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STRENGTHS 1. Existenc Existence e of more more than than sucient sucient product productive ive capaci capacity ty in tanning tanning.. 2. Easy Easy ava availa ilabil bility ity of of low cost cost of of labour labour.. 3. Expo Exposu surre to exp expor ortt mark market ets. s. 4.

anagem gement ents

wit ith h

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bac backgr kground und

become ome

!ua !uali litty


environment conscious. ". #rese #resence nce of !uali$e !uali$ed d leather leather technolog technologists ists in the the $eld. $eld. %. &omforta &omfortable ble avai availabi lability lity of raw raw materia materials ls and and other other inputs inputs.. '. ass assiv ive e

in inst stit itut utio iona nall

supp suppor ortt

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tech techni nica call

ser ervi vice ces( s(

desi design gnin ing( g(

manpower development and marketing. ). Export Exporter er*fr *frie iendl ndly y governme government nt policie policies. s. +. ,ax incen incentive tives s on machine machinery ry by -overnm -overnment. ent. 1. /ell*established ell*established linkages linkages with buyers buyers in E0 and 0 Market: 1.

,he ,he produc duct has has the adva dvantage tage of bein being g fa fam mous ous as Ex Ex!uis uisite andcrafted 5riginal 6eather #roducts7 originated in the tate.

2. 8emand 8emand exis exists ts from from tourists tourists of 0tta 0ttarr #rade #radesh. sh. 3. -ood scope scope exist exists s for mark marketing eting the product products s through through trade trade fairs. fairs. Technology: 1.

9e!uires e!uires less application application of machines machines(( as those those are are handcraf handcrafted ted products.

2. 3.

 ,  ,echnology echnology is easily easily available available in the tate. tate. 9e!uired machinery is available at low price.




9aw materials are available in sucient !uantity from :arnataka.

Innovation Capabilities: 1.

/orkers are very skilled to make prototype of new sample.

Skills: 1.

killed manpower is available easily.


ost of the skill is ac!uired on ;ob.

Business Environent: 1.

table business exists in the tate.


-ove -o verrnmen nmentt tr trie ies s to boos boostt inv investm estmen entt in vari variou ous s sect sector ors s of  industries in the state

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