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Rolando Gorostiza

Adult Learner
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Nurse Paralegal Certificate Alumni Profile: Lt. Jason Anderson ‘06

Honor Roll of Donors

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Cover Story:

Rolando Gorostiza ’07



Dear Alumni, Students and Friends,
Albert Einstein said, “It is every man’s obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it.” This issue of Invention is dedicated to people and organizations who have followed Einstein’s advice. Their generous support enables Thomas Edison State College to continue to fulfill its mission to provide flexible, high-quality, collegiate learning opportunities for self-directed adults wherever they live or work. Each year, alumni, businesses, corporations and employees of Thomas Edison State College make substantial financial contributions that allow the College to increase enrollment, expand our academic enterprise and maintain our dedication to adult learners. In this edition, you will read about two graduates who embody the spirit of Thomas Edison State College. One is Rolando Gorostiza ’07, a manager for L’Oreal USA, who was selected as this year’s Adult Learner of the Year by the American Council on Education. This husband and father of three recalls the experience of completing his degree at Thomas Edison State College at the same time his children were pursuing their own college educations. The other is Lt. Jason Anderson ’06, a member of the U.S. Army National Guard, who finished his degree while serving in Iraq. Lt. Anderson tells us how Thomas Edison State College courses on Islam helped him understand the people and places he encountered during his deployment. These graduates’ stories illustrate the importance of Thomas Edison State College’s mission and the financial support we receive every year from loyal donors, including the Thomas Edison State College Foundation. On behalf of the entire College family, I would like to extend our sincere thanks to the Thomas Edison State College Foundation for its support of our institution and for its work on behalf of the Annual Fund, our special events and other development initiatives. We are grateful to all who have supported the College during the past year! Sincerely,

Dr. George A. Pruitt President



Thomas Edison State College Launches New Nurse Paralegal Certificate
o help meet the growing demand for experienced nurses who understand the law, the School of Professional and Continuing Studies at Thomas Edison State College has created a new professional certificate in Nurse Paralegal Studies.


INTRODUCTION TO NURSE PARALEGALISM Mentor: Nancy Wilson Soga, RN Wilson Soga is a graduate of Cameron University and Long Island University. She has practiced nursing for more than 16 years, is a charter member of the Morristown, N.J., chapter of the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants and is an associate editor of Legal Nurse Consulting, Principles and Practice, 2nd Edition (2002). TORTS Mentor: Michael C. King King is a graduate of George Mason School of Law and is currently chair of the Business Division at Essex County College. He has been involved in legal education for more than 20 years. LEGAL RESEARCH AND WRITING Mentor: Raquel Y. Bristol Bristol is a graduate of Rutgers Law School and is currently an appellate attorney with the Office of the Public Defender of the State of New Jersey. She has served as an editor at a national legal publishing company. LITIGATION Mentor: Charlotte Riser Harris Harris is a graduate of Virginia Tech and the Southwestern Paralegal Institute and is currently a partner with Five Star Legal Compliance, Inc. in Los Angeles. ADMINISTRATIVE LAW Mentor: William Jenson Jenson is a graduate of the Suffolk University Law School, the judicial officer of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and vice chair of the American Bar Association's section on Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice in Agriculture. INTRODUCTION TO TECHNOLOGY IN THE LAW Mentor: Thomas Goldman Goldman is a graduate of Temple Law School and is the author of the text book for the course, Introduction to Technology in the Law, as well as the leading paralegal textbook, Paralegal Profession. He has served as a member of the Board of Directors of the American Association for Paralegal Education (AAfPE) and is currently chair of the AAfPE Technology Task Force. To register, or to learn more about professional certificates offered at Thomas Edison State College, visit www.tesc.edu/spcs or call (609) 777-5642.

The 45-week online program is modeled after the College’s general Paralegal Studies certificate, launched in 2007, which focuses on the use of technology in the legal profession. The Nurse Paralegal certificate is a noncredit program designed for nurses interested in entering the legal field as a nurse paralegal or becoming a legal nurse consultant. “Throughout the country, law firms, corporate legal departments, insurance companies and other agencies are looking for experienced nurses,” said William J. Mulkeen, director of the Paralegal Studies program at Thomas Edison State College. “We developed our new nurse paralegal program using the expertise of a stellar advisory board, each of whom is recognized nationally for their expertise in specific course content areas. We believe this program will meet the growing demand that currently exists in the marketplace.” The certificate includes six online courses led by nationally renowned leaders in legal, paralegal and nurse paralegal education:



It can be a peer group or an academic unit, with members often collaborating on completing course work toward their degree. It is in its unofficial capacity, however, that a master’s cohort truly shines. For Stephen Theisen, Antonio Doria, Esther Velázquez, William Strain and Eric Percival, who each earned a Master of Science in Management in 2007, their cohort also served as a crucial sounding board, support group and safe haven during one of the most transformative and rigorous passages of their academic careers. “During the months of hard work, reading, research papers and nonexistent social lives, we provided each other with moral support,” said Velázquez. “No matter what happened during our strenuous studies, we wouldn’t allow each other to give up.” For students fortunate enough to find themselves surrounded by such support, the rewards are obvious. “As a team of five, we were each others’ academic and emotional support system,” said Velázquez, who works as a technical writer for a financial firm. “We provided encouragement and a ready ear if one of our members was floundering. At one point, I was going through a rough patch and seriously considered dropping my courses. I shared my frustration with fellow cohort member Eric Percival. His words of understanding, encouragement and advice were enough to make me hang in there.” Learning and Teaching. “We would also respond to questions or comments from other students. The assignments honed our leadership skills and encouraged us to collaborate with each other on a professional level.” Cohort members cited the program’s affordability and quality as the most compelling reasons for pursuing their degrees at Thomas Edison State College. Access to quality mentors was also an important part of their experience at the College. “I was pleasantly surprised at how eager our mentors were to hear from us and how generous they were with their time,” said Velázquez. “I would encourage all students – graduate and undergraduate – to establish communication with their mentors early and often in their course work.” Collegiality such as this often endures beyond commencement, with members staying in close contact and often building on their earlier accomplishments. “We plan to stay in touch with each other,” added Theisen. “My belief is that we have become a ‘family’ over the 18 months we’ve been together and will continue to share significant events with each other. Antonio [Doria] is now planning to pursue his doctorate degree and I know Esther is doing the same. I feel privileged to have met and become friends with these folks. If it had not been for Thomas Edison State College, I would have never gained such excellent friendships.”

As a team of five, we were each others’ academic and emotional support system.

Graduate-level course work typically consists of reading required chapters, articles and case studies, then subsequently researching, analyzing and interpreting the material. More often than not, students bring their professional experiences to the online discussions and integrate theories with practice. “During a typical assignment, we would read numerous articles or text and respond to questions posted by our graduate mentor on the Discussion Board,” said Theisen, who is currently pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Online

Pictured left to right: Stephen A. Theisen, Antonio Doria, Esther Velázquez and William Strain, all 2007 MSM graduates. Not pictured: Eric E. Percival, Master of Science in Management, Graduate Certificate in Online Learning and Teaching.


s ooyge Course onav C lle C nd s
For Lt. Jason Anderson ’06, Mixing Mortars with Midterms Was an Everyday Occurrence

Lt. Jason Anderson ’06

Alumni Profile
WHEN LT. JASON ANDERSON STEPPED OFF THE C-130 TRANSPORT PLANE IN IRAQ, HE IMMEDIATELY REALIZED HOW FAR AWAY HE WAS FROM HIS HOME IN MINNESOTA. As Anderson stood on the runway at Tallil Air Base, wearing 50 pounds of body armor and hauling his gear, the temperature was racing toward 100 degrees in April. “When the transport door opened, it was just like a blast furnace,” recalled Anderson BA ’06. “Under most conditions, a breeze would provide some relief; but over there, the wind merely served as a vehicle for more heat and dust.” In addition to beginning his tour of duty in the world’s most dangerous war zone, Anderson was about to begin taking courses to earn a college degree through the Military Degree Completion Program at Thomas Edison State College. But before he started, Anderson established a routine to stay on track academically without interfering with his military service. Anderson worked 10- to 14-hour shifts each night. As an intelligence staff officer, he was responsible for operations, intelligence tracking, operational security, section counseling and management and anti-terrorism protection. “My military work consisted of a series of ongoing projects,” said Anderson. “I was assigned to conduct vulnerability assessments for battalions and convoy escort teams in a number of radio relay points and small combat outposts stretched along hundreds of miles of supply routes. The process undoubtedly saved lives daily.” For Anderson and his unit members, the fevered pitch rarely subsided. “Each member of my unit worked extraordinarily hard. There was barely time for anything except our mission for the first three months in theater,” he said. “Once my courses began, I came in early or worked late in order to have the Internet access I needed for online Discussion Groups and submitting assignments.” Anderson said his course work on Islam helped him reinforce his understanding of the Sunni/Shea conflict in the Mideast. He asserts that his grasp of the cultural makeup of the area was at least as important as his tactical understanding. “I studied the effect Christianity had in the creation of Islam,” said Anderson. “Other topics covered were the Koran, Islamic law, prayer and understanding extremist behavior. There are
Lt. Jason Anderson pauses with daughter Marguerite and son Dayne at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn.

also many historic and religious sites in Iraq, some of which I have seen after reading about them. My unit also encountered Muslims participating in Ramadan and the Hajj. The courses I took helped me understand the significance of their religious observances and respect their dates and rituals.” Anderson always wanted to be a soldier. He is known by friends and family as being analytical and staunchly patriotic, and originally served three years of active duty as a U.S. Army Calvary Scout. He looked forward to the college education he would earn when he felt ready for it. He was home from duty in Bosnia-Herzegovina when he and his family turned on the television one sunny September morning to watch United Airlines Flight 175 dissolve into the side of the World Trade Center. The event deepened his focus on family and country. “When I originally joined the Army, I don’t think service to my country was as paramount as it is now,” he said. “Now that I have children, I feel it’s imperative for them to have secure, successful and happy lives.”



When Rolando Gorostiza Took His Own Advice, He Got Something He Never Bargained For…


ACE Adult Learner of the
When Rolando Gorostiza decided to return to college to complete his degree, he thought he would set a good example for his children and achieve a goal he started earlier in life. Like many adults who return to school, Gorostiza had children who were also pursuing college degrees at the time, and he prepared for long nights of studying in a home full of learners. One thing he never expected to do was earn a national education award along with his college degree.
But he did. The American Council on Education (ACE), which presents the ACE Adult Learner of the Year Award annually to an adult learner who leverages professional training that has been evaluated by ACE’s College Credit Recommendation Service to advance their education or career, saw something special in Gorostiza, a resident of Delran, N.J. “Rolando’s entry jumped out at us” said Deborah Ross Warin, assistant director of Program Evaluations at ACE. “The nomination, submitted by his son and supported by an acting dean and a mentor from Thomas Edison State College, was a unanimous favorite among our judges.” Recipients must demonstrate outstanding achievement in their community or workplace while successfully balancing the demands of family, career and education. The ACE review process validated Gorostiza’s certifications and professional training provided by his employer, L’Oreal USA in Clark, N.J., for college credits. In February, Gorostiza traveled to San Diego, Calif., to be honored at the American Council on Education’s Annual Meeting, where he received

not possess the college degree that I was so eager for them to obtain.” If fatherhood taught him anything, it was that actions speak louder than words. In 2005, the Computer Assisted Design (CAD) engineer and manager for L’Oreal USA, enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Applied Science and Technology (BSAST) degree program at Thomas Edison State College.

Rolando Gorostiza is presented with the Adult Learner of the Year Award during the American Council on Education’s annual meeting in February. Pictured with him are Susan Porter Robinson, vice president for Lifelong Learning – American Council on Education, and George Pruitt, president, Thomas Edison State College.

the award with family members and Thomas Edison State College President Dr. George Pruitt in attendance. “About two years ago, my children were poised to transfer their community college credits to fouryear institutions,” said Gorostiza, an engineer with 25 years of experience in consumer products, manufacturing processes and teaching. “I encouraged them to pursue their studies, and to do so while they were young. Yet I felt my words were hollow because I did

“I was exhausted some of the time, but the academic spirit in the house was intoxicating! I never knew I loved school so much. It also affirmed what I had suspected – that academic fervor is best conveyed by example,” said Gorostiza. It was an example made all the more indelible as he approached centerstage to collect his degree as well as an Arnold Fletcher Award for exceptional achievement during the College’s 35th Commencement ceremonies in October.

Photo courtesy of Lisa Helfert for the American Council on Education.

“As a Thomas Edison State College Arnold Fletcher Award recipient, Rolando exemplifies achievement in nontraditional learning,” said Thomas Devine, acting dean of the School of Applied Science and Technology. “We are very proud of all of our graduates, and particularly proud of students like Rolando. Students selected for this award have demonstrated excellence in utilizing innovative learning modes.” Gorostiza completed his degree in 19 months at Thomas Edison State College. “When I applied to Thomas Edison State College, I had 40 credits transferred from other institutions. I also transferred the credit equivalency of 19 courses via ACE; credits in English, humanities, social sciences and math via CLEP; and 36 credits via the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) program at the College, which was an efficient way of earning credits by documenting college-level knowledge.”
The Gorostiza family (left to right) Gabriel, Jillian, Rolando, Michael and Silvia.

“We are very pleased to see that ACE has chosen one of our employees to honor as Adult Learner of the Year for 2007,” noted Patrick Cafaro, vice president of Human Resources for L’Oreal USA. “We have always encouraged employees to attain their

Rolando for this accomplishment as well as his drive to persevere on his own time to achieve his bachelor's degree at Thomas Edison State College.” Gorostiza has been married for 28 years to his high school sweetheart, Silvia, who has just transferred her own credits into a baccalaureate degree program at Thomas Edison State College. The couple has a daughter, Jillian, who is pursuing her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from Rider University; and two sons, Gabriel, who recently earned an associates degree from Burlington County College; and Michael, who is currently pursuing a baccalaureate degree in music theory and composition with a minor in biology at Westminster Choir College of Rider University. “In this changing world, a degree is proof that a person is disciplined enough to meet deadlines, to reason, learn, think analytically and follow through,” said Gorostiza.

The nomination, submitted by his son and supported by an acting dean and a mentor from Thomas Edison State College, was a unanimous favorite among our judges.
college degrees via our tuition reimbursement program. This investment in our people is one that benefits all concerned — from the employees, to their families and back to the company. We are proud of

His employer, L’Oreal USA, a strong advocate of career and academic advancement for its employees, provided tuition reimbursement.

A jubilant Rolando Gorostiza takes center stage during Thomas Edison State College’s Commencement in October.



Honor Roll of Donors
Dear Alumni, Students and Friends,
It is my privilege to present you with the 2007 edition of the Thomas Edison State College Foundation Honor Roll of Donors. On behalf of the Foundation, we extend our sincere thanks to everyone who provided financial support this year. Your contributions play a key role in enhancing and expanding the unique programs that Thomas Edison State College offers to adult learners throughout the world. This year, the Foundation committed nearly $120,000 to create a new Provost’s Fund focused on developing new academic programs and courses. This new resource is used at the discretion of the provost and enables the College to respond quickly to the needs of our students, including those serving in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the corporate sector. Also this year, several new endowments were created. Endowments secure the future of the institution and provide an essential and reliable source of funding to develop new degree programs and partnerships that benefit adult learners. Your support established the Dr. George A. Pruitt Presidential Endowed Scholarship Fund – the College’s first scholarship exclusively for graduate students. The following alumni also created new endowments: Michael Brewster ’93 and Raymond Koski ’93. To date, 20 endowments have been established by friends and alumni of the College and 15 others were established by Foundation Board members. Endowments create permanent sources of revenue that greatly increase the College’s ability to improve course delivery and build new degree programs. If you are interested in learning more about how you can establish a named endowment to preserve a personal legacy, please contact the Office of Development at (609) 984-1588 for additional information. As we continue our work, it is important to remember how critical your donation is to the College. As in previous years, public funding for higher education continues to be reduced, especially here in New Jersey. Your support enables Thomas Edison State College to continue its mission to serve adult learners. Your support, in whichever form you choose, secures the future of this extraordinary institution and makes the success of Thomas Edison State College possible. Sincerely,

John P. Neary Chair, Thomas Edison State College Foundation


Thomas Edison State College

Thomas Edison State College

Board of Trustees
Marilyn R. Pearson Chair Vice President Merrill Lynch Rev. J. Stanley Justice Vice Chair Pastor Mt. Zion AME Church Fred J. Abbate Adjunct Professor Department of Philosophy Drexel University Richard W. Arndt Executive Vice President and CEO American Cancer Society (Ret.) Nicholas L. Carnevale Vice President Carnevale Consulting Corporation George L. Fricke Director of Corporate Training Bell Atlantic New Jersey (Ret.) Ritamarie Giosa, RN Student Trustee Manager Parkway Corporation Ida B. Hammond New Jersey Department of Education (Ret.) E. Harvey Myers E. Harvey Myers Architects Ann M. Pott Student Trustee Administrator and Property Manager Trenton Makes, LLC Dr. George A. Pruitt President Thomas Edison State College

Foundation Board of Directors
John P. Neary Chairman of the Board Executive Vice President Sun National Bank (Ret.) Dr. James E. Carnes Vice Chairman of the Board President and CEO Sarnoff Corporation (Ret.) Brian T. Maloney Vice Chairman of the Board Corporate Consultant Ahmed A. Azmy, PhD, AIA, APA President Amzy Architects, LLC Lee J. Bellarmino President NJM Bank Allen G. Braithwaite III Managing Director, Chief Operating Officer Merrill Lynch Bank USA Nicholas L. Carnevale Vice President Carnevale Consulting Corporation Donald K. Conover Vice President, Corporate Education and Training AT&T (Ret.) A. Bruce Dansbury Executive Vice President & Chief Credit Policy Officer Sun BanCorp, Inc. Richard J. Gillespie President Gillespie, Inc. (Ret.) Margaret Hoisington Hoisington Engineers Maria Imbalzano, Esq. Partner Stark & Stark

Raman Kapur Kapur Associates James Kilgore President and Publisher The Princeton Packet, Inc. Lawrence H. Krampf CEO Princeton Communications Group, Inc. Eric Robert Lear Lear & Pannepacker, LLP Clarence Lockett Pastor, First Baptist Church of Langhorne (Ret.) Vice President Corporate Controller Johnson & Johnson (Ret.) Al Maghazehe, PhD, FACHE President & CEO Capital Health System Margaret Martinson The Martinson Family Foundation John J. McCann CEO/Chairman Bridge Trading, A Reuters Company (Ret.) Maurice Perilli Chairman of the Board Roma Federal Savings Bank Dr. George A. Pruitt President Thomas Edison State College Marge Smith President Marge Smith Associates Dr. Michael R. Toscani President Clinical Solutions, Inc.

PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE Gifts of $100,000 & Above PSE&G Foundation LEADERSHIP CIRCLE Gifts of $50,000 to $99,999 Martinson Family Foundation Mercer County, Trenton Board of Education New Jersey Faith-Based Initiative BENEFACTORS’ CIRCLE Gifts of $25,000 to $49,999 The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation The Fund for New Jersey The Schumann Fund for New Jersey PARTNERS’ CIRCLE Gifts of $10,000 to $24,999 Michael & Margaret Brewster Steven R. King Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical, Janssen, LP PATRONS’ CIRCLE Gifts of $1,000 to $9,999 Richard & Elsa Arndt Dr. Ahmed A. Azmy John & Martha Beall Lee J. Bellarmino Allen G. Braithwaite S. Jervis Britton & Antonia Marotta-Brinton Dr. James E. Carnes Nicholas L. Carnevale Center for the Positive Development of Urban Children Coca Cola Bottling Company Michael Davis Family Strength Associates, Inc. George L. Fricke Dr. Susan O. Friedman Dr. R. Barbara Gitenstein & Dr. Donald Hart Dr. David M. Grossman Margaret & Richard Hoisington Steven M. Honora

The Honor Roll of Donors acknowledges gifts received from Jan. 1, 2007, through Dec. 31, 2007.

Honor Roll of Donors
James B. Kilgore Raymond A. Koski, Esq. Ralph J. Ladd Clarence E. Lockett Dr. Al Maghazehe Brian & Helen Maloney John J. McCann Dr. William Mulkeen John P. Neary Daniel Negrón Jr. New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Group Timothy F. O’Brien Marilyn R. Pearson Mark A. Platt Dr. George A. Pruitt Joann E. Stehr Dr. Michael Toscani Paula Vaughan Christian C. Yegen SILVER CIRCLE Gifts of $250 to $999 Fred J. Abbate Carron M. Albert John F. Aukstikalnes George Beach Jr. Oscar R. Beaman Jr. Prof. Linda K. Begley Dr. Penelope S. Brouwer Dr. Harry R. Carter Tamarra Causley Edward L. Davenport Susan C. Davenport PhD Elisabeth & Jeffrey Dey Gregory H. Dye Alisha P. Eleazer-Pendleton Dr. Sonja A. Eveslage Carlos M. Fazenda Susan C. Fischer Dennis Gangi Stephen J. Gibbons Roxanne L. Globis Mark S. Gordon Hubert C. Greaves Ricky D. Greene Joseph Guzzardo Ida B. Hammond George H. Hanford Helen E. Huebl Karen E. Hume Joan C. Hutchinson Maria Imbalzano, Esq. Prof. Juan Jimenez Robert J. Keller Robert H. Kerrigan Barbara Krupala

Rosetta N. Lattimore Urban A. LeJeune Virginia M. Lofft Debra L. Lutz Cynthia MacMillan Paul G. Malzahn Steven M. Marrocco Robert I. Marshall David A. Miller Jr. Juanita L. Milon Edward R. Mosley Sandra L. Murphy E. Harvey Myers Gerald M. Myers Jr. Dr. Susan M. O'Brien Dr. James & Anne Otter Esther H. Paist Rocky L. Peterson, Esq. Marie R. Power-Barnes & Kenneth G. Barnes Ann G. Prime-Monaghan Kevin M. Ralph Rider University Victoria M. Robinson Sharon D. Sandahl Michael & Marcia Scheiring Randolph S. Schwartz William J. Seaton Harold G. Sedgwick Sr. Dr. Ann Marie Senior Mindi Shalita Sharon Smith Constance O. South Mona Spera Albert M. Stark, Esq. Carey T. Sweeny John P. Thurber Richard W. Turner Jr. Dr. P. Henry R. van Zyl Alison D. Wehringer M. Jay Williams Richard E. Wurpel Dr. Joseph Youngblood II Alan Z. Yudkowsky 1972 CIRCLE Gifts of $100 to $249 Mary M. Abraham Deborah G. Allen Ronald G. Andres Julie A. Angarone Anonymous John E. Aperans Francis W. Applegate William H. Baker Rolf Basler

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Dorothy M. Masten Stephen J. Mastro Regina D. Maxwell Jane E. McGann James E. McGlinchey Winifred M. McKelvey Constance G. McKinley-Brewer John F. McNamara Sandra A. McNeal Kevin McPartland David O. Mehrer Dr. John N. Mellon John F. Mendes Garrett T. Midgett Christopher J. Miller Robert A. Miller Andrew J. Mok Jennifer M. Montone Charles E. Moore James E. Morgan Clayton S. Moury Raymond C. Mulvaney Glenton S. Murdock Sima D. Murphy Randy B. Murray Ellen C. Newman Wayne M. Norczyk Sherrilynn Novack Joseph A. Nuzzo Judith A. O’Brien Kevin A. O’Brien Yekeen K. Odewale Helen P. Orrico Charles S. Palmer Mayor Douglas H. Palmer Westley Pamphile Joan A. Panacek Edward R. Patches Alfred C. Payne Maurice T. Perilli Rachel Pernia Marilyn B. Peterson David C. Phillips Edythe V. Piccione Jeffrey Pierce Pintinalli, Inc. Rose T. Pinto Devon B. Price Juliette M. Punchello Catherine Punchello-Cobos Thomas E. Purdom Sarah A. Qualman Richard F. Quinn Ethel E. Raglin Mark W. Ralston Arlene S. Rebeck Steven G. Richards Louise Riley Keith J. Rockwood Darlene M. Rogers Susan J. Roth Barbara A. Rovnyak Andrew J. Rubbo Jr. Ralph A. Ruffolo William D. Salch Jr. Josephine Sanchez Barbara Sandstrom Lt. Col. Henri R. Schepens Ellen M. Schilling Veronica G. Schubert Charles G. Searfoss Susan M. Seymour Prof. Ronald L. Shamwell Margaret M. Sharke Prof. Shirish J. Shastri Dr. Jaigobin Schivcharran J. Richard Showalter II Constance H. Shutt William J. Sigmund Linda M. Soltis Brian D. Starr Joyce G. Stecher David C. Steckling John Ster Constance Z. Stober Cynthia A. Strain Christopher Stringer Charles W. Stuck Richard N. Taborell Richard W. Tack Terri Tallon-Hammill Francis Tarantino Robert H. Taylor Dr. John H. TenBrook Carla Tisdale-Walker Mark T. Torborg Joseph J. Urban Michael Vagianos Linda M. Vasbinder Kera Voigtlander Dr. Joseph A. Volker Kenneth J. Vrzal Joseph E. Wadlinger Frank J. Wagner Robin S. Walton Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman Michael D. Weiss Maurice N. Wells John J. Westenburger Dr. Bruce L. Whitbeck William E. White Kathleen M. Wilcox Malcolm E. Willis Leon R. Wilson Jr. Peter C. Wise Anita L. Wolk Maureen O. Woodruff Dr. Bohdan Yaworsky Ray Young Elizabeth M. Yull G. David Zorb CENTURY CIRCLE Gifts to $99 Lois I. Aaronson Thomas A. Adamo Vito C. Addotta Jane E. Albers Bruce A. Alcorn Margaret Allan Susan Allard Cecilia R. Alsberg David L. Anderson Gloria Anderson Scott D. Andolfi Renee Andrews-DeLaine Ronald Angel Matthew J. Anielak Patricia L. Anttila Frieda M. Applegate Patrick J. Applegate Marcella I. Arden Felice Armenio Alicia M. Arnold Robert B. Arserio Dianne C. Asay Donna L. Ashton Robert Auburger Jr. Betty S. Aude Maj. Charles B. Bailey Anthony W. Baird Maj. John T. Baker Jr. Robert A. Baker Hilda B. Baldyga John S. Ballistreri William C. Bandholz Sr. Barbara J. Bangeman Mary-Ruth Bannon James L. Barber Robert V. Barry Kathleen F. Barto Jasbir S. Bawa Warren A. Beck Jr. Karla L. Beehler Carole A. Behling Robert L. Belloff III Enrico F. Benigno Eileen K. Berens Michele E. Berenwick Michael A. Berk Edward Berlly Stephanie Bertram Frances A. Biddlecome Norma E. Blake Norman D. Blanchard Cecelia M. Blasina Myong H. Bogan Madge P. Bolden James D. Bolling Linda J. Bonaly Rita C. Bonin Horace E. Bonsall Steven Bontales Delvin K. Border LuAnn Born Michael B. Bosler Robert A. Boulster Michael D. Bourgeois Helen M. Boylan Mary Beth Boyle Jane Bradshaw Thomas J. Brady Bruce Brandt Lew J. Branin Rose M. Breining Janet M. Brenner Arthur S. Bressler Laura C. Brien Sharon Briggs Christopher Brinton Florence E. Broadway Gary R. Brooks Melinda S. Brooks Joseph W. Brown LTC Leroy & Frances Brown Michael R. Brown William F. Brown Maryanne Brown-Mackay Joan Bryan Linda J. Bullock Jay C. Burgess Wendy B. Burke William D. Burke Sr. Barbara J. Butler Howard E. Butt Robert L. Byrd Jenna L. Byrne Jeffrey J. Cady Joseph R. Caltagirone Joseph J. Camoratto Jonathon S. Camp Michael P. Campasino CDR Michael J. Campbell Frank C. Cangemi Thomas J. Cannaliato Joel E. Capps Virginia E. Capri Marie Caravela Lois W. Carbone Christopher B. Carland Richard A. Carlson George R. Carr Donald L. Carter Cecile C. Caruso Jean T. Carver Richard S. Cassenti Armand A. Catalusci Susan L. Cavanaugh Karen Ceci

Honor Roll of Donors
John D. Chadwick Henry T. Chaires Moumita Chakraborty Mary C. Chambers Ken Chapnick Kim K. Choma Barbara F. Churchill Monica J. Clark Jean E. Clute Anna M. Coakley Harold A. Coghlan Evelyn F. Cohen Linda H. Coke Teresa M. Collins William T. Conaway Tammy M. Conley Betty Ann T. Conrad Linda K. Cooke Donald R. Coomer Michael J. Cooper Carol B. Cornman Margaret M. Correa Ruth A. Corvari D. Lincoln Cory Lynda M. Costantini Helen B. Costopoulos Ellen Coull William H. Covey Charles C. Cox Jr. Eugene Cox Dr. Dale F. Coye Ronald B. Cranston Gregory Cream Roger J. Creteau Patricia A. Crisp Sandra C. Cristofori Elizabeth A. Crocker Mattie G. Crowley William M. Cunnion Elmer L. Curran Gordon M. Curran Carroll F. Curry Walter S. Curtis CW5 Albert G. Curving Theodora M. Czarnecki Michael T. Dallas Carolyn E. Dallmann Nancy E. D’Ambrosio Kathleen M. Daniels Marjorie R. Davenport Willard S. Davenport Alice K. Davidson Kenny F. Davis Jean A. Day Michael R. DeCaprio Esther L. DeEugenio Patricia A. DeHart Cindy Delia Theresa Della Vecchia Nicholas DeLuna Capt. Allen L. DelVento

Isabella deMatos Robert Dennis Frank A. Densevich Alan M. Desantis Mittie F. DeShields Ryan A. Devine Tom & Julie Devine Linda M. Dickey Karen L. DiCroce Jeffrey L. Didas Elizabeth Diedrichsen Mark S. Diekmann André J. DiLouis Robert L. Dimond Joanne DiNero Genevieve A. Doherty David C. Dombroski Maria C. Domingues Carole L. Doran L. Lee Doric-Henry Mark E. Dorrler Jessica Dougherty Mary E. Douglass Paul E. Dowling Margaret G. Doyle Earle E. Drake Dennis A. DuBois William B. Duffy John W. Dunham Patricia A. Duplak Vera Dyer Durr Cheri Durst Brig. Gen. Robert S. Dutko Sr. Mark Dwinells Phyllis E. East Irma E. Eccles Marvin D. Echols Rita B. Eckhardt Richard G. Eckrote Guy R. Eddon Carl F. Eddy Ambrose E. Edebe Annette R. Edison Robert J. Eirich Margaret A. Eisen Lesley C. Ellerbusch Howard R. Ellis Mark E. Ellis Kenneth L. Engler Robert B. Engvaldsen Shirley H. Erdos James R. Esch Juliana D. Escorpizo Beverley L. Evans Howard S. Evans Robert H. Evertz Jerry N. Everwine, ChFC Lileana I. Faierman Joan A. Fajgier Sheila A. Farber Joanne Farr

Susan P. Fegan Lena Friedel Feld Tamara T. Feld Barbara N. Fels Roger W. Fenessy Anna A. Fenton Catherine M. Ferdetta Mary L. Ferenchick Robert V. Ferguson Heather L. Fetzer Alice A. Fiedler Richard L. Field Annette M. Fielder MaryAnne Z. Figel Charlene P. Finley Mary C. Fiorillo Maryann M. Fishler Diana M. Fitzmaurice Caren L. Fitzpatrick John P. Flanagan Ronald E. Flick Nicholas R. Flores Gerald T. Fogarty Richard J. Fogarty Judith I. Forney Leona A. Fox Florence A. Francis Derald A. Franklin Rachel C. Franz Robert P. Friedman Michael K. Friel Lourie J. Fritz Arnold S. & Betty Fromowitz Joseph L. Fusco Steven A. Fusco Arlene Futey Deborah A. Gagliardo Mary C. Gale Joseph J. Gallagher Pamela J. Gallagher Kate Gallison Ramalingam Ganesh Rigoberto F. Garcia Barbara A. Gareis Anne M. Garner Bernadette E. Garofola Jeanne L. Gauch John E. Gault Joan M. Gauroniak Silvia Gazzo Kim V. Geis Susan L. Gentile Karen M. Gerbatsch Beverly R. Gerberich Ted N. Gerhardt Steven S. Gertner Ruth M. Giacobbe Jeffrey L. Gibbs Roland T. Gibbs George W. Gibson James R. Gilles

Corinne Gimbel-Levine Dean D. Giroux Jr. David G. Glacken Frederick W. Glaeser Harry R. Glesner III Ruth Glinter Linda H. Gluck William Gluck Sr. Joel D. Goergen Susan D. Gola Lee H. Goldberg Barbara K. Gordon Kathleen A. Goulette Joseph Graham Raymond J. Graham Linda Grashorn John G. Grasty II Elizabeth B. Grater Peter & Leslye Graulich Saundra E. Graves Alexander K. Gray Harry C. Gregor Jonnye Griffin Diane Grillo Jeanne J. Grogan James K. Grooms Rev. Guy R. Grube James H. Guenther Joseph E. Guld Robert F. Gunkel Jr. Katherine M. Gunn Michael A. Guseman Florence H. Guzik William L. Hagar Audrey B. Haig Les A. Hall Morris A. Hall Wilmer O. Hall Arthur C. Hambacher Gloria R. Hancock Arthur J. Hand John W. Hanna Jr. Joan Hanosek Hussain A. Haqq Frances J. Hardy Joseph H. Hardy Raymond C. Harker Curtis D. Harper Tina L. Harris Mark W. Hatten Tami B. Havens Noreen K. Haveron Frank Z. Hawrylo Richard J. Headley Kathleen Hecht Linda S. Hecker Joseph Heckman Angela Heller Mae Ann Henderson Patricia S. Heslin William J. Hickey

Terrie L. Higley Marc P. Hill Eric M. Hiner Patricia E. Hines William L. Hinkel J. Richard Hinman Carl M. Hirsch Adalyn S. Hixson Cecilia B. Hoffman Harry J. Hoffman James F. Hoggard III Sybble L. Holcomb Keith J. Hollingsworth Karen F. Holloway Kenneth L. Homan Horace R. Horton James D. Horvath Elizabeth & Ronald Howard Mary A. Howat Miles L. Hudson Warren R. Huff E. Reine Humeny Wesley Hutchen Dr. Jerry D. Icenhower Gerald I. Isaacson Misty N. Isak Evelyn G. Jackson Ralph J. Jagelavicius Eugene R. Jakubowski Kleber F. Jalon Nancy R. James Riccardo D. Jenkins Jr. Marianne D. Jerome Ying Jiang Joyce C. Johnk Herbert A. Johnson Beverly A. Jones Clayton H. Jones Paul & Carol Jones Peter M. Jones JoAnn S. Joseph Lillian A. Joyce Homer O. Justice Sue Ann Kaenrath Charles A. Kalnbach Thomas R. Kane William M. Kane George W. Karacostas Sally J. Karasov Lowell D. Kass Tracy L. Kawasaki James W. Keefe Jason L. Keener John K. Keith Scott R. Kelley Josephine C. Kelly Linda M. Kelly Margaret M. Kelly John T. Kennedy June O. Kennedy Peter E. Kennedy Robert T. Kennedy Susan C. Kidder George Kingston Rev. S. Dennis Kletzing Helen B. Klitsch Karl J. Klotzbach Paulette J. Knarr Jacqueline M. Kochie John D. Kolb Michael A. Koptiw Linda R. Kosene Helene M. Kovalcik Adele A. Kovonuk Marysue Kowalski Carolyn M. Kramarz Jane E. Kraus Kim R. Krebs Vernon H. Kronenberg Thomas G. Kronenberger Janet R. Kronengold Jerry J. Krupa Ronald F. Krysan Nancy M. Krzyzanowski Gwen E. Kuebler Diane D. Kurz Kenneth H. Lafferty Gail Lahm Gerard Lamola Walter W. Lang Kathryn Langley Patricia C. La Rosa H. Larrimore Raymond J. Latshaw Jr. Stephanie R. Lauer Laura L. Laustsen Patricia A. Lavan Kenneth E. Lee Diane K. LeFever Roland R. Leger John M. Lehnert Gordon N. Leichter Robert S. Leinbach Norman J. Lenchitz John C. Lenehan Jr. Eva L. Lenehan-Klein V. Lynn Lenox Michelle L. Leonard Dr. David W. Letcher Ronald T. Leven Douglas R. Levine Richard J. Lewalski Armelee Lewis Frederick J. Lewis Norma D. Lewis Richard J. Lindsay Sheldon O. Linker Deborah L. Liphard-Fox Marilyn L. Lizzul Maurice J. Loker Felix J. Lopez Patricia A. Lorentzen Michele Lowenstein Dr. Albert Lozano-Nieto Ling Lu Deborah A. Lucash Maria L. Lund Lynne G. Luper Victor J. Lupi James J. Lynch Mary E. Lynch Donald R. MacAlpin Dorothy L. MacArthur Frank G. Maccia Debra L. Madensky Gordon S. Madison Rev. Matthew G. Malnar Barbara M. Malone Michael M. Maloney Patrick J. Maloney John E. Mammano Richard D. Manney Leonard J. Marcel Eric R. Marks Michael W. Marron Raymond L. Marshall Rosa O. Marshall Duane E. Martin Elizabeth A. Martin Charlene P. Martucci Anna M. Maslinski Connie M. Mason Anton J. Massopust III Philip J. Mastroeni Edwin N. Matlack Guido J. Mattozzi Gerald G. Mattson Jr. George N. May Helen L. Mazurkiewicz Marjorie P. McAvoy Joan C. McCaffrey Excemcia G. McCasland Bryan K. McCauley William McClean Kevin P. McCloskey Lynne E. McCormick Joseph A. McDonnell Steven M. McElwee Marybeth McFarland D. Louise McGarva George McGonagle Dennis E. McGowan Mary M. McIlvain Shawn M. McInerney Linda S. McLaren Anne L. McLaughlin Susan L. McLaughlin Rev. John H. McLeester Marilyn J. McMahon James F. McMenamin John W. McNamee Linda F. McPartlin Thelma C. Mears Ronald J. Mehlhorn Sr. Patricia M. Meko Ernest A. Mercer Eunice R. Mercier Samuel M. Merion Mary C. Merkler June R. Merrifield Constance E. Mester Robert M. Metrick George C. Meyer Joanne Meyer John A. Michaels Sue Michaud Dr. Thomas L. Millard Gay Brunt Miller Rosemary A. Miller Marcyanna R. Millet Susan A. Mills Loretta M. Milne Elaine M. Minkler DeAnna L. Minus-Vincent Barbara D. Mitchell Veronica F. Mitchell Henry J. Monacelli Joseph A. Mondile Denise L. Monroe Calvin A. Moon Joan E. Moon Carlos R. Morales Philip W. Morgan Valerie A. Morgan Elaine H. Morris Phyllis L. Morris Jane S. Mose Denise A. Moser Adrienne Mosley William F. Moul Patricia R. Mowen Jamie L. Moyer Waltraut L. Muldrow Elizabeth J. Mulholland Cynthia J. Muller Barbara Murdoch Timothy P. Murphy Barbara J. Mussell Frank C. Muzzi Robert B. Myers Sue E. Myers Floyd D. Naples Diane M. Narkiewicz Kathryn L. Nelson Gerard A. Nesser Richard Newman Richard P. Nicholas Esther L. Niedweske Antoinette Niemiec-Moon Dr. Amundsen A. Noice Randolph P. Norris John V. Novak Frank J. Noviello Diana Nusbaum

Honor Roll of Donors
Keith L. Nusbaum John O’Brien Patricia A. O’Brien Judith A. O’Connell Lt. Col. Thomas F. O’Connor Elizabeth M. O’Donnell Kathleen A. O’Gorman Jerald P. O’Hara Maria A. O’Hara-Hulett Bruce T. Olearchik Georgette Oliver Edward F. O’Neill Marion R. Onishchuk Sonya Oppenheimer Hennie K. Ostrower Antoinette M. Osvai Sandra M. Ottenberg Ilse G. Overman James Owens Elizabeth B. Pajauis Gail A. Palatine Emily A. Pangborn John S. Panzenhagen Virginia L. Papadopoulo Barbara A. Pappas Donava R. Parker Robert J. Parran Michaelle M. Pascale Mary S. Pascoe Michael A. Patti Vincent J. Pavone Richard A. Pelletier Pamela J. Pelliccio Danielle A. Peloquin Teresa A. Pence Elizabeth A. Pentola William G. Pentony Raymond T. Perkins Theresa G. Perkins Audrey S. Perrine Jean M. Perrotti Alfred C. Perry Jr. Patricia M. Perry Prof. John Pescatore Karel L. Peterman Peter Petersen Jean M. Petty John E. Pfanne Thomas M. Phillips Maureen A. Pierce Lewis H. Pinsker Elizabeth A. Piovesan Salvatore Pisano Lucinda T. Pitcher Pamela M. Plaza Craig J. Podgurski Sr. Beatrice Polsky Barbara J. Popelar Ann M. Pott Rev. Shelley K. PotterAbraham

R. Scott Pottieger Yuthika M. Prabhu James M. Pregler Rosalie B. Priday Cynthia Prisco Joan I. Prontiker Lt. Cmdr. Charles E. Quasté Sr. Bess J. Quattrone Matthew C. Quirk Dr. Alice M. Rainey Lea B. Rapp A. Graham Ray Lillie A. Reed Glenn A. Reeves Wayne T. Reeves Margaret K. Regan Stephen D. Rehberg Suzanna K. Reiff Nancy E. Remer Jack W. Renander Susan J. Renelt Gail A. Repko Joseph W. Resua Ruth L. Reyes Dr. John A. Riccio Kathryn D. Richards Marcia V. Richards Sharon M. Riley David L. Rist Louis D. Rizzo David H. Robbins Jeffrey A. Roberts Terrie L. Roberts Marianne G. Robinson Thomas E. Robinson Mario M. Rodrigues Carol A. Rohrer William L. Roman Susan L. Romanoff Silvestre Romero Jr. Maria C. Rosa Dr. Theresa M. Rosania Daniella Rosen Harry A. Rosengard Landon K. Rosenquist Marvin B. Ross Timothy R. Ross Elizabeth M. Rotchford Caroline Roth B. Robert Rothenhoefer Paula G. Ruane Gayle R. Rubin Marylee Ruble Douglas Rudy John D. Rule II Steven R. Ruley Laura L. Ruthig Kevin J. Ryan Catharine K. Ryerson Kelly A. Saccomanno Alonza B. Salter

Paul C. Samalonis Philip Sanders James A. Sandor Renee San Giacomo Donna A. Santaniello Mary Jane Sarsony-Stake Mary D. Saul George R. Saunders Farzana Scafuri James M. Scanlan Cynthia W. Schaechter Gilbert A. Scheetz James W. Schmidt Hugh R. Schneider Jodi R. Schneiter Dr. Mark W. Scholz Alan H. Schorr Stephanie Schuette Mary E. Schuver Janice L. Schwartz Lila Schwartz Robert J. Scire Beverly A. Scollay Raymond L. Scott Lynette S. Seader Brian T. Sedlock Phyllis L. Seeman Kathleen G. Selbst Andrew P. Selking Douglas R. Sell Richard A. Sheeran Lila Shepley Diane A. Sheppard Lyle J. Shier Margaret A. Shillito William D. Shinko David S. Showalter Gary C. Shunk Mendorha G. Sider Helene R. Siegel Edward A. Sierra Willie R. Sinclair Karen Sisti Joseph T. Slawinski Jeanne H. Slawson Bruce A. Smith Colleen D. Smith Darrel R. Smith James W. Smith Major A. Smith Michael E. Smith Michele M. Smith Richard A. Smith Sr. Susan R. Smith Rev. Dr. Judith M. Smith-Valley Alan D. Smolin James F. Snell Joanne M. Solarek Franklin P. Solomon Jovita Solomon-Duarte Kathleen J. Somers

Barbara J. Sonnenschein John B. Souza Grace L. Spadea Thomas L. Spangler Carol L. Spratt Flor D. Sprinitis Richard E. Staudt Edwin A. Staunch Sandra V. Steacy Joseph R. Steele Jon E. Stepleton Marilyn D. Stern Freida L. Steward-Torres Anne W. Stewart Victoria J. Stewart Joanne M. Stives Marie D. Stoddart John W. Stouffer Peter J. Strumolo Lawrence F. Struss John V. Stryker Sylvia Stutts Lalitha Subramanian Emmanuel J. Sullivan Margaret Sullivan Thomas S. Swan Jennifer M. Swayze Cheron D. Swody Linda J. Sykes Mark A. Sykes Frank R. Szynal Robert V. Taino Kathy M. Tankersley Carol A. Tarrant Donald Tausendfreund Myron E. Taylor Michael D. Terzano Mary Ann Tetzlaff Nancy E. Tevis Florence R. Thaler Barbara W. Theis R. Ghyll Theurer Cala A. Thomas Mary Lou Thomas Brett L. Thompson James D Thompson Dr. Nora S. Thornber Denise K. Thwing Mary E. Tobolski Joyce A. Tompkins Kelly N. Toohey Joan H. Toole Theresa Tosti Anthony Tracchio Donald Trucksess Frank J. Tulli Judith E. Tunkle Muriel A. Turtora Andrea L. Tutalo Betty A. Urbanik Alfred J. Valentino

Lilia V. Valera Thomas H. Van Arsdale Carol A. Vandegrift Patricia R. Van Gelder Thomas S. Van Pelt Janet C. Vanreymersdal Arlene Vastano JoAnne Venice Lenore C. Villavecchia Kamman A. Viterito Ruth E. Vogel Barbara M. Wallace Stephen Walrabenstein Weimin Wang Richard A. Warford Michael Waring Leon R. Warner Jr. Billie H. Wassmann Minato Watanabe Barbara A. Watson Linda Weber-Smith Linda G. Webster Rita C. Wehner Richard Weidner Bruce E. Weigel Richard J. Weiler Alice Weinstein William S. Weise Prof. Eli J. Weissman Joanne C. Wentzell Rachel A. West Sigmund Westerman Richard P. Whalen Eugene T. White III Janice A. White Judyann White Velma M. White Patricia M. Whyte Philip W. Wick Bruce Williams Joan S. Williams Josephine M. Williams Melvin A. Williams Nita B. Williams Joan F. Wilson Joseph W. Wilson Mark A. Wishinsky Carole J. Wisser Taj Withall Richard A. Wolbach Robert J. Wood Robert W. Woudenberg Celestine J. Wynn Linda B. Yannick Ronald W. Yeasky Lawrence E. Young Paul E. Young Marie V. Zach Charles J. Zerafa Doris J. Ziefle Richard R. Zientek Michael J. Zsilavetz ENDOWMENT FUNDS The Azmy Endowment Fund The Lee Bellarmino Endowment Fund The Allen G. Braithwaite III Endowment Fund The Michael & Margaret Brewster Endowment Fund The Natale S. & Christine Caliendo Endowment Fund The Capital Health System Nursing Education Endowed Fund The Nicholas & Marjorie Carnevale Endowment Fund in Support of Innovation & Excellence The Harry & Shirley Chadwick Endowment Fund The James Colaizzo Memorial Endowment Fund The Thomas M. Eklund Endowment Fund The Susan O. Friedman Scholarship Endowment Fund The Donna & Richard Gillespie Endowed Scholarship Fund The Gary & Diane Heavin Endowed Fund The Norma L. Horton Endowed Scholarship Fund The Lockett Family Endowment Fund The Dr. Al Maghazehe Endowment Fund The Brian & Helen Maloney Endowment Fund The Larraine R. Matusak Endowed Scholarship Fund The John J. & Valerie L. McCann Endowment Fund The Jack & Irene Neary and Family Endowed Fund The Julia Cadiz Negrón Endowment Fund The Timothy O’Brien Endowment Fund The Maurice T. Perilli Family Endowment Fund The Dr. George A. Pruitt Endowed Fund The Dr. George A. Pruitt Presidential Endowed Scholarship Fund The S. John Quattrone Endowment Fund The Fred C. Rummel Foundation Endowed Scholarship Fund The David Sarnoff Research Center Endowment Fund The Edith & Oscar Smilack Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund The Edith M. Stapperfenne Memorial Scholarship Fund The Albert Stark Leadership Trenton Endowed Fund The Thomas C. Streckewald Endowment Fund The Thomas Edison State College Alumni Association Endowment Fund The Thomas Edison State College Endowment Fund The Toscani Scholarship Endowment Fund The John S. Watson Institute for Public Policy Endowment Fund The Christian C. Yegen Endowment Fund CORPORATE, FOUNDATION, AND COMMUNITY GIFTS AND GRANTS Center for the Positive Development of Urban Children Coca Cola Bottling Company The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation Family Strength Associates, Inc. The Fund for New Jersey Martinson Family Foundation Mercer County/Trenton Board of Education New Jersey Faith-Based Initiative New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Group Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical, Janssen LP Pintinalli, Inc. PSE&G Foundation Rider University The Schumann Fund for New Jersey MATCHING GIFT CORPORATIONS AND FOUNDATIONS Abbott Laboratories Fund Ameren Corporation American International Group, Inc. AT&T Foundation Bank of America The Bechtel Foundation Bracco Diagnostics, Inc. Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, Inc. The Caterpillar Foundation Chevron Chubb & Son, Inc. The Duke Energy Foundation Entergy Corporation Exelon Corporation ExxonMobil Foundation FPL Group Foundation, Inc. GlaxoSmithKline Foundation IBM International Foundation Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies Lockheed Martin Lyondell Chemical Company The Merck Company Foundation Merrill Lynch & Company Foundation, Inc. MetLife Foundation National City Bank The New York Times Company Foundation The Prudential Foundation Public Service Electric & Gas Company Shell Oil Company Foundation Southern Nuclear Operating Company Tyco Verizon Foundation Wachovia Foundation Washington Group Foundation, Inc. Wyeth Zantaz HERITAGE CIRCLE Planned Gifts B. Scott Burkett Michele A. Frank Owen O. Freeman Jr. Dr. Susan O. Friedman Peter Graulich Alice Harris H. R. Larrimore

Honor Roll of Donors
Eric Robert Lear Virginia M. Lofft Barbara B. Mann Rita Novitt Mark A. Platt Dr. George A. Pruitt The Estate of S. John Quattrone Joyce & Robert Stecher Christian C. Yegen ANNUAL GALA CONTRIBUTORS, PARTICIPANTS, SPONSORS AND VOLUNTEERS Louise Aikens A La Mode Amber Spa American Cancer Society American Place Movies Amoroso Flower Shop, Inc. Amy Karyn Home Collection Anna’s Hair Studio Antonio’s Cleaners Applebee’s Grill & Bar Arden Theatre Company Richard & Elsa Arndt Artistic Designs Ahmed & Nadia Azmy Bally’s Casino Bank of America Rhonda Beckett Lee J. Bellarmino Black-Eyed Susan Norma & Andrew Blake The Blue Bottle Café Borders Group, Inc. Marcia E. Bossart Ryan Brady Bredenbeck’s Bakery & Ice Cream Parlor Rose M. Breining Broadway Ballroom Dance Studio Broadway Home Staging, LLC Burlington County College Thomas Callahan Camden Riversharks Capital Health System Senator & Mrs. Gerald Cardinale Carlucci’s Grill Nicholas & Marjorie Carnevale Dr. Mary Ellen Caro Casa Casale CBS Outdoor Chamber’s Walk Café The Cheesecake Factory The Children’s Home Society of New Jersey Chuckles Pizza & Pasta Restaurant Church Capital Management City Office Outfitters Clarke Caton Hintz Ernest Coleman The College of New Jersey Connell & Steadman MEMORIAL GIFTS “In Memory of…” Cristina Carnevale Bess J. Quattrone Harold Kaluzna Bess J. Quattrone THE EDISON SOCIETY Endowment Benefactors Dr. Ahmed A. Azmy Lee J. Bellarmino Allen G. Braithwaite Michael & Margaret Brewster Capital Health System Jim & Nancy Carnes Nicholas & Marjorie Carnevale Harry & Shirley Chadwick Dr. Susan O. Friedman Richard & Donna Gillespie Gary & Diane Heavin Lennert & Deborah Josefson Raymond A. Koski, Esq. Clarence Lockett Dr. Al Maghazehe Brian & Helen Maloney John J. & Valerie L. McCann Jack & Irene Neary Daniel Negrón Jr. Timothy O’Brien Maurice T. Perilli Dr. George A. Pruitt The Estate of S. John Quattrone The Fred C. Rummel Foundation Sarnoff Corporation Michael J. Smilack & Family The Estate of Edith M. Stapperfenne Albert Stark Dr. Michael Toscani Christian C. Yegen Donald & Patti Conover Janvier Cooper Dr. Janet Costello-Wolf, D.C. Council of New Jersey Grantmakers CWA Local 1032 The Daily Show with Jon Stewart David J. Witchell Salon & Spa Lisa & Alan Davidowski DeCotiis, Fitzpatrick, Cole & Wisler, LLP Rebecca DelliCarpini Thomas & Julianne Devine Elisabeth V. Dey Jeffrey G. Dey Cheryl Dienes Dr. Phil Gary & Gerri Drucker Eastern Armored Services, Inc. Harold & Rosa Lee Eickhoff Gerald & Barbara Essig Lisa Eversen The Ferry House Final Touch Mobile Car Spa Dr. Arnold Fletcher Madison Folmer Garden State Discovery Museum Mary Garrison Harcharan & Daljit Gill Richard & Donna Gillespie Roxanne L. Globis Glow Holistic Skin Care, LLC Mark & Susan Gordon Joseph Guzzardo Keith V. Hamilton Hamilton Jewelers Hamilton Supply Company Ida B. Hammond Dr. William Hammond & Glenda Berrios-Hammond Carolyn M. Harper Hart’s Cyclery & Fitness John & Regina Heldrich Richard & Margaret Hoisington Hoisington Engineers Hopewell Valley Community Bank Jonathan Howard & Marlene Johnson Karen Hume Hyatt Regency Princeton IBEW Local Union 269 Maria Imbalzano, Esq. Isles, Inc. Italian-American Hall of Fame Janssen, L.P. J.B. Winberie’s Joseph Jingoli & Sons, Inc. Harolyn Johnson Heidi Kaufman Keeling & Associates, LLC Dennis M. Kelly Steven R. King Stefani N. Kitz Cynthia A. Klein KPMG, LLP Kramer Portraits Arthur & Evelyn Krosnick Senator Joseph Kyrillos The Lambertville Station Senator Leonard Lance The Late Show with David Letterman Lear & Pannepacker, LLP Debbie Lutz David MacKinnon & Laura Melillo Camilla Macklin Cynthia & John MacMillan Macy’s Management & Government Resources, Inc. Maureen Marcus The Martha Stewart Show McCarter Theatre Center Thomas P. McCarthy ME Salon & Spa Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament Melsheimer Imports Corporation The Mercadien Group Mercer County Community College Mercer County Executive Brian M. Hughes Merrill Lynch Community Development Company Christopher J. Miller David & Margery Miller Dosiree I. Mims Missy Brewster Design Mitch-Stewart, Inc. John Monsport The Montel Williams Show Jennifer M. Montone MTAACC M. William Murphy, Inc. Nails by Tan John P. Neary Nest Antique & Design Center New Jersey 101.5 FM New Jersey Business & Industry Association New Jersey Devils New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Group


New Jersey Resources New Jersey State Library New Jersey State Theater, New Brunswick New York Giants Nexus Properties, Inc. NK Architects Rita Novitt NyceBodies Pilates Studio Cheryl Oestreich Olive Garden On the Border Orion Jewelers Senator Joe Palaia Mayor Douglas H. Palmer Paragano Enterprises, LLC Passage Theatre Company Pennington-Ewing Athletic Club Pennington Quality Market Maurice T. Perilli Philadelphia Eagles Phoebe’s Pine Creek Miniature Golf Please Touch Museum Plumbers & Pipefitters Local Union #9 Plumstead Grill Alex Pottinger Marie R. Power-Barnes Denise Powers Phil Pratico Jr. Princeton Fuel Oil Princeton Intellectual Gourmet Society (PIGS) The Princeton Packet, Inc. Princeton Partners Cynthia L. Prisco Progressive Solutions Property Casualty Insurers Association of America PSE&G Alexandra Pyne Mackenzie Pyne Bess J. Quattrone Relaxations Day Spa Richardson Commercial Realtors Margaret Richardson Rider University Riverside Symphonia Robert Michael Educational Institute, LLC Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hamilton Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, New Brunswick Roma Bank Community Foundation Roman Hall Rossi’s Bar & Grill Amy Rouze Kelly Saccomanno David & Diane Sandahl Joseph & Gail Santora Schragger, Schragger & Lavine, PC Sendas Jewelers Sesame Place Settimo Cielo Restorante Italiano Mindi Shalita Shear Hair Dezigns, Inc. SHM Mailers Soaring Adventures of America Jovita Solomon-Duarte Linda Soltis Stark & Stark State Troopers NCO Association of New Jersey, Inc. Diane & Dennis Steadman St. Francis Medical Center St. Lawrence Rehabilitation Center Sun National Bank Synnestvedt & Lechner, LLP Szaferman, Lakind, Blumstein, Blader & Lehmann, PC Terri Tallon-Hammill Thomas Edison State College Thomas Edison State College Foundation Board of Directors Thomas Edison State College Foundation Gala Committee John P. Thurber & Connie Cloonan Adell Victoria Truelove Tibbetts The Times of Trenton Dr. Michael Toscani Trenton Country Club Trenton Devils Trenton Rescue Mission Trenton Thunder Triumph Brewing Company Jocelyn Tucker US Nails Verizon VJ Scozzari & Sons, Inc. Bill & Donna Watson WBEB 101-FM – B*101 Wegman’s Food Markets Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Wildflowers Inn Wollman Rink Dr. Barbara W. Wright The Yardley Inn The Young Scholars’ Institute Z.B. Sports Zeiger Enterprises, Inc. THE THOMAS C. STRECKEWALD GOLF CLASSIC PARTICIPANTS, SPONSORS, AND VOLUNTEERS André Agassi Charitable Foundation Alliant Technologies Allianz Global Investors Applebee’s Grill & Bar Around the Table Azmy Architects, LLC Jill Baker Bank of America The Black Bass Hotel Borders Books Bredenbeck’s Bakery & Ice Cream Parlor Rose M. Breining Broadway Home Staging, LLC Nancy Broglie Bunker Hill Golf Course C.A. Niece, Inc. Café Antonio’s Italian Bistro Capital Health System Capitol Copy Service Floyd J. Carl Marjorie Carnevale Cerebral Palsy of New Jersey Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse Chimney Hill Estate Inn Church Capital Management Clinical Solutions, Inc. Colonial Cadillac-Hyundai, Inc. Commerce Bank Connell & Steadman Cookies By Design Dr. Janet Costello-Wolf, D.C. Elisabeth V. Dey Jeffrey G. Dey Distinct Golf Sandy Durst Eastman Kodak Company Janet Eickhoff Frank J. Fresca Friends of the College Traci Gilpin Harlem Globetrotters Roxanne L. Globis Mary Hack Shanika N. Henderson Margaret & Richard Hoisington Hoisington Engineers Hopewell Valley Golf Club Maria Imbalzano, Esq. Inn of the Hawke Janssen, L.P. Jericho National Golf Club Stefani N. Kitz Knotxistenze, LLC KPMG, LLP Lafayette Yard Marriott Eric Robert Lear Lear & Pannepacker, LLP Michael Lettiere David J. MacKinnon The Maury Povich Show ME Salon & Spa The Mercadien Group Merrill Lynch Bank Group MFS Mutual Funds David A. Miller Jr. Dosiree I. Mims DeAnna Minus-Vincent The Montel Williams Show Jennifer Montone MTAACC John M. Mudge Jr. New Jersey 101.5 New Jersey Devils New Jersey Golf Headquarters New Jersey Nets Nexus Properties NK Architects North Maple Inn at Basking Ridge Office Furniture Partnership Panera Bread Pennington-Ewing Athletic Club Pennington Quality Market Philadelphia 76ers Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia Phillies Thomas Phillips The Present Company Princeton Communications Group, Inc. The Princeton Packet, Inc. Princeton Partners, Inc. Cynthia L. Prisco Public Service Electric & Gas Company Rider University Athletics Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hamilton Roma Bank Community Foundation, Inc.


Honor Roll of Donors
THE THOMAS C. STRECKEWALD GOLF CLASSIC PARTICIPANTS, SPONSORS, AND VOLUNTEERS (continued from Page 19) Linda Rosner RuffaloCODY, LLC Kelly Saccomanno Michael J. Scheiring Schoor DePalma Community Foundation Mindi Shalita S.J. Marketing, Inc. Soaring Adventures of America Linda Soltis Spiezle Group, Inc. Stark & Stark St. Francis Medical Center Catherine J. Streckewald Daniel Streckewald F.L. & Joan Streckewald Kevin Streckewald SunLife Financial Sun National Bank Thomas Edison State College Thomas Edison State College AFT Local 4277 The Times of Trenton Dr. Michael Toscani Trenton Country Club Trenton Thunder Trenton Titans Wachovia Securities Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman WBEB 101-FM – B*101 Bruce M. Weinstein Kevin M. Wiley WMMR 93.3 Yardley Country Club

Mindy Alter BA ’06
Mindy Alter graduated from Daemen College in Buffalo, N.Y., with an MS degree in special education, early childhood, and a 4.0 GPA in January 2008. Her thesis was titled, Teachers’ Perceptions Towards Academic Achievement and Social Development of Students From Single-Parent Families. Currently, Alter stays home to care for her infant son.

Dr. David M. Brady BSAST ’88
Dr. David M. Brady, director of the Human Nutrition Institute and associate professor of Clinical Sciences at the University of Bridgeport, recently published a new book. Published by Morgan James Publishing, Dr. Brady’s Healthy Revolution: Just What You Need to Know to Stay Healthy in a Sick World teaches the reader in a concise, no-nonsense, manner what really needs to be done to stay healthy in today’s world and explains how the medical system has failed to address the issues of wellness and health with aging baby-boomers and an obese younger generation.

John “Jay” W. Brister Jr. BSAST ’05
Jay Brister was hired by CH2M HILL as their vice president, Business Development Commercial Nuclear, in September 2007. The CH2M HILL enterprise, dating back to 1946, is built on honesty, ethics and morals; a global presence of more than 23,000 employees in regional offices worldwide; with gross revenues of $5 billion in 2007. Brister noted “Thanks to Thomas Edison for making this possible. Your degree program was the only venue I could have pursued in my career to help me continue to grow and challenge myself in career development (although I may have been one of your longest term students before graduating). I am now part of a fantastic company with fantastic opportunities and I am here because of what we were able to accomplish together. Thanks again.”

Karen Brundage-Johnson MSM ’00
Karen Brundage-Johnson recently coauthored a new book entitled Beyond the Body! Developing Inner Beauty. Her chapter is titled “15 Strategies for Overcoming Negative Thinking.” This 25chapter book is dedicated to the emotional, mental and spiritual wellness of women. Authored by 25 consultants, coaches and international professionals, this anthology is for women who desire to create a calm life, build healthy relationships and increase self-esteem on their life’s journey.


Barbara Dan BA ’86
Barbara Dan, who went on to earn an MA in humanities at California State University in Dominquez Hills after graduating from Thomas Edison State College, has had two historical romance novels published: O’Rourke’s Bride (2006) and MacGregor’s Bride (2007).

Edward Michael Janzekovich BSHS ’03
Edward Michael Janzekovich earned his Juris Doctorate degree from Widener University School of Law – Delaware in May 2007. He successfully passed the July 2007 New Jersey Bar exam and has opened his solo law practice, Law Office of Edward M. Janzekovich, in South River, N.J. Janzekovich, who was a husband, father and full-time police officer while pursuing his degree, credits the flexible programs at Thomas Edison State College offers for his success.

Roxanne Genova BSBA ’07
Roxanne Genova, vice president of Enterprise Talent Management and Strategy at Prudential Financial, Inc., accepted an award from LATINA Style magazine on behalf of the company, which was selected as one of the 50 best companies for Latinas to work for in the United States in 2007.

Dr. Brinton (Britt) P. Minshall BA ’81
Dr. Brinton P. Minshall, after graduating from Thomas Edison State College, went on to earn a master’s degree from Emory University in Atlanta and a doctorate degree from Boston University.

Stephen A. Guckin BSHS ’06
Stephen A. Guckin was ordained a permanent deacon for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia in June 2007. A retired lieutenant from the Philadelphia Police Department following 27 years of service, Guckin now serves as a campus school minister for Lansdale Catholic High School in Lansdale, Pa. Guckin noted, “Additionally, I became a proud Pop-Pop on July 28, 2007, when my grandson Frank was born.”

Donna Mayer BA ’06
Donna Mayer was recently added to the outreach team of the Hepatitis B Foundation, a nonprofit research organization headquartered in Doylestown, Pa. Mayer serves as the outreach coordinator organizing the foundation’s outreach efforts, serving as the Webmaster and developing targeted outreach strategies.

Dr. John Hill BSHS ’91
Dr. John Hill, after graduation from Thomas Edison State College, went on to earn a master’s degree in criminal justice at Jersey City State College, a master’s in psychology from New Jersey City University, a doctorate in criminal justice from Hawthorne University in Utah, and a doctorate in higher education from Nova Southeastern University in Florida. Hill retired as a New Jersey police officer in 2000 to accept a college professorship at Salt Lake Community College in Utah. He has published more than 20 journal articles, books and scholarly papers on criminal justice topics, crime and police issues. Hill was presented with the Best Paper Award in the Social Sciences Division after presenting at the Spring-2003 Annual Conference of the Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters.

Amie (Strang) McCarthy BSBA ’05
Amie McCarthy was awarded an MBA with a concentration in finance from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, in October 2007. McCarthy, who was formerly vice president of the Residential Mortgage Trading Group at Nomura Securities on Wall Street, accepted a newly created position with Bank of America, based in Charlotte, N.C., in March 2008. She is vice president of Secondary Marketing for Reverse Mortgages with Bank of America, the third largest provider of reverse mortgages in the United States.

Chuck Miller BA ’05
Chuck Miller has been the theater teacher at Pinelands Regional High School in Little Egg Harbor, N.J., since graduating from Thomas Edison State College in June 2005. In that time, 11 different students from Miller’s program have earned 14 N.J. Governor’s Awards in Art Education, which is the highest honor one can receive in that area of education in New Jersey. Miller has been nominated for the award as a teacher, and his theater program has won the Speech and Theater Association of New Jersey (STANJ) annual state competition in 2006 and in 2008. Miller noted, “Thanks to Thomas Edison State College, I was able to earn my degree in a timely manner and have had great success!”
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Tamar Hill-Sweat BA ’07
Tamar Hill-Sweat received an MBA degree in marketing, graduating with a 4.0 GPA, from American InterContinental University on Dec. 1, 2007. An employee of Verizon Communications, Hill-Sweat was recently promoted to supervisor of customer service. She noted, “Without the inspiration of my mother, also a graduate of Thomas Edison State College (Joyce Wilkerson BSBA ’95) I don’t know that I would have enrolled in the College or would have received my MBA.”

Melanie Morgan BA ’03
Melanie Morgan was recently honored in Times Square where she received a $5,000 scholarship from Hope for the Warriors for her essay on how her life and goals have changed since her husband was critically wounded in Iraq. Morgan is currently working on her Doctor of Education in Teacher Leadership at Walden University.

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Michel Perez BA ’04
Michel Perez graduated from South Texas College of Law in December 2006. Perez was accepted to practice law in Texas in May 2007, and concurrently accepted a position as an associate in the law firm of Boyar & Miller, P.C., in Houston.

We invite you as a member of our family of Thomas Edison State College alumni to tell us about the exciting things happening in your life. Let us know what’s new with you since you graduated from the College or how your experience at the College changed your life, and we may include your updates in a future issue of Invention. To contact us, please fill out the form below and mail it to: Thomas Edison State College, Invention Editor, 101 W. State St., Trenton, NJ 08608-1176; fax it to (609) 777-1894; or e-mail your good news to [email protected] You may include photos to accompany your news. Items will be published as space permits.
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Dina J. Roberson MSHRM ’06
Dina J. Roberson was hired as vice president of Human Resources at Nevada Cancer Institute (NVCI) in November 2007. NVCI is the official cancer institute for the state of Nevada.

Emmanuel Sullivan AA ’00 BA ’02
Emmanuel Sullivan received his Master of Professional Writing degree from Chatham University in Pittsburgh, Pa., on Dec. 31, 2007. While pursuing his graduate degree, Sullivan worked for JetBlue Airways in New York, N.Y., as a publications specialist. He moved back to Houston, Texas, in 2007, and is currently working for Aker Kvaerner Subsea as a lead technical writer.

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Lisa Taylor BA ’04
Lisa Taylor received her Master of Library Science degree from Texas Woman’s University School of Library and Information Studies in December 2007.

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