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Supply Network of a library: Jiayi and Sumit

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Supply Network of a library Jiayi and Sumit



You are the librarian of a wellknown education institute in New Zealand. All the All students purchase their books from the library. how well you will manaeExplain your supply network.


Supply #hain Simple supply chain"






Ser$ice %ro$ider



Supply #hain 'ulti-tiered supply chain" S(

#( S*






S* S(


#* #(

S( S* S(

#( #* #(

S()%ublisher S*)+endor %)&ibrary #*),eacher #()Students


Supply Network  Authors


Editors  Authorities +endors

Students ,eachers




,he key issues for librarians •

Ensurin proper coordination within supply networks.  –



&ibrary $s +endor  +endor  %ublisher $s Author  &ibrary $s student

Ensurin all the books are recei$ed and deli$ered on time. Ensurin the in$entory is costeffecti$e.


'anain supply network ntermediaries  Ad$antaes •



ocused expertise &ocal knowlede

/isad$antaes  –


inancial cost 0ard to know which intermediaries are credible.


'anain supply network /isintermediation &essen the number of intermediaries for reducin the cost and faster processin. &eads to an effecti$e coordination between the suppliers and •

customers. Easy to de$elop supply partnerships.


'anain supply network Supplier selection 'arket reputation •

%rice bein offered ocus on 1uality ,imely deli$ery of books

2ne-stop shop


'anain supply network E-procurement 'akin the books a$ailable online as e-books for readers 'akin pro$ision for e-payment  Allow the users to access ser$ices •



'anain supply network 'easurin performance Sur$ey to know customer satisfaction •

3nits of the sales Ser$ice-le$el areement to ensure the 1uality of the books is in accordance to the re1uirement of library.


4eference •

Johnston5 4.5 #lark5 6.5 7 Shul$er5 '. 8(9*(:. Service operations management: Improving service delivery  8;th  8;th ed.:. 0arlow5 Enland" %earson Education &imited.

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