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Srs for Bank Management System

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Table of Contents


1.1 Purpose
1.2 Scope
1.3 Overview
1.4 Additional Information

2. General Description

3. Functional specifications

3.3Payment of money
3.4Transfer of money
3.5Transaction report

4. Interface Requirements

4.1 GUI
4.2 Hardware Interface
4.3 Software Interface

5. Performance Requirements

6. Constraints

7 Performance

7.2 Reliability
7.3 Availability
7.4 Maintainability
7.5 Reusability

8. References

1. Introduction

This document gives detailed functional and nonfunctional requirements for the
bank management system. This product will support online banking transaction.
The purpose of this document is that the requirements mentioned in it should be
utilized by software developer to implement the system.

1.1 Purpose

Online banking system provides is specifically developed for internet banking for
Balance Enquiry, Funds Transfer to another account in the same bank, Request for
cheque book/change of address/stop payment of cheques, Mini statements (Viewing
Monthly and annual statements).

The Traditional way of maintaining details of a user in a bank was to enter the
details and record them. Every time the user need to perform some transactions he
has to go to bank and perform the necessary actions, which may not be so feasible

all the time. It may be a hard-hitting task for the users and the bankers too. The
project gives real life understanding of Internet banking and activities performed by
various roles in the supply chain. Here, we provide an automation for banking
system through Internet. Internet banking system project captures
activities performed by different roles in real life banking which provides enhanced
techniques for maintaining the required in- formation up-to-date, which results in
efficiency. The project gives real life understanding of Internet banking and activities
performed by various roles in the supply chain.

1.2 Scope

This Product will automate of banking transaction process.This Project investigates
the entry threshold for providing a new transaction service channel via the
real options approach, where the entry threshold is established by using an
Internet banking system designed for the use of normal users(individuals),
Industrialists, Entrepreneurs, Educational Institutions(Financial sections),
Organizations and Academicians under transaction rate uncertainty.

1.3 Overview

The system provides easy solution to banks.
Overview: The SRS will include two sections, namely:

Overall Description: This section will describe major components of the system,
interconnections, and external interfaces.

Specific Requirements: This section will describe the functions of actors, their
roles in the system and the constraints faced by sys- tem.

2. General description


Product Perspective:

The client will have client interface in which he can interact with the banking system. It is a web based interface which will be the web page of the banking
application. Starting a page is displayed asking the type of customer he is
whether ordinary or a corporate customer. Then the page is redirected to login
page where the user can enter the login details. If the login particulars are valid
then the user is taken to a home page where he has the entire transaction list that
he can perform with the bank. All the above activities come under the client
The administrator will have an administrative in- terface which is a GUI so that
he can view the entire system. He will also have a login page where he can enter
the login particulars so that he can perform all his actions. This
administrative interface provides different environment such that he can maintain
data- base & provide backups for the information in the database. He can register
the users by providing them with username, password & by creating account in
the database. He can view the cheque book request & perform action to issue the
cheque books to the clients.


Software Interface:

Front End Client:
The system is a web based application clients are requiring using modern web
browser such as Mozilla Firefox 1.5, PHP.

* Web Server:

The web application will be hosted on one of the apache server.

* Back End:

We use backend as MY SQL.

3. Functional Specifications

This section provides the functional overview of the product. The project will require
the PHP as a front end and at the back end the database MYSQL will be running.
Various functional modules that can be implemented by the product will be

1. Login
2. Validation
3. Get balance information
4. Withdrawal of money
5. Transfer Money
6. Customer info.

3.1 Login:

Customer logins by entering customer name & a login pin.

3.2 Validation:

When a customer enters the ATM card, its validity must be ensured. Then customer
is allowed to enter the valid PIN. The validation can be for following conditions

Validation for lost or stolen card
When card is already reported as lost or stolen
then the message “Lost/Stolen card!!!”.

Validation for card’s expiry date

If the card inserted by the customer has crossed the expiry date then the system
will prompt

“Expired Card”.

Validation for PIN
After validating the card, the validity of PIN must be ensured. If he/she fails to enter
valid code for three times then the card will not be returned to him. That means the
account can be locked. The counter for number of logins must be maintained
Get balance information:
This system must be networked to the bank’s computer. The updated
database of every customer is maintained with bank. Hence the balance information
of every account is available in the database and can be displayed to the customer.

3.3 Payment of Money:

A customer is allowed to enter the amount which he/she wishes to withdraw. If the
entered amount is less than the available balance and if after withdraw if the
minimum required balance is maintained then allow the transaction.

3.4 Transfer of Money:

The customer can deposit or transfer the desired amount of money.

3.5 Transaction Report:

The bank statement showing credit and debit information of corresponding account
must be printed by the machine.

3.6 Technical Issues

This product will work on client-server architecture. It will require an internet server
and which will be able to run PHP applications. The product should support some
commonly used browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox.

4. Interface Requirements

4.1 GUI

This is interface must be highly intuitive or interactive because there will not be an
assistance for the user who is operating the System. At most of the places help desk
should be provided for users convenience. The screens appearing should be
designed in such a manner that it can draw User attaraction towards the new plans
for the customers.

Also the pin and password confidentiality should be maintained,
This can be done by using asterisks at the password panel.
Proper security messages should be displayed at most of the places.

4.2 Hardware Interface

Various interfaces for the product could be
1. Touch screen/Monitor
2. Keypad
3. Continuous battery backup
4. Printer which can produce the hard copy.
5. Interface that connects the device to bank’s computer.
6. An interface that can count currency notes.

4.3 Software Interface

1. Any windows operating system.

2. The PHP must be installed. For the database handling MYSQL must be installed.
These products are open source products.

3. The final application must be packaged in a set up program, so that the products
can be easily installed on machines. This application must be networked to
corresponding banks.

5. Performance Requirements

The system should be compatible enough to hold the general traffic .
It should not get hang or show some other problems arising out due to large no of
concurrent users . The system should be fast enough to meet the customer The
high and low temperature should not affect the performance of the device. An
uninterrupted transaction must be performed.


* The information of all the users must be stored in a database that is accessible by
the On- line
Banking System.

* The Online Banking System is connected to the computer and is running all
24hours a day.

* The users access the Online Banking System from any computer that has
Internet browsing capabilities and an Internet connection.

*The users must have their correct usernames and passwords to enter into the
Online Banking System.

Design Constraints:

* Software Language Used

The languages that shall be used for coding Online Banking System are c , c++ ,
java , and HTML. For working on the coding phase of the Online job portal
System Web Sphere Application Server/WebSphere Application Server CE
Server needs to be installed.

*Database design

In our database design, we give names to data flows, processes and data stores.
Although the names are descriptive of data, they do not give details .So following
DFD, our interest is to build some details of the contents of data flows, processes
and data store. A data dictionary is a structured repository of data about data .It is a
set of rigorous definitions of all DFD data elements and data structures .

7. Performance

7.1 Security

The banking system must be fully accessible to only authentic user.
It should require pin for entry to a new environment.

7.2 Reliability

The application should be highly reliable and it should generate all the updated
information in correct order.

7.3 Availability

Any information about the account should be quickly available from any computer
to the authorized user. The previously visited customer’s data must not be cleared.

7.4 Maintainability

The application should be maintainable in such a manner that if any new
requirement occurs then it should be easily incorporated in an individual module.

7.5 Portability

The application should be portable on any windows based system. It should not be
machine specific.

8 References:


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