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Surveillance Detection

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Surveillance Detection
An introduction to surveillance detection in the private sector. It's 8:00 a.m. Your principal is leaving his residence, as he does everyday, same time, same vehicle and same route. As his vehicle rounds a bend, a cracking sound resounds as rounds begin to hit the vehicle. You take measures and evacuate your principal out of the danger area without harm. You have two dead hostiles and one wounded protective agent but your principal is safe and you get a raise. Good job? No. This is not as good an outcome as it could have been had the hostile activity been identified early in the hostile planning cycle and prevented before it happened; once the press gets wind of this, the value of your principal's company stocks plummet. Your principal and family are living in fear, both at home and when they rarely leave. You have one wounded agent who cannot work for weeks. This could have all been avoided if the planning of this attack had been detected, recognized and acted upon in time. In order to protect assets against modern and sophisticated threats, we need to compliment traditional methods with real field intelligence. For several years governments, and more recently the private sector, understand that detecting a hostile act in the planning stage is imperative to successfully safeguarding assets and personnel. Whilst the traditional approach to security, where we strengthen physical weak points and train to react real time to threats are indeed

important, the vast majority of attacks can be avoided and prevented before the actual act. The trade whereby field personnel can recognize hostile acts in the planning stage, specifically hostile surveillance, is called Surveillance Detection. By recognizing and correctly identifying hostile surveillance, an effective surveillance detection enabled security force can deny the hostile parties intelligence vital to planning and successfully executing hostile acts against facilities or personnel. Research into recent major terrorist attacks as well as attacks on key personnel shows that in all cases surveillance was performed on the targets prior to these attacks. In addition, both classified and open source documents describe how several cases of hostile attacks have been foiled in the planning stage due to professional surveillance detection and reporting of hostile surveillance. Hostile surveillance is the visible hand of the enemy, the hand that training and practice can enable you to recognize and effectively manage situations whereby an attack is being planned on your principal, your assets or your being. About the author: Building on several years in the security field in various countries, Ivor Terret was a founding member of a government surveillance detection and covert protection unit. Having played a key role in designing the unit structure, methodology as well as day to day operations in the field, Ivor has had experience protecting principals at the Head of State level, sensitive facilities as well as with private and corporate clients.

This articles is provided by TOP-SECURE © 2007. TOP-SECURE is a premier security corporation that designs, coordinates and executes all aspects of protection strategies for VIPs: high-visibility politicians, senior executives, elected officials, other public figures and their family members. TOP-SECURE offers training courses in Surveillance Detection, Tactical Assault, Operational Driving and twoweek Certified Protection Courses. For more information, visit TOP-SECURE at http://www.top-secure.com

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