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The Medea of Euripides and Seneca- A Comparison by Mary Enrico Frisch Loyola University Chicago

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Loyola University Chicago

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Te Medea of Euripides and Seneca: A  Comparison Mary Enrico Frisch  Loyola University Chicago

Recommended Citation Teses. Paper 180. Frisch, Mary Enrico, "Te Medea of Euripides and Seneca: A Comparison" Comparison" (1941). Master's Teses. hp://ecommons.luc. hp://ecommons.luc.edu/luc_theses/1 edu/luc_theses/180 80

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Tis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Aribution-Noncommercial-No Aribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License. License. Copyright © 1941 Mary Enrico Frisch

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