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Strengths and Weakness

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Strengths Product



The need for Emphasis on the learners to be given skills in writing linguistic knowledge about texts

Writing takes place in a social situation and is a reflection of a particular purpose

Imitation is one way ►Learners in which people background and learn experience contributes to development of  writing

Learning can happen consciously through imitation and analysis

 Active participation ►


Weakness Process skills of 

Does not provide

Does not provide

writing are less emphasized (e.g. planning a text)

learners with adequate linguistic knowledge to write successfully

learners with adequate linguistic knowledge to write successfully


knowledge and experiences are undervalued

Foc Focus us on writing as mere process with the same set of  steps to follow

Passive learners

(passive learners)

through, insufficient importance to the kind of texts writer’s

produce and why such texts are produced

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