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Skill 103 Irrigating a Colostomy

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SKILL 13-8 Irrigating a Colostomy Goal: The patient expels soft formed stool. 1. Assemble necessary equipment. Verify the order for the enema. Identify the patient. Explain procedure to patient. Plan where he or she will receive irrigation. Assist patient onto bedside commode or into nearby bathroom. 2. Pull the curtains around the bed and close the room door. Drape the patient to keep him/her covered. 3. Warm solution in amount ordered, and check temperature with a bath thermometer if available. If bath thermometer is not available, warm to room temperature or slightly higher, and test on inner wrist. If tap water is used, adjust temperature as it flows from faucet. 4. Perform hand hygiene. 5. Add irrigation solution to container. Release clamp and allow fluid to progress through tube before reclamping. 6. Hang container so that bottom of bag will be at patient’s shoulder level when seated. 7. Put on nonsterile gloves. 8. Remove ostomy appliance and attach irrigation sleeve. Place drainage end into toilet bowl or commode. 9. Lubricate end of cone with water-soluble lubricant. 10. Insert the cone into the stoma. Introduce solution slowly over a period of 5 to 6 minutes. Hold tubing (or if patient is able, allow patient to hold tubing) all the time that solution is being instilled. Control rate of flow by closing or opening the clamp.

11. Hold cone in place for an additional 10 seconds after fluid is infused. 12. Remove cone. Patient should remain seated on toilet or bedside commode. 13. After majority of solution has returned, allow patient to clip (close) bottom of irrigating sleeve and continue with daily activities. 14. After solution has stopped flowing from stoma, put on clean gloves. Remove irrigating sleeve and cleanse skin around stoma opening with mild soap and water. Gently pat peristomal skin dry. 15. Attach new appliance to stoma or stoma cover (see Skill 13-7) as needed. 16. Remove gloves. Return the patient to a comfortable position. Make sure the linens under the patient are dry, if appropriate. Ensure that the patient is covered. 17. Raise side rail. Lower bed height and adjust head of bed to a comfortable position. 18. Perform hand hygiene.

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