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The Leader Texas Needs

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The Leader Texas Needs

– Sid Miller

It is easy to spot the right man for the post of Texas Agriculture Commissioner. There is no need to beat about the bush that Sid Miller is Miller is the ideal candidate for this position. The Republican runoff election will take place on May 27 and it involves two candidates namely; Sid Miller and Tommy Merritt. We all want positive change and a true Texan to succeed David Simpson. We want someone who will fight for Texas and its people and even protect the state from the Obama Administration and the Federal bureaucracy. If this is your quest, then Miller is your man. The fact is Merritt is no match for Miller in terms of farming and agricultural experience. Sid earns a living from raising crops, trees, horses and cattle. He is a man with a plethora of experience in farming, hunting and ranching. Such is the man we want for the post of Texas Agriculture Commissioner. Besides, Sid also has extensive experience in teaching agriculture. He has won many world cowboy championships and recently won his 9 th award in this Texan sport. Miller was also former director of the Farm Bureau and a member of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. With his many years of experience in agriculture, this simply means that Miller knows how to revolutionize the agriculture sector in Texas. Sid understands the basic needs of farmers and ranchers and this is reflected in his vision for the state. He plans to make work easier for farmers, ranchers and even small scale businesses by ensuring that taxes are kept low. Sid has patterned out avenues to cut down government spending and refocus those funds on important needs of the state such as education and other relevant services. You will also want to support the man who is strongly supported and backed by renowned leaders in Texas. Miller is a strong conservative Republican who is supported by top conservatives like Cathy Adams, Warren Chisum, Steve Hotze, David Barton, Tim Lambert and many others. Many bodies and organizations support this man such as the Texas Association of Business which rated him a Champion For Free Enterprise, Citizens For A Sound Economy, Conservative Republicans of Texas and the Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) which rated him as a Conservative Champion. Miller is a true Baptist, elder and statesman who has done a lot for Texas and he has the vision and experience to do even more. Let’s face it, your second choice is Tommy Merritt who is very well-known for being a liberal

Republican. In fact, Merritt is known for jumping ship and joining the Democrats in getting pro-abortion Republican Joe Straus nominated for House Speaker. Texas stands firm on conservative and powerful family values and if we want to maintain our true Texan culture,

we need a man who stands up for what he believes in, stays true to his beliefs and is committed to the ranchers, farmers and agriculture of Texas. This man is Miller.

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