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The op-ed

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Subsector: Castilian Language and Communication Teacher: Georgina Pérez López. WHAT IS THE OPINION ARTICLE? The major mass media, especially newspapers, not on ly provide information but also have a limitless capacity to form public opinion on issues of general interest. This capacity, which the press has traditionally been called "the fourth power" manifests itself mainly in so-called opinion art icles. OPINION ARTICLE written information is a newspaper in which the author ex presses his thoughts on a topical issue in order to form the views of readers. L ook at the structure of this op-ed: Ecology and politics. 1. Exposure Several years ago, Prince Charles of England began releasing critical discourses against modern urban planning and the abuses that harm the environment. Last ye ar, the conference of leaders from around the world gathered in London to take a ction against the ozone hole in the Nordic area, the heir to the British throne delivered a speech .(...) If there is an ecological heritage representing a good (or bad) platform that is the environment. Hence the popular feeling towards th is issue, which over the years has managed to increase their pressure on governm ents to take appropriate action. (...) The pollution causes chronic and severe d amage of a permanent character in the big cities. Nothing is done to avoid it, e xcept introduce some symbolic measures that are extreme in boom periods. Overcro wding increases pollution .(...) Some political forces have been used for politi cal ecology. It is now expected to join others. But the real ecological movement s are devoting all their efforts to care for the environment. There is a high re sponsibility to ensure political and social nature in which we live. Antxon Sara squeta (Adaptation) 2. Analysis 3. Conclusion

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