95 $22.95

Kerosene can BLUE Kerosene TRANSLUCENT Multipurpose*

* Transluscent version is not intended for petroleum products and therefore not subject to environmental or safety regulations required of colored cans.

Avoiding The Pinch
When cutting a stump it’s possible to pack the kerf with shavings in such a manner as to keep the weight above from pinching the bar. Simply cut using the top of the bar instead of the traditional bottom. Submitted by treebuzz.com founder Mark Chisholm.
• Semi-translucent body lets you monitor fuel level! • Wide stable base–designed to empty completely without tilting or shaking • Quart and liter markings molded in for easy reference • Fast 3 gal/min flow rate on patented No-Spill® nozzle Spin spout out of the way for better storage



Push button control for precise pouring


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For Stumpers, Chippers, Aerial Lifts, Tractors...
An increasing cost in many industries is ground restoration. AlturnaMATS minimize costs resulting from heavy vehicles moving over rough terrain or manicured lawns en route to work destinations. AlturnaMATS’ heavy-duty, half-inch-thick, 100 percent polyethylene mats support 60 tons of equipment, such as trucks, chippers, or stump grinders. Thick cleats on both sides are designed to eliminate slippage. Plywood tends to get waterlogged after a few uses, and employees are exposed to splinters. AlturnaMATS provide years of safe use and serve as an efficient system to get you to and from your worksite without tearing up landscaping. Newly available white AlturnaMATS reflect turf-baking sunlight to better help green grass rebound from extended use. Shipped by motor freight only. COLOR Black Black White White SIZE 3’ x 8’ 4’ x 8’ 3’ x 8’ 4’ x 8’ WEIGHT CODE PRICE

64 lbs. ALMB-3X8 86 lbs. ALMB-4X8 64 lbs. ALMW-3X8 86 lbs. ALMW-4X8

$184.95 $219.95 $194.95 $229.95

Call for Volume Pricing

AlturnaMATS accessories
A. Single Turn-A-Link 29563 - $3 Links two matts together end-to-end (as below) B. Double Turn-A-Link Links four matts corner-to-corner 29564 - $6

C. Handi-hook 29039 - $15.00 The easy way to drag matts around the yard!






WARNING: Black AlturnaMATS absorb UV heat, which can damage turf if left for extended periods of time. If anticpated as an issue, choose White!

On big jobs it’s not unusual for companies to quote with or without ground protection, illuminating the fact in advance that low bidders “may not leave such a good impression.”

6 year guarantee!


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gas cans & lawn protection

Hydraulic Chain Saw
Efficient, durable, smooth cutting, quiet, and safe, with a powerful, high torque gear motor (up to 6 hp). The compact design provides easy access within trees. Made with an electric insulated pole and inner hose plus a heat insulated handle with sculptured, full hand grip. Automatic chain oiler. Conversion to open or closed system on tool. Flow rate of 2,000 PSI @ 3-5 GPM. Weighs 9.5 lbs. Hoses required.

Chainsaw Tool Head Holder
Includes both head and handle holders with boom straps (fits Stanley style ADI) (fits Greenlee Fairmont style ADI) 14834 - $169 29597 - $195

7’4” Chainsaw

32177 - $1,499

Circular Saw
6’9” Circular Saw
wt 9.5 • Hoses required 32178 - $1,369 14825 - $65

Replacement Blade for Circular Saw

All long-handled hydraulic tools

14835 - $169 Includes both head and handle holders with boom straps

Hydraulic Circular Saw Holder for head

Hydraulic Loppers

These highly productive hydraulic loppers are powerful, durable and easy to operate. The cutting head swivels 360° on handle and the finger operated Hydraulic Pruning Tools trigger has a safety lock. Patented system eliminates springs, to ensure free oil A Division of TOL Incorporated flow with less heat. Conversion to open or closed system on tool. Steel hydraulic cylinders and hard chromed rods provide long life. Great service and parts backup! Weighs 8.6 lbs. Hoses required. standard lopper parrot lopper
EU1004 Edition 3


palm lopper

7’1” Standard Lopper 2” capacity 7’1” Parrot Lopper 2” capacity 7’1” Palm Lopper 4” palm capacity

32174 - $1,293 32175 - $1,293 32176 - $1,339

Lightweight Parrot Lopper
• Same features as above but weighing only 5.8 pounds • Hoses required

7’1” Parrot Lopper 2” capacity

32054 - $1,749

Lopper Tool Head Holder
Includes both head and handle holders with boom straps 14833 - $169

ADI 360° Swivel N-C Connector with 20” Hose
Allows tool to be twisted freely without kinking hoses. Includes 20” hoses for connecting to tool handle. Non-conductive hose. KIT01 - $224

8’ Non-conductive Hydraulic Hose
Heavy-duty coated hydraulic hose. Comes in a pair. 32179 - $96

Hydraulic Tool Handle Holder
Each heavy-duty boom mount tool holders offer safe, convenient storage for bucket truck tools. All head holders listed above and this handle holder are water repellent and UV resistant and designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Fits round or square booms and includes strap. A. Handle Holder For round handles For oval handles (ADI) 24259 - $74 31790 - $93


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1. Aerial Boom Strap with Ring
This belt fits round or square aerial lift booms with a cinch down, friction buckle. The belt has a no-slip liner and a moveable D-ring (5,000 lb. tensile) that can be positioned in the most appropriate spot. 14844 - $53

3. Deceleration Lanyard
The deceleration pad is made of overlapped flat nylon, stitched with nylon thread and sewn into a protective breakaway jacket. When an accidental fall occurs, the action of the breaking threads cushion the stop, without the extreme jolt of rope alone. After use in a life-saving situation, this lanyard should be properly disposed. Six feet long. 5,000 lb. tensile. 14838 - $71



2. Klein Fall-Arrest Harness
This harness has a single D-ring on the back, which can be easily adjusted for proper fit and function. The color contrasting shoulder and leg straps help you avoid getting tangled when putting the harness on. Leg straps feature tongue buckles with large grommets, for easy adjustment and secure buckle connection. Intended for fall arrest. 22080 - $99



Aerial Lift Bucket Liners and Bucket Replacements
A bucket liner is a polyethylene product that fits within the fiberglass bucket for damage protection and improved dielectric insulation. A liner should always be used when extended height is at levels of electrical lines. Liners are certified at 50kV in accordance with OSHA and ANSI standards and should be tested annually. Models fit Hi Ranger, Altec, Versalift, Lift-All, Teco, Asplundh, and more! For entire fiberglass bucket replacement, please call with lift type, year and model.

ITEM CODE (DIMENSIONS) BLNR-24X30X42 BLNR-24X24X39 BLNR-24X24X42 BLNR-24X48X42 BSP-24X30X42 BSP-24X24X39 BSP-24X24X42 BSP-24X48X42 BSPWS-24X30X42 BSPWS-24X24X39 BSPWS-24X24X42 BSPWS-24X48X42

PRICE $239.95 $269.95 $219.95 $309.95 $85.95 $69.95 $72.95 $106.95 $126.95 $114.95 $116.95 $140.95

Airomat Floor Padding
Airomat Floor Padding can be used with or without a bucket liner or skuff pad. This soft rubber grid reduces slipping, while keeping workers out of shallow water and muck. (Can be trimmed with good scissors) 24” x 24” mat 24” x 30” mat 24” x 48” mat 30246 - $52 30227 - $73 30228 - $99 Bucket Liner Scuff Pad



NOTICE: Use of a personal escape system takes special training and skills.

Keep your aerial bucket clean and dry with our waterproof nylon covers. May not cover controls on all brands. Deluxe cover - Stitched-in, rigid foam pad, adds support to keep water from pooling. for one man bucket for two man bucket 14831 - $106 31018 - $161 Standard Cover (Not shown) - Made of coated canvas nylon with elastic edge for a tight fit. for one man bucket for two man bucket 14832 - $83 30121 - $101

All accessories in the bag are designed for easy rope deployment with work gloves on. Kit includes 75’ of NFPA-certified BlueWater Hybrid personal EscapeLine, 52” Nomex rope protector, easy-to-use Camp Hercules aluminum snap hook for anchor end of line, HMS autolocking carabiner for attachment of descender to user, and Nomex pouch. 30768 - $219

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Basket Covers

Self-Rescue Kit

Outrigger Pads

Polyethylene outrigger pad: For jack-stands and outriggers of chippers, grinders and aerial lifts. 18” by 18” by 1”. 55,000 lb VWL 31645 - $104.95 24” by 24” by 1”. 60,000 lb VWL 31646 - $149.95 30” by 30” by 1”. 81,000 lb VWL 33491 - $239.95 (VWL = Vertical Weight Limit)

NEW! Outrigger pad with slip guard: For jack-stands and outriggers of chippers, grinders and small lifts. 18” by 18” by 1”. 55,000 lb VWL
33428 - $158

Rubber Wheel Chock
(Meets Z133.1 standard) 10” long, 8” wide and 6” tall. 9.15 lbs. slip guard 19862 - $17

Plastic Chainsaw Scabbard

Fiberglass Scabbard

Reinforced Fiberglass Scabbard

saw not included

saw not included

Aerial Tool Bucket
This bucket has pockets on each side for tools. Reinforced masonite bottom holds up to abuse. Made of #4 natural canvas duck cotton. Polymer bucket hooks included. 16”L x 6”W x 10”D Tool Bucket 14827 - $76 Polymer Hook 14836 - $11

This high-impact plastic scabbard keeps saws safely resting in your aerial bucket between uses. Hooks over the rim of your lift basket with slide-adjust design. Overall length is 32”; chamber opening is 6” x 2 3/4” 14828 - $153

This all fiberglass scabbard provides a tough pocket for all chainsaws. Fits most buckets with its spring brace, providing rigid stay pressure. Measures 30” overall with chamber opening of 6” x 3 1/4”. 14829 - $219

Same as “14829” but with cutting boardgrade, high density polyethylene liner that adds months, perhaps years to service life. 28754 - $255

Leather Arm Chaps
Arm Chaps provide workers like Kevin Hardy of Cutting Edge Tree Service a pretty impressive level of protection both on and off the ground. Just zip them on before those brutal brush-dragging tasks or tree hugging exercises and Shazam!—the pipes are spared a nasty beating. Oh, sure, it may feel a little strange wearing boots so close to your neck, but believe me, your mom (and your tat’s) will thank you! Made of premium leather, Arm Chaps are also effective against tiny dog bites, rubber bullets, and women with hairy legs. Not protective against chainsaw or other severe cutting actions. • • • • • Limited protection from handsaw cuts Excellent briar and scratch protection (gloves required) Protects shirt and coat sleeves from tearing Natural leather breathes in warm weather Provides thumb and wrist support Circumference of Palm (excluding thumb) Forearm XX-Small 7 1/2 - 8 8 1/2 - 9 1/2 X-Small 8 - 8 1/2 9 1/2 - 10 1/2 Small 8 1/2 - 9 10 1/2 - 11 1/2 Medium 9 - 9 1/2 11 1/2 - 12 1/2 Large 9 1/2 - 10 12 1/2 - 13 1/2 X-Large 10 - 10 1/2 13 1/2 - 14 1/2 XX-Large 10 1/2 - 11 14 1/2 - 15 1/2

ARMC (+ size) - $39

Chart measurements are in inches. Sizes shown in the chart are measured for a comfortably snug fit, and will stretch where tight. Please measure both hand & forearm Circumferences. If your “palm” and “forearm” measurement fall under

two different sizes in the table, then order the size that your “palm” indicates. The “palm” is the most important of the two measurements. Important: wearing a “Large” in gloves does NOT mean you wear a “Large” in Arm Chaps!!


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Spyderco Delica
The Spyderco Delica blade is a formulation of high-grade carbon and steel that holds a razor-sharp edge. Titanium Carbonitride is bonded to the steel for years of rust-free use, while providing a Rockwell hardness of RC-90. Note the Spyderco trademark thumb hole that allows the user to open the blade one-handed. The Zytel handle combines strength with light weight. Zytel is a nylon composite reinforced with 33% glass fiber. Patented “volcano grip” texture offers sure grip and maximum control, and is fashioned with a lanyard hole. (Closed length 4 in.) Delica w/ SpyderEdge blade Delica w/ plain edge blade 15856 - $69 15855 - $69

Spyderco Assist 1
I was blown away when I tried the rope cutting feature on 3/4" double braid; it sliced cleanly through with little pressure! The handle has a survival whistle that is high pitched enough to be heard great distances. A reinforced wire pocket clip screws onto either side for both left and right handers. A carbide breaker is exposed when the closed knife is squeezed and retracts when pressure is released. (Closed length 6 in.) Assist I w/ 30/70 SpyderEdge 30254 - $89

Spyderco Harpy
Harpy is designed for controlled pulling cuts. The hawkbill shape comes from the marine/commercial fishing industry where severing rope, line, webbing or netting is done at arm’s length, quickly and effectively. Dent in the locking lever allows for gripping the handle tightly without accidently unlocking the blade. Blade is hollow ground. (Closed length 4 in.) Harpy w/ Spyder-edge 30267 - $93

Spyderco Remote Release II
The Remote Release’s spring loaded shackle clip fastens to a carabiner, belt loop or ring and releases by pulling back on the textured release pin. The model permits releasing and one hand opening without having to rotate the knife in the hand. Kraton handle insets inhibit skidding in the hand. Lanyard hold for backup/secondary cord attachment. (Closed length 4 13/16 in.) Remote Release w/ SpyderEdge blade 31106 - $61

Kershaw Scallion
The Scallion offers simple, ergonomic design. It features a 2 ¼” partially serrated steel blade, SpeedSafe ambidextrous opening system, removable clip, and the tip safety lock system. (Closed length 3 1/2 in.) 31104 - $48

Kershaw Carabiner Multi-Tool
High-carbon stainless steel blade honed to Kershaw’s “shaving sharp” edge 6061-T6 (partially serrated) with thumb-hole pull, black anodized aircraft aluminum handle, flat and Phillips head screwdrivers, bottle opener and carabiner. Spring-loaded gate holds tool securely closed until released by user. Locking liner for safety. Clips to harness, gear bag or belt loop. (Closed length 4 1/8 in.) NOT TO BE USED AS A LOAD-BEARING DEVICE 31102 - $29.95

Small but mighty, “the Bug” is a lockback, mini-Spydie for your keychain or pocket. Made with the same high-quality materials as the rest of the Spyder line, including Spyder’s trademark thumb-hole. (Closed length 2 1/2 in.) SpyderBug w/plain edge blade 30255 - $35

Kershaw Leek
A well-balanced, bead-blasted stainless steel knife we selected due to its quality construction, materials and value. The Leek features the SpeedSafe ambidextrous opening system, removable/reversible pocket clip, partially serrated 440A steel blade and the tip safety lock system to prevent the blade from deploying while clipped into your pocket. (Closed length 4 in.) 31103 - $65

Kershaw Black Chive
A winner of Blade Magazine’s “American Made Knife of the Year” award, this all steel black on black knife is as sharp looking, as it is sharp. This great little knife features the SpeedSafe ambidextrous opening system, a removable clip, gift tin and the tip lock system to provide added security to ensure that the blade will not deploy while clipped into you pocket. (Closed length 2 7/8 in.) 31101 - $69

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Husqvarna Chainsaw Pants
According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there were more than 28,500 chain-saw injuries in 1999, with the average injury requiring more than 90 stitches and costing in excess of $12,000 for health care and lost wages. It’s likely that the majority of chain-saw injuries are to inexperienced users, but it’s believed that the most severe happen to professionals— those of us feeling quite comfortable with the biggest, most powerful of screaming power saws. Although a great many American saw users do not wear saw protection, I personally know a lot of pro-arborists who do (some having met or eye-witnessed someone injured) and who are long past the mind-hurdle that a $100 or hot legs is too much to pay for employees required to run different saws all week. Husqvarna chainsaw protective “summer pants” can be worn all day just like regular pants and are machine washable. The articulated knees reduce pull at the waist when bending and stooping, keeping the waist from dragging down excessively. Large, vented front and back pockets, as well as a cargo leg pocket, provide ample storage while the Caribou outer fabric is very durable, water-repellant, cool, and, of utmost importance—comfortable. Six layers of chainsaw protective material cover the front, sides, and calves while the backside is a fully breathable (non-saw-jamming) polyester fabric. Conforms to OSHA, ASTM F1897, ANSI Z133.1, and UL Classified. We suggest buying pants slightly loose and using suspenders. This popular wearing style among woodsmen greatly improves air circulation up through the waist, where heat tends to build. Buttons are inside for suspender use, and loops along the waist are for a belt. 32” Inseam Item # HCP-28-30-32 HCP-32-34-32 HCP-36-38-32 HCP-40-42-32 34” Inseam Item # HCP-28-30-34 HCP-32-34-34 HCP-36-38-34 HCP-40-42-34

5 2 6







Size Small Medium Large XLarge

Waist 28-30 in. 32-34 in. 36-38 in. 40-42 in.



$108 $108 $108 $108
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Elasticized waist band for broad fit range Zippered pockets keep chips out Articulated knees mean comfortable stooping Zippered for easy boot access Heavy-duty belt loop design 6. 7. 8. 9. Inside buttons for air circulating suspender use Cargo leg pocket for easy cell phone access Cool, breathable and water repellant Caribou fabric 6-layer chainsaw protection front, sides, calves

Suspenders available. Call our customer service department for details.

Premium Chainsaw Chaps
SherrillTree Premium Chaps are among the best chainsaw protection money can buy. Unlike many competitive chaps (marketed to occasional users) that are covered with light-duty, thin nylon, Sherrill’s professional-duty chaps are wrapped in the latest Cordura Plus for durability and long-term wear. Sherrill’s chaps are assembled using heavy-gauge nylon thread and high-quality compression snaps and closures. One note about saw-jamming protection: washing is required. It’s not unusual to see an operator wearing heavily soiled, thin, almost leather-looking chaps that have never been near water and detergent. Bar oil, dirt, sweat, and grit can cause matting of the chain-stopping fibers within chaps and reduce their effectiveness. Regular (monthly with regular use) cleaning and drying according to manufacturer’s recommendations keep the material fluffed and prepared to function. If it’s simply the rough and tumbled look you’re after, consider something less to do with personal safety. Chaps are orange. All lengths fit up to 48" waists, with easily adjusted belt. Lengths measure from top to bottom: OUTSEAM means outside leg measurement. Regular Chaps Medium (32" OUTSEAM) Large (36" OUTSEAM) X-Large (40" OUTSEAM) Chaps with Lower Leg Wrap-Around Medium (32" OUTSEAM) Large (36" OUTSEAM) X-Large (40" OUTSEAM) 2X-Large (44" OUTSEAM) PCHPL-M - $80 PCHPL-L - $80 PCHPL-XL - $83 PCHPL-XXL - $88 Regular chaps PCHP-M - $69 PCHP-L - $69 PCHP-XL - $75

Chaps with lower leg wrap-around

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personal protection eQuipment

ANSI Z133.1 • 2006 (3.4.8) states that: “Chainsaw-resistant leg protection SHALL BE worn while operating a chainsaw during ground operations.”

Arborwear - Looking the Part
It’s not enough these days to show up for work with just talent and skill. Your customers have legitimate perceptions about professionalism that are based heavily on appearance. Perhaps even you have chosen a contractor based on professional appearance versus one dressed for lounging around the house. How many restaurants or retail stores have you visited lately where the employees dress in dank t-shirts and holey jeans? Arborwear is not just about a sharp, professional look for your working crew, but also about function. Each product was designed specifically for durability in the face of adversity on the jobsite. Arborwear is a brand that covers your back during adverse conditions and keeps you looking great in the process!

Arborwear Cap Old Growth T-Shirt
Steel (shown) Small MeDium Large X-Large Rust AWGTS-RS-S - $15 Small MeDium AWGTS-RS-M - $15 Large AWGTS-RS-L - $15 X-Large AWGTS-RS-XL - $15 AWGTS-ST-S - $15 AWGTS-ST-M - $15 AWGTS-ST-L - $15 AWGTS-ST-XL - $15 Vintage climber cap. BLACK (shown) CRANBERRY KHAKI AWVCAP-BK - $15 AWVCAP-CR - $15 AWVCAP-KH - $15

Arborwear Hat
You guessed it: no skimping on quality here! BlacK KhaKi AWCAP-BK - $15 AWCAP-KH - $15 Cranberry (shown) AWCAP-CR - $15


Saw & Ax T-Shirt
Rust (shown) AWSATS-RS-S - $15 Small MeDium AWSATS-RS-M - $15 Large AWSATS-RS-L - $15 X-Large AWSATS-RS-XL - $15 Steel AWSATS-ST-S - $15 Small MeDium AWSATS-ST-M - $15 Large AWSATS-ST-L - $15 X-Large AWSATS-ST-XL - $15




Arborwear Single Thick Sweatshirts
Arborwear took the same great fabric and design features of their double-thick pullover sweatshirt and pared down the weight by removing the inner layer of fleece. This single-thick, 12 ounce, 100 percent pre-shrunk cotton-fleece wonder is sure to serve you well on those slightly less chilly days. In addition to gusseted armpits and snap closures at the neck, an oversized hood fits comfortably over your hard hat. Available in S, M, L, XL, XXL. GREY NAVY BLUE GREEN AWSTS-GR (+ size) - $59 AWSTS-NV (+ size) - $59 AWSTS-GN (+ size) - $59

Arborwear Double Thick Sweatshirts
Designed for maximum warmth and rugged durability. Considered by new buyers as “the mother of all sweatshirts”, Arborwear delivers this cozy shell with 2 layers of 100% preshrunk cotton fleece, with gusseted armpits for greater freedom of movement and an oversized hood for helmet coverage. The neck has snap closures in lieu of a drawstring because, as the designers point out “who wants a string around their neck when operating our machinery?” These preshrunk sweatshirts are true to their size, so if you prefer a baggy sweatshirt, you may consider ordering a size larger than you would a regular sweatshirt. Available in S, M, L, XL, XXL. GREY NAVY BLUE GREEN AWDTS-GR (+ size) - $79 AWDTS-NV (+ size) - $79 AWDTS-GN (+ size) - $79

Arborwear T-Shirt
Great quality, great look. Sizes run a little large. Small MeDium Large X-Large AWTS-S - $15 AWTS-M - $15 AWTS-L - $15 AWTS-XL - $15


Order toll-free

Arborwear Original Tree Climber’s Pant
• Beefy, 12.5 oz. 100% cotton canvas (lightweight pants made with 10 oz. twill, perfect for summer) prewashed for comfort and to minimize residual shrinkage. • Gusseted crotch for added comfort in the nether regions, while offering maximum freedom of movement. • Roomy fit through the seat and thighs for freedom of movement, but streamlined at the bottoms to prevent snags and hang-ups. • Double-reinforced thigh patches. • Signature utility pocket on the right thigh designed to hold a chainsaw wrench (but holds a cell phone just as well). Available in even sizes only. BROWN DENIM DIESEL MOSS DRIFTWOOD AWOP-BR (+ size) - $49 AWOP-JN (+ size) - $45 AWOP-DL (+ size) - $49 AWOP-MO (+ size) - $49 AWOP-DW (+ size) - $49 Brown DENIM DIESEL

Arborwear Tech Pant
Tech Pants are the next generation in tough, treeworking leg protection. Made of moisture-wicking and anti-UV-treated nylon, Tech Pants are significantly more tear resistant than denim or cotton and are designed to wick sweat away from the body instead of “holding it against you”. Tech Pants have cargo pockets on the thighs for ample storage, even while wearing a climbing harness! Tech Pants have Arborwear’s signature gusseted crotch and articulated knees for improved freedom of movement and have pocket flaps to keep saw chips out and valuables in. Available in even sizes only. DRIFTWOOD AWTP-DW (+ size) - $77 FOREST GREEN AWTP-FR (+ size) - $77 DRIFTWOOD FOREST GREEN

Arborwear Belts
Simple and effective, the Arborwear belt is infinitely resizable and made of heavyweight nylon. 46” in length. BLACK AWBELT-BK - $8 AWBELT-SP - $8



Helmet Insulation HALO Head Bands
Very simply the most functional headband known to working man! Halo headbands utilize Angelic technology to move the sweat that normally flows into your eyes and magically direct it down the sides of your face. Okay, I made up the “Angelic” part, but the Halo gutter that directs sweat to the sides of your face really works, and the Dryline® fabric evaporates moisture incredibly fast! A. SOLAR Bandana B. Bandana C. Headband 32420 - $24 31554 - $23 31553 - $14 C A B

Arctic Helmet Liner 15667 - $11

A patented water-tight gutter directs sweat away from eyes

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Quilted Helmet Liner 15769 - $6.50

Vertex Vent
16.8 ounces. White VVH-WH

Vertex Best
16.8 oz. EH rated. White VBTH-WH

Yellow VVH-YL

Yellow VBTH-YL

Orange VVH-OR

Orange VBTH-OR



Black VVH-BK




Petzl Vertex
Petzl’s raised the bar once again with this impressive redesign of the popular Ecrin series. The Vertex is available in two models with highly adjustable suspension systems, including the ability to fit the helmet high or low on the head (1) as well as position the chinstrap forward or back and wider around the ears. The suspension has also been modified to allow the back section of the suspension to pivot which helps minimize distortion. Both versions feature a polycarbonate shell designed to withstand significant impact from above (meeting EN397 and EN12492 standards) at temperatures down to -30ºC (-22ºF). Both feature a slot design with clearance over the ears to accept muff-type ear protection (below) with or without a face shield. The comfortable suspension system is adjustable by a newly designed, single thumbwheel from 53 to 63 cm (2), and has an integrated chinstrap designed to decrease the risk of helmet loss in case of impact during a fall (breaking strength of more than 50 daN, EN12492 mountaineering helmet standard). 16.4 oz. VERTEX VENT - Five ventilation holes on each side can be closed with two sliding shutters (3). Certification: ANSI Z89.1 - 2003 type I class C and CE EN12492. VERTEX BEST - Solid shell meets ANSI electrical hazards standard. Certification: Z89.1- 2003 type I class E, and CE.




Forestry Visor and Muff
(helmet sold separately) SET50N - $59

“I am totally satisfied with the experience of shopping, ordering and using products from Sherrill. You have a good company, an obvious desire to do everything possible to gain the customer’s loyalty, and a fair price for value. I especially like the fact that you seem willing to strive to carry high-quality products which is comforting when your life depends on it.” Brian Bourne USDA Forest Service Vienna, IL


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Petzl Ecrin Roc Helmets
For lightweight comfort and protection, it’s hard to top the Ecrin Roc Helmet. Aside from comfort, the Ecrin provides an expanded line of sight thanks to its unique brimless design, an important feature to workers who spend a lot of time looking up. The Ecrin helmet comes with a fully adjustable suspension system and comfortable and integrated chinstrap. Certification: CE, UIAA White 15.7 ounces Red 15.7 ounces ERH-WH - $94.95 ERH-RD - $94.95

Petzl Elios
Features a single adjustment wheel in back, adjustable chinstrap and thermoformed outer shell providing lightness, protection, and comfort. Exterior hooks accommodate Petzl headlamp. Weight 12 oz. Certification: CE, UIAA. Does not meet ANSI. Size 1 fits 48-56cm. Size 2 fits 53-61cm. SIZE 1 White Blue SIZE 2 White Blue EHS2-WH - $65.95 EHS2-BL - $65.95 EHS1-WH - $65.95 EHS1-BL - $65.95

Muff, Visor & Brackets
Fits only Ecrin Roc. 10 ounces (complete set) SET50 - $85

Kask Work and Work Viz Helmets
“What’s ya gray matter worth?”
There was a time when the only helmet available over 80 dollars was found on the football field. Today there’s hardly a bike shop around (okay, reputable bike shop) that stocks helmets under a hundred bucks. So why is it that those of us who not only wear a helmet daily but actually test its function on a regular basis seem surprised when a good and comfortable work helmet approaches that same mark? Well don’t freak out now… Plasma work helmets were designed for professional applications. They are lightweight, tough, and quite comfortable. Every helmet contains ten aluminum-grilled air vents that provide efficient cooling and ventilation while blocking debris entry. The rubberized wheel for headband size adjustment is easy to use even while wearing gloves. The high-density ABS plastic outer shell is designed to withstand significant impact from above or from the side and meets the CE EN 397 and CE EN 12492 standards. The high-density polystyrene inner shell has ducts, allowing for natural air flow and heat cycling. Inner padding consists of two pieces—a soft polyethelene headband and disc, both of which are removable and washable. The liner is made of anti-allergic, moisture-absorbent, odor-resistant fabric. The chin strap is designed with four fasten points in order to decrease the risk of helmet loss from impact in case of a fall (breaking strength more than 50 decanewtons, or 112.4 pounds; CE EN 12492 mountaineering helmet standard). Its safety release system allows for quick fastening and unfastening. Soft polyethylene side retractors regulate length of the straps. The red-colored ring on one of the straps is provided for fastening the helmet to a harness. The lamp-carrying clips, made from sturdy nylon 6.6, are compatible with most strap-type headlamps. WARNING - Plasma work helmets do not meet requirements of the ANSI Z89.1-2009 standards regarding electrical insulation. They are Type I, Class C helmets designed to provide crown (top) impact protection. These helmets are not intended to provide protection from lateral (side) impacts. Class C stands for “conductive,” and this class is not intended to provide protection from electrical conductors and is not tested for electrical resistance. Specifications: Outer shell - ABS plastic Inner lining - fully washable Weight - 380g /0.84 lb (visor and ear muffs are not included) Note: Kask helmets available in Europe may not meet ANSI standards for impact or have muff brackets and other features found in helmets sold at SherrillTree.

Plasma Work
White Yellow Orange Red KASKPW-WH - $125.95 KASKPW-YL - $125.95 KASKPW-OR - $125.95 KASKPW-RD - $125.95

Plasma Work High-Visibility
White KASKHV-WH - $139.95 Yellow KASKHV-YL - $139.95 Red KASKHV-RD - $139.95

Screened ventilation

Superior padding

Accessory attachment points built in

Kask Clear Visor Kask Smoke Visor 33431 - $49.95 33432 - $59.95 Lamp strap Easy adjustment Ring for fastening helmet to saddle





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Rockman Helmets
Great Fit! Great Protection! Great Value!

Rockman’s Premium Forestry Helmet

Forestry Helmet
Orange White Yellow Red Green ROCF-OR - $29.95 ROCF-WH - $29.95 ROCF-YL - $29.95 ROCF-RD - $29.95 ROCF-GR - $29.95 Constructed of ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene thermoplastic), Rockman has produced this highly impact resistant yet lightweight shell (only 360 grams) that is secondly reinforced against incredible side impacts. ANSI and CE approved, the Rockman design includes a rain trough that protects from even continuous flow of rainwater. For better vision, especially when you need to look up, the visor has been shortened compared to other forestry designs. For ventilation, there are twenty 3-millimeter hole-lets at the top of the shell which offer better airflow than those positioned at the sides of a helmet. Rockman’s 6-point suspension provides a comfortable fit while sporting an easy dial-and-lock adjustment that keeps the skull-conforming headband coolly on your head, even in rough activity. A low nape strap is incorporated to prevent movement and shifting of the helmet, while an optional quad-point chinstrap keeps the helmet in place even while upside down. A sweatband made of non-allergenic fleece is also provided to prevent sweat from getting into your eyes. Certification: ANSI Z89.1, Class C. Sold as complete set (pictured), chinstrap not included. 33490 - $79.95

Dielectric Helmet
Yellow White Red ROCD-YL - $29.95 ROCD-WH - $29.95 ROCD-RD - $29.95

Rockman Helmet Accessories
• Six-point textile suspension • Standard four-point chin strap included • Solid and comfortable • ABS construction and energy-absorbing shape • Meets related ANSI standards and is CE certified • Comes in both dielectric and forestry versions • Offered in a variety of colors • Adaptable to include accessories such as visors, ear muffs, and more. See more on these helmets and their specs at sherrilltree.com. 2 5 3 4 1 6

1. 6-Point Adjustable Ratcheting Suspension 33249 - $14 2. Visor Carrier 33247 - $14

3. Visor Carrier
For use with ear muffs 33246 - $14

5. Ear Muffs
24 dB NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) 33250 - $27

4. Chinstrap 33245 - $14

6. Nylon Mesh Visor 33248 - $16

Lift and Drop
This drawing illustrates the ease at which heavy tasks can be managed by one or few workers utilizing block & tackle. With just a little rigging, our awesome “Arbor-girl” takes on the might of several men and is enabled to first lift and then control this widow maker safely to the ground. Although she’s utilizing an HMS-style carabiner as lowering line’s friction managment, I would recommend something beefier for heavier stuff like a medium Portawrap. Please, exercise extreme caution whenever rigging within a tree. Make sure that what you’re rigging from is ample enough in strength to withstand an accidental shock load. Never secure yourself in to the same crotch you’re rigging from and always have ground personel within earshot to help if things don’t go as planned.


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Peltor Lumberjack™ Helmet
Certification: ANSI Z89.1, Class C


BUY 10


Peltor Helmets
Certification: ANSI Z89.1, Class G, EC Custom logo imprinting available with purchase of 100 or more helmets. Green. 15.2 ounces Orange. 15.2 ounces White. 15.2 ounces PHEL-GN - $14 PHEL-OR - $14 PHEL-WH - $14

Peltor’s top of the line forestry helmet long ago set the standard for comfort and safety during chainsaw operations. Several power equipment manufacturers adopted the LumberJack into their own safety line up, some stamping it with their own brand. The LumberJack sports a fold down screen that keeps sawdust from spackling the wearers face while allowing air to exchange freely. The shield also includes a patented visor sealing skirt to keep what dust is raining down, raining elsewhere. Chainsaw, chipper and stump grinder manufacturers require operators to wear separate and approved eye protection (glasses) so the face shield on LumberJack is only designed for minimal impact protection. The LumberJack ear muffs are rated to 24 decibels, providing wearers with extremely good sound buffering, and fold easily up out of the way when not desired. Heavy-duty yet lightweight, the LumberJack solution provides users excellent comfort and protection for a long list of tree care duties. With muffs and face shield. 22.4 ounces. 15773 - $49.95

Forestry Muff and Visor
For Peltor helmets directly above. Not for wide-brim helmets. 9.6 ounces. SET50K - $65

Peltor Helmet Accessories
4 1


Pacific Helmets with Kevlar® Shell
Little needs to be said about the quality of life preceding a serious and unprotected head blow, except perhaps ... that some people choose to put their money (near) where their mouth is. Helmet wearers in many facets of work and rescue are discovering the value of Pacific’s super-strong helmets. Kevlar helmets have long been standard issue in the military for strength-to-weight ratios and have now found their way into the industrial sector (and who said war was all bad?). Pacific helmets have dial-ratchet adjustment on 6-point suspension, along with a unique and comfortable 3-point chin strap system. Ear muff brackets now standard equipment on our brimmed model (29479).

5 3

1. Replacement ratcheting suspension only
6 point. 15859 - $11

4. Folding, nylon mesh face shield
Requires ear muffs. 15876 - $12

2. Muff hygiene kit
Foam filled cushions and dampers. 15818 - $11

5. Ear muffs only
6.4 ounces 23 dB NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) 15820 - $28

3. Chin strap only 15691 - $5

Brimmed Helmet
Certification: ANSI Z89.1, Class C Yellow (shown). 19.2 ounces. White. 19.2 ounces. Orange. 19.2 ounces.

inside Pacific helmet

Wide-Brim Helmet
Certification: ANSI Z89.1, Class G, EC Does not support muffs or face shield. 6-point suspension. 17.6 ounces. Yellow White PWBH-YL - $17 PWBH-WH - $17

WBH-YL - $105 WBH-WH - $105 WBH-OR - $105

Ratcheting Head Band (no ribbon) 30316 - $22

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GoPro Helmet HERO (wide angle lens) Cameras
Hiking, biking, motorsports, skiing, jumping, riding, sliding, flying, surfing, tree work …? The world’s smallest helmet or vehiclemountable wireless, wide lens video and still cameras are fast becoming an action favorite, and HERO is the name to watch. This quick-to-attach or release micro marvel fits helmets of all styles for incredible footage and sound of your most harrowing moves … and removes. Document damage, decay, or just work performed for customers, or record do’s and don’ts for training the crew—the world’s your oyster. Family and friends simply won’t believe what they’ve been missing until you’ve streamed them an e-mail of your favorite summer vocation. Both cameras shoot video or stills and even automatic photos at 2-, 5-, 10-, 30-, and 60-second intervals, hands free. Press the shutter button once at the start of your activity and record up to 2.5 hours of poster-print quality photos. Included with each camera are mounts for attaching to three helmets and two pieces of gear or vehicles, as well as a head strap allowing you to wear the camera like a headlamp (one of which is a lace-through, strap-mount designed for vented helmets). Additional accessories online at SherrillTree.com.

Helmet NOT included HD Helmet HERO Professional quality, full highdefinition video and stills with rechargeable lithium-ion battery (includes charger), waterproof housing to 180 ft 33350 - $299 SD Helmet HERO Standard-definition videos and stills, waterproof housing to 100 ft. Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included). 33351 - $199 Price includes all accessories shown here

Fire Fox Voice-Activated Throat Mics
(for two-way radios)

Finally, a communication system as versatile and hard working as you! The Fire Fox throat mic was recommended by arborist Joe Cornell of Virginia because, as he says, “It’s a great system for workers needing to communicate among climbers or even operators of equipment like cranes, aerial lifts, skid loaders, or dump trucks. Get this—you can even talk while running a chain saw!” And ask Joe about the value: “Come on, Tobe, you can’t find good pair of iPod headphones for a hundred bucks!” The Fire Fox mic simply plugs into most handheld walkie-talkies (not included) and has a voice-activated talk feature, meaning when you talk, audio clearly transmits from your throat alone, instead of from whoever or whatever is blabbering in the background. Only one Fire Fox mic is required to communicate through one walkie-talkie to others. Both of the rugged and weather-resistant units shown have wire Two-way long enough to go from the throat mic to your waist-belt walkie-talkie, as radios well as a push-to-talk button for muting remotely. NOT included

Vanquish - This deluxe system includes our newest-generation throat mic transponder; a pair of electronic earbuds; a push-to-talk button; and a reusable carrying case. 31990 - $99

Trek - This economy unit includes firstgeneration throat mic, a plastic sound tube for listening (instead of electronic earphones), and a push-to-talk button. 31989 - $57

Perfect for new-hires or temporary labor, this kit is an effective and inexpensive way to get your employees started with PPE. Kit contains Liberty White helmet (ANSI Z89.1), Boas eye protection (ANSI Z87), ERB reusable ear plugs, pair of work gloves and reflective safety vest. 33357 - $19.95


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Petzl Tikka Head Lamp
Tikka is one of the lightest weight and most compact headlamp that Petzl produces and one of the hottest new products available in gadget land. On the job site, this little, yet powerful light is great for locating tools during cleanup for those who work until the sun goes down. Even more practical are its uses around the house. Working under the sink, or below your truck, are just a couple of examples where the Tikka provides you light when you need to keep your hands free. This lamp has 150 hours of burn time, utilizes a bright-white LED bulb and only requires 3 AAA batteries to make it shine. The elastic band is durable and can be worn over a helmet, and also on your forehead, comfortably. (weight- 70 grams with batteries which are included). 27583 - $28.95

Cool Rag
I first got slapped with one of these by my seven-year old at a summer soccer game. Man, was I impressed. It was pushing 95 degrees here in the South and without a lick of breeze. I was stunned at how cold this stupid, wet rag was and how dead my kid was about to be. It was just about then that I grabbed his “Cool Whip” and promptly revised his desire to retrieve this arctic-like belly cooler the rest of the afternoon. Man, are workers gonna love this one! High-tech PVA polymer cloth is extremely absorbent, soaking up several times its weight in water and has waffle texture on one side for fast cooling and a smooth surface on the other for wiping. Machine-washable, chamois-like material can be tied around the head or worn around the neck. Dimensions 13 by 33 inches. 32080 - $17

Terrycloth Helmet Sweatbands
If the sweatband in your helmet looks like something the cat draged in, then consider a set of our washable headbands. These terrycloth bands fit most safety helmets, are washable, and provide unsurpassed sweat absorption while helping to comfortably hold helmet in place. Set of 5 28965 - $19

E•A•R Muffs
The E•A•R earmuffs offer high protection at a low price. The lightweight design of these muffs, along with their 27 dB NRR, make them an ideal choice for hearing protection. Soft, wide cushions provide even pressure. The earcup openings are large and fit most ear sizes. The E•A•R earmuffs also have a vertical adjustment system for quick and easy fitting. Blue. 30217 - $11




Fox 40 Whistle
The Fox 40 is perhaps the most advanced whistle in the world. The unique patented design has no moving parts and can easily generate an ear-piercing 115 decibels! One quick blow clears the sound chamber of water or loose dirt for powerful, clear sound. Used worldwide by lifeguards, military, search and rescue, law enforcement, tree climbers, groundsworkers, etc. Save your vocal cords the stress of getting someone’s attention, with a FOX. Black 15877 - $9 Orange 15878 - $9

Peltor Muffs
Top quality hearing protection from makers of the finest logging safety gear in the industry. Adjustable and tough steel headband with comfortable, padded top. 24 dB NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) muffs with interchangeable, and hygienically safe ear covers. Orange. 15821 - $23




Rescue Joe Training Dummy by Estex
Rescue Joe is designed for training in aerial rescue. Although most-popular among fire and rescue services, Joe has an equally important place within mid-sized tree and utility services. This 6-foot duck canvas mannequin has zip-up pockets for stuffing plastic pellets (not included) to approximate the weight and bulk of an unconscious human in need of rescue. Stitched-in loops, back and front, provide full support to most rescue needs or provide anchorage to fasten additional safety harness wear. All compartments are easily accessible through large, zippered openings, designed to hold proper weighted fill material (plastic pellets are best). 15843 - $479

Classic™ Soft E•A•R Plugs
Classic E•A•R Plugs are proven performers among professionals. The moisture resistant PVC foam doesn’t get squishy with sweat and better conforms to the ear canal than the more commonly used, Polyurethane plugs. Classic E•A•R Plugs are laboratory tested to NRR 29! 15711 - $11 Loose Plugs (50 pair) Loose Plugs (200 pair) 15710 - $34 String attached (50 pair) 15714 - $19 String attached (200 pair) 15712 - $58

personal protection eQuipment
Caboflex banded plugs were so often asked for by name that we had to make them available to our customers. Users keep them comfortably resting around the neck until needed. Use is convenient and the fit is extremely comfortable. Simply slip the soft tips into your ears with the band under your chin, behind or on top of your head. Replaceable, non-irritating pod keeps cost down. Tested to NRR 20. Caboflex banded plugs 15709 - $7.50

Helmet Seater
This simple wire rack fits over the front or back of most seat types to keep head protection within easy reach and off the dirty floorboard. No installation required. Bends to fit most any hardhat. 31733 - $14




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Boas and Superbs Safety Glasses
These outstanding glasses are a far cry from the grungy woodshop goggles from junior high! The Boas and Superbs provide great protection, without sacrificing style. The Superbs are similar to the Boas but have an extra flare on the bottom of the lenses. The cool, lightweight polycarbonate frames fit just about everybody, and the wraparound design fits snugly for total optical protection. Both glasses meet the ANSI requirements and are inexpensive. Boas and Superbs are the safety glasses to own!



blue tinted 21829 - $8

mirrored 26607 - $8

clear 24498 - $6

mirrored 26608 - $8

mirrored 25087 - $8

tinted 26671 - $8

tinted 21830 - $6

clear 26609 - $6

amber 22300 - $6

BUY 12


Premium eyewear with light-sensing lenses
Why spend money on various pairs of clear and tinted safety glasses when one toughlooking, top quality pair could suffice? Smartlens eyewear changes from clear to 78 percent darkened within as little as 35 seconds from shade to sunlight. Smartlens are top-quality photochromic eye protection that meets ANSI Z80.1 and Z80.3 impact and traffic requirements while being 99.9 percent UV absorbent! Durable frames with tough carbon fiber pattern include self-adjusting nose pads that support scratch-resistant, hard-coat light-sensing polycarbonate and fog-resistant lenses. Spring-hinges made of magnesium alloy support tough-duty temple arms that provide a snug fit on head sizes from narrow to wide. Impress customers with the most advanced eye protection on the arborist circuit! 32125 - $58

SmartLens eyewear changes in seconds!

Tired of having your glasses snatched off of your head by twigs or having to look between saw chips and sweat droplets? Bugz have a steel mesh lens that doesn’t fog or collect moisture, but circulates air to keep eyes dry and comfortable. Adjustable, elastic strap holds padded goggles safely in place. Do not meet ANSI standards. 15682 - $22

Lexas are simply one of the best choices of eye protection for today’s working grunt. Safety glasses are a dime a dozen these days, but few provide the anti-fog, scratch resistance, and UV protection for the price of Lexas! Unique, wraparound lenses provide needed coverage against twig and chip intrusion, while adjustable ear pieces make each pair a perfect fit for climbing arborists and ground crews. Working into the night? Just pop off the ear and nose piece and install a clear lens within seconds. From trade show to trade show, we have tree workers ask for Lexas by name. Fit your crew with the best for less from Sherrill! Other eyewear steams up the minute you go into action, scratches at the sight of dirt, or attracts dust and wood chips like a magnet, but not these. Lexas have the longest-lasting anti-fog coating on the market and an anti-scratch surface that is 15 times tougher than most other lenses. Their antistatic coating repels irritating dust particles.

Bugz Classicx

With Double-Pane Lenses

Bugz don’t look like, feel like, or work like goggles. Lightweight like sunglasses (2 ounces), yet they protect the eyes as only goggles can. The unique double lens system, with an outer polycarbonate lens for impact protection and an inner lens of fog-resistant laminated polycarbonate for additional protection, ensures they don’t fog up. The air trapped between the lenses helps to reduce the temperature differential, like thermopane windows. The Bugz unique vent design directs the airflow across the lenses without eye irritation. Fit and feel are excellent. The patented frame matches the bone structure of the face. Nose bridge and straps are adjustable. Do not meet ANSI standards. 31319 - $56

Clear Lexa 22021 - $11


BUY 10


Tinted Lexa 22022 - $11


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Global Vision Safety Glasses
Global Vision polycarbonate lenses are shatterproof! They provide superior protection from flying objects like bugs, sawdust, and gravel that could shatter a regular lens, causing eye injury or even blindness. These safety glasses are made to high-quality specifications in order to pass the standards set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). They must pass six different tests for optical quality plus three different tests for impact resistance (including a test that shoots a 1/4 inch steel ball at over 100 mph that only leaves a dimple on the lens). All Global Vision lenses contain UV400 filters for maximum protection from harmful UV rays. Plus, the contoured fit eliminates light from all directions (including sides). Driving south while the sun rises in the east will never be a problem again!


31622 - $4

High Bridge

31624 - $5

Apex (Reader Glasses)

31621 - $8


31620 - $5


31618 - $9

Full Moon Clear

31617 - $4


31625 - $3

Digital Camo

33398 - $8

black frame/smoke anti-fog lens 33198 - $13.95 black frame/clear anti-fog lens camo frame/smoke lens 33197 - $13.95 33199 - $12.95

camo frame/smoke polarized lens 33200 - $29.95 ANSI compliant

black frame/smoke lens black frame/silver mirror lens 33194 - $16.95 33195 - $16.95 black frame/polarized gradient lens 33196 - $29.95

Accessories F

A. Glasses Retainers: Where was this grand idea when I nearly lost an ear from that shade-stealing willow oak I tussled with recently? Retainer clip releases under reasonable pressure to keep your frames from breaking and head from aching. red black tan 31518 - $5 31516 - $5 31715 - $5 B. Chums Retractable Tether was made for keys and such, but I find it quite handy for keeping the bite valve on my CamelBak (page 76) close by. Not load rated. 31515 - $4 C. The Visor Clip clips on thin to thick sun visors to keep your valuable glasses off the lens-scratching dashboard. 31519 - $3 D. The Chums Bottle Ring keeps a firm grip on a wide range of soda and water bottles but not enough for tree climbing, and, yes, I found that out the hard way. 31520 - $4 E. Chums’ Glasses-Cleaning Chamois Cloth stuffs into its own sewn-on case (with snap), keeping it clean and dry for the climb ahead. 31517 - $5

personal protection eQuipment


F. Lens Defogger and Scratch Remover: It couldn’t be any easier to prevent fogging and remove scratches from your glasses! Just apply one drop to the lens and rub with a paper towel. 5oz. bottle. 21932 - $5 G. Get-A-Grip keeps a power-hold on gloves, hats, or other valuables you want to keep within reach. w/ carabiner w/strap 31662 - $6 31663 - $6

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Tree Climbing and Tool Handling Gloves
You’ll wonder where they’ve been all these years. I believe these are what Ugly Gloves (opposite page) were modeled after, and, as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.” These thick cotton/polyester knit gloves are dipped into a thick latex and then textured to enhance gripping power when wet. These gloves are available in summer or winter weight. Summerweight gloves come in either blue or gray latex. The winter gloves feature a thermal lining to keep your hands warm, and BUY 12 come in gray latex. NEW! Kevlar, cut-resistant Atlas gloves. All SAVE gloves are available in S, M, L, 10% and XL. Atlas FIT Blue Atlas FIT Gray Atlas Therma FIT Atlas Kevlar FIT ASUMG-BL (+ size) - $4 ASUMG-GR (+ size) - $5 AWING (+ size) - $7 AKEVG (+ size) - $12

Atlas FIT® Gray

Atlas FIT® Blue

Atlas Therma FIT®

Mark Chisholm
Two-time ITCC champion

Generally speaking, latex-coated gloves are best while tree climbing for a non-slip grip on rope, while all other gloves are better for duties where ropes might be running.

Atlas Kevlar FIT™

Tautline vs Blake’s Hitch



Both of these hitches are very popular among tree climbers as the adjustment point for the doubled rope technique (DdRT). These hitches allow climbers to adjust the circle of rope that keeps them secured between tree and harness. The Tautline has an irritating tendency to bind up, requiring the user to stop and loosen it for proper operation. This hitch also tends to “unroll” or “feed line,” which is why a stopper knot tied in the tail, is a must. Although the Blake’s hitch shows little tendency to unroll, it’s still recommended that a stopper knot be tied. Once tied, dressed and set, the Blake’s hitch remains stable throughout a climb, making it a clear improvement over the Tautline.

Atlas Air-infused Nirtile 380™
Atlas’s new air-infused, nitrile palm coating outperforms even leather ounce for ounce, while the stretchy thin fabric affords excellent breathability to the back of your hands. This coating is not only tougher but slightly thinner than traditional coatings to provide even better dexterity for tool-handling workers and climbers. Gloves are available in S, M, L, and XL AAIRN (+ size) - $7.95


Order toll-free

A. Petzl Cordex Gloves
Cordex gloves are made of soft yet tough cowhide and feature Velcro wristbands with a carabiner hole for saddle-side storage. Backed with mesh fabric panels for sweat evaporation. Gloves are available in S, M, L, and XL. PCG (+ size) - $29.95

B. Tree Climbing and Tool Handling Gloves
Customer Jim Clark reports that, unlike other hand protection, “Uglies” give him the fingertip sensitivity to perform tasks like working with ascenders or opening and closing carabiners, dialing his cell phone, or spinning off a bar nut. Jim raves about the fact that Uglies provide a spiderlike grip to climbing lines “EVEN WHEN WET! On hot days, Uglies’ mesh back stays cool by allowing evaporation from the backs of my hands.” One size fits all. 15761 1-9 pairs 10-19 pairs 20-49 pairs


$3 ea. $2.15 ea. $1.70 ea.

Metolius Belay Gloves
Perfect fit and heavy-duty construction have vaulted Metolius gloves to the forefront of groundwork. Made from the finest cowhide leather, with double-layer construction in high-wear zones and triple-stitched. For quick application, they have Velcro closures on back and a bar-tacked loop for carabiner clip-in. Gloves are available in S, M, L, and XL BELG (+ size) - $34.95

C. Work and Rope Running Gloves
Simply the best imported work gloves that we could find. Split cowhide palm and fingers, with breathable cotton back. 2" elastic, snugger cuff for added protection. Extra protection around finger-tips. Stitched with Kevlar for lasting durability! Fits M-XL. 15758 - $8





To get an idea of what size glove you need:
1. Place your right hand on the page with the small red dot positioned in the space between your thumb and index finger as shown. 2. See where the right side of your hand falls, and note the size range you’re in.




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SafeZone Tree Signs
Durability, strength, and reliability that surpass any other folding sign available, SafeZone signs are portable, heavy-duty, and built to last. Fold up the flag and mounting stand and store it in just over one cubic foot of space. The strong steel base folds out flat, for maximum traction in the worst wind and weather. Not the cheapest version of signage available but certainly one of the most professional, and, in many cases, a required tool for municipal jobs. Weight 22 lbs, 45 second set-up time. 48” Sign and Stand 36” Sign and Stand 48” Replacement Sign 36” Replacement Sign Replacement Stand SET100 - $230 SET101 - $220 16452 - $72 15846 - $63 15857 - $159

Tree Work Ahead Sign
This portable high-impact sign folds into a neat 4” by 12” by 24” unit for quick storage behind your vehicle seat. Plugs on both panels allow ballast of up to 6 pounds of sand to be added to the sign, for a barricade that resists blow-over in breezy conditions. High-vis yellow stand with reflective background for evening hours. 15850 - $64.95

Premium Safety Cones
Protect your work area with our tough, plastic safety cones. If your operation doesn’t use safety cones already, perhaps you should take advantage of our super prices and put a few to work. 18” 28” 36” SCON-18 - $10 SCON-28 - $16 SCON-36 - $21




Tear-Away Safety Vest
Working in close proximity to heavy traffic while feeding a brush chipper is hazardous activity (for details please refer to your owners manual). Designed with chipper operators in mind, this all new high-visibility vest is built with a unique and potentially life-saving feature. ANSI Class 2. Lime Regular (fits M-XL) ZIPRV-LM - $27 Jumbo (fits 2-4XL) ZIPJV-LM - $31 Orange Regular (fits M-XL) ZIPRV-OR - $27 Jumbo (fits 2-4XL) ZIPJV-OR - $31

High-Visibility Safety Vests




Whisk-it™ Safe-tee Shirts
These ANSI 107 - compliant t-shirts are available with or without reflective striping. Exclusive wicking treatment, Whisk-it™, is especially engineered to open up sealed yarn fibers, creating dynamic moisture transport to rapidly expel perspiration. Available in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL (include size with code). Lime (no stripe) shown ANSI 107 compliant but without striping WSKST-LM (+ size) - $14 Orange (no stripe) WSKST-OR (+ size) - $14

Fluorescent orange mesh vest is clearly visible to passersby and vehicle traffic, minimizing risk of injury on the work site. Features Velcro closure and ties. Orange (2 stripe) ANSI class 1 One size fits all. HVSVC1-OR - $16 Lime Green (2 stripe) ANSI class 1 One size fits all. HVSVC1-LM - $16

(3 stripe) ANSI class 2 Available in M, L, XL Lime HVSVC2-LM (+ size) - $17 Orange HVSVC2-OR (+ size) - $17

Orange (3 stripe) ANSI class 2 WSK2 (+ size) - $23

(4 stripe) ANSI class 3 Available in M, L, XL Lime HVSVC3-LM (+ size) - $25 Orange HVSVC3-OR (+ size) - $25 Vest only increases safety; it does not assure it.

Lime (3 stripe) Poly blend with front pocket. ANSI class 3 WSK3 (+ size) - $27


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The Better Bow
Why is it better? Because it really works. This personal favorite catalog tip is helpful for those shoe laces that just can’t seem to stay tied. Simply take an extra turn around the bow and pull tight. You can thank me later!

Traffic Flag
Fluorescent orange mesh flag is mounted to a hardwood dowel. Held by hand or inserted into chipper flag holders, this rigid flag will hold up to abuse. Mesh material withstands high winds. Dimensions 18” x 18” flag, BUY 5 on 3/4” by 24” dowel. 15731 - $6

Stop/Slow Sign
This paddle-style sign stores easily behind truck seat or within utility box until needed. Metal handle has comfortable foam grip and doesn’t transfer cold to hands. May be adapted to wooden pole if necessary. 15849 - $23

Outdoorsman Skin Products




Tree Preservation Zone Tape
3" wide by 300' long. Yellow tape (non-sticking surface) with black writing. 1 Roll 31636 - $8

Killer Tree Tape
This safety flagging tape comes in handy for, or around, trees slated for removal as a warning to passersby. 1-1/2" wide by 150' long. Red tape (non-sticking surface) with black writing. 15802 1-4 5+ Rolls

Poison Oak-N-Ivy Cleanser
Tecnu® actually “unlocks” the poison oil of sumac, oak, and ivy plants from the cells of your skin, if applied within 20 minutes after exposure. No other product does that! Tecnu® also removes poison oils from clothing and equipment. single packs 12 oz. bottle 32 oz. bottle 15795 - $6 15794 - $11 15796 - $17



First-Aid Kit
Include this custom designed, metal encased first-aid kit in your crew’s vehicle for emergencies and day-to-day minor cuts and scrapes. Everything is included to meet requirements for a 10-man crew. Adhesive Strips, 3/4" x 3" Alcohol Prep Pads Bandage, Elastic, 2” Blanket, Aluminized Rescue CPR Barrier, Uni-Guard Forceps Gauze Pads, 4" x 4" Scissors Tourniquet Gloves, Disposable Latex Gauze, Stretch, 2" x 5 yd. Pad, Combine, 8" x 10" Pen, Permanent Marker Record-Keeping Form Splint, Wire Triangular Bandages Physician’s Approval Emergency Phone Number Card 100 Diphenhydramine Tablets (Generic Benadryl) 1 Tape, Adhesive, 1/2" x 5 yd. 16 10 1 2 1 1 4 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 15727 - $68

Clearly Cala-Gel
An antihistamine formula that relieves all major symptoms of poison plant dermatitis, insect bites and stings, and other skin irritations. The clear, menthol, antiseptic gel leaves an invisible anti-itch shield. 6 oz. 15692 - $6

Corticool™ Anti-Itch Gel
This is a good thing to carry in your bag of tricks. Provides immediate soothing and menthol cooling. Works for hours to provide relief from rashes, poison oak and ivy, and insect bites! 1.5 oz. tube 15733 - $6

Ivy Block®
IvyBlock® lotion is the only product that is FDA approved, clinically tested, and proven effective against poison ivy, oak and sumac rash when applied before exposure. Apply IvyBlock® 15 minutes before threat of exposure. 4 oz. bottle 22058 - $17

Oral Ivy
When you visit the doctor for poison ivy shots, he attempts to build up your immunity by using extract of the plant. That’s how your body stimulates its own natural defenses. Three to four drops of Oral Ivy in a small glass of water or juice daily for two weeks prior to exposure, and continued throughout the season, will help your body fight off the poisonous effects of the plant. 1 oz. glass bottle 15824 - $19

Saddle-Side First-Aid Kit
Comes equipped with blood-stopper bandages intended to stop blood flow of a severe cut until a climber can get to the ground. Contents can be reconfigured with the help of just about any first-aid station to better reflect potential needs. 5" x 3.5" x 1" 28212 - $21

10-Hour Insect Repellent
With 100% active ingredient, it only takes one application to protect crews from irritating insects for up to 10 hours. Repels deer ticks, mosquitoes, chiggers, and gnats with the most effective repellent known to man. 2 oz. atomizer pump 15792 - $6

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personal protection eQuipment

SherrillTree is proud to offer a full line of tree cabling and bracing materials to fit a process with almost as many variables as trees have leaves! We don’t share the belief that one solution fits every tree any more than we believe every tree needs this solution. Practitioners of cabling and bracing should have at least a fundamental understanding of engineering and a thorough understanding of trees before practicing this advanced, tree-altering skill. Bracing is performed almost exclusively on trees that have experienced failure or show signs of cracking. For open, vertical cracks in crotches, it is imperative that split portions be pulled together (above the split, using a come-along) before installing bracing hardware. Although the technique is not always aesthetically welcomed, it’s been found that a final brace just above the crotch has substantial holding power. Braced crotches usually require taut cabling in the canopy above to minimize movement stress to the newly installed hardware below. In certain situations, experts may recommend a dynamic system be installed about two-thirds the distance between the crotch and limb’s tip and that a static cable be installed Bracing just above the crotch midway between the dynamic cable and crotch. Guying is performed to lend support to vertically challenged trees. Perhaps the most common scenario follows the planting of young balled-and-burlapped (B&B) trees, but guying is also required for mature tree transplants. Another common situation is near newly cut foundations or sidewalks, where significant root mass has been severed from one or more sides of previously wellestablished trees. Guying systems are recommended to be attached approximately halfway up the subject tree. Either non-invasive synthetic systems (without shock absorbers)

A lot has changed since the last publicly funded tree cabling research was performed in the United States (in 1935 by Robert Thompson of the National Park Service). We now have a better understanding of tree mechanics and access to significantly improved materials for restraint. The information that follows introduces materials and then provides some guidance in selecting products that best meet your customers’ needs. or steel wire solutions—or a combination of the two—can be utilized, but if vandalism is a risk, it is suggested that the lowest 10 feet be steel. Cabling is performed to lend supplemental support to tree parts at elevated risk of failure. Not that any alteration or manmade design can make a living tree “safe,” but the process can mitigate hazards if practiced wisely. Cabling is not designed to hold trees together; rather, it limits excessive stress movement during ice or wind loading events that might start cracks that lead to greater failure. Systems can also be installed to limit potentially massive limb failures by shifting a limb’s bending moment out toward the tip. It is recommended that cabling be installed two-thirds the distance above the targeted crotch and limb’s tip to take advantage of leverage without having to anchor to small or weak branches. It is recommended that installers emphasize to customers that cabling is merely a supplement to its natural Static (steel) cabling stress defense. Many installers have customers sign a wavier for cabling work that outlines such limitations and details the ANSI A300 standard (see page 170) recommending annual inspection of this artificial solution within their growing plant. (All cable and bracing systems and hardware offered by SherrillTree meet ANSI A300 standards.)

Courtesy Tom Smiley, Bartlett Tree Lab



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Courtesy Tom Smiley, Bartlett Tree Lab

Dynamic vs. Static - When deciding between a Dynamic (shock-absorbing) and a Static (non-elastic) cabling system, the following generally accepted criteria are helpful– Dynamic systems are recommended for– • Horizontal installations between limbs of young to middle-aged trees with sound crotches (no included growth) • Species known for poor compartmentalization of wounds • Trees with leggy structure determined to experience significant flexibility to wind and ice • Hollow limbs where drilling is likely to accelerate decay or not provide sound anchorage for invasive hardware Static cables are recommended for– • Horizontal installations between limbs of young to middle-aged trees • Species known for good compartmentalization of wounds • Stout, tapered trees known to have limited movement in wind and ice • Crotches with included bark • Situations requiring minimal movement (above bracing) • Vertical support of horizontal limbs

Cabling Costs

(not including tool investment) Commonly available utility-grade guy strand (steel wire) is the least expensive material you can offer customers for tree cabling. At 37¢ per foot it’s about half the cost of synthetic rope. Cobra® generally costs an additional 15¢ per foot for cost of materials yet requires only half of the labor time to install. TreeSave® is about the same as Cobra® unless installing “non-invasively,” whereupon the slings raise material costs to just over double that of steel wire.

Dynamic Cabling candidate

Static Cabling candidate

These terms and descriptions are associated with materials we offer for this highly specialized craft.
Dynamic - This refers to cable materials with measurable elasticity, capable of absorbing shock loads associated with branches flailing in windy weather against manmade restraint. When used in conjunction with invasive anchors such as J-lags or eye bolts, dynamic cable increases the holding power by dampening load impact. Generally speaking, the leggier the tree (long, slowly tapering limbs), the more elastic the system can be. Dynamic systems include Cobra® and TreeSave®. Static - This refers to cabling materials that have little to no elasticity, making them ideal for taut installations where crotch-stressing limb movement must be minimized. Non-elastic, static cables deliver incredible shock load to attached mass when subjected to dynamic forces and therefore require higher tensile strengths than elastic solutions. This effect is the reason flatbed trucks use load binders to keep cargo from shifting and the reason it is imperative that cables are installed taut to limit wind-induced momentum between limbs. Static systems include steel-wire and superhigh-strength ropes. Non-invasive - This refers to cabling termination techniques that do not require wounding or otherwise implanting hardware inside the living tissue of supported tree parts. Non-invasive systems include Cobra® systems and TreeSave® slings. Invasive - This refers to cabling and bracing techniques that require drilling to implant anchor hardware (usually steel) inside the plant. Invasive systems include threaded rod, J-lags, eye bolts, and RIGGUY wire stops.
Non-invasive cabling

Invasive cabling evidence

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cabling guying bracing


Dynamic Non-Invasive Tree Cable
Made in Germany

“Good timber does not grow with ease; the stronger the breeze, the stronger the trees.”
J. Willard Marriott

• • • • • • • • •

Meets ANSI A300 standard, CE certified UV protected Shock-absorbing Non-girdling, self adjusting Simple to install, easy to learn Non-metallic, nonconductive, non-reflective Lightweight (average system under 8 lbs.) Consistent tensile strength throughout, no weak link! Requires no damage to healthy wood

Tethering tree limbs together to withstand the forces of nature (wind and ice) is a complex issue. The fact that living trees build their own defense against stress by piling wood fiber onto vulnerable areas leaves little argument that artificially overstiffening such areas can cause growing trees to become “lazy on the job.” It was this simple fact that brought European tree experts, plant physiologists, and aeronautic engineers together in the early 90’s to develop an improved tree cabling system that took every tree’s natural defenses into account. Although several reasons exist for cabling, two primary reasons were of greatest concern to arborists: repairing damage after failure and installing supplemental support to avoid failure. The latter issue is what inspired the development of dynamic cabling systems. The idea behind Cobra® is to allow trees to continue their path of self-support while providing a supplemental solution in times of greatest stress because heightened stress is what causes most trees to crack or fail. And, indeed, trees are known to put up with a lot of stress; just ask an arborist who’s witnessed a severe icing event. Sure, trees crumble—often predictably—but most of us are amazed at the profound flexibility and strength of green wood. A tree whose branch tips are touching the ground one day can completely rebound within hours of melting temperatures. In essence, dynamic, low-tension support is designed to work with the tree’s natural and growing defenses, unlike certain static installations that overnight can turn a branch’s tension wood into compression wood and vice versa. Today, with nearly a decade and a half behind the Cobra® philosophy, it is clear that the solution is valid. Dynamically cabled trees from Hong Kong to Sydney are not falling and indeed have been recorded to carry trees through wind events that shattered static-cabled neighbors! Learn more about tree cabling by joining your regional chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), or, for more information on Cobra®, look SherrillTree.com up on the Web and search the word “Cobra.”

No cable

Static too tight

Dynamic too low

Cobra® is ideal as supplemental support for vigorous-growing codominant stems with sound crotches. Unlike invasive static solutions, Cobra® reduces the karate effect associated with leggy branches flopping against restraint in gusting winds.


Dynamic systems must be installed without tension to provide shock absorbancy when needed most. ANSI A300 states that cabling be installed 2/3 the distance between the targeted crotch and limb’s tip.



German engineers illustrate that providing elastic restraint before excessive movement can control even large stems.

The bending motion of trees in high wind proves that static wires are poorly compatible with flexible green wood.

Non-invasive cabling systems cradle branches and stems to provide gentle, dynamic support during inclement weather.

As the tree grows in diameter, Cobra® self-adjusts to avoid girdling while having no effect on the system’s overall length. If the system comes under moderate tension, adjustment will take effect during wind oscillation.


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Cobra® shock absorbers don’t require lubricant

Cobra® Mini
(1,322 lb. tensile)
For ornamental and fruit trees. Includes 100m (328ft) Cobra rope, 12m anti-abrasion hose, 20 expansion inserts, 10 shock absorbers, 40 end caps. 7 lbs. Material enough for 10+ systems (@$26.50 ea.) 10491 - $265

North American Tree Monitoring Program
For all supplemental support, lightning protection, bracing and now guying installations! We’ll notify and remind the landowner on schedule!
NATMP is a program to inform property owners that their tree support or lightening protection system(s) require inspection. The program has minimal cost, provides long-term awareness of cabled trees and reminds the property owners of their responsibility to seek periodic inspections. When cabling, guying, or lightening protection is chosen for growing trees, a system of monitoring is recommended to watch for potential problems such as ingrowing branches, signs of stress transfer, broken or fatiguing hardware, etc. Failure to monitor such systems can lead to irreversible damage. NATMP works as follows: your installer fills out a form with detailed information about that particular job, has the customer sign it, and leaves the customer a copy. The form details the importance of monitoring tree cable installations and presents a reasonable fee ($10 US) required to keep them in our registry. If paid by them (or you) and returned to us, we will mail a letter to their address (Attn: Property Owner) on year 1, 3, 6, and 9 for monitoring and year, 12 for adjustment or possible relocation. At the twelfth year the program can be renewed, or cancelled, depending on the property owner’s choice (our file information is preserved). Your company’s name and number will be included in the scheduled notifications. Pad of 100 (duplicate) NATMP forms 27868 - $10






60, 80 & 100cm

Cobra® 2-ton and 4-ton PLUS
With interchangable componentry!
In 2006, the ZTV (European tree care standard) was revised based on a multitude of new research from a considerably active arboricultural community. One part of the ZTV standard, addressing popular new dynamic cabling systems, required that manufactured materials retain advertised tensile strength for a minimum of 8 years. Although already within this guideline, the makers of Cobra took the opportunity to beef up their product to 12 years, and, while at it, altered the 2-ton components to be interchangeable with 4-ton! 2-ton PLUS for stems up to 15.5 in. at crotch. CASE includes 100m (328 ft.) Cobra® rope, 20m anti-abrasion hose, 30 expansion inserts (60, 80 & 100cm), 15 shock absorbers, 30 end caps. CASE - enough for 15 systems (@ $53.27 ea.) 20 lbs. 31300 - $799 Trial Case - enough for 5 systems (@ $79.88 ea.) 8 lbs. 31299 - $399 4-ton PLUS for stems up to 23.5 in. at crotch. CASE includes 50m (164 ft.) Cobra® rope, 12m anti-abrasion hose, 10 expansion inserts (100cm), 5 shock absorbers, 12 end caps. CASE- enough for 5 systems (@ $113.80 ea.) 20 lbs. 31301 - $569

Ask for a few NATMP free sample forms (item #278682) with any cabling order!

Tree Tag Inspection Record
Provide your customers with a visual reminder that artificial systems require periodic inspection. Thickly laminated (gray) 4” X 6” card with write-on surface (one side). Tags and aluminum nails (pack of 10) 28423 - $20

30 cm = 1 ft.

“SherrillTree has been providing custom built spray rigs to our company for over 5 years and the quality and workmanship is above all others. This allows us to provide superior service to our clients.” Dane Buell Director of GTC, Safety and Training SavATree Bedford Hills, NY

Cobra® 8-ton PLUS
8-ton PLUS for stems up to 30 in. at crotch. Includes 30m (98 ft.) Cobra rope, 12m anti-abrasion hose, 6 expansion inserts (100cm), 3 shock absorbers, 6 end caps. CASE - enough for 3 systems (@ $299.67 ea.) 20 lbs. Cobra 2-ton PLUS length / min. qty. 31586 - $899

Replacement items A. Rope B. Rope end caps (ea.) C. Anti-abrasion hose D. Shock absorber (ea.) E. Expansion Inserts (each)

Cobra 4-ton PLUS length / min. qty.

Cobra 8-ton PLUS length / min. qty. 30m 31589 - $429 31590 - $6.50 12m 31595 - $178 31587 - $73 100cm 31588 - $16.50

100m 31290 - $249 50m 31304 - $239 10495 - $3 12m B10494 - $73 10497 - $27 60cm 31291 - $6 80cm 31292 - $6.50 100cm 10486 - $7

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dynamic / non-invasive cabling

Seven-strand, left-hand lay, corrosion-resistant, utility-grade steel cable has long been the staple of tree cabling in the US. A process first practiced in the early 1900’s, this method of cabling remains largely unchanged from it original format. Steel cabling is performed within tree canopies as a method of securing tree parts to one another as supplemental support to resist ice loads and wind forces, yet can provide no guarantee to save, hold together or especially reverse defective growing trends for the tree. Common-grade cable is malleable so that it can be spliced by hand (self-wrapped around a thimble) while extra-high-strength cable (EHS) is stronger but significantly stiffer and cannot be hand-spliced. EHS is required when utilizing Rigguy wire stops. For all such connections, it is imperative that a heavy-duty thimble is used in all eye splices to reduce the chance of abrasion failure. For anchoring cable ends, we recommend eye bolts installed completely through the target branch with a washer under the nut. Some companies have abandoned use of J-lags all together due to their minimal holding power, especially in potentially hollow limbs. Although many arborists believe that static cabling systems are the answer to all structural flaws requiring supplemental support, we would encourage practictioners to closely examine the longterm goals the customer anticipates for any cable installation and learn more about dynamic options. In other words, are customers informed that artificial restraint requires periodic inspection (as outlined in the ANSI A300 standard)? This is why SherrillTree developed the NATMP program (see page 149), to notify property owners of due inspections.

Why use Rigguy wire stops?
• Strong & secure • Lightweight & compact • Eliminates j-lags, eye bolts & thimbles • Simple to install, easy to learn • Allows cabling between very close stems • Consistent tensile strength throughout • Needs hole only 1/16” larger than cable
This unique cable termination simplifies the installation process for 7-strand EHS cables by eliminating the need for lags and bolts. Simply drill through the tree, feed the EHS cable through the hole, and terminate the wire’s end with the simple Rigguy wire-end stopper. Wire Stops

Courtesy Tom Smiley, Bartlett Tree Lab






Extra High Strength Cable
7-strand, Left Hand Lay (cannot be hand spliced)

DIA. LENGTH TENSILE 3/16" 1/4" 5/16" 3/8" 250' 250' 200' 150' 3,990 lbs. 6,650 lbs. 11,200 lbs. 15,400 lbs. 28499 - $69 14985 - $74 28932 - $93 28933 - $99


Common Grade Cable
7-strand, Left Hand Lay (hand spliceable)

DIA. LENGTH TENSILE 1/8" 3/16" 1/4" 5/16" 3/8" 250' 250' 250' 250' 250' 600 lbs. 1,150 lbs. 1,900 lbs. 3,200 lbs. 4,200 lbs. 28579 - $75 28578 - $69 14981 - $69 14984 - $99 14983 - $119

A. B. C. D.

for 3/8”-5/16” EHS Large Protective Cap for 1/4”-3/16” EHS Small Pr otective Cap

31609 - $14 31610 - $1 31611 - $14 31612 - $1

Cable Hub E. for 1/4”-3/8” products 31613 - $19


Wire Dispensers
1. Heavy-Duty Dispenser - made of steel with wing-nut closure arm. 21905 - $96


Wedge Grip by Preformed
2. Felco F-C16 wire cutter Cutting capacity 5/8”, length 23” 32411 - $421

(for EHS Cable)
From the inventors of the Preformed Dead-End Grip comes this heavy-duty remake of a centuriesold technique for buttoning a wire’s end. The Wedge Grip uses tension and a mechanical wedge to grip 7-strand guy wire. The differences in the Wedge Grip and RIGGUY brand version are material and mechanics. The Wedge Grip is made of steel instead of aluminum, and, mechanically, the Wedge Grip user does not have to splay the wires apart to install but rather lays the unaltered wire in the wedge’s channel, then the wedge is pulled into a cone-shaped steel cylinder that is said to deliver 100% of the wire’s rated tensile strength. A screw-on cap initiates pressure to keep the wire from slipping between loads. It’s a very nice system. The Wedge Grip consists of four parts: the outer cylinder and cap, plus two halves of the wedge. The wedges come in four different sizes depending on cable diameter, while the outer cylinder and cap come in one size only. At this time, parts cannot be purchased separately. Size 3/16" WGAS-3/16 - $29 WGAS-1/4 - $29 WGAS-5/16 - $29 WGAS-3/8 - $29


2. Chinese Coat Hanger - Light-duty, disposable after one use. Wire basket keeps cable spool neat. 14989 - $11

Size 1/4" Size 5/16" Size 3/8"


Order toll-free

Dead-End Splices

COLOR SIZE Red Yellow Black Orange 3/16" 1/4" 5/16" 3/8" 15004 15003 15006 15005




Havens Grip
The Havens Grip quickly attaches mid-span to cable with vise-like grip and can be easily advanced. For use on 1/8" to 1/2" EHS or common grade wire. 15007 - $93

$3.50 $4.00 $7.00 $10.00

$3.25 $3.70 $6.50 $9.35

$3.00 $3.50 $6.05 $8.80

Chicago Grip Heavy-Duty Thimbles
SIZE 1/4" 15021 - 35¢ 5/16" 15023 - 45¢ 3/8" 15022 - 65¢ Important: ANSI requires that heavy-duty thimbles be used in tree cabling systems

Light-Duty Thimbles

SIZE 3/16" 1/4" 5/16" 3/8" 28066 - 25¢ 15024 - 30¢ 15026 - 45¢ 15025 - 45¢

Works similar to the Havens Grip but has long flat grip plate that’s gentler on coated cable or wire rope. 1/4” to 1/2”capacity. 33421 - $245

Rigging Ring
This super-duty 3-inch steel ring can be integrated into cabling systems as the hub of multi-legged configuration. 30,000 lb. tensile steel ring 16004 - $12

Not for use in tree cabling systems

10/5 10/20


13/11 Cable Only (longer sizes available)

(Dynamic) TreeSave®
TreeSave is produced by Samson Rope Manufacturing exclusively for SherrillTree customers in search of a hybrid dynamic system compatible with invasive or non-invasive projects. This product was conceived for the American market based on similar European systems but with a few unique twists: TreeSave has a built-in dampening core and can be easily spliced into J-lags and eye bolts. By replacing static steel cable with TreeSave, anchor hardware and the tree alike receive significantly reduced shock-loading impact during wind events. That’s right, if you’ve experienced lags being ripped out of wood during storms, then you might recognize the value in introducing cushion into the system. TreeSave is available with non-invasive slings for those jobs with trees known for poor compartmentalization of wounds. Now that’s innovation. TreeSave is easy to splice, requiring no heavy cable cutters, pliers, or even gloves. Simply remove a few feet of the shock-absorbing core material from the rope’s end; feed the rope through your eye bolt or sling eye; and then splice the rope back into itself over a common thimble. For increased elasticity we offer an Add-On Damper with about 250 pounds of tension and a foot or so of extension. TreeSave cable comes in two materials: polyester and Spectra, and in two sizes: 10 and 13mm. Strength specifications are TreeSave 10/5 is for trees measuring up to 15.5 inches at the targeted branch connection; TreeSave 13/11 for crotches up to 23.5 inches, and TreeSave 10/20 for crotches up to 30 inches.

TreeSave® 10/5 (10mm, 2.5-ton) crotches up to 15.5" TreeSave® 10/5 (10mm, 2.5-ton) crotches up to 15.5” TreeSave® 13/11 (13mm, 5.5-ton) crotches up to 23.5" TreeSave® Plus 10/20 (10mm Spectra, 10-ton) to 30"

150 ft. (12 lbs.) 328 ft. (22 lbs.) 150 ft. (15 lbs.) 150 ft. (10 lbs.)

27601 - $135 27602 - $265 27603 - $179 28596 - $399



A. Non-Invasive Support Slings with Anti-Abrasion Cover
A technique made popular by European arborists, eye slings provide ample strength to steel or synthetic cables. Wide, flat, UV-protected material cradle support area minimizes pressure, while anti-friction material eliminates rub abrasion. OPTIONAL strap is necessary when no crotch is convenient (average requirement 1 per 3 installations). LIMB DIA. MIN-MAX 3"-7" 4"-12" 4"-17" 4"-22" 4"-22" 4"-27" SLING LENGTH 3' 5' 7' 9' 9' 11' SLING WIDTH 2" 2" 2" 2" 3" 3" TENSILE STRENGTH 32,000 32,000 32,000 32,000 48,000 48,000 WLL 6,400 6,400 6,400 6,400 9,600 9,600 TSLG2-3 - $22 TSLG2-5 - $28 TSLG2-7 - $37 TSLG2-9 - $44 TSLG3-9 - $65 TSLG3-11 - $74

TreeSave® 10/5 Kit
(splicing fid included) This all-in-one kit contains everything needed to add supplemental support with a strength-training element to long and leggy hardwood tree limbs with sound crotches up to 15.5 inches at the target limb’s base. The unique, bronze “capture-thimble” allows for future length adjustment, especially for installations replacing old steel installments where tension should be released over a few seasons. Length adjustment may also be necessary to avoid cable dependence for other reasons such as excessive fruit weight fluctuation. 150 ft. of 2.5 ton shock-absorbing cable, 8 galvanized and 8 adjuster rope thimbles, 6 (5/8") and 10 (1/2") J-lags. Enough for 8 connections. 27628 - $279

the tree when no convenient crotch exists. 4"-20" Reverse-threaded friction buckle allows 4"-27" strap to enlarge as tree grows.

B. Self-Adjusting Strap LIMB DIA. Used to hold the chafe guard against MIN-MAX

SLING SLING LENGTH WIDTH 60" 120" 1" 1" 28667 - $7 28668 - $9

For 10 mm lines For 13 mm lines

TreeSave® Splicing Fid 15456 - $19 15458 - $20

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tree cabling / guying

to short runs or flexible trees and can be used to take “droop” out of loose, but necessary spans.

Add-On Damper Provides shock absorbancy

Provides 11" stretch @ 250 lbs. for 10-13 mm lines 27598 - $30 Provides 16" stretch @ 350 lbs. for 13-16 mm lines 27599 - $41

Storm repair and tree restoration products from SherrillTree
National Coarse-Thread Eye Nuts
(for through-bolt cabling)

ECHO Gas-Powered Drill
Portable, lightweight, and powerful!
ECHO drills incorporate heavy-duty gear reduction for power and control, transistorized electronic ignition for easy start, and thick rubber handles for sure grip. The drill’s chuck holds up to a 1/2" drill shank. Take production to a new level with ECHO! Drill with Reverse Gear, 21.2 engine, 8.8 lbs. 20:1 gear case and exclusive reverse gear, 1/2" chuck NOT AVAILABLE IN CALIFORNIA 10679 - $419.95

DIAMETER THREAD 1/2" 13 thread 5/8" 11 thread

15001 - $7.00 15002 - $7.50

5-FOOT-LONG Timber Bit!!
Got an aging patient to stitch up? This bit can resurface through most of your biggest jobs! This is the longest bit currently in production. Go slowly, clean the hole regularly, and be sensitive to binding. 13/16” by 60” long, 24” flute (for 3/4” rods) 11/16" by 60" long, 24" flute (for 5/8" rods) 13/16" by 40" long, 1/2” shank wih 3 flats, 36" flute (for 3/4" rods) Extension 24” (for use with 7/8" bit or larger) 32508 - $206 30216 - $119 32094 - $157 30396 - $33

National Coarse-Thread Nuts, Hardened Washers, (grade 8) and Rod
DIAMETER 1/2" 5/8" LENGTH 6' 6' TENSILE 10,000 16,000 NUT 15017 - 45¢ 15018 - 55¢ WASHER 15034 - 20¢ 15033 - 35¢ ROD 15027 - $14 15028 - $18

Lag-Thread Nuts, Hardened Washers, (grade 8) and Rod
DIAMETER 1/2" 5/8" 3/4" LENGTH 6' 6' 6' TENSILE 13,000 19,000 29,000 NUT 19518 - $4 19519 - $5 19520 - $5 WASHER 15034 - 20¢ 15033 - 35¢ 19523 - 75¢ ROD 19513 - $39 19514 - $46 19517 - $53

Power Ship Auger Bits for power drills 9/16" dia. by 29" long, 24" flute (for 1/2" rods) 14964 - $61 11/16" dia. by 29" long, 24" flute (for 5/8" rods) 15019 - $63

Auger Bits for power drills (choose bit 1/16" smaller than your J-lags) 7/16" dia. by 8" long, 6" flute (for 1/2" J-lags) 9/16" dia. by 8" long, 6" flute (for 5/8" J-lags) 14971 - $26 14972 - $26


DIA./LENGTH 1/4" X 4" (3 1/4" thread) 3/8" X 4 1/2" (3 1/4" thread) 1/2" X 6" (4 1/2" thread) 5/8" X 7" (5 1/2" thread)

R THREAD L THREAD 28616 15012 15010 15014 – 15011 15009 15013




$2.00 $2.50 $2.75 $4.50

$1.85 $2.35 $2.65 $4.15

$1.75 $2.25 $2.40 $3.80

Turn Buckle
10,000 lbs. tensile 28736 - $6

American made • Sharp thread • Right and left-hand thread Average holding capacity of J-lags in solid green wood (based on 1936 study): J-lags should not be used in hollow limbs or stems.

3/8" = 1,480 lbs., 1/2" = 2,550 lbs., 5/8" = 4,200 lbs.

11-1/2" closed 17-1/2" open


Lag Spinner
Lag-spinning wrench makes turning difficult lags easy. 15016 - $22

Hand Brace
A Hand Brace is used in the absence of a power drill to manually pilot holes in wood. Use of the tool requires special bits (below). Deluxe 12" 30147 - $118


Hand Brace Bits for use with manual bit-brace to predrill holes for J-lags (choose bit 1/16" smaller than your J-lags) WLL 2,200 2,200 2,200 3,100 3,100 2,100 THREAD 4" 6" 9" 4" 9" 12" 14996 - $8 15000 - $10 24402 - $12 14997 - $10 14998 - $16 14999 - $29 5/16" dia. by 8" long, 6" flute (for 3/8" J-lags) 7/16" dia. by 8" long, 6" flute (for 1/2" J-lags) 9/16" dia. by 8" long. 6" flute (for 5/8" J-lags) 14966 - $14 14967 - $14 14968 - $14

Drop-Forged and Galvanized Eye Bolts
includes nut & 2 washers

DIAMETER LENGTH 1/2" 8" 1/2" 12" 1/2" 18" 5/8" 12" 5/8" 18" 5/8" 24"


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Maasdam Rope Puller
Used for everything from pulling trees to vehicle recovery, tree services find this handy device a real time saver when an extra hand is not available. Other uses include pretensioning lines, stretching fence, bending saplings out of harm’s way, and raising loads. Walks along the full distance of rope without the limitations of most cable pullers. The Maasdam Rope Puller works best with 3-strand lines such as Tree Master, but will work adequately with solid braid ropes such as Arbor Plex, Tree Pro Red or True Blue. Rope not included. 1,500 lb. capacity.

Duckbill Earth Anchors
Discover the most reliable way to anchor trees and many other objects. Simply drive the Duckbill Anchor into the ground with a drive rod, remove the rod from the ground, and set the anchor for stay-fast holding power in most soils.

Maasdam Rope Puller (for 1/2" rope) Ratchet Wheel

16071 - $59.95 16192 - $22

Fence Puller Kit Great for replacing fence after entering yards with heavy equipment (stump grinders and loaders) or removing 16076 - $19 trees without destroying fence. Maasdam 2-ton Cable Puller (not shown) includes 12 feet of cable. 16063 - $61

300 lb. Anchor Kit (for trees up to 3" diameter): 3 anchors, each with 12' of cable and PVC collars. 300 lb. Anchor with 20" cable Drive Rod for above 1,100 lb. Anchor Kit (for trees up to 6" diameter): 3 anchors with 13' of cable, PVC collars, and turnbuckles. 1,100 lb. Anchor with 30" of cable Drive Rod for above

14955 - $19 14957 - $4 14995 - $9 14958 - $37 14956 - $8 14994 - $9 25819 - $91 24020 - $16 24566 - $43

Trees overturned by wind or ice can often be re-erected and guyed with a high probability of recovery.

3,000 lb. Anchor Kit (for trees up to 11" diameter): 3 anchors with 15' of cable, PVC collars, and turnbuckles. 3.000 lb. Anchor with 42" of cable Drive Rod for above

Arbor Guying Cable
Arbor Guying Cable is a revolutionary new material for staking and guying trees. It is safe, easy to use and less expensive than traditional tree ties. The soft polypropylene materials have an exclusive weave that ensures a rounded edge at all times to help prevent the material from girdling young trees. The 900 lb. tensile strength provides substantial strength for most b&b sized trees. Arbor Guying Cable fastens to any stake or anchoring system with traditional knots or nails. 250' 22068 - $35 500' 22083 - $68

More Power Puller

Now, a heavy-duty come-along of iron and steel, for the big jobs! The More Power Puller is rugged, yet still portable. This 25 lb., 2 ton capacity puller comes with 20 ft. of 5/16" cable (not 1/4", as is common with other come-alongs), double-stop pawls, and a limited two-year-warranty. This unit features a hollow aluminum handle that is designed to collapse if operator reaches the danger zone, protecting not only against possible mishaps, but saving the life of the equipment as well. Length 17" by width 6" by height 8", Weight 25 lbs. More Power Puller Replacement HANDLE (fails prior to system overload) 16131 - $159 16090 - $5

2" wide, super-tough strapping material has ratcheting buckle for temporarily drawing cracked or split trees together. Removable strap can easily be reversed to mate the hooks. Plated steel resists rust. 2" x 27' polyester strap with ratchet buckle weighs 8 lbs. Depending on tree mass, more than one cinch strap may be required. 10,000 lb. tensile. 1,600 lb. SWL. 16166 - $45

RATED TO 10,000 lbs.!

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anchor & bracing hardware

Heavy-Duty Cinch Strap with 27-Foot Strap!

Before repairing a split crotch with steel rod(s), it may be necessary to close the wound to create a straight path for the drill bit. This can be done using eye slings and a come-along device above the wounded area. Finally, drill holes in accordance with ANSI A300 2006 33.7 guidelines before installing bracing rod(s). Most recommend starting from the bottom and working upwards to effectively “zip” the fissure closed.

Pro-grade Zipline Products from SherrillTree
Looking for an additional income stream?
It’s been my observation that very few zipline installations in living trees are installed with tree health or even cable longevity in mind. Several installations I’ve witnessed subject the tree to near immediate decline and large riders to potential disaster with leading mistakes being external wrapping methods and undersized cable or mismatched hardware. I believe that seasoned arborists with cabling experience based on tree health are uniquely qualified to properly assess, and then install premium-grade systems in living trees. If tree cabling is one of your specialties then perhaps you too are qualified to assess and install a zipline system that serves both trees and customers! The most common error performed by amateur zipline installers is wrapping cable directly around growing trees. Even with vertically positioned boards the tree’s vascular system can be greatly restricted, and in most cases the cable is fastened in a manner that allows zero expansion growth. We only recommend through-bolting of this highly static cable system that, in most cases, will be installed low to mid stem and under significant tension anyway, greatly reducing the likelihood of windinduced hardware abrasion. Another issue commonly sited is inadequate cable and/or hardware strength. SherrillTree recommends only premium-grade, high-strength products to withstand the rigors of abuse and inclement weather. Accompanying this page of premium products are a few illustrations and details that we consider paramount to a stable and tree-friendly zipline installation.
Photo courtesy Tobe Sherrill X-treme Adventures, San Vigilio di Marebbe Italy SherrillTree is a member of the Association for Challenge Course Technology

Zipline Things To Know
SYSTEM STRENGTH: Calculating strength requirements of componentry needed for zip line installation can be quite involved. Many factors influence reactive forces placed on the system including, but not limited to; span distance, cable angle, cable sag, cable elasticity, pole height, pole flex, rider weight and so on. In one calculation for example, confirmed against real life results, it was determined that 200 feet of cable (pulled tight between rigid anchors) loaded with 200 pounds weight produced 15kN of force (3,400 pounds) at either end. We beleive it prudent to utilize a minimum 3/8-inch cable for spans exceeding 100 feet. SAFE STOPPING: Zipline installations should end with a mechanical braking device made up of an elastically anchored striking block, tire (8-15”) or similar method that arrests rider slowly a safe distance short of secondary cable termination. SYSTEM AGE AND WEAR: It is generally accepted that zipline systems have a lifespan of between 10 and 15 years. Stainless materials should be used in close proximity to coastal (salt) waters. Thimbles should always be used in cable ends to avoid chaffing and abrasion brought about through dynamic activity. WARNINGS: Signs should be posted warning that adolescent use should be supervised by an adult and long hair should be secured from entanglement; cable, hardware and tree condition should be inspected annually; landing zones should be well maintained and safe. Striking Block

GIRDLING: Do not wrap non-adjusting cables or lines directly around trees for zipline use. Through bolts or other injuries to the tree should be minimal and calculated based on compartmentalization characteristics of the species. INCLINE: Generally speaking, ziplines should be installed with only 4-6 degrees of fall and absolutely no more than 12 degrees.

0º 5º 10º 13º Tension created on cable end hardware increases dramatically when load is applied midline. Live trees should be evaluated anually for decline or internal decay and cabling hardware for abrasion or stress damage. Too flat isn’t bad for short runs or ground level installations where riders can run-start. Too steep (exceeding 12 degrees) is hazardous and unacceptable for zipline installations even with cushioned stop.


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Galvanized Aircraft Cable and termination products
Tension is important to a good zipline installation. Without adequate tension the cable is likely to experience sag leading to a poor ride experience and premature cable wear. In most cases a zipline installation will require no more than one turnbuckle if a comealong and Chicago grip are used during installation. 1. 7/19 Galvanized Aircraft Cable (strength in lbs) 5/16” X 250’ (9800) wt 43 lbs 5/16” X 500’ wt 86.5 lbs 3/8” X 500’ wt 121.5 lbs Cable clamps for 3/8” Thimbles for 3/8” 33053 - $115 33069 - $229 33070 - $294 33057 - $1.00 33058 - $1.50 15023 - 45¢ 15022 - 65¢

Cable anchoring products
Although SherrillTree is a strong advocate of non-invasive supplemental support cabling systems in tree crown, we fall firmly on the side of invasive installation for this low-positioned static procedure. It seems that the easiest and most effeciant use of materials for this procedure is in choosing threaded rod installed using a 5-foot bit so that you always have enough material for the widest range of tree diameters. 18. Threaded rod 5/8” X 6’ Grade 8 - Strength 16,000 lbs 15028 - $18 15018 - 55¢ 15033 - 35¢ 15002 - $7.50 14996 - $8 14997 - $10 14998 - $16 14999 - $29 30216 - $119 32094 - $157 14964 - $61 15019 - $63 10679 - $419.95 15014 - $4.50 15016 - $22 19. Nuts 5/8” 20. Washers (case-hardened) 5/8” 21. Eye nuts 5/8” 22. Eye bolts (Working Load Limit) 1/2” x 8” (WLL 2,200) 5/8” X 12” (WLL 3,100) 5/8” X 18” (WLL 3,100) 5/8” X 24” (WLL 3,100) 23. Drill Bits 11/16” X 5’ (for 5/8” rods) 13/16” X 40” (for 3/4” rods) 9/16” for 1/2” bolts 11/16” for 5/8” bolts


3/8” X 250’ (14400) wt 60.75 lbs 33054 - $147

19 20



2. Cable clamps for 5/16” 3. Thimbles for 5/16”


4. 5/8 X 12” Turnbuckle with clevis/eye ends WLL 3,500 lbs, 3.25 lbs 33056 - $13 5. 5/8 X 12” Turnbuckle with eye/eye ends WLL 3,500 lbs, 3.25 lbs 33055 - $11 6. Felco F-C16 wire cutter 32411 - $479 Spec: cutting capacity 5/8”, length 23” Felco F-C9 wire cutter 30375 - $191 Spec: cutting capacity 3/8”, length 13”



21 25

24. 29” Power Ship Auger Bits with 24” fluting

7. Chicago grip 1/4” to 1/2”capacity 33421 - $245 8. More Power Puller 2-ton capacity 16131 - $159 9. Maasdam 2-ton cable puller 16063 - $61

5 4

25. 9/16” Auger bit (for 5/8” j-lags) 14972 - $26 26. Gas-powered Echo Drill 27. 5/8” X 6” J-lags 4,200 pound holding strength 28. J-lag Spinner


8 6 9 7

26 28


WARNING: Lags are for use with ride restraint systems only and may not have the holding power for ziplines. Lag screws should be installed in solid wood (wood without decay).

Ride Support
In the world of zipline componentry, this is where the proverbial “rubber hits the road.” 10. Petzl At Trac - ride connection sling 68cm (22.8”) cable/rope to 12mm to 12mm 30711 - $23.95 30709 - $115 30713 - $66.95 11. Petzl Trac- double pulley for use with 12. Petzl Tandem- For use with cable/rope 13. CMI Tandem with rear restraint becket for cable/rope to 12mm 32330 - $87 14. T-bar with swivel eye 33093 - $48 15. Petzl Gym harness - one size fits all 5,000 lbs tensile 32504 - $54.95 28740 - $4 16. SS Delta Link for strap connections 17. SS Oval link 7,715 lbs OLK-6MM - $6

Ride Restraint 10
Perhaps the most reassuring touch to any zipline system is the stop. Although a few methods exist (including the use of a medium-sized tractor tire) this is by far our favorite because it provides a surprisingly gentle soft stop on a variety of rider weights and speeds.

11 12


29. Striking block - requires elastic tubing or similar) and related anchor hard ware/software 33072 - $57 30. Elastic tubing 5/8” dia. X 3/8” inside dia. 20’ length 33094 - $55 31. Ground anchor, hot-dipped galvanized 1 X 66” with 8” helix (20 lbs.) 33059 - $79



17 15



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1 12 11 10 2 3



5 6
Features– 1) All welded aircraft grade aluminum bodies 2) Smooth finished corners, no exposed seams or welds 3) Rear mounted high visibilty safety strobes 4) Long life sealed LED lights & flashers 5) High strength 3" tubular steel bumper 6) Custom interior shelving & storage



7) Solid structural decking for maximum load capacity 8) Curbside operators control center for safety & efficiency 9) Fuel effecient Isuzu, Ford, IH & GMC chassis 10) Commercial grade locking roll-up doors 11) Epoxy primer coat with aviation grade poly finish paint 12) Remote actuated overhead fill valves

Financing Available
Contact us for details: 800-525-8873 or [email protected]

All SherrillTree Commercial Trucks are Custom Fabricated to Your Specifications
“They’re Built and Designed to be Spray Trucks, NOT Converted Delivery Trucks”

All welded stainless steel control manifolds with triple safety valves to prevent hose blow outs.

PTO ON/Off controls are located curbside for easy access & operator safety.

Electric rewind hose reels are available with up to 400' lengths of 3/8", 1/2" & 3/4" hose.

PTO operated pumps use the truck’s horsepower to push spray patterns to over 100+ feet high.

Sealed under body storage boxes expand operator’s storage area.

Stainless eductor bowls mix both liquid and dry materials, and limit operator’s exposure to chemicals.


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100 & 200 Gallon Utility Skid Units
Our utility line of sprayers is the perfect complement to any PHC or Tree Care service company. The small compact size and lightweight aluminum frames allow you to use these in pick-ups or utility vehicles. 7S100P - 100 Gallon Poly, 5.5HP Honda, Electric start including battery, K40 Pump (10GPM, 550PSI), 300' of 1/2" Hose, 12V Electric Hose Reel, All reels have rollers and guides included 7S200P - 200 Gallon Poly - 8HP Honda, Electric start including battery, K55 Pump (15GPM, 550PSI), 300' of 1/2" Hose, 12V Electric Hose Reel, All reels have rollers and guides included

300, 500 & 1000 Gallon Large Capacity Commercial Sprayers
These high volume units are available with multiple pump & engine combinations. Whether you’re spraying lawns or 100' trees we can design a system that will give you years of trouble free service. 7S300P - 300 Gallon Poly, 8HP Honda, Electric start including battery, K55 Pump (15GPM, 550PSI), 300' of 1/2" Hose, 12V Electric Hose Reel, All reels have rollers and guides included 7S500P - 500 Gallon Poly, 13HP Honda, Electric start including battery, K75 Pump (20GPM, 550PSI), 300' of 1/2" Hose, 12V Electric Hose Reel, All reels have rollers and guides included 7S1000P - 1000 Gallon Poly, 20HP Honda, Electric start including battery, K120 Pump (35GPM, 700PSI), 300' of 3/4" Hose, 12V Electric Hose Reel, All reels have rollers and guides included



Single & Dual Tank Skid-Mounted Sprayers
Our skid-mounted sprayers are as versatile as they are rugged. This customized series is the right partner for your plant health care program if you’re looking for something to mount on an existing trailer or truck bed. All tanks are made of heavy-duty polyethylene with large fill-well openings with air gap filters. Adjustable, high pressure jet agitation does a great job of suspending your slurry while plumbing is corrosive-proof poly or stainless steel-no galvanized pipes here. Tanks, engines, hose reels and plumbing are mounted on strong T6061 aluminum skid frame, to increase rigidity and stability of the plant while it’s in operation or being transported. You’ll be able to adjust the stream of flow with our easy-access flow valves and monitor the action through shock resistant and liquid filled gauges. And of course, to top everything offall units are powered by easy-starting, smooth-running Honda engines. Each unit is factory tested and assembled.

Several tank options available

Skids with sides

SherrillTree’s Exclusive Line Professional PHC & Lawn Care Spray Trucks
Full custom graphics Built to your specifications Strongest marketing tool in the industry Build lasting customer recognition Designed to maximize your profits

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custom spray rigs

Go to SherrillTree.com for more details

The addition of a SHERRILLTREE Spray Rig can add to your profitability
• • • • • • • • • Exceptional quality and dependability No-hassle parts and accessories access Expert assistance on rig specifications Wide range of options Non-corrosive aluminum frame Lightweight for reduced vehicle requirement Self-contained and compact Maintenance-free high pressure agitation Best value for your investment

We can custom paint your truck in your company colors or graphics to promote your company’s name and services.
100’ 95’ 90’ 85’ 80’ 75’ 70’ 65’ 60’ 55’ 50’ 45’ 40’ 35’ 30’ 25’ 20’ 15’ 10’ 5’ 0’


= Maximum Spray Height = Optimal Spray Height

Optimal 60’ to 85’ Optimal 35’ to 65’ Optimal 25’ to 35’ Optimal 30’ to 45’

Commercial Lawn and Tree Trucks
These are the high end line of sprayers, giving you a full range of services to offer, large tree spraying, root injection and lawn applications.

Max Spray Height

40 Feet

55 Feet

75 Feet

100 Feet


5.5 to 6HP Kappa40 10 GPM 560 PSI

8 to 13HP Kappa75 20 GPM 560 PSI

18 to 23HP Kappa120 30 GPM 700 PSI

24 to 36HP Kappa150 40 GPM 700 PSI

Get the most out of your sprayer with the Turbo Atomizing Shrub Gun and the Long-Range Turbine Tree Guns from SherrillTree.

Turbo Shrub Gun

33478 - $163

Turbine Tree Gun

33479 - $309


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Our SPRAY RIG EXPERT Can help you decide what SetUp Will BE best for you
Here are some things you need to consider:


What type of work will you be doing? - A spray rig can be used for tree spraying, root

feeding or lawns. The type of work you plan to use it for affects the size tank you need, as well as the engine and pump size. The smaller engines are fine for root feeding and lawn work, but can not generate enough power to spray hardly more than 20-25 ft. Engines available in 5.5, 8, 13, 18, 20, or 24 HP. Pumps available in 10, 15, 20, 35, and 40 GPM.

2 4

Your hose length and gun type also reflect the type of work you’ll be doing. Hoses are available in 3/8” , 1/2” and 3/4” diameters, at 150’ and 300’ lengths. There is a range of spray guns available for spraying trees, lawns, or root feeding.



What siZe/capacity truck or trailer will you use to haul your spray rig around? - One gallon of

water weighs little over 8 lbs., so if you’ve got your 200 gallon tank filled, you’re looking at around 1,660 lbs, not including the weight of the spray rig itself. SherrillTree Spray Rigs are constructed of light weight aluminum to reduce your vehicle requirements. However, if you need a complete truck/spray rig combination… we sell those too. Tanks are available in 100, 200 and 500 gallon capacities.

There are a number of features available that go beyond the basic spray rig. Adding an electric hose reel will save you time and energy compared to a manual crank reel. Roller guides on the reel guide the hose onto the reel in a neat and clean manner. Protect your rig from the elements with an all-aluminum truck body featuring three 72” roll-up door.


SherrillTree’s “Roll-Off” Style Commercial Spray Bodies

This unit is designed to be used with Perma-Green™ or similar ride on Spreaders • Rear loading compartment is accessible from passenger and driver side. • Sizes available to accommodate most brands • Pressurized outlet for liquid refill on spreader • Hauls up to (2) pallets of fertilizer, and 500 gallons of liquid spray material • Lightweight all aluminum construction • Commercial grade locking roll-up doors • Can be fully customized for Lawn, Tree, or Organic applications

Root Feeding Needle
This high pressure, high volume needle is manufactured from thick wall steel pipe, tapered and welded together, complete with adjustable stainless steel step plate (which doubles as a splash plate). A high pressure 3/4 inch pull handle valve is mounted in the 3/4 inch pipe handle. A 3/4 inch FHT brass adapter is included, ready to attach to your hose. The tip is a replaceable six hole 40 GPM and above @ 200 PSI tip. Length 40 inches. Root Needle (6 hole) 15142 - $265 Replacement tip (6 hole) 15152 - $20

Deluxe RootFeeding Needle
Tired of lugging around some relic from Ivan the Plumber’s junk shed? Step into the 21st century with SherrillTree’s newest and sleekest liquid transportation gun for all tree root application needs. This feeder gun features a heavy-duty, nickel-plated trigger valve with half-inch FNPT swivel inlet, trigger guard, and molded rubber hand grip for comfortable, all-day use. The structural and piping element is made of 1 inch, 100 percent high strength stainless steel tubing, making it very lightweight yet as tough as nails. Each unit is delivered with stainlesssteel, adjustable foot bar and stainless, four-hole injector nozzle. Overall length 42 inches. Maximum pressure 450 psi. Delivers 15 gpm (with included four-hole tip). Deluxe Root Needle Replacement tip 31929 - $323 32188 - $69

Hose sold without hose end fittings

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custom spray rigs

Non-Kinking, High-Pressure Replacement Hose

1/2" by 300' @ 600 psi 28811 - $337 3/4" by 300' @ 800 psi 28630 - $745

Compete Plus® Rhizosphere Inoculant
For making root systems more resistant to stress and disease
A dry, water-dispersible root zone inoculant that contains beneficial fungi and root colonizing bacteria. Formulated for soil injection or soil drench. Maintenance: 1/2 lb. in 50 gallons of water, soil inject, covers 5,000 sq. ft. Stress Recovery: 1 lb. in 50 gallons of water, covers 5,000 sq. ft. Installations: 1/4 lb. in 15-25 gallons of water, soil drench. 1 bag (five 1/2 lb. packs) 24802 - $110 4 or more - $107 ea.

PHC for Trees
PHC for Trees is a new and unique approach to soil fertility and plant nutrition. PHC for Trees is an injectable nutrient management system, designed to supply and sustain adequate amounts of nutrients for plant growth, vigor, and health.


Yuccah® Natural Wetting Agent
To improve water penetration
Here is a safe, natural alternative to chemical wetting agents, spreaders, and soil penetrants. Yuccah ® outperforms comparable chemical surfactant products without the risk of leaf burn. This product is the ideal treatment for recovery from summer stress and winter freeze damage that make it hard for the ground to absorb water. After applying Yuccah®, the ground instantly absorbs water. Use at 1-2 quarts per 100 gallons of water.
®2005 PHC, Inc.

PHC for Trees 27-9-9 combines a standard fertilizer with complete micronutrient package, a microbebased renewable biofertilizer system, and a proprietary soil surfactant specifically selected to promote uniform distribution, improve solubility, and reduce leaching of applied mineral nutrients. PHC for Trees is less abrasive to injection equipment, requires less tank agitation, and provides both short-term and long-term continuous replenishment of mineral nutrients in the soil. PHC for Trees can be tank mixed with PHC’s MycorTree injectable products. Apply one bag per 100 gallons @ 5 gallons per inch diameter. 40 lb. bag (five 8 lb. packs) 27659 - $175


PHC® Injectable®
To recover stressed trees and shrubs
Designed for use with soil injection equipment, it is ideal for rapid, effective endo/ectomycorrhizal fungal inoculation of virtually all tree and shrub species. Also contains rhizosphere bacteria and biostimulants as well as Colonize ®, a mycorrhizal stimulant which, in essence, tells the tree to absorb more nutrients. Apply Two (one “a” and one “b”) packs per 50 gallons of water per 1,250 sq. ft. Use 150-200 psi maximum, 8-10" deep holes. 1 bag (seven 8 oz. packs) 15139 - $305 4 or more - $299 ea.

One 2.5 gallon jug

21685 - $115 2 or more - $112 ea.

PHC® Tree Saver® Transplant
For tree and shrub planting
The bestseller for all large tree and shrub plantings. Endo/ectomycorrhizal fungal inoculant with Terra-Sorb® planting gel and biostimulant creates optimum soil conditions for the rapid establishment and new growth of transplants. Use 1 pack for each 1 foot diameter of root ball. 1 bag (thirty 3 oz. packs) 19278 - $97 3 or more - $92 ea.

PHC for Trees 11-22-22 combines a high phosphorus and potassium fertilizer formulation with complete micronutrient package, a microbebased renewable biofertilizer system, and a proprietary soil surfactant specifically selected to promote uniform distribution, improve solubility, and reduce leaching of applied mineral nutrients. PHC for Trees is less abrasive to injection equipment, requires little agitation, and provides both short-term and long-term continuous replenishment of mineral nutrients in the soil. PHC for Trees can be tank mixed with PHC’s MycorTree Injectable products. Apply one bag per 100 gallons @ 5 gallons per inch diameter. 40 lb. bag (five 8 lb. packs) 27660 - $195 Slow-release formula (40 lb.) 30445 - $187

PHC® BioPak® Plus
To rejuvenate weak root systems
A dry, water-soluble biostimulant with beneficial bacteria. Promotes fast development of fine absorbing roots and stimulates biological processes essential for growth and nutrient availability. BioPak® Plus has iron, micronutrients and added Yuccah® wetting agent. For maintenance. Apply 2-3 lbs. in 50-100 gallons of water, soil inject, covers 2,000 square feet. 1 bag (five 1 lb. packs) 4 or more bags 21896 - $83 - $79 ea.

Healthy Start® Tablets 12-8-8
For promoting healthy, consistent plant growth
Biofertilize newly planted trees and shrubs for up to 2 years. Each 21 gram planting tablet contains nitrogen-fixing and phosphorus-solubilizing bacteria together with a blend of slow-release fertilizer, natural organic nutrients, and humic acid to enrich the soil.

ECHO Gas-Powered Drill
Portable, lightweight, and powerful!
ECHO drills incorporate heavy-duty gear reduction for power and control, transistorized electronic ignition for easy start, and thick rubber handles for sure grip. The drill’s chuck holds up to a 1/2" drill shank. Take production to a new level with ECHO! Drill with reverse gear, 21.2 CC engine, 8.8 lbs. 20:1 gear case and exclusive reverse gear, 1/2" chuck

One 10 lb. box (216 tablets) 32055 - $69 One 25 lb. bag (540 tablets) 24429 - $135

PHC® Ecto-Injectable®
To inoculate ectomycorrhizal trees
Special for ectomycorrhizal fungiloving tree species, including pine, spruce, hemlock, fir, larch, true poplar, cedar, oak, beech, birch, hickory, pecan, willow, chestnut and basswood. A “cocktail” blend of ectomycorrhizal fungi, yucca plant extract and PHC® BioPak® biostimulant. Designed for use with soil injection equipment. Apply 1 pack per 50 gallons of water per 1,250 square feet. 1 box (four 8 oz. packs) 15140 - $127 4 or more - $124 ea.

10679 - $419.95

Heavy-Duty Earth Auger Bit
Our reasonably priced, 2 inch earth auger is built to last due to carbide tipping and heavy-duty flighting. Designed for granular fertilizing, verti-mulching, and deep root aerating. DIA. 2" LENGTH 24" FLIGHT 12" CHUCK 1/2" drive drills 27253 - $85


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Tree Tech Microinjection
For emergency care!
The Tree Tech™ microinjection unit is a single-dose, manuallypressurized device for administering directly into the vascular system of trees and woody shrubs. Injection is very simple. Upon professional evaluation that an application is favored, the administrator determines the number of micro units based on the caliper of the plant to be treated. A 1/8" diameter by 1/2" deep hole is drilled at a 45° angle and the canister injected. Uptake is immediate in most cases.

Nutri-ject™ 6-8-7 Supreme
A nutrient solution formulated for tree fertilization. Each microinjection unit contains 12 mL of a balanced solution of nutrients. One every 6" of stem circumference. Not available for shipment to Canada. 15144 1-49 50-99 100+

Systrex™ (fungicide w/nutrient)
A systemic fungicide, containing Bayleton®, as well as a fertilizer solution. Systrex™ controls powdery mildew, leaf blight/spot, and tip blight, but has been particularly effective in treating conifers and hardwoods suffering from the effects of construction or naturally occuring damage. One every 3" of stem circumference. Not available for shipment to Canada. 20467 1-49 50-99 100+


$4.75 $4.45

Nutri-ject Iron Zinc
For macronutrient and micronutrient application in trees and woody ornamental plants. Nutri-Ject 8-8-7 also contains 1.00% Zinc, 1.00% Iron, and .10% Copper. One every 6" of stem circumference. Not available for shipment to Canada. 29360 1-49 50-99 100+


$6.70 $6.45

Dendrex™ (insecticide)
Widely used insecticide for control of aphid, bagworm, birch leaf miner, tent cat, gypsy moth, pine moth, root weevil adults, scales, sawflies, beetles, and others. Each Dendrex™ unit contains 1.5 grams of acephate insecticide. One every 6" of stem circumference. Not available for shipment to Canada. 19271 1-49 50-99 100+


$4.85 $4.60

Inject during flower bloom to abort seed production on sweetgum, black walnut and locust, cherry, crabapple, hickory, persimmon, plum, gingko, oak, and others. One every 4" of stem circumference. Not available for shipment to Canada. 25888 1-49 50-99 100+


$4.85 $4.60

Vivid II™ (insecticide)
A new biorational insecticidal compound for non-crop trees. Controls elm leaf and engraver beetles, scales, mites, aphids, adelgids, and more. One every 6" of stem circumference. Not available for shipment to Canada. 18976 1-49 50-99 100+


$6.65 $6.25

Alamo® (fungicide)
A broad-spectrum fungicide to aid in control of oak wilt, Dutch elm disease, sycamore anthracnose, and other leaf diseases. One every 6" of DBH. For advanced disease of elms, you may use two injectors per 6". Not available for shipment to Canada. 13371 1-49 50-99 100+


$6.75 $6.50

OTC (bactericide)
Contains Tree Tech OTC systemic antibiotic solution. Oxytetracyline antibiotic solution aids in the control of fire blight, X-disease, bacterial leaf spot, and decline of crop-bearing peach and pear trees. Tree Tech OTC also aids in the control of certain other bacterial and mycoplasmalike diseases of forest ornamentals, crop bearing and non-crop-bearing trees, woody shrubs and palms such as ash yellows, fire blight, leaf scorch, wetwood, and lethal yellows in Coconut Palms and lethal decline of Pritchardia Palm. One every 6” of stem circumference. Not available for shipment to Canada. 28000 1-49 50-99 100+




Merit Insecticide (Imidacloprid)
After you use an injector, you can send it back to Tree-Tech to be recycled. Merit Injectable contains more active ingredient than other trunk injection products (17.1 percent) and comes in 3 or 6 milliliter, easyto-use, leakproof units. Kills common pests as well as tough-to-control insects such as Asian longhorned beetles, emerald ash borers, and hemlock woolly adelgids. Check to see if Merit is available for sale in your state at SherrillTree.com. Not available for shipment to Canada. 3ml 31923 6ml 31924 1-49 50-99 100+


$8.55 $8.25

$9 $8.55 $8.25 $11 $10.50 $10

11/64" drill bit
A sharp and precisely sized drill bit is essential to uptake of Tree Tech canisters. Bits should be resharpened or replaced regularly (every few trees). A dull bit tears and then lays down the cell wall, hindering efficient uptake. 26201 - $3

available at SherrillTree.com

Tree Tech Instructions

BugBarrier’s dense, cotton-like fiber fills bark crevices to detour crawling insects into a sticky hidden trap. Lawn, garden, and tree experts everywhere are recommending BugBarrier. • Effective non-chemical barrier to climbing and crawling insects. • Easy to install and remove. • Effective against bugs yet harmless to the touch. • Doesn’t stain bark or otherwise affect tree’s health. • Effective against spring and fall cankerworm, forest tent caterpillar larvae, gypsy moth larvae, ants, and most other crawling insects. 10 ft. kit 30 ft. kit 250 ft. kit 28781 - $46 28782 - $87 28783 - $499

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phc materials

Arbor Green PRO
Arbor Green PRO from Davey is the most significant advancement in tree fertilization since the original Arbor Green was patented in 1978. Composed of the highest-quality nutrients, including synthesized organic nitrogen fortified with polyamino acids, this fertilizer is formulated in just the right ratio to maximize the nutrient’s effects. A complete fertilizer, Arbor Green PRO 30-10-7 contains high-quality nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium formulated from ureaform and monopotassium phosphate, plus polyamino acid. Arbor Green PRO releases these nutrients, including synthesized organic nitrogen fortified with polyamino acids throughout the growing season. A slower, controlled release rate leads to uniform growth, a lower risk of leaching and greater efficiency of nutrient absorption. The technology of this fertilizer is intended to mimic the natural availability of nutrients in the forest environment. The formula’s low salt index allows the most sensitive trees, such as those that are drought stressed, or recently transplanted, to be fertilized. Properly selected and maintained landscape plants add value to real estate, lower utility bills and help offset carbon emissions. Check to see if Arbor Green PRO is available for sale in your state at SherrillTree.com. Not available in Alaska, Hawaii or Canada. item # 31948 40+ bags 1-39 bags

30 lbs bag

Think 25¢ Can’t Buy Much These Days?
8” 346 12” 800 A stick of gum, twenty minutes at the parking meter, two minutes on a kiddie ride … they all cost about a quarter. The same buys a faster, easier, and more efficient way for your customers to water newly planted tree and shrubs for a whole week. Gator products are typically used about 6 months (24 weeks) per year. With an average lifespan of 3 years, one 20-gallon Treegator® bag will provide about 72 weeks worth of use. Customers will appreciate your attention to detail with this long-term reminder of your work. Delivers deep root saturation in 12 hours. 15- and 20-gallon models available. 15 gallon 20 gallon 31614 - $19 31615 - $21

Fertilization Rate Chart
Root Area (sq ft) Total Pounds to Apply: Annual (1) Two-Year Gallon (H2O)

Tree Diameter in Inches 4” 86

$55 ea.

$79 ea.

.67 1.27 4.3

2.62 5.17 17.3

6 12 40

A balanced fertilization program is one of the most important cultural practices for improving the health and appearance of landscape trees and ornamentals. Most insect, disease, and physical stress are symptoms of bigger problems beneath the soil. Many landscape areas have poor soil that cannot maintain good, healthy growth. Such problems can be pH related, macro or micronutrient deficiencies, low organic matter, or the result of toxins in the soil. The list grows as still more is learned about the nutrient requirements of healthy trees. In the forest, the recycling of nutrients Two 2.5 gallon containers occurs naturally when leaves and other organic materials decompose. The problems occur on landscapes where the natural cycle is disrupted. Most trees and shrubs on a landscape property have to compete for nutrients with grasses and other ground covers. Without new organic matter being introduced, the soil is soon depleted. With a balanced fertilizer program, one can only improve the health and appearance of these plants, but also reduce the amount of damage caused by pests and physical stress.

Total Fertilizing Solution

Arbor Care and Autumn Care
All of the fertilizers from Growth Products are very effective, but Arbor Care and Autumn Care are the best for trees. The result of using these products is strong, healthy trees.
• • • • • •

Totally liquid solution mixes without mechanical agitation High-quality raw materials are safe, with low salt index Clear, “True Solutions” are totally soluble, won’t settle to clog intakes, or cause abrasion to equipment No broken or hardened bags Compatibility allows mix and spray of chemicals in one application NO phytotoxicity, NO burn solutions

Spring to early summer. Application: trees, ornamentals, and vines. item # 36+ cases 1-35 cases $90 ea. $103 ea. 24839

Arbor Care (15-8-4) with 40% SRN and micronutrients (5 gal).

Fall to early winter. Application: trees, ornamentals, and vines. 36+ cases 1-35 cases item # $86 ea. $99 ea. 24841 (2.5 gallon of product per 150 gallons of water) = mix Apply 5 gallons of mix per inch of trunk diameter

Autumn Care (6-12-12) with 40% SRN (5 gal).

Also available in 30 and 55 gallon drums, or 275 gallon mini bulk. Call for bulk pricing!

DOGGETT Fertilizers Water Soluble / Slow Release
Check out Doggett’s complete line of soluble, slow-release, low-salt tree fertilizers, recommended for use by professional arborists. Special penetrants are incorporated to improve distribution and absorption by the foliage and roots. All Doggett fertilizers contain powder blue nitroform, a long-chain molecule urea that extends the feeding process over a nine-month period, rather than quickly depleting. 30 lbs bags.

Due to fluctuating raw material markets, fertilizer prices are subject to change.

MAKE-UP 32-7-7 12-24-24 15-15-20 20-14-10
162 Order toll-free

NAME Injecto Feed Fall Tree Fert. Drought Special 100% Organic

MIXING RATIO 15 lbs./100 gal. 15 lbs./100 gal. 15 lbs./100 gal. 3 lbs./100 gal.

APPLICATION RATE 5 gallons per in. trunk diameter 5 gallons per in. trunk diameter 5 gallons per in. trunk diameter 150 gallons per 1,000 sq. ft.

ITEM # 15127 15129 28960 28961

70+ BAGS 35-69

$61 ea $96 ea $66 ea $71 ea

$65 ea $102 ea $70 ea $76 ea


$75 ea $118 ea $81 ea $88 ea

AIR-SPADE® 2000 Excavation Tool
Excavate dirt from around roots in minutes with minimal root damage using only compressed air and this truly magical wand. AIRSPADE® allows rapid excavation of wet or dry soil without the damage caused by picks and shovels. This lightweight, fiberglass gun delivers remarkable results without risk of harming trees and utilities, yet clears great volumes of material with minimal effort. Put one to work in your company and watch it pay for itself in just a few jobs! Requires an air compressor (not included) rated at 175 or 185 CFM (minimum). • • • • • Aeration and vertical mulching Root collar excavation Radial trenching Locating utilities Reducing soil compaction

(includes AIR-SPADE® 2000 Excavation Tool, 45° adapter, 10' hose and storage case)
The 45 degree adapter is used to change the direction of the air flow so that the operator can work around objects without having to get into an uncomfortable position. The 10’ hose is extremely lightweight, up to 75% lighter than standard air compressor hoses, and attaches to the tool at one end and the air compressor hose at the other. The operator throws it over his shoulder, which makes it easier to use the tool for long periods of time without becoming fatigued. The storage case keeps the tool safe and clean and reduces the chance of losing parts. A 20 page instruction booklet is also included with the tool. 28942 - $1,799

28752 - $1,219

Handle Repair Kit

Includes, 1 Valve stem, 1 Valve seal, 1 spring, 2 valve caps, 2 casting grips, 1 trigger sleeve, 1 Pressure gage, 1 .25 oz container of O-ring lube, and one lanyard and safety clip. 32294 - $49

See page 110


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Biobarrier® Root Control System
I’m sure we’ve all seen a sidewalk that has had portions of it cracked and pushed up due to the growth of roots from a nearby tree. Similar effects happen to all sorts of other structures, because there is nothing in place to prevent the roots from causing damage. This is where Biobarrier comes in. Biobarrier is an advanced, long-term root control system that incorporates time-release nodules. When strategically placed in the soil, it prevents structural damage from root encroachment, without causing damage to the roots or tree. Effective life of Biobarrier is 15 years (minimum) or more depending on the location. Though the ideal times to install Biobarrier are when a tree is first planted or when backfilling, Biobarrier can still be easily installed for older trees. Simply dig a small trench along the structure to be protected and slip the fabric vertically into the opening. Cover, tamp, and rake over. That’s really about all there is to it. Plus, the flexibility of the fabric allows you to shape and form the root control system to virtually any configuration. Biobarrier is an excellent root control system for many landscaping situations. Examples include swimming pools, gardens, cemeteries, tennis courts, and building foundations. Biobarrier is sold by the roll. Root control is another great service that you can offer your customers! ROLL siZe 12" X 20' 12" X 100' 19.5" X 20' 19.5" X 100' 29" X 20' 29" X 100' 39" X 20' 39" X 100' 58.5" X 20' 58.5" X 100' GROSS WT. 4 lbs. 12lbs. 6 lbs. 24 lbs. 8 lbs. 36 lbs. 10 lbs. 48 lbs. 16 lbs. 72 lbs. SQ. feet 20 100 32.5 162.5 48.33 241.67 65 325 97.5 487.5 BIOR-12X20 - $59 BIOR-12X100 - $251 BIOR-19.5X20 - $79 BIOR-19.5X100 - $359 BIOR-29X20 - $103 BIOR-29X100 - $499 BIOR-39X20 - $139 BIOR-39X100 - $665 BIOR-58.5X20 - $199 BIOR-58.5X100 - $949

Deep Root® Tree Root Barrier
Another popular method of root control is Deep Root Barriers. They are scientifically designed to prevent tree roots from damaging surrounding hardscapes and landscapes. The barrier is used for either surround or linear applications with trees that will reach as much as 18" to 24" (depending on which size barrier you use) trunk caliper at maturity. Commonly used in conjunction with curb and gutter, parkways and other street tree applications, the two foot long panels come either 18" or 24" high and feature a new integrated zipper joining system that provides for instant assembly, without the use of a joiner strip. The barrier also has a 90° rib to direct roots down and out allowing for full root growth. Anti-lift ground locks prevent the barriers from being lifted by root growth. 26 panels of 18" X 24" 20 panels of 24" X 24" 22059 - $199 22067 - $181



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climb. connect. grow.

Rope-secured tree climbing is a safe and enriching experience for all ages and just might be the single most significant opportunity in modern times to inspire greater appreciation and awareness of all things trees. SherrillTree is a proud sponsor of recreational tree climbing (RTC) groups and activities.

Connect to SherrillTree.com for more about RTC.

Product Info Guide
This 3-disk set covers just about all product groups in tree climbing and rigging categories. Top tree care industry trainers Scott Prophett and Tim Bushnell break down the basics of the products and highlight the advantages of the more advanced gear for the tree care industry. Each disk has an easy to use menu allowing the you to quickly view any specific product group. 32286 - $99

SherrillTree TREE Fund DVD
Find yourself a cozy chair and kick up your dogs for another actionpacked view into Sherrill’s world of tree climbing fun! This year’s TREE Fund adventure finds Tobe and friends on a trampoline suspended high in the top of a cottonwood in Minnesota’s fabulous Fort Snelling State Park! That’s right—only people with their heads screwed on crooked could come up with this zany way to gather ten tree climbing fanatics in one tree. And did you think they’d leave quietly? Well, not with a 300-foot zipline within reach. This three-part video is one part fun (the TREE Fund climb), one part music (written by Jasper T. Cornfield), and one part, well, fun again, but this time with action clips from the 2006 International Tree Climbing Championship in Minneapolis. Enjoy! 31658 - $10

Bogaciel Spruce DVD
A Tree Story Productions, Narrated by Jerry Beranak Join this group of arborcultural legends (in their minds) during one of the most fun-filled adventures of the decade. Jerry Beranak (big tree legend of Stihl and other Redwood posters) calls ‘em as he sees ‘em, as 3 international tree climbing champions and friends (including the ArborMaster® team, European instructors, Tobe Sherrill and others) climb a pair of 270+ foot Sitka Spruces in Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula. Your library won’t be complete nor friends and family truly “culturefied” without this masterpiece on the shelf. 29033 - $10

The Drifter (tiny prusik on Flipline)
Introduced to ISA attendees by International Tree Climbing Champion Beddes Strasser of Germany, this simple accessory provides the user with a mobile attachment point for the terminating end. Requiring cord with a minimum 2,700-pound tensile strength and a diameter 2 mm smaller than the host lanyard (to properly grip). See page 16.

Single Rope Ascent Systems DVD
Released by the National Speleological Society this video is an introduction on how to ascend ropes using a variation of techniques including the Rope Walker, Frog and Mitchell systems. Important aspects of each system are described including how to use them in a safe and efficient manner. 30454 - $30

Tree Climbing Basics DVD
Hosted by ISA certified arborist and recreational tree climbing instructor Peter “Treeman” Jenkins, Tree Climbing Basics introduces viewers young and old to the most important aspects of tree climbing. TC Basics contains detailed sections on safety, tree selection and risk assessment, gear requirements, setting ropes, knot tying, climbing technique, forest ethics and more. 31634 - $20

Arborists’ Knots for Climbing and Rigging DVD and Workbook
This DVD features ArborMaster® trainers and International Tree Climbing Champions Ken Palmer, Rip Tompkins, and Sean Gere. They demonstrate and explain all the knots commonly used in climbing and rigging in an easy-to-learn scenario. The DVD, which contains an organized, easy-access list of specific knots in the menu, also comes with a fully illustrated workbook worth two CEUs, which can also be purchased separately. Note: The knots demonstrated in the rigging section of this video are also included as part of The Art and Science of Practical Rigging DVD training series. 78 minutes long. 31274 - $49


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Introduction To Arboriculture Interactive CDs
This is a self-paced, highly interactive series of CDs to supplement the certification study guide. Multiple students can use these CDs to prepare for the certification exam, obtain CEU credits, and upgrade their knowledge and skills. The training series was designed with adult and non-traditional learners in mind. Adult learners who cannot attend formal classes can utilize this self-paced instruction to help further their arboricultural education. Non-traditional learners who respond best to visual, auditory, and hands-on teaching methods benefit from the detailed graphics and video, the digital audio that enhances the text, and especially the high level of interactivity. There are many features of the CDs in this series that make them a desirable addition to anyone’s resources. One such feature is a glossary of key terms with definitions and pronunciations. The instructional strategies simulating job tasks and promoting learning transfer makes this series an excellent learning tool. The CDs are also designed to provide instant feedback to responses, which engages the individual in the learning process. Quiz questions are designed to simulate certification tests and help the learner master the objectives for the specific topic. System requirements: Windows© 2000 or later, 800 MHz Pentium® III or better, 24X CD-ROM or better, 1024 x 768 display at 16-bit color) PC only. TREE PRUNING Learn how to prune trees for health and safety, prune trees the right way. This CD covers the basic principles of pruning and practices and strategies. Lesson one introduces the principles of pruning; lesson two covers the practices and strategies. Earn four CEUs. 31062 - $70 TREE IDENTIFICATION & SELECTION Want to know how to pick the right tree for a certain location? This CD teaches the basic strategies for tree identification and selecting the right tree for the site. Earn five CEUs. 31063 - $70

The Art and Science of Practical Rigging
by Peter Donzelli, Sharon Lilly and ArborMaster Training, Inc. Designed as a supplement to the rigging DVD series (below), this 172-page book is extensively illustrated and includes a glossary of terms. The ISA Certification CEU tests included in this book are worth 8 CEU credits. Additional books may be purchased separately from the DVD series. 27702 - $26 ISA Member prices available with verified certification number (must be submitted with order)

The Art and Science of Practical Rigging DVD Series
Rigging operations require an arborist to combine all of the skills involved in climbing, use of ropes and knots, chain saw use and cutting techniques, and limb removal techniques. The Art and Science of Practical Rigging is an advanced training series that requires the user to have already mastered basic climbing skills (or aerial lift operation) and cutting techniques. This series, hosted by Ken Palmer and Rip Tompkins of ArborMaster Training Inc., begins with the basic methods for hardware selection and use, knot tying, and limb removal, and advances to compound rigging techniques and methods for removing heavy wood. (Includes book; book also sold separately, above). 27710D - $155 Introduction to Techniques and Methods • An overview of the fundamental techniques of rigging • Tying and cutting techniques • The science of rigging Equipment and Ropes • Comparisons of blocks, connecting links, and friction devices • Design and limitations of rigging equipment • Rope construction, selection, and appropriate use Rigging Knots • Parts of a line and types of knots • How to tie the commonly used rigging knots • Proper use, and advantages and limitations of each knot Basic Limb Removal • Natural-crotch vs. false-crotch methods • Limb tie-off techniques and installing hardware • Butt-tying, tip-tying, and balancing Advanced Limb Removal • Redirect rigging, bend radius, and rope angles • Limb-lifting techniques and the fishing-pole technique • Rigging mechanical advantage Compound Rigging Techniques • Load-transfer and drift-line techniques • The “spider rig” and using multiple slings • Speed-lining in conjunction with other methods Understanding Forces in Rigging • Working with the rigging point below the load • Five major variables in blocking down sections • How to reduce shock-loading Top Removal and Rigging Heavy Wood • Top-removal methods • Butt-hitching • Roping down large sections

Introduction to Arboriculture: Interactive 10-CD Series
Learn by watching! This video, produced by the Certified Tree Worker Committee, demonstrates the techniques required to successfully complete the skills portion of the Certified Tree Worker/ Climber Specialist Exam. With both narrated explanations and visual demonstrations, all areas are covered from required knots to the climbing skills scoring system. Highly recommended for Certified Tree Worker/ Climber Specialist candidates! (©1998, 20 min.) 33373 - $324.95

Sensible Wood Cutting Video
Whether you’re using a chainsaw to fell trees, cut firewood, or clean up around the yard, this video presents some basic tips and techniques that can make your cutting experience safe and more productive. Developed by Husqvarna in conjunction with internationally recognized trainers Soren Eriksson and Tim Ard. This makes a great addition to your professional video collection. 16233 - $9

Use of written and video safety training programs alone does not ensure worker safety. Your adequate safety program should contain at least the following additional ingredients:

Climbing Skills Test Preparation Video
Learn by watching! This video, produced by the Certified Tree Worker Committee, demonstrates the techniques required to successfully complete the skills portion of the Certified Tree Worker/ Climber Specialist Exam. With both narrated explanations and visual demonstrations, all areas are covered from required knots to the climbing skills scoring system. Highly recommended for Certified Tree Worker/ Climber Specialist candidates! (©1998, 20 min.) 33371 - $24.95

1. An ongoing, complete, and conscientious program of instruction, including in-the-field instruction by the employer, for which these programs are only framework. 2. Comprehensive company workplace safety rules, with compliance monitored on a regular basis, and the rules enforced by discipline where appropriate. 3. An employee’s obligation to conscientiously abide by the employer’s safety rules. 4. An inspection program by which tools and equipment are inspected for unsafe conditions, and maintained or disposed of as necessary.

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educational media

ISA’s CEU Compendia
Various authors This full-color, seven-volume series contains more than 60 revised articles previously published in Arborist News and Certification Today from 1993 to the present. Accompanying each article is a CEU quiz. Whether you want a review of concepts learned in previously published CEU articles or are looking to strengthen your knowledge by reading these collected articles for the first time, you’ll find it a convenient way to earn CEUs (a total of 58.5 credits for the entire seven volumes). Buy each book individually—or save by purchasing the entire set! Complete set of 7 books with answer sheets (58.5 CEUs) 30226 - $235

CEU Books also sold separately: Tree Biology (8.5 CEUs) Tree Selection and Planting (9.5 CEUs) Tree Maintenance (7.5 CEUs) Trees and Their Environment (8.5 CEUs) Safe Work Practices (8 CEUs) Tree Diagnosis and Treatment (9 CEUs) Plant Health Care (7.5 CEUs)

CODE 30188 30189 30190 30191 30192 30193 30194

PRICE $45 $45 $45 $45 $45 $45 $45

Arborists’ Certification Study Guide - 3rd edition
by International Society of Arboriculture The much-anticipated third edition of the study guide is now available – in living color! Arborists’ Certification Study Guide is a complete study resource, developed for use in preparing for the ISA Certified Arborist exam. The third edition has been expanded to include new and updated information from research and practice, 325 full-color images, and a new chapter – Urban Forestry – which discusses the management of larger populations of trees in the urban area. Each chapter is designed as an educational text to focus on relevant topics in arboriculture with a workbook section and sample test questions at the end of each chapter. Also included is a comprehensive glossary of arboricultural terms and a valuable list of additional resources. This study guide is a must-have for ISA Certified Arborist candidates, and provides unlimited usefulness as a foundation and reference for all tree care professionals. softcover, 352 pp., glossary, index. Chapter topics include: Tree Biology • Tree Identification • Soil Science • Water Management • Tree Nutrition and Fertilization • Tree Selection • Installation and Establishment • Pruning • Tree Support and Protection Systems • Diagnosis and Plant Disorders • Plant Health Care • Tree Assessment and Risk Management • Trees and Construction • Urban Forestry • Tree Worker Safety • Climbing and Working in Trees English Version 16193 - $93 Audio Version on CD 31561 - $38 Versión de Español 27704 - $93

Tree Climber’s Guide
by Sharon Lilly, Certified Arborist and past president of ISA Newly revised and now in color! Written specifically for tree climbers, this publication can be used as a basic text for the tree climber as well as a study guide for the ISA Certified Tree Worker Program. This guide contains more than 200 color illustrations. Each chapter includes a list of important terms and concludes with a workbook section. This book was written from the perspective of what the climber needs to know in order to climb and do aerial tree work safely. Chapters include Tree Health and Sciences, Safety, Ropes and Knots, Climbing, Pruning, Rigging, Removal, and Cabling. Appendices with answers to the workbook questions, a glossary, and additional references also are included. (softcover, glossary, 172pp) English Version 16218 - $53 Versión de Español 27708 - $53

Municipal Specialist Certification Study Guide
By Nelda P. Matheny and James R. Clark Designed to assist arborists preparing for the Municipal Specialist Certification exam, this study guide provides information specific to the management of planted and natural green space on public lands. Written by two highly regarded professionals with contributions from a wealth of field experts, the topics covered in this guide include: Municipal Arboriculture and Urban Forestry; Planning the Urban Forest; Assessing and Quantifying the Urban Forest; Planting the Urban Forest; Maintaining the Urban Forest; Managing Risk in the Urban Forest; Protecting the Urban Forest; Administrative Duties of the Municipal Arborist. A workbook section at the end of each chapter reinforces concepts and provides sample exam questions. Also included is a glossary, a list of common acronyms, and a list of additional study resources. ((c)2008, softcover, 279 pp., glossary, index) 33370 - $69.95

Glossary of Arboricultural Terms
by International Society of Arboriculture With approximately 1,000 terms, this glossary is an essential tool for all tree workers, including commercial, utility, consulting, and municipal arborists, as well as urban foresters, landscape maintenance specialists, educators, writers, government agents, and students. 31064 - $14


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Utility Specialist Certification Study Guide
by International Society of Arboriculture Here is the comprehensive study guide for the utility arborist certification exam. Includes chapters on tree biology and pruning, vegetation management, electrical knowledge, customer relations, and emergency management/storm response. The guide also contains key terms, a glossary, workbook and sample test questions, and suggested further reading. 28606 - $65

Evaluation of Hazard Trees in Urban Areas
By Nelda Matheny and James R. Clark Here is a marvelous tool for evaluating the hazard potential of urban trees! By providing a systematic rating approach, tree evaluations allow managers to identify hazard situations, rank their relative severity, and create a priority for work. Important aspects include: review of past and present site conditions; identification and assessment of structural defects in root, root crown, trunk, and tree crown; evaluation of likely and significant failure; assessment of the significance of the target; development of the hazard rating. ((c)1994, softcover, 85 pp., full color photos, appendices) 33375 - $47.95

Harvesting Urban Timber
by Sam Sherrill Three to four billion board feet of lumber are being fed either directly or indirectly into landfills throughout the United States each year. Sam Sherrill explains not only the importance of harvesting urban trees, but how to do so. Sam details how local businesses, woodworkers and city governments can undertake their own urban timber harvesting programs. Soft cover, 224 pages, text, charts, pictures, diagrams and more. 30195 - $26.95

Chain Saw Safety and Field Maintenance
by Kevin K. Eckert Great idea!—A bilingual photo guide (English and Spanish) illustrating the proper practices and techniques of chain saw maintenance and operation. While designed for all arborist levels, the pictorial format is especially helpful for those who benefit most from a visual learning style, rather than from reading lengthy explanations. This photo guide is an invaluable tool for learning effective chain saw operation and safeguarding. (©2003, softcover, color illustrations, 128 pp.) 33372 - $59.95

Spanish-English / EnglishSpanish Dictionary of Arboricultural Terms
by International Society of Arboriculture The Quick Reference Guide of Arboricultural Terms/Guía de Consulta Rápida de Términos de Arboricultura is a handy reference guide of arboricultural terms in Spanish and English. This 96-page booklet contains more than 600 terms and definitions in both languages, including 20 pages of illustrations of tools, safety equipment, knots, leaves, pruning cuts, and much more. 27707 - $16

Eastern Trees, Peterson Field Guide
by George A. Petrides 455 species are covered, including all native trees in the area north to the Arctic Ocean, south to the Gulf Coast and Florida, and west to the Great Plains, plus non-native trees that have escaped from cultivation. Species are arranged in six major groups by visual similarity. Color photographs of each species include leaves, height, color, bark texture, twigs, flowering season, and fruit. 96-page color insert, illustrations, and 266 range maps. 16199 - $20

The Fundamentals of General Tree Work
by Gerald F. Beranek This technical reference book written by a seasoned logger covers a broad spectrum of practical tree work and includes everything from simple rigging techniques to hazardous tree removal. Knots, throwline, belts, spurs, chain filing, felling and trimming techniques, crane removal, wedge use, and more are all discussed and illustrated in this encyclopedia of a rare art. Measuring a hefty 6x9 inches, this extensive 512 page paperback is fully illustrated in black and white. 31647 - $37

North American Trees Identified by Leaf, Bark, and Seed
This handy tree identification tool offers a photo of each tree, plus full-color photos of four distinct visual keys—leaves, bark pattern, flower, and nut or seed. The habitat and cultural history of each tree is described. For example, the white ash was once used by Native Americans to make bows and today is often the wood of choice in the production of baseball bats. A useful and educational device for learning to identify trees, this Fandex guide consists of 50 full-color, die-cut cards hinged with a plastic bolt. (©1997, 96 pp., full-color photos, index) 33374 - $9.95

Modern Arboriculture
by Dr. Alex L. Shigo A systems approach to practical tree care, designed to make complex concepts easy to understand. Hardcover, 440 pages, 311 diagrams and 16 color photos. 16212 - $65

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educational media

To Fell a Tree
by Jeff Jepson (author of the Tree Climber’s Companion)
To Fell a Tree is loaded with practical information that is essential to the safety and success of any tree-felling or wood-cutting operation, whether it’s in the forest or the backyard. With step-by-step instructions and more than 200 illustrations, this book covers such topics as preparations before the work begins, felling a tree using a three-step procedure, felling difficult trees, limbing and bucking, potential work hazards, chain saw safety, personal protective equipment, protecting people and property, felling storm-damaged trees, moving limbs and logs, and methods for splitting and stacking wood. You will also learn: Potential work hazards Chainsaw safety Personal protective equipment Protecting people and property

The Tree Climber’s Companion: 2nd Edition
by Jeff Jepson and illustrated by Bryan Kotwika This compact field reference and training manual for tree climbers is the ideal partner for all tree workers. Thanks to the illustrative talents of Illinois Certified Arborist Bryan Kotwika, writer Jeff Jepson is able to provide you, the reader, with easy-to-understand and applicable techniques. This 104-page book includes specific information on several climbing techniques, throwbag use, a variety of knots and hitches, tricks of the trade, use of friction savers, rope care, ascenders, and more. Over 200 easy-to-follow illustrations expand comprehension. Version in English 16217 - $15 Versión de Español 16217S - $15 Making a proper notch and back cut Felling storm-damaged trees Moving limbs and logs Methods for splitting and stacking wood

33202 - $17.95

ANSI Z133.1 Safety Requirements
2006 Revision! This latest revision includes many new safety requirements. This publication establishes safety standards for tree care operations such as pruning, trimming, repairing, maintaining, and removing trees in the United States. The purpose of this standard is to provide safety criteria for workers and the public. It also is intended as an aid to federal, state, and municipal authorities in drafting regulations and may be adopted in whole or in part. 26483 - $20

ANSI A300 ANSI A300 Tree Fertilization Support Systems Standard Standard
This standard sets forth general guidelines for use in drafting tree care specifications on fertilization. The standard includes sections on scope, purpose, and application of fertilizer; definitions; and guidelines for application and use. 27699 - $20 This standard establishes guidelines for use in drafting tree care specifications on tree support systems. The standard includes sections on hardware selection and requirements, installation practices, cabling and bracing requirements, and guying. 27697 - $20

ANSI A300 Pruning Standard
This 2008 edition of the pruning standards represents an industry consensus of pruning performance standards. Although the standard is not legally binding, it can be used to write contract specifications that are. 27701 - $20

Best Management Practices
FULL SET Best Management Practices are guides written as how-to companions for the ANSI A300 standards, providing urban foresters with effective methods of standards application. All 10 books SET01 - $69 Tree and Shrub Fertilization was developed to serve as a how-to guide to fertilization and covers topics such as reasons, goals and objectives to fertilizing as well as when not to fertilize. 28949 - $7 Tree Lightning Protection Systems - Explanation of basic lightning physics and the installation and maintenance of lightning protection systems ((c)2008, softcover, 40 pp., glossary) 28950 - $7 Integrated Pest Management Practices for designing, planning, and implementing an IPM program within a landscape as part of a comprehensive Plant Health Care management system. ((c)2007, softcover, 28 pp., glossary, appendices) 33379 - $7 Tree Inventories - Techniques for effective and efficient tree inventory and management of the urban forest ((c)2006, softcover, 26 pp., glossary) 33377 - $7 Tree Support Systems provides information on traditional American techniques of cabling, bracing, and guying trees. Detailed references are exclusively limited to the use of invasive, static, steel and wire materials. 27703 - $7 Integrated Vegetation Management - Techniques in vegetation control for electric right-of-way projects, gas pipeline rights-of-way, ecosystem restoration, and invasive weed control. ((c)2007, softcover, 36 pp., glossary, appendices) 33378 - $7 Utility Pruning of Trees - Information on pruning methods that promote safe and reliable delivery of utility services while minimizing the impact on trees ((c)2004, softcover, 22 pp., glossary) 31652 - $7 Tree Pruning addresses how to meet industry standards and customer expectations with minimal harm to the tree. It provides reasons why pruning is undertaken, explains pruning types and amounts, provides background on pruning cuts, reviews sample specifications and comments on timing of these operations. English Version 28948 - $7 Versión de Español 28981 - $7 Managing Trees During Construction - Just released! The newest BMP is now available! The Construction BMP includes guidelines to determine which trees on a construction site are suitable for preservation and strategies for tree protection and maintenance during all phases of construction. ((c)2008, softcover, 35 pp., glossary, appendices). 33380 - $7 Tree Planting - Guidelines for tree planting on such topics as planting depth, soil amendment, and many more ((c)2005, softcover, 41 pp., glossary) 33376 - $7


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Plant Health Care for Woody Ornamentals
The most comprehensive manual available on plant health maintenance. PHC practitioners will find this reference manual invaluable in many situations. It provides information on basic biology of woody plants, understanding stress and pest complexes, abiotic disorders and diseases, management of insect and vertebrate pests, weed management, and working with clients and the public. Includes a glossary, index, and easy-to-use tables and charts. Features 150 color photos and nearly 100 illustrations. 27705 - $62

On Rope

by Allen Padgett & Bruce Smith

This book is the “bible” of single rope techniques. Over 500 illustrations and 9 comprehensive charts are scattered among 400 pages, with precise descriptions on use of ascenders, descenders, shunts, knots, chest boxes, and harnesses. Also, several “how to” projects are included so that the dedicated climber can fabricate his own custom gear. This practical guide to vertical rope work is an easy-to-read handbook of SRT for military and recreational activities in caves, trees, cliffs, and other places accessible only by rope. 16201 - $38

Tree Climber’s Knot Book by Dirk Lingens
Knots have a long history. In the past they were an integral part of daily life, indispensable for seamen, craftsmen, and farmers. Over recent centuries though, the need to utilize ropes and knots has been replaced by prefabricated means. Knots have, however, experienced a small renaissance among climbers who still use rope. Above all, friction knots have been refound, reinvented, and optimized by tree climbers for peak performance. Dirk Lingens, a German arborist and self-confessed knot junkie, has collected and recorded knots commonly used in the arboricultural industry. There are also a few exotic and uncommon knots, and some are published here for the first time. The book is useful not just for arborists but for anyone with an interest in knots. 32337 - $28

Diseases of Trees and Shrubs
by Wayne A. Sinclair, Howard H. Lyon and Warren T. Johnson This long-needed and generously illustrated volume surveys diseases of, and environmental damage to, forest and shade trees and woody ornamental plants in the United States and Canada. An authoritative reference, it is also a reliable diagnostic aid that focuses on what can be seen with the unaided eye or a hand lens. Each of the 247 color plates face a page of explanatory text covering the biology and ecology of the disease-causing agents (pathogens), a list of key references, and, in some cases, black-and-white illustrations of pathogens. 574 pages, 247 color plates, 18 illustrations. 16198 - $95

The Morrow Guide to Knots
by Mario Bigon and Guido Regazzoni Enjoy 250 pages of step-by step instructions that take full advantage of color photography with 647 color images. When two or more ropes are involved, they are color coded so you can easily tell them apart. This book is stocked full of both utility and decorative knots. A reliable and essential reference tool for all rope workers! 16206 - $15.95

Wood Decay Fungi
by Christopher J. Luley, Ph.D. With high-quality color photographs and a straightforward identification approach, this manual will aid the arborist in identifying common decay fungi and types of decay. The first section introduces readers to the causes and types of decay, while the second section contains profiles of each wood decay fungus. Softbound, 58 pages. 31654 - $28

Evaluating Tree Defects: 2nd Edition
by Ed Hayes This second edition field guide is a must for any arborist who makes decisions that can have an impact on the health and safety of others. Ed Hayes’ compact field guide is instrumental in informing arborists about decay evaluation, tree biomechanics, and other safety issues pertaining to tree defects. Laminated front and back covers, 58 color photographs and 43 illustrations. 28840 - $35

Knot Cards
Keep diagrams of 17 of the arborist’s most important knots within arm’s reach in this waterproof, pocket-sized, easy-to-read finder. Includes: Bowline Water knot Square knot Rolling hitch Clove hitch Sheet bend Knot Cards 33203 - $4.95 Prusik knot Trucker’s hitch Mooring hitch Butterfly knot Bowline on a bight Figure 8 Double fisherman’s Constrictor Half-hitch Buntline hitch Tautline hitch

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educational media




SherrillTree Posters
SherrillTree is proud to introduce four full-color, incredibly detailed posters by world-renowned photographer Louie Psihoyos (the P is silent and the rest rhymes with sequoias). From director of photography for National Geographic to portrait projects for the likes of Bill Gates and Michael Jordan, Louie’s portfolio knows few boundaries. The project for which these images were taken was a recent article about recreational tree climbing for Smithsonian Magazine. Order for yourself or a friend the ultimate conversation piece for office, home, or shop. Posters are 24 by 36 in.

“The wonder is that we can see these trees and not wonder more.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


A. B. C. D.

Twin Redwoods The Window Tree The Henry Tree Porta-Ledging Trees

30739 - $12 30737 - $12 30736 - $12 30738 - $12

“In the woods we return to reason and faith.” Ralph Waldo Emerson
Byer Sky Chair
For years I’ve owned the original Sky Chair made in Colorado but longed for something more portable and affordable. The Byer Sky Chair is incredibly packable, making it as great for camping and picnics as it is for the porch or front yard. This quick-to-assemble and easy-to-hang swing seat will make relaxation the talk of your next party! Max weight: 225 lbs. 31384 - $49

Metolius Bomb Shelter Portaledge
Whether it’s just one night or ten in a row, nothing sleeps better aloft than the infamous Portaledge. Built of super-duty fabric and aircraft-quality aluminum, this sleeping platform is as lightweight as it is durable—an important combination among its ounce-counting followers. Build it in the crown or on the ground, it makes no difference. It’s quick and safe to assemble because all parts are tethered together in the Durathane haul sack. For those who can afford it, there simply is a no more restful platform than the Portaledge. Unlike hammocks that need to be suspended from a minimum of two (but, more often, four) attachment points, the Portaledge needs only one. Want the feeling of floating under the stars? Got it. Want a bed affixed like a shelf on the tree? Check. Want to enjoy a meal sitting two abreast? No problem. Want the ability to level your bed post-attachment? Double check. Want any of that out of a hammock? Sorry. Ask any tree climber who’s slept aloft for the inevitable recommendation—nothing beats a Ledge! Bomb Shelter Single Ledge 2 × 6 × 7 ft. diameter, wt 11 lb. 7 oz. Single rainfly 33388 - $650 33389 - $325

“Your products are the best and your customer service people go above and beyond to help me with my orders. We buy 100% of our products from SherrillTree.” Janine Murphree Giraffe Tree Service Little Rock, AR


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With tool orders exceeding $100, ask for and receive one t-shirt for

All T-shirts are 100% cotton, and available in S, M, L, XL, and XXL.

ONLY $15.95!
Logo T-Shirts Poison Ivy® - Camo
Camoflage with design on front and left sleeve. PICTS (+ size) - $19.95

Grizzly Splice®
Gold with design on back. GZTS (+ size) - $19.95

Poison Ivy® - Green
Green with design on front and left sleeve. Also availabe in youth small (YS). PITS (+ size) - $19.95


Beige with design on front and back. SBTS (+ size) - $19.95 Front

TreeBuzz.com T-Shirt
White with design on back, and TreeBuzz logo on the front TBTS (+ size) - $19.95

White with front pocket and design on back. BSTS (+ size) - $19.95


Black with design on front and back. PHXTS (+ size) - $19.95 Back

Ball Cap
32065 - $15

Graphic T-Shirts


“Into Trees”
Blue with design on front. STS (+ size) - $19.95

“Comin’ Atcha”
White with front pocket and design on back. CATS (+ size) - $19.95

“Treeworkers’ Convertible”
White with front pocket and design on back. TWCTS (+ size) - $19.95

White with logo on front and design on back. LVTS (+ size) - $19.95



White with front pocket and design on back. RMTS (+ size) - $19.95

“Born to Climb”
Grey with front pocket and design on back. Also available in youth small (YS). BTCTS (+ size) - $19.95

“Wrong / Right”
White with front pocket and design on back. WRTS (+ size) - $19.95

“Knots Shirt”
Athletic grey with design on front and back. KTS (+ size) - $19.95

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posters / PORTALEDGE / shirts

Removable Bumper Sticker Design (actual size: 3” x 12”)



Removable Bumper Sticker Design (actual size: 3” x 12”)



















Removable Bumper Stickers
Removable Bumper Sticker Design CODE PRICE





with your order!
*Offer not valid with sticker # 15958L
30238W (5” x 5”)


Ask to receive

(White print on clear vinyl: black represents clear area)

Window Sticker Design





15958 (4” tall)




15958L (12” tall)



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Freight chart applies to PREPAID orders ONLY

Method of payment (circle one)
card number


expiration date

validation code


UPS GROUND continental USA (“WEST US” refers to areas west of the Mississippi) AMOUNT .01 TO $25 $25.01 TO $50 $50.01 TO $100 $100.01 TO $150 $150.01 TO $200 $200.01 TO $250 $250.01 TO $300 $300.01 TO $400 $400.01 TO $500 $500.01 & UP SHIPPING COST EAST US WEST US $19 $23 $27 $29 $31 $33 $35 $40 $46 $52 $22 $26 $30 $32 $34 $36 $39 $45 $50 $55 Name on Card: Signature: CHECK OR MONEY ORDER ENCLOSED HOUSE ACCOUNT (pre-approved only) Check here if you would like more order forms • Any order is subject to receiving a confirmation call from us. • Prices subject to change without notice. • Returned merchandise is subject to a 25% restocking fee. • All prices are F.O.B. Greensboro, NC. If you place an order via phone, fax, mail or Internet, please do not then place the same order via a different method. We are not responsible for duplication of such orders. Prices in store locations may vary and are subject to change without notice. Items with these icons are considered very BULKY or HEAVY by shipping companies, resulting in higher freight costs. Therefore, the freight chart does not apply to those items. If you are ordering by mail or Internet and need to know “total cost” with freight, please call during Sherrill’s business hours.

Shipping costs on CALL-IN, FAX-IN, and INTERNET orders are calculated differently. All estimates are approximate.

will be taken by SherrillTree customer service agents during working hours (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m . Eastern Standard Time, except on holidays). If you have specific questions about merchandise, please call during working hours. Night calls are taken by Telephone Answering Service of Greensboro. We cannot ship UPS to a post office (P.O.) box, so please let us know if your shipping address is different from your mailing address. Changes in orders may delay shipping. When calling back to change an order, it would be helpful to ask for the same operator who took the original order. All additions or changes to your original order must be made within one hour of placing the order. Otherwise, shipping could be delayed at least one day, depending on the change.


Prices, store policies, and product specifications are subject to change without notice at any time.


We’re so confident in our excellent prices that we’re willing to pay you $1.50 for every $1 a legitimate competitor undercuts our printed prices. It’s just that simple. Show us the documented difference and save. Found another retailer announcing $10 off SherrillTree’s already low price? Call us, we’ll make it $15 off, that’s how our 150% price crushing guarantee works. As any market leader will attest, it’s common for low-ranking competition to selectively snipe item prices and declare themselves king of the price game. Our method of defense against this tactic is simple - increase their sacrifice and your savings to 150%! We make it easy. Just provide the details, we confirm it, and you will receive your new crushed price. Usually we can do this while you are on the phone. It’s that easy. This effort is applicable for products of equal make, model, and by the same manufacturer. Prices must be current and documented. Offer good through SherrillTree online and mail-order only, retail locations may or may not participate.


can be placed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at www.sherrilltree.com. Our website is secure for credit card use. Orders placed after 2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, or on weekends and holidays, will be processed the following business day.


can no longer be paid in “CASH” due to UPS policy. UPS now requires a check or money order made payable to Sherrill, Inc. C.O.D. fees currently run $9.00 per package, in addition to regular shipping charges. C.O.D. orders refused upon delivery or “not delivered in three attempts” will put the customer in “Cash in Advance” status for subsequent orders, with shipping fees still owed. C.O.D. orders exceeding $500 must be paid with a certified check or money order.

When an order is delivered, we suggest that you inspect the package(s) for damage before you sign for or open the package(s).  A package must be signed for or reported to shipping carrier as “damaged” to process a claim for replacement. In most cases the box(es) must be kept for inspection.


require credit card number, expiration date, validation code, name on the card and billing info. In the event of a declined credit card authorization, we will attempt to call you the same day the order is processed. We cannot hold declined credit card orders for more than two days.



or non-stocked items require payment in advance, and are non-refundable and non-returnable. There may be vendor limitations or minimums on quantity or dollar amount. Cancellations must be made within 24 hours of the order being placed. Allow a minimum of four weeks for delivery.


If you receive incorrect merchandise from our company, please call us within three days of delivery. If the item is different than what is listed on the invoice, SherrillTree will issue a prepaid shipping label. Once the incorrect merchandise is returned to SherrillTree we will send the correct item to you without any additional shipping costs. However, if during our research we determine that the item number on the invoice and the item number originally ordered by the customer are identical, then shipping costs will be the customers’ responsibility.

If an item is missing from your order, please check the invoice (packed in clear sleeve on the outside of package). More than likely, the item is on back order. On this list, look to see if this particular item has a number in the “B.O.” column. If it does, the item is on back order, and we will ship it the day that we receive it, unless otherwise specified. “Hold to ship complete” requests by you may delay the order, so please discuss with a SherrillTree customer service agent before making this request. Back orders ship UPS ground unless customer requests special delivery.


“Next Day Air” or other special delivery methods require payment in advance (credit card, check or money order received prior to shipping) or an open account status, no C.O.D’s. West Coast orders of $100 or more will be shipped UPS three day select at UPS ground prices. This offer is for in stock items only. Three day delivery time does not include the day order is placed. This offer is not valid for C.O.D., motor freight, heavy and/or bulky item orders. UPS three day select service is only available for areas that have a four to six day delivery schedule (based on our Greensboro, NC location) within the continental United States. These orders must be placed by 2 p.m. EST or else they will ship the following business day.

If you are not satisfied with a product purchased from us, please feel free to return it, unused, within 30 days for a full refund of the item. If item is returned to SherrillTree over 30 days after purchase, a restocking fee may apply. Customer should call SherrillTree to obtain an RMA (return merchandise authorization number) from one of our customer service agents. RMA number should be displayed on the return shipment by the customer. If not satisfied with the product, the customer is responsible for return shipping costs and insurance of the shipment. SherrillTree is not responsible for damages incurred or the loss of package during return shipment. All shipments should be returned to SherrillTree, or the respective Vermeer dealer, not to the manufacturer. Send to: SherrillTree, 200 Seneca Rd., Greensboro, NC 27406. Upon receipt of the unused item(s), SherrillTree will provide full credit for the item’s amount (excluding shipping and handling). The only exception to this is non-returnable items such as books, videos, DVDs, CDs, software, and special orders. If we accept a return on these items, it is our policy to charge a 25% restocking fee. It is necessary for you to include your phone number, address, RMA number, and a copy of the invoice with any return. Also, briefly state the reason for the return and instructions for replacing the item.  We will refuse any returns shipped C.O.D.



or “prepaid returns” are issued only in the event of an error on the part of Sherrill, Inc., or as a prepaid request by our customers.

for international orders are to be paid by the customer. If refused, the customer will be responsible for any duties and/or freight paid by SherrillTree Inc., as well as any “abandoned merchandise” charges. Sales tax is applied to orders from NC, PA and TN.



on the order form is for the continental U.S., prepaid mail and fax-in orders only. This usually covers our shipping costs but is measured on an average basis. Freight charges are determined by weight, and rarely match the chart exactly. We reserve the option to reject a mail-in order’s freight rate as circumstances occur.


(indicated by the anvil icon), such as cable, fertilizer, rope, etc. can send shipping costs soaring. Therefore, the freight chart does not apply to orders containing these items. Exact shipping cost cannot be determined until the weight is totaled and calculated against your shipping zone. International shipments are quoted on an individual basis, depending on destination, weight and dimensions.

SherrillTree stands behind all manufacturer-warranted products. Any defective product must be returned to SherrillTree at customer’s expense for visual evaluation and review. No refund or shipping credit will be issued without complete product examination by SherrillTree. If returned product is determined defective according to manufacturers warranty, SherrillTree. will replace, credit or repair according to manufacturers guideline. Customer should call SherrillTree to obtain an RMA (return merchandise authorization number) from one of our customer service agents. RMA number should be displayed on the return shipment by the customer. Customer is responsible for return shipping costs and insurance of the shipment. SherrillTree is not responsible for damages incurred or the loss of package during return shipment. Direct (drop shipped) shipments should be returned to SherrillTree, not to the vendor or Vermeer dealer. Customer assumes risk that damaged goods may prove ineligible for repair or replacement according to manufacturers warranty and further required to pay cost of shipment back to sender. If the product was purchased at a Vermeer location please return the product to the same Vermeer location for review. ©2010 Sherrill, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is strictly prohibited. SherrillTree, SherrillTree characters and any likeness are trademarks of Sherrill, Inc. Vermeer Manufacturing Company and Sherrill, Inc. are separate legal entities. They are not engaged in any partnership, joint venture, or agency relation. Each company is separately responsible for their respective goods or services offered herein and for content of their respective portions of this publication. Sherrill, Inc., Vermeer Manufacturing Company, and advertisers within this catalog cannot be held responsible for typographical or photographic errors in product specifications or pricing. Sherrill Inc., 200 Seneca Road, Greensboro, NC 27406 You can also call 1-800-525-8873 or email [email protected] for additional information.


Due to UPS and FedEx regulations, the shipping charges for oversized packages (such as poles, elongated power tools, and log dollys) will significantly increase. If you have any questions about these changes and their effect on you, please ask our customer service representatives, available Mon-Fri from 8 a.m.-6 p.m..

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