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 Strengths  Huge pool of labour force High percentage of cultivable land Diversified nature of the economy Huge English speaking population, availability av ailability of skilled manpower  Stable economy, does not get affected by external changes

Extensive higher education system, third largest reservoir of engineers High growth rate of economy Rapid growth of IT and BPO sector bringing valuable foreign exchange Abundance of natural resources Weakness  Very high percentage of workforce involved in agriculture which contributes only 23% of GDP Arround a quarter of a population below the poverty line High unemployment rate Stark inequality in prevailing socio economic conditions Poor infrastructural facilities

Low productivity Huge population leading to scarcity of resources Low level of mechanization Red tapism, bureaucracy Low literacy rates Unequal distribution of wealth Rural-urban divide, leading to inequality in living standards Opportunities  Scope for entry of private firms in various sectors for business Inflow of Foreign Direct Investment is likely to increase in many sectors

Huge foreign exchange earning prospect in IT and ITES sector  Investment in R&D, engineering design Area of biotechnology Huge population of Indian Diaspora in foreign countries (NRIs) Area of Infrastructure Huge domestic market: Opportunity for MNCs for sales Huge matural gas deposits found in India, natural gas as a fuel has tremendous opportunities Vast forest area and diverse wildlife Huge agricultural resources, fishing, plantation crops, livestock  Threats 

Global economy recession/slowdown High fiscal deficit


Threat of government intervention in some states Volatility in crude oil prices across the world Growing Import bill Population explosion, rate of growth of pobulation still high Agriculture excessively dependent on monsoons INDUSTRY-GOVERNMENT -INSTITUTION



• • • • • • • • •

Highly educated , skilled skilled ,young, capable & dynamic human resources resources English speaking & analytical students World class business-social-spiritual –political leader, Professor, scientist, ManagerDoctor-Engineer-Civill servants etc  Doctor-Engineer-Civi Very rich rich in Natural & Living resources resources Biodiversity & Traditional knowledge base Diversity vs. Ideas-Innovation-Integration Powerful spiritual strength (yoga-Ayurvada-Healing-th (yoga-Ayurvada-Healing-therapy erapy services)  Geographical location (whole markets are shifting toward Asian nations)  India Strategic position at various platforms  Big democracy, Big market & free media Range of emerging professional champions   IT & Software superpower 

WEAKNESSES:   • • • • • •

Lack of trained & skill work force Small supply of specialize professional   Lack of spirits of entrepreneurship, patriotisms and leadership skill Lack of effective & execution framework  Lack of Indian management models  Lack of transparency-Trust-Responsibility transparency-Trust-Responsibility 

• • • • • • • • • •

Lack of sharing learningknowledge habits & Team workrisk spirit  Fear of & taking Thinking win-lose lose-win look-outside  Slow absorption of Innovation & change Lack of Indian management models  Absence of greater technology impetus  Unawareness: Quality-Standardization  Lack of Emotional-Spiritual development  Rush of getting high marks not Development Blindly respect anything taught by elders  

THREATS THREATS  (Internal & external):  • •

A feeling of unstable government   Self centered political leadership  


• • • • • • •

• • • • • •

Slow & Dysfunctional judiciary and corrupt law enforcers Regulation, protection and restriction  Mechanistic -stable-Layered-complex system  Corruption, Ignorance & Complacency  High competitive & marketing forces   To patent Indian intellectual property by outsider (unawareness about own research) Fast change Internet-information technology& new Inventions-TechnologyInnovations Diversity vs. Imbalance- clashes  Regional-Religion-caste-culture conflicts Migration of all branch to software job  Job seeking mind sets, not job creator  Unnecessary social pressure on students   Excessive rich & powerful mindsets  


• • • • •

• • • • • • •

Big potential market in education Sector & emerging new market Segment in services (create it) General Agreement of trade on Services Research Development capability Generate & intellectual property Resource Building capacity Competition- cost – Quality service Collaboration : win-win thinking Hybrid solution–balancing & blending Tourism, health sector, food processing Rural economy development & social transformation ( PURA model ) Need modernization of infrastructure , Library and and laboratory Internet institute network & e-Library Councilors and student advisors


India has lots of weakness this is a space of thinkinginto (new Ideas or new perceptions), understand it as a space of but opportunities and transform strength.

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